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July 31
I am going to DC this week. I have read there was a meet up around the 4th. Yet I'll ask anyway: anyone up for meeting up on this semi-special occasion? [more inside]
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All Mefi Cia operatives - you have been compromised by Blazecock Pileon - please hand yourselves into this post for debriefing. [more inside]
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SLYT Saturdays? [more inside]
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How do I delete a contact? Difficulty: android. [more inside]
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July 30
A while back there was a post on Metafilter, though it could have been on Ask, about the idea/theory/game where you can name any three foods, and two of the three possible pairings taste good together, but the third just doesn't work. I think there was a bit of a side argument about whether pickles tasted good on peanut butter sandwiches. I've exhausted my Google-fu. Does anyone remember this/can someone point me to it, or was I imagining it?
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This Ask Metafilter post was asked anonymously, so it's got the Mods' Seal of Approval. Are other how-to questions about tax evasion cool, then?
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Attention residents of Davis, CA. You have outed yourselves. Why haven't we ever had a meetup? [more inside]
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I'm not the only one reading On the Road for the MeCha discussion starting August 16, am I? Now that we voted, and I lost, hope all you victors in our poll, and maybe some of the rest of us who were in the minority, are plugging away at this book. [more inside]
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Any possible way to host image files on metafilter? [more inside]
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Hello, pb! Big fan, first-time caller. I love being able to search through my favorites for half-remembered comments that I think are excellent, but often, one of the only significant pieces of information I can remember about comments is the person who posted them. Like, "I think I recall Spatch saying something funny about horses? Or was it camels?" Unfortunately, the search-through-favorites feature doesn't seem to catch commenters' names, only the comments' bodies. Is there a way the name of the commenter could be included in the search-through-favorites, or would that be a tremendous hassle to implement? I apologize if this has been requested before, and I thank you for your time!
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How can I search/filter for comments of a certain length? Is there a way to filter comments via word count using infodump data? [more inside]
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July 29
MeFi's own CarrotAdventure's dinosaurs-and-keytars band, Synthosaurus (Facebook - YouTube), is going to be playing an all-ages show in Vancouver BC at the Little Mountain Gallery on Wednesday, August 4. Doors at 7pm, show at 8pm, five bucks cover. Assuming I can get across the border, I'll be there. Anyone else interested? We can "hang out"!
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Double post detectiong link checker pony/bug? [more inside]
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In regards to improving FPPs on metafilter, can we give contemplation to creating the ability to collaborate on a post? [more inside]
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July 28
InfoDump Analysis Request. Who asks the most interesting questions in AskMe? [more inside]
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I think allowing this post to continue to exist sets a horrible precedent. I could make a post like this every day till the end of time and I'm sure other MeFites could as well, but this is not what MetaFilter is for. Is it?
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Everyone's favorite Robocop and Banjo's baby boy was born today!
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Help me learn the blue. [more inside]
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July 27
Metafilter derail from this thread...on terrorism and responses to terrorism. 1) Is this the appropriate way to use MetaTalk, and 2) let's continue the conversation, if it should continue. [more inside]
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Those Recent Activity threads need to collapse. But how? [more inside]
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Beijing meet-up (back by popular* demand) [more inside]
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July 26
Who in NYC wants to go drink some soju out of the hollowed out carcass of a watermelon? [more inside]
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Unorthodox Chicago meetup. Please read fully before committing. [more inside]
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How many posts on askmefi are fake? [more inside]
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It is once again the time of year where 1.) someone (me) proposes a meetup at Burning Man 2.) numerous MeFites comment about how they won't be attending and anyone who does attend is stupid, and 3.) a small but dedicated core of MeFites get together on the playa and have a great time. Pick a side and wade in. [more inside]
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Chicago is known for it's political corruption, hot dogs, tall buildings, cheeseborgers, and tiny beers. Let's go ahead and celebrate those last two at our monthly Billy Goat meetup on Wednesday August 4th at 6pm. [more inside]
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As previously proposed here and acted upon here, I would like to reintroduce the concept of a Seattle area canoe trip meetup over the third weekend of August for a variety of reasons. As for details on the how, what and where, click on those links above for the further details. And, as for the when, let me propose the late afternoon to early evening of Saturday, August 21st... [more inside]
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There are a lot of new people on MetaFilter and I want to make a Welcome to MeFi page on the wiki. Can you help me out with some things you wished you'd known when you were new here? [more inside]
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July 25
Is anyone else weirded out by the closing of the original Love Parade tragedy thread? [more inside]
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St. Louis: how's about a happy hour the evening of Friday, August 6th? Somewhere near Wash U/Forest Park? [more inside]
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How come this question isn't considered chatfilter? [more inside]
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PNW MEETUPS! [more inside]
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Pony request: The ability to view the tags for individual posts on the mobile site. [more inside]
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I'm going to be in San Francisco on family vacation from August 3rd to August 10th. Any suggestions on what I should do there? Anyone want to meet up for a meetup? [more inside]
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possible bug? Green "resolved" tick did not appear when I selected the option for my question on Ask Metafilter to be marked as resolved [more inside]
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July 23
I was going through the huge "You were doing it Wrong" thread on AskMe when it occurred to me that it would be great if we could list the comments in order of "most favorited". I would have seen herrdoctor's amazing story right away instead of missing it first time around.
