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July 31
Update: controversial photomanipulator Edgar Martins eventually releases an essay in response to having his shenanigans busted: How Can I See What I See, Until I Know What I Know?. Those hoping for preposterous, opaque and evasive nonsense will be handsomely rewarded.
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Airport security grills him every time he flies ... Landlords and election inspectors view him quizzically, and prospective dates need more than a little assurance that he’s not hiding a dark past. -- MeFi's Own™ paladin has a name that incites skepticism when he introduces himself. Enough so that the New York Times paid notice. [more inside]
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Let's talk about this question.
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I'm looking for an old post about learning the piano, or possibly learning to play an instrument in general. I don't remember if it was on the green, blue or grey, but I do remember that a MeFite posted in the thread about having completed a book or chapter or some such thing about learning the piano. It was interesting reading, and I'd like to find it again. [more inside]
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Sad news: friend and fellow mefite hexxed passed away on Saturday. [more inside]
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I'm looking for a site that was posted on MeFi aaaaaages ago about stopping a cat bringing mice in using a webcam to lock the cat flap. Does anyone remember what it was called? [more inside]
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Is this "name that thread" week? [more inside]
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A while back there was a post on askme about programming challenges (I think the post was by a girl on behalf of her boyfriend but I'm not 100% sure about that). [more inside]
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July 30

Can someone help me find the Ask MeFi post where someone asked for general advice for a college freshman? [more inside]
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Can you help me find a post (or just a site)? It linked to an alt-weekly site that featured "angry consumer voicemail message of the week." [more inside]
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Can someone point me to the AskMe post where a guy in India (I think it was India) had recently saved a woman from a fire and was asking about how to deal with stuff... [more inside]
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Traverse City, MI meetup: It's summer, surely there must be some people around, right? [more inside]
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I am trying to find the MeFi post to a YouTube video that features a little girl singing. The video was processed by the video poster by taking several snippets of a little girl talking, squealing, screeching and clapping a pair of flip-flops together. The result was an absolutely endearing "song", with a little synthesizer thrown in. [more inside]
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"The experience of moving online actually bears quite a few similarities to becoming a New Yorker. Disorienting and seemingly endless, the Internet conversation moves at lightning speed and according to unstated social rules that can bewilder outsiders. Also, like New Yorkers, residents of the Internet do not suffer fools, or mince words in belittling them, as anyone who has contributed a redundant post to Metafilter, or an earnest comment to Gawker, can attest." Bright Lights, Big Internet by Bill Wasik.
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July 29
How do you pronounce your username? [more inside]
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Chapel Hill/Carrboro meetup this Friday. [more inside]
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Announcing the August Chicago meetup. [more inside]
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July 28
MeFi Projects Question: Can I post links to some subsites I've created on reddit? [more inside]
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Follow up on J. R. Salzman aka Logboy in the New York Times today regarding his 7th win in the Lumberjack World Championships last weekend. A long time Mefite, he lost his right arm in Iraq in 2006, discussed previously here and here.
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July 27
A dude set up a tiny auction site designed to sell to a small, trusted community. I think something similar would work well for MeFi. (via DF) [more inside]
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What are the best Mefite parodies and pastiches of all time? [more inside]
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July 26
Black Rock City meetup anyone? This'll be my first time at Burning Man, and I know I won't be the only MeFite there. It'll be a rare opportunity to meet MeFites from other locations.
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Feature request: Keep track of which comments are new to a post since I last read it. [more inside]
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Any MeFites going to the Philadelphia Folk Festival? [more inside]
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Do we really want AskMe to be a teaching site regarding the exchange of illegal drugs? [more inside]
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July 24
Yesterday's Craig Ferguson thread was kicked off with a comment by argedee: "I could be that funny too, with a laugh track like that." The thread turned into a discussion about laugh tracks and whether Craig uses one or not. In his monologue last night, Craig addressed "rumors on the internet" that his audience laughter isn't real. Argedee got called out on late night TV! [more inside]
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So I posted a double of the awesome wedding dance, and now I have a pony request that might be useful. [more inside]
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July 23
I stupidly clicked on that post that was just deleted that showed the terrible picture and tried to force videos. None of the videos opened-- the browser bounced around. I force shut down my computer by holding down the power button. Now whenever I open firefox 3 on OS X (leopard) that website appears. What do I need to do to fix that/secure my computer? I am posting this to metatalk in case anybody else was also affected.
