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December 31
The Keynote Index Fund. In which Matt asks "Is it possible to make money off the Apple keynote talks given by Steve Jobs?".
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This might be the HAPPY NEW YEAR thread... [more inside]
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January 2008 Distance/Calorie Challenges now up! [more inside]
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Is it possible to sort or filter 'users near me' by fields besides distance? Such as 'number of comments/favorites/posts' or 'since last activity' or anything else, really.
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Would it be totally server-juice-draining to provide a user-specific Contacts' Recent Activity RSS feed?
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Jane Austin Gathering [more inside]
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Ponyfilter: highlighting high-favorite comments in threads, for when you want to do a quick skim of a long(ish) thread. [more inside]
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Is This Transparency? OP with very slim, one-year posting history asks a question about finding a good charity in AskMe, just prior to year-end tax-decision time. Newly registered responder posts a newly formed charity-aggregator/evaluator organization, without mentioning that he is, apparently, one of the two founders. Self-promotional setup leading to self-link? Or am I being too cynical?

[update, 1/3/08: a summary of events is being developed on the wiki. --cortex]
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December 30
Over the past couple of days when I access MetaFilter (via XP Professional and I.E. 7.0.5730.13) the Internet Explorer Information Bar has 'popped-up' with a security warning: "This website wants to run the following add-on: 'Microsoft Data Access - Remote Data Services Dat...'" Having done a Google search, it appears that in the past two-weeks visitors to other websites have been getting the same warning. I have not allowed/given access to the pop-up warning. Any ideas as to what's up?
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It's here: the Metafilter Music Collaboration. [more inside]
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Are paginated favorites broken? [more inside]
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Prognosticate for me, Mefites: what are your best guesses for the results of the Iowa Caucus? [more inside]
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Icycle - MetaFilter's January Cycling Challenge: The colder it gets, the higher your score, so break out the long underwear. [more inside]
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Matt, Jess, and Cortex - would you all consider doing a live call-in show? Apparently it's really easy to do now. [more inside]
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December 29
For MusicFi: I never have any idea if anyone listens to the songs I've put up, because no one ever comments or gives feedback. Granted, this might be because my songs suck could be better, but it doesn't seem like there's a lot of feedback even for the obviously skilled artists. [more inside]
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Austinites and San Antonians UNITE! Let's have a meetup in San Marcos on the 2nd of Feb. [more inside]
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CES meetup anyone? [more inside]
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This FPP sucks. It's basically just an excuse to ogle Rebekka: 'Look, she has boobies!' [more inside]
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Reminder: Feel free to add/update your Gamer IDs on the wiki if you have new loot.
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Do we have glasses yet? [more inside]
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If you took Jorn Barger's Top 10 Tips for New Bloggers and replaced every mention of "blog" with "MeFi FPP", you could probably carve it onto tablets and present it as The Way.
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December 28
Non-poster seeing "add tag" on MeFi posts? [more inside]
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Is there a good place to send jessamyn, pb and cortex gift cards, canned goods or other tokens of gratitude as a thank you for their efforts in keeping MeFi blue in 2007, or would that be considered tacky and inappropriate? [more inside]
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Sydney meetup between now and the 3rd? [more inside]
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Popular is borked.
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Two issues with "recent activities" the Secret Quonsar post no longer shows up in my recent activities page. It used to and I think the behavior changed when the thread was changed to a meet-up style thread. Also the favorite interface shows up by each comment in recent activity, but not the flag interface. Is this by design?
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December 27
Yeah, assassinations are hard to be unemotional about, but can we start acting reasonable? [more inside]
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Is tombola breaking the guidelines by posting a blog post from a site for which he is an editor? [more inside]
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SuggestionFilter: A link or button that enables us to easily tell our friends "Hey, check out this really cool FPP/asinine question/metatalk whinefest!" [more inside]
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December 26
Can we keep the Secret Quonsar post open so we can give updates/say thanks for our gifts? [more inside]
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December 25
Whither "quonsar"? [more inside]
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Last minute xmas meetup offer for the Bay Area [more inside]
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Merry Christmas! What did you all get? [more inside]
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December 24
MERRY CHRISTMAS to all who celebrate it, and Happy Holidays to everyone. Best wishes for the New Year, and wherever you are, please enjoy the season with your family and friends.