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This might be a longshot, but will anyone be at the Telluride Film Festival? [more inside]
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July 22
Episode 53 was recorded on July 21st and runs about an hour and 20 minutes long. It starts with a long interview with ewagoner about his raw milk/interstate commerce flap with the FDA, and after that we follow it up with our favorite things from the past month. [more inside]
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Is anyone going to Otakon in Baltimore the last weekend in July? [more inside]
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Another Toronto meetup before the summer is up and we're forced off the glorious patios? I'm thinking the 14th, but let's float other dates and venues.
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July 21
My wife and I will be at the Lowell Folk Festival in Lowell, Massachusetts this weekend if anyone else is going and would like to try to say hello. [more inside]
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Could there please be a link to My Ask MeFi on the mobile site menu?
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Metafilter's own asavage will be in Chapel Hill in September. Let's meet up and listen to him and Jamie talk about stuff! [more inside]
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July 20
Three links to previous metafilter threads and one to Google Books.
A single youtube video?

I don't mean to specifically call out The Whelk, Lazaruslong, or blue_beetle, but I know we can do better than this. I've seen it. Maybe it's time we did another best post contest to remind us all again what a good post looks like.
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Is it possible to automatically prepend http:// in links in comments/posts when people fail to put them in? [more inside]
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GenCon Meetup? [more inside]
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July 19
My hat is off to the frustrated females (and sympathizers) in this thread. [more inside]
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The Inception book thread got linked in the Awl. [more inside]
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Grand Junction, Colorado - meetup? [more inside]
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Why was this post not deleted? [more inside]
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July 18
If you will be in the Austin, TX would like to meet the capybara who was the subject of this post, she will be at the Buda Public Library on Thursday, July 22nd at 2:00PM. [more inside]
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I'm curious what the mods see when they look at the site. [more inside]
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What happened to Smedleyman and IRFH? [more inside]
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July 17
Getting ready for my first post! [more inside]
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Is anyone in Barcelona? Want to meet up Thursday evening? [more inside]
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How would I go about finding the most popular music posts? [more inside]
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July 16
Just gotta have the last word or are you a conversation killer? [more inside]
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An IRL Pony would be lovely! Ok, maybe a small herd... [more inside]
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Think you know your mefites? Try your hand at Says Who?, the Metafilter identification game. [more inside]
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Hey New Yorkers, oinopaponton moved to our hood! Let's show her how the New York nerds throw the best meetups. How's Saturday, July 24th? [more inside]
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Are invites to a Jonathan Coulton shows now a MetaTalk standard? Should the admins outline the policy regarding show invites in the FAQ somewhere? I've noticed that it's fairly common for someone to post a "Hey I'm going to the Jonathan Coulton show tomorrow in __xxx__" thread to MetaTalk. (See below, natch). I don't notice this with other musicians - "Hey I'm going to the Creed show tonight in Topeka, who's with me?" Therefore, using science, I've come to the conclusion that the Jonathan Coulton show experience is, like, a thing. A MeFite thing. So I'm wondering if maybe the policy regarding posts of "hey who wants to go to a show with me" should be set in a bit more stable stone somewhere, or just explained in the FAQ. I'll take my question off the air.