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nothing personal but if this isn't hypothetical-filter, it's "help me break the law" filter which isn't much better. Come on, this is a great AskMe thread! Jessamyn, if we'd applied that rubric for deletion in the past, we'd be without such gems as this Best of Metafilter answer.
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Are any of you crazy people coming to Montreal for Worldcon? Meetup? [more inside]
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As discussed in the Tenth Anniversary Meetup Aftermath Thread, for the next NYC meetup we'll be starting out at the FREE Dinosaur Jr. concert at SummerStage, Sunday, August 16, 2009 from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Afterparty location TBD.
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Please UTF-8 the user profile fields... [more inside]
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July 22
Please call into what will become our next podcast: Tenth Party Remembrances. Dial up +1 (503) 465-4522 and leave a message up to three minutes in length. Let us know your favorite memory from last weekend's parties around the globe, or your favorite memory from MetaFilter over the past ten years. We'll take the best and edit them into our next podcast to share with everyone. Thanks!
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Are you in prison? [more inside]
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Once was not enough. Philly makeup meetup in honor of [insert Philly Mefite of your choosing], same location unless greekphilosophy would rather not, different time? [more inside]
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Ten.Metafilter.Com = Meetup.Metafilter.Com [more inside]
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In a FPP, how appropriate is it to post links to something, and then give additional information about the subject from a first hand perspective? [more inside]
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AskMe feature request: in the drop-down menu for post flagging, can we add 'criminally bad advice' to the list of options? E.G.
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Nerd Prom Meetup! [more inside]
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A lot of discussion has been had lately on obituary threads and more specifically on how crappy the initial post(s) of well known people are as posters try to take advantage of Metafilter's usual first post stays policy. Several people have proposed that Metafilter run a vetting system for obit posts or take other actions to reduce the need for multiple post deletions along with their attendant comments. One suggestion was for users to maintain a prewritten obituary pool for famous people similar to those used by news services. I've set up a proof of concept on the wiki here. [more inside]
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July 21
Hi, Metafilter. I posted a project in Projects. It has somehow shown up on the Projects page three times -- one, two, three. Not sure if I did this or if some other error occurred.
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I respectfully request two ponies, please. [more inside]
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Las Vegas MeFites - impromptu meetup with vacationers? [more inside]
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July 20
Once was not enough. PDX makeup meeting in honour of dersins, same place, different time? [more inside]
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How can i best become a productive member of the MetaFilter community? I've lurked for a while, and I just recently joined up, I've posted a few songs to music, but i don't feel confident enough to start posting to the honest to goodness "community weblog." What things do you think will make me the best possible member of this community?
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April 1 *2007* content not working. [more inside]
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Yeah Boiiiiiiiiise! Anyone up for a meetup next week? [more inside]
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Seoul, man. I'm gonna be there from 7/25 to 8/2. Meet-up?
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Can we have a gift certificate for a pony? [more inside]
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I'm trying to find a specific MeFi greasemonkey script. It would 'bookmark' the last comment you read, so when you returned to the thread, a grey scrolling bar would appear on the left-hand side, pointing down, until you hit the last(ish) comment you read, when it would turn into a slightly different shape. What was this thing called? I cannot find it on userscripts.org.
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Got photos? Post them here.
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July 19
Remember pen pals? Wouldn't it be fun/awesome to have one again? [more inside]
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PDX MeFi-10 set on my Flickr page - let me know if you want larger-sized JPG files for printing, and I'll email 'em to ya gratis.
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July 18
I recently had a MeFi post deleted. I know it will still show up in my Metafilter Recent Activity for a while, but once it goes from there, is there any way to track it and any deleted posts from my past? [more inside]
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Can have .img? We'll pay [more inside]
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So you think you know Metafilter? [more inside]
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So, how was your meetup? What went wrong? What went right? What would you do different next time? [more inside]
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July 17
So Michael Jackson gets an obit post re-do, but this is the best we can do for Walter Cronkite, the most trusted man in America?