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December 23
PonyFilter: A SteamID selection? [more inside]
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An interfaith holiday involving a magical rooster who fills children's pants with presents. Hey... you don't think... could it possibly be...? [more inside]
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Privatize profit. Socialize risk. Trainwreck thread. [more inside]
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December 22
I'll probably regret it, but I guess this is a callout. [more inside]
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Has anyone else noticed this? [more inside]
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December 21
This article gives some insight into the issues surrounging giving legal advice on internet forums, which we occasionally deal with on AskMe: The Dangers of Virtual Cocktail Parties. [more inside]
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At first I was kinda surprised the video in 67602 got dumped on in comments. There is nothing intrinsically bad here. It's actually rather professionally done, it feels very much like something that was produced for television. I strongly suspect the fault here is with the FPP. [more inside]
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Is anyone up for a Bavarian meetup? [more inside]
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MeFi Mail feature request: Under the Contacts tab you find the person's username as a link to their User page. I'd love to see that in the Inbox and Sent mail tab's use of the username, as well.
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Whence "meh", and can it be stopped? [more inside]
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December 20
I seem to remember that in the wake of this question someone mentioned (on MeTa, I think) putting all the books that appealed to them into an Amazon wishlist. They were then able to use some sort of tool that exported it into a format useful for taking it to their public library. Does anyone remember this posting? I tried to search for it but my googleFu blah blah blah...
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Hindustani MeFites! How about another South India meetup? Bangalore, Hyderabad, or... [more inside]
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Will any/many of MeFi's museum and library people be at the IMLS WebWise conference in Miami Beach in March? [more inside]
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I'll be in LA between the 29th and 7th...meetup? [more inside]
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PonyFilter: "Do Not Remember Me On this Computer" login checkbox? [more inside]
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I have a problem with people making posts here that are blatantly inaccurate just for the sake of making a political point. [more inside]
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December 19
The second page of the "Posts tagged with cheese" is the same as the first. It also says "50 posts tagged with cheese. Displaying 51 through 50."
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Tiny pony: would it be possible to convert links to New York Times pages to the 'weblog-friendly' equivalent on posting? [more inside]
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Bonehead and I will be travelling to New Orleans on January 17th, and staying until the 22nd. Any NOLA mefites out there want to meet up with us on that weekend?
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December 18
I think the last Mefibrarian meetup was a resounding success--so who will be in Philadelphia for ALA Midwinter (January 11-15th)? Philly Mefites should of course join us! [more inside]
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While this guy does need the "slap in the face" back-to-reality technique he's getting, he doesn't need it to the extent he's getting, and the extent of name-calling is more likely to make him re-entrench in his behaviors than it is to assist in the change of attitude he's seeking. This comment is particularly unhelpful.
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Tampa/St Pete meetup! Come join us on December 26th for the Tampa Bay area's first ever meetup. New World Brewery, Ybor City [more inside]
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A mefi open thread? [more inside]
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On individual user activity pages it appears as if the "X users marked this as a favorite" disappears for a given post if you have added that post as a favorite yourself. [more inside]
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Dragging a prior request onto the table: MeTa notifications in MeFi/AskMe threads. [more inside]
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MeFi's Eternal September is nigh, what with the holidays coming and Mac market share rising. Is there anything we can/should do to head off the inevitable flood of "I just got my Mac, now what?" questions that are already asked over and over in AskMe? [more inside]
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December 17
Bay Area birders and photographers, let's meet at Crissy Field in San Francisco on January 26th for an afternoon of birdwatching and nature photography. [more inside]
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Occasionally I appear to be a random user. [more inside]
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It's getting increasingly harder to find stuff. Especially favorite stuff. There have been a few great suggestions and observations so far, especially in this thread. [more inside]
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um, i don't really know what to do about this. and i've got no general prob with the mods. but, as you can see, one of the mods has posted a question that has been asked before. [more inside]
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While reading through this FPP, I noticed that ericbop had tagged it "*$," and decided to click on the tag to see what other posts shared that tag. It didn't so much work. A little URL manipulation showed that $ works fine, but anything with a * in it seems to break.