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July 15
This is just a quick post to thank the hundreds of MeFites who helped me with my dissertation research. [more inside]
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Mefi's own Andy Warner's Frown Town is a go! Be sure to check out the updates. (previously.)
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Hey, Boston area people. Anyone going to the Jonathan Coulton show on the 23rd in Somerville? Should we do a thing? [more inside]
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Looks as though someone's taken Cool Papa Bell's "Ferris Bueller/Fight Club" concept surprisingly literally.
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Hey, remember when Metafilter anted up $100 to help sponsor Ben Saunders' walk to the South Pole and he had to postpone the project? Well, it's back on for next year. [more inside]
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MeFi's own TheLastPsychiatrist talks about the alleged honor killings and Metafilter gets mentioned in the process (down at the end of the post).
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July 14
North Carolinians, lend me your livers! (a.k.a., I'm going to Raleigh, N.C. from 7/22 to 7/27 and want to cobble together a meetup. Preferably one that involves beer.) [more inside]
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You'd think, after eleven years, we'd have finally figured out how these people got their cats wedged into their scanners, or why. But anyway, Happy Birthday, MeFi!
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Add another option to the flagging menu? [more inside]
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In a world where darkness ruled... Fully remastered with a new domain and quadrophonic surround sound, the MetaFilter Film Club returns; watching movies, talking about movies, and this time — it's personal. Nominations are now open at Filmic.org, please come and participate!
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Infodump fun with the fabulous Fishbike! [more inside]
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July 13
IRL Pony: I see that IRL is already built for places with no meetups posted yet, but the RSS feeds come up with 404 errors. Is there any way to put up placeholder or empty feeds here so I can subscribe in my reader?
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Anybody up for an Austin meetup in late July? I just moved here and I thought it would be fun to meet some of the local MeFi crew. [more inside]
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After I updated my iPhone to iOS4, the "skip to menu" link at the top of the pages of the mobile site no longer works after a page has been reloaded. [more inside]
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Any MeFites in the Hannibal, MO area? I'm going on a vacation to visit family, but I think I'll have a lot of free time in between the family gatherings. If anyone wants to suggest something to do or even have a meetup, lemme know. [more inside]
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Why do people post comments that consist entirely of a period? [more inside]
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I hate to get sidetracked but I find it interesting that there will always be two sides when it comes to this issue of how one should post on this site. Link heavy or light? Get the info out there quickly so discussion can occur, or wait and find as many links as possible and provide more for the posting. We should always be striving for the latter. [more inside]
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From This post, I feel that the advice to say nothing is everyone else trying to tell me to stay in the closet where I 'belong'. The other advice has been really helpful, so I'm trying to decide if I agree or not. [more inside]
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Well, I give up. I've been trying to find a MeFi post about a super-violent testosterone soaked movie trailer- was it a real movie, even? I don't recall- for the last few weeks, but I'm coming up empty. Surely someone remembers the FPP? [more inside]
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July 12
I don't agree with the deletion of this post. [more inside]
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How bad would it be if I get snippy in my own AskMe? [more inside]
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Why do I keep seeing meetup threads on MeTa? Isn't that what IRL is for now? [more inside]
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July 11
I'll be in the Boston area from July 28th - August 1st. Let's meetup and do fun things!
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July 10
Curious about MeFi/AskMe in relation to Safari 5.0's Reader function. [more inside]
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I just moved to Long Beach, CA. Anyone around for a meet up? [more inside]
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There's no way this is real. It's a goof, troll, whatever...
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July 9
Is there any reason why MetaFilter has to take Ayn Rand seriously? [more inside]
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This post's deletion sucks. [more inside]
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AskMe is one of three Q&A sites studied in this new academic article. [more inside]
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Why must some people constantly piss in Sports threads? [more inside]
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July 8
I'm looking for a MeFi post from a few years ago about a tool/sociological experiment where you could select any number of portrait photos from a predetermined set of photos, and the tool would combine the features of these photos into one final result. [more inside]
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How can I tell if this question is consideded chat filter? [more inside]
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Vancouver meetup in the near(ish) future? I've just moved to the Greater Vancouver area and would love to meet the local mefites. [more inside]
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Pony request for my birthday: Can cortex's deletion reasons be collected? Stuff like this is one of my favorite features of the site.