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This might be too chat-filter-y, but I get the impression that a lot of people on mefi put in serious time in other internet fora before settling here. Just kind of curious if there's a lot of common denominators (Compuserve, The Well, etc?), and if they influenced what you expect from a 'good' online community and that's why you ended up here. [more inside]
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MetaFilter Fantasy Football (English Premier League) 2009/2010 -- Who's in? [more inside]
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What is MeFi policy on linking to material that is copyrighted in the US? If we don't have one, did I inadvertently do something that might cause a problem for mathowie? [more inside]
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Coding Horror Guy celebrates MetaFilter's 10th Birthday by making a post with the title Meta Is Murder and bringing in cortex to explain how MetaTalk "is key to the success of the site because it's a sort of release valve." So relieve yourselves here. [more inside]
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Can everyone twittering the 10th anniversary use #mefi10 ? We can then append the city name, such as #mefi10london. [more inside]
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I like to call out the commenters in this post on credit card billing for being awesome. [more inside]
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July 16
BlogHer '09 Meetup next week? Because there haven't been enough Meetups planned lately... [more inside]
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MeetUp Ettiquette: I know that the mods are not our moms and will not be present at meet-ups, but are there any basic ground rules (and/or can we establish some) to govern interpersonal interactions at meet-ups? [more inside]
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This question seems to be getting a bit derailed by whether or not it's justified to snoop in your partner's email. We've had this discussion before in RelationshipFilter and rather than derailing the next relevant question, I thought we could discuss it here.
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When an account is disabled, all the profile information disappears. Might it be better to preserve the information when the account is disabled due to the owner's death? [more inside]
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Remember this note trying to identify a plant? [more inside]
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July 15
Birthday thoughts from an old-timer. [more inside]
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Is there an index of MeFi memes? I'm pretty new here (so new I'm not sure whether this should go in MeTa or AskMe), but there are a lot of memes I don't quite understand. Has anyone ever created a list of the more popular MeFi memes with explanations and possible origins? I'd love to see one.
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What were the mods like (on Metafilter) before they were mods? Please point me to notable posts by Jessamyn, Cortex, et al from when they were just some schmo on MeFi like you or me. [more inside]
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Etiquette call: Using one's own comments on one's own blog? [more inside]
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Which location will be noted for having the latest-starting MetaFilter 10th anniversary celebration? [more inside]
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July 14
The AskMe link entry control generates malformed HTML when fed a URL containing double quote characters. [more inside]
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Share your printable MeFi creations! [more inside]
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TechRadar has celebrated MetaFilter's 10th birthday.
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July 13
Metafilter 10th Anniversary party line and voice mailbox. Numbers inside! [more inside]
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Pony request: diet.metafilter.com. I do recognize that the stable is pretty crowded already, but I see there's 371 tagged items on ask.mefi for diet questions. Seeing how Something Awful has a pretty busy weight loss forum going and diet is a multi-billion dollar industry, maybe MeFi can figure out some way to bring its great minds together to encourage one another toward weight loss goals and healthy lifestyles. Some basic weight graphs and weight tracking capability could be part of this. I realize this is getting into MeFi mission creep, so consider it just another idea for whenever the right time comes.
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What MetaFilter themed party games are you going to play at YOUR 10th Anniversary MeetUp? [more inside]
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July 12
So who's engaging in tenth birthday webcammery? [more inside]
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July 11
Anybody interested in some Australian-American free market shenanigans? [more inside]
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Last minute call for a Nordic birthday meetup? Stockholm in that case. [more inside]
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Calling all MeFi Scrabblers! Who else uses the Internet Scrabble Club? Wanna play? [more inside]
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If anyone here uses, or is looking for an excuse to use, DailyMile.com, I've created a MetaFilter group. [more inside]
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Hay! That weird bar is back. Now on all pages.
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July 10

MinorPony: Can't we limit the above-the-fold field length so that this doesn't require mod intervention? [more inside]
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Yes we can haz 10th Anniversary Meetup in Tokyo! [more inside]
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There's a bug in the links on the MetaTalk "my favorites" tab. [more inside]
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Open-ended chatty questions on AskMe [more inside]
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July 9
Dover Delaware Meetup for the Tenth anniversary? (late notice, 18th, sat) [more inside]
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A nice piece on Metafilter, including an audio interview with Mathowie, from the Toronto Globe and Mail.