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I'm seeing a lot of very eloquent responses to AskMe questions getting deleted. Some of them are very long, and while they could be thought of as containing some offending material, the whole comments are being deleted. I want to propose and discuss just removing the offensive parts -- editing out sentences or paragraphs, and not entire comments, so that the "good stuff" can remain. [more inside]
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December 16
Fields in user profiles used to have a different color background if they contained information only visible to logged in community members. Can we have this back please? [more inside]
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Idea: Metafilter Local. [more inside]
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December 15
What happened to loquacious' question? [more inside]
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Why was my reply to post 78716 removed? All I did was complete the quotation used by the original poster. It was from the Young Ones TV program. I really am not a fan of censorship, and AksMefi is not where I expect to encounter it. [more inside]
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You know those little MP3 or PDF tags on Wikipedia external links (see last external link), informing users they are about to click on a special file along with the file size? That would sure be nice for MeFi.
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A good while ago, there was an AskMe question along the lines of 'what are the things you love to recommend', 'give me your top recommendations', and so on. Can anyone help me find it?
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About a year ago there was a great question on ask metafilter that went something like this: "I have a job and an apartment and a social life. What things do I need to remember do to be a good adult?" [more inside]
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The liner notes to Brian Joseph Davis' new album contain this thread. [more inside]
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Yesterday when I visited MeFi for the first time, I got "no links and no comments posted since your last visit." I figured it was some momentary glitch. But the same thing happened today, so I'm wondering if anybody else has this problem. When I go to MetaTalk and AskMe, it has the correct number of new posts/comments. (Firefox on Windows XP.)
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We've added a widget for checking out Meetup photos without having to leave placeholder comments in meetup threads. Check the MeTa sidebar. [more inside]
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December 14

I'll be at Sunday River on Sunday morning, are any other MeFites in Maine/NH going to be getting some powder? [more inside]
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It's chatfilter because "major issues" is objective and undefinable, or if not undefinable, a distasteful acceptance of political groupthink. Well, anywho, it's standing, so let's put discussion here. [more inside]
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Honestly, telling people that they should not be asking for help on AskMe is unproductive! [more inside]
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Capitalization issue: why is my username capitalized differently in different places on Metafilter? [more inside]
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A little over two months ago, I proposed a Metafilter Mix CD Swap: Best of 2007 Edition. Twenty-three people decided to participate and swapped CDs containing their favorite songs from 2007. In that thread it was suggested that after the swap concluded “yall make a thread with your final tracklists and commentary, or otherwise publish them where I and others could read and DL accordingly.” Of the twenty-three participants, seventeen decided to share their tracklists, which you will find inside. Rock on. [more inside]
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What the hell do you people do for work that you can sit on the internet all day like this? [more inside]
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This holiday season (yes, I said it), I'd like to give thanks for the wonderful deletions of our ruling triumvirate. By deleting mediocre junk posts, you guys make MetaFilter a better place. Thank you. Really. [more inside]
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Mefi Mail weirdness: [more inside]
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December 13
We made a first stab at having a Buffalo area meetup last year; how about another go? [more inside]
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This was recorded at the San Francisco Meetup back in August. There's a story & everyone present says hi. Short & sweet. The audio's over on music.mefi. Oh, and photos, in addition to those already posted.
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It may have been a "crappy fight-starter of an op-ed", but seems like people were discussing it in a civil fashion. There was no good reason to delete this thread. [more inside]
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MacWorld Meetup?
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I'm looking for a comment (I think it was on AskMefi) that claimed that sweet potatoes and yams were the same thing. I think it was written by someone who used to work in a grocery store and stocked both from the same basket. Thanks.
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Websense is blocking the tag pages of MeFi. The message I get is "The Websense category "Sex" is filtered." - even when the tag isn't likely to have anything to do with sex (e.g., christmasmusic, maps). Yet I can read threads that definitely DO contain sexual content, such as this one or this one. Is there something in the backend telling Websense that tags = sex? [more inside]
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The Mitchell Report is a big deal (if you care about baseball or American sports, anyway). We should have a post about it that, y'know, links to it, or at least some substantive analysis of it, not a post that links to one guy's stats and a 100-word "article" that refers to things it's rumored to contain, followed by an unattributed list of names.
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Did the recent changes to "Recent Activity" make it really inefficient? It takes forever to bring up that page now. [more inside]
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Admin, could this please be fixed? [more inside]
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Am I the only one to find this questions language offensive/sexist? [more inside]
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December 12
"note: Everyone needs a hug." WTF? [more inside]
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Is mathowie still selling ad space on the front page of Mefi?