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Las Vegas (RollerCon) meetup? Hey, it's worth a shot! July 28, 2010 through August 01, 2010. [more inside]
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A few months ago, a commentor on some thread I can't remember commented that a professor or mentor he had had, said that if a person could see one real thing about the real world and leave a good enough reference to it, in words, art, music or whatever for others to see it too, that was about all you could expect to do with a life. Does anyone remember that?
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Feature request: When you preview a question on the green, you're shown five similar, previously asked questions. That's really helpful, and often eliminates the need to ask the question. But the anonymous-ask preview page does not do that. Can it?
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san diego (comic-con) meetup! [more inside]
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In Times Square soon. Want to meet? [more inside]
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July 7
Long shot - looking for a (flash?) link that was posted a couple (several?) months ago in the blue. All I remember: inside. [more inside]
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Mefi Music pony request: Could it be possible for a song collaboration to be posted under two or more usernames? [more inside]
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Should tagging an AskMe thread "resolved" automatically remove the "stumped" tag, if it's there? [more inside]
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MetaFilter Film Club v2.0. Anyone interested? [more inside]
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July 6
I want to call this thread out as the best I've seen on AskMe in a while. [more inside]
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Can we talk about what was in the links in the original thread and have the duke-out over a single word here? [more inside]
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Philadelphia meetup in July? [more inside]
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I've noticed that in posts dealing with OCD, anxiety, depression, or other related mental health issues (most recently this thread, though maybe that's not the best example) there often seems to be a pretty dismissive attitude on the part of a number of commenters. What's up with that?
posted by OverlappingElvis to Etiquette/Policy at 10:11 AM PST - 116 comments

I'd like to talk a little bit about using AskMeFi but not MetaFilter. [more inside]
posted by joshrholloway to Etiquette/Policy at 9:52 AM PST - 89 comments

So are we all on the same wavelength lately or am I just suffering from a strange case of MetaFilterian pareidolia? [more inside]
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July 5
A little shmoopy for y'all [more inside]
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A Multi-Region, Multi-National, MeFi Reusable Shopping Bag Swap. Interested? [more inside]
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turtlegirl and I are having our annual bash on 24 July this year and wanted to extend an invite to MeFites who may be interested. [more inside]
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Request/suggestion: fixed width Metafilter. [more inside]
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July 4
Are people interested in meeting up to watch the World Cup final in New York City? It starts at 2:30 pm on Sunday, July 11th.
posted by Kattullus to MetaFilter Gatherings at 7:59 AM PST - 28 comments

Impromptu Baltimore meetup? My boat sank (quite literally). [more inside]
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July 2
Parts of crunchland's post were just quoted verbatim by WNYC's (New York's NPR affiliate) Brian Lehrer during a conversation with the Atlantic's Marc Ambinder about internet security. [more inside]
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July 1
I'm visiting Austin for the first time the weekend of July 9th, any chance of a meetup on 7/10? [more inside]
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DTMFA?! How about Calm The Hell Down? [more inside]
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Just one of those stupid "I can't find it!" questions - does anyone remember a Youtube video of a map being drawn whilst narrated by a guy from a country in northern Europe who explained what other countries seemed like to people from his country? It seemed sort of dumb, I know - like "this is X country, they only eat salad... this is Y country, they are very dirty and like parrots..." - and the map was a silly badly-drawn MS Paint type thing. I know I saw it on Metafilter somewhere, but I'm also certain I didn't see it in an FPP... and search is turning up nothing.
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Some of us are working on a collaborative non-fiction book project. If you'd like to contribute, MeMail or email me a brief description of what specifically you are planning to do and provide a email address so I can include you in the group emails. Visit the project blog for more details. Deadline is October 1st, but I thought I'd post in MeTa once a month in an effort to make sure everyone hears about it and to keep the project on the radar screen of those who do know.
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I submit that it's not necessary to identify yourself as a special snowflake in your AskMe question. May we attempt to nip this growing meme in the bud before it gets too annoying? [more inside]
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