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I'm wondering how many Philadelphia MeFites would be interested in participating in a craft night. [more inside]
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July 8
What does this post have to do with gay marriage? [more inside]
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User Music playlists. Does anyone actually look at or keep track of anyone's playlist but their own? On a regular basis? And if so, whose playlists do you recommend taking a look at (your own playlist does not count)?
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Stop the stupid font trick, please. [more inside]
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NPR lists the crimes committed in a teen comedy, but fails to relate it to Fight Club.
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Does anyone else feel it's a little unusual for characters in a prime time show(Dexter) to use internet talk? [more inside]
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Entering your location (lat/long) in your profile gives a street address in Google Maps when you click on the icon. This seems to be new, and fairly accurate. My guess is that some people do not want others to see this and will want to obfuscate their location. [more inside]
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Why does the AskMeFi logo say "Ask MetaFilter" instead of "Ask MeFi"? [more inside]
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July 7
The pictures in this feature were removed after questions were raised about whether they had been digitally altered. [more inside]
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I'm looking for a particular FPP. It was within the last three months, and it was about how to be skeptical of science/things you read on the internet. It was really good, but I didn't have time to read it all then (and I was drunk), and I just now am regretting that I never finished it. I've tried searching, but things like "skeptical" and "science" return a lot of results. Can someone point me in the right direction?
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Last year every reality show contestant wasn't here to make friends, and they still aren't.
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I just discovered that there are a few Mefites in Anchorage, late enough to miss out on an "official" 10th meetup. Let's meetup anyway! [more inside]
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The quote in this comment comes out all blocks for me (FF3, OSX 10.5.7). What am I doing wrong & how do I fix it?
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July 6
Pony request: We can already sort the posts and comments in search results by date or by relevance. Would it be possible (or even desirable) to sort by the number of favorites each item has? [more inside]
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South Korea MeFi 10th anniversary meet up? [more inside]
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There may be a bug on the recent comments page. [more inside]
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I'll be visiting family in Esperanza, Vieques, Puerto Rico from July 23 to 28, and would love to say, "Hello, fellow MeFite!" while I'm there. Especially after the emotional highs experienced at your local 10th Anniversary Gathering, I'm sure some of you will need a booster meetup... so, the Medalla Light is on me, the water is warm, one of the brightest bioluminescent bays in the world is just a few hundred yards away. Whaddaya say? [more inside]
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July 5
In the heat of all of the ongoing 10th Anniversary preparations, should we consider ... a MeFi playdate? [more inside]
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York Beach redux? [more inside]
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Is this post about shark species extinction, and the member who created it (a "Shark conservation biologist"), crossing the line into spamming/schilling? The linked article is weak and has an obvious agenda, the user and the writers of the blog linked have many connections and the username chosen by the poster is based on the title of his upcoming book. I don't think any harm was intended but it sounds like the guy is using the front page to sell himself, his cause and his book. If so, is that ok?
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PonyRequest : When we have an AnonAsk refused, could we have a reason sent to the asker as a matter of course, so that the asker could (a) know that it's been refused and can use their weekly on something else and (b) have some idea of what they did wrong and consider if/how they should rewrite it? [more inside]
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July 4
Is this the place to note that flapjax at midnite's performance of "I'm Waiting for the Man" is stunningly good?
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Meet-up in Toronto sometime in late Sept? [more inside]
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July 3
MeFi's own eotvos is organizing a tenth anniversary meetup in Antarctica. We have officially conquered this planet. [more inside]
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Why are comments like this and this not deemed totally unacceptable?
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As foretold here, The State has been released on DVD. [more inside]
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Any Mefibrarians headed to Chicago for ALA Annual? Want to meet up? [more inside]
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July 2
Could we please have a moratorium on comments to the effect of, "OH NOES I HAVE HAVE TO CLICK ON THE NEXT PAGE LINK! YOU DIRTY BASTARDS ARE TRYING TO GET AD REVENUE!!!" [more inside]
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For the upcoming meetups, or more exactly for press and blog coverage of upcoming meetups, could PB or Cortex or somebody gin up a kind of graph or visualization of brute quantities of user signups over time, along with user numbers? [more inside]
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July 1
It seems that comments from a Metafilter thread have been copied into a blog linked in the post... [more inside]
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