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So...DC/Baltimore area Meetup? Maybe the 27th or 28th of December? [more inside]
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I hereby propose a Metafilter Writers Collaboration. [more inside]
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While you're cleaning up the profile pages, could we get rid of the redundant "About" text? [more inside]
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My recent activity is becoming homunculus' blog/link dump. [more inside]
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December 11
We just added some stuff to profile pages and tweaked the design a bit. [more inside]
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Reminder: Remember that airplane/conveyer belt debate? The Mythbusters investigation airs tomorrow.
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Dear Leader will be a guest on my radio show, Baghdad by the Bay, Saturday the 15th at 4pm PST, on Pirate Cat Radio. [more inside]
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I am looking for a fellow MeFite who is both a Daft Punk fan and proficient with (preferably) Fruity Loops and/or Reason. I'm working on a top secret project that I'd like to collaborate with someone on. Who will bite?
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Why is MeFi not part of the social news site boom? Digg, reddit, newsvine, and others are the lucrative hot trend, but MeFi seems to do the same thing better (no Ron Paul spam), smarter, and for longer, and we even have favorites, for those who want voting-like capabilities. So why is MeFi not included with these young whippersnappers? And why are they not learning from MeFi's evolved model of light moderation, talk pages, and strong self-policing?
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My 5 year old needs an answer to "What is the weirdest thing you've ever heard of?". Would this be considered chat-filter on AskMe (and therefore inappropriate)?
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How about adding a play count to songs in the black? [more inside]
posted by Black_Umbrella to Feature Requests at 9:42 AM PST - 22 comments

This AskMe post has made me lose my faith in humanity, and I desperately need to spew bile about that. [more inside]
posted by Meatbomb to Bugs at 7:29 AM PST - 454 comments

I once, months ago logged into MeFi from PC at work; each time I come back I'm still logged in. [more inside]
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December 10

After I read this article today about Yahoo Answers, I realized that I've never actually spent any time on there. For those who have - how does it compare with our site? [more inside]
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1. So I add a contact for the sake of entertainment perhaps. 2. Their account is then disabled. 3. I can't get rid of them from my contact list? Argh.
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Anita Rowland (User 113), old school blogger, inspiration to many, has lost her fight with cancer. She'll be missed.
posted by ewagoner to MetaFilter-Related at 6:37 PM PST - 37 comments

It's pretty annoying that inserting carriage returns shows line breaks as typed in the "preview" window, but the final result is breakless (after all, what's the point of the preview?). I've had unpredictable results manually adding "BR" tags and "P" tags...they seem to sporadically interact with the typed carriage returns and yield vast white space. If anyone can point me to a workaround, I'd be appreciative. But, really, it'd be fitting if postings posted per the preview, no?
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December 9
As described here, and photodocumented here, the Eastlake Zoo was the locale for one of the more successful meetups to which I have organized. Let it be noted, then, that this next Sunday, December 16th, the Eastlake Zoo is having their umpteenth annual Christmas potluck benefit for Northwest Harvest. And there will be live music this year, including, among others, some entity called the Guitar Outlaw Christmas Chorale, Keith Low and Seattle's own maven of lap style slide guitar, Orville Johnson. May I suggest, then, another meet up at the Eastlake Zoo ? [more inside]
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A few months shy of three years later, I'm still knocked breathless by this thread. I've been rereading each story over this weekend, and it's really had me thinking about echoes and effects, human goodness, and the astonishing strength of human resilience. I'm really grateful to everyone who shared such meaningful and vulnerable moments of their lives. Mefi is one hell of a community.
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How many times do I have to remind you people: THERE IS NO SARCASM TAG IN HTML. [more inside]
posted by wendell to Etiquette/Policy at 2:22 PM PST - 124 comments

Pony request: categories for favorites? [more inside]
posted by jbickers to Feature Requests at 7:01 AM PST - 27 comments

DaShiv has made a suggestion about the Mefi TF2 server's map rotation. Thoughts?
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December 8
I collected book related askMes on the wiki into readMe. [more inside]
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May I toss out an idea here for something that could conceivably be considered for inclusion in the MeFi system? MeFites are very skilled at finding holes in one's argument ... but can that power be harnessed? [more inside]
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MuFeature request: simplifying mp3 playlist/XML downloading. Tips? [more inside]
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There has been some interest expressed in hearing directly from MetaFilter members as they receive their OLPC laptops. Would a front page post be the appropriate forum? I'm concerned it would be viewed as self-linking. [more inside]
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Tiny Contacts Pony! [more inside]
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December 7
The MeFi Music iTunes feed seems to be broken. [more inside]
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Lots of people seemed interested in my Christmas music question. With your help, I've finished the job. Thanks so much everyone!
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Important AskMe Follow-up: It was a loaf of bread, a container of milk and a stick of butter. [more inside]
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December 6
Conversational IQ test in Austin? [more inside]
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We've cleaned up a handful of bugs around comment forms and comment pages today. The tally is inside: [more inside]
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FYI: it took a while but last month, firefox finally surpassed IE as the most popular browser here (that's data for the month of November).
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Since I can't be an example to others, at least I can serve as a stark warning... [more inside]
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Is there a MetaFilter-related reason I am seeing a WSJ icon in my address bar when I visit [more inside]
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This Saturday: New York Anime Festival and then lunch at Go! Go! Curry? [more inside]
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Providence/Southern New England MeetUp! Not really planned at all, except that Eideteker and I will be there! You should too! Ok! [more inside]
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So, folks, how 'bout that Adelaide meetup? [more inside]
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December 5
Why doesn't MetaTalk have a "Popular Favorites Of All Time?" In MetaFilter and AskMe, when you click on the "Popular Favorites" tab, you can choose between 24 Hours, 7 Days, 30 days, and All Time. Why is the choice in the Grey only for 48 hours?
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Feature request: I wish there was a way for us to store notes about users. [more inside]
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Atlanta meetup? Friday after Christmas? [more inside]
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Jumping the gun a bit, but our fearless leader will be commentatin' the upcoming layer tennis.
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It appears that some people feel that a non sequitur remark made in the "more inside" portion of a recent post was sexist. Others remain unconvinced. [more inside]
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Any chance we could throw the Secret Santa/Quonsar/_______ gift exchange entry deadline of December 12th up on the sidebar, linking to the original thread? [more inside]
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Please help me find an old post! [more inside]
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I favourited a comment in AskMe that was later deleted. I'm NOT writing this to complain about the deletion, for while I may not agree with it I can understand why it was removed, however the comment was long enough so I can not read all (most) of it on my favorites page and I kind of would like to be able to reread it as I thought it was fairly well written. [more inside]
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Has anybody considered developing a MeFi Music Gadget (basically, an iGoogle gadget featuring an mp3 jukebox that plays the most recent or most favorited MeFi music posts on a subscriber's iGoogle homepage)? [more inside]
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Manchester/North West (UK) meetup - Petitioning Interest and Working Out The Logistics [more inside]
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I keep getting logged out. (Safari) [more inside]
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Why can't MetaFilter do rap music? [more inside]
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December 4
Embarrassingly excited about seeing the Spice Girls in Vegas this weekend. Any other Mefites going? Any point in trying to meet up for a drink before/after? [more inside]
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December 3
"Go see a therapist, get into AA, and grow the hell up." "It's time for you to quit being such a goddamned mealy-mouthed coward." "You are one sorry-ass stinkin' drunk" If you're going to offer advice, please do so without the invective. Insults don't help people find answers.
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Show #20 of the podcast is a call-in show featuring questions from various members of the site. It was recorded on November 30, 2007 and runs about 50 minutes long. [more inside]
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Denver/Boulder/Longmont Mefites: Christmas Meetup? [more inside]
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In response to this thread: A little GreaseMonkey script to pop-out all the flash players (that use playlists) into new tabs/windows. Enjoy!
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December 2
Video buttons. Are. Awesome. Are they new? [more inside]
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What the hell? Silent deletion of my FPP! I know that political correctness is the force that moves Metafilter, but come ON here people! The post was a short one, centered on this story:,2933,314564,00.html and apparently that's a story that Metafilter is not ready to handle at this point in time.
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Request for an interesting statistic about MeFi make up... [more inside]
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The Most Kissed Girl in the World FPP seems to have inspired the cover story for the Guardian weekend magazine on Saturday 1st December. A version of the article is on the Guardian website, albeit with a different heading. [more inside]
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Some people feel this question violates the guidelines. I disagree. [more inside]
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December 1
Karlos the Jackal made an excellent suggestion near the end of an earlier thread, but I don't know whether any of the admins ever saw it. Is a permanent list of available MeFi musical collaborators a possibility?
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London Christmas Meetup [more inside]
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