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September 30
Chicago Meet-up: I'm going to be in town for An Event Apart the evenings of October 12 and 13th. How about a meetup? [more inside]
posted by sciurus to MetaFilter Gatherings at 2:03 PM PST - 31 comments just redirected me several times to the login page. Then I received a warning message about security certificates. I chanced it and logged in, now everything's normal. Anybody else getting this? (btw, subdomains also redirected me to the login page). [more inside]
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St. Louis MeFites: wanna help make my trip memorable? How about a meetup? [more inside]
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Outright censorship? [more inside]
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A single link to today's issue of your favorite webcomic or cartoon series is not appropriate for a Front Page Post. [more inside]
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So, suffering a bout of insomnia, I find myself browsing /. and find this little morsel, pointing at an article here.

I searched the site for 'cross-site request forgery' and found nuthin'.

So, great, benevolent admins -- what gives? Can you elucidate on the issue and/or the fix? It's not a big deal, just surprised at seeing the blue called out elsewhere regarding a (patched) vulnerability and was surprised not to see any mention of it here.

Then again, it's wicked late and I'm a little stoopid - may have missed the news...
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September 29

What ever happened to Travelfilter? Is it still on the cards? I was kind of looking forward to it!
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Thanks to jepler, pixel detctive [more inside]
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Intercalated with the fantastic yarns touched off by the cab driver story, some people are getting very personal and bilious. [more inside]
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I will be in London attending a conference Oct 12 - 19. The conference doesn't run through that whole time period, so I will have some free time, probably Friday evening and definitely Saturday. It's my first time visiting London and would love to meet MeFi folks.
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I just posted a thoroughly incorrect comment in response to my own AskMe thread. Could an admin please remove it? It is at:
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I have a comment on the Popular Favorites page [Yay! me] Next to the favorite count it has [remove], even though I haven't favorited it. [more inside]
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September 28
Whenever I favorite a comment, the browser sends me to the top of the page. [more inside]
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September 27
Do people's just not read through the questions on AskMefi before leaving answers? [more inside]
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I think the question is fine, but it does remind me a bit of this.
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September 26
Strange occurrence...earlier I was on my Asus EEE, and every time I tried to log in to Metafilter it would flash the login page quickly and then jump me back to where I was before that. No other sites had any issues, and restarting the browser didn't help. Did anyone else experience this? [more inside]
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September 25
Iceland Airwaves meetup: Reykjavik, 15-19th October. [more inside]
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A suggestion: can there be a time stamp indicating the time when a post or comment is posted (e.g. "posted 2 1/2 hours ago") next to the date? [more inside]
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Fresh/just posted/moments ago: are these specific spans of time? [more inside]
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What cheer, SoutheasternNewEnglandTypeMeFites? What say you to a Providence, RI, meetup next Friday, October 3rd? [more inside]
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September 24
Any MeFites going to Create Chaos in Orlando, 13-17 October? [more inside]
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I can't stay logged into Metafilter when using an iPhone! When I bring up the page I'm not logged in. I log in, cool, but when I click on a thread to read comments or move to The Green or Grey or navigate to any of the site's pages I am no longer logged in--prompting me to re-log in every time I switch pages. I am running 2.1 on a jailbroken phone. What gives?
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How to win friends and influence others. MeFi makes Macworld's latest "Websites We Love" list.
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Blazecock Pileon says " I'm not playing your games. Own your comments. Take it to Metatalk if you don't like it. And that's the last I will hear from you, because you're going to be ignored." [more inside]
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any Mefites in Helsinki? [more inside]
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A September / October Seattle meetup perhaps? [more inside]
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September 23
Is MeFi getting less international? This is entirely based on subjective impressions but it seems like we’re seeing a lot less posts outside of regular US waking hours. Is this just something that happens every 4 years because of all the election posts?
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Pony request for AskMe RSS feed: Number of comments and/or indication that the original poster has marked a best answer. Possible?
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This MeFightclub thing ... sounds wonderful. But is it just for PC gamers, or can Xbox Live people play too?
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September 22
Please add an "ignore" feature to MeFi [more inside]
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Denver DeVotchKa Meetup?! [more inside]
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Favorites bug-report? [more inside]
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MetaFilter post updates that cannot be posted to the original thread should be posted to MetaFilter and abide by the New Post guidelines. MetaFilter post updates should not be posted to MetaTalk.'s for site policy discussions, bug reports, and feature requests. [more inside]
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Star Simpson, the MIT student arrested in Boston Logan Airport for wearing a home-made light-up sweatshirt (and the subject of a Mefi post) has her first public interview one year later at BoingBoing. (Link is to transcript - MP4 video also available).
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September 21
I just noticed that the line about recent activity in metatalk says "X new links and Y new comments have been posted since your last visit"

Shouldn't it say something like 'posts' instead of 'links?'
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Milestone alert: This deleted thread was #75000
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FPP update: FOUND, once lost, is found again. [more inside]
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Obama and abortion. [more inside]
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September 20
The Veteren's case against John McCain post was deleted, and I can understand why, but... [more inside]
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September 19
Bal'more meetup, hon? [more inside]
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IdleObservationFilter: In one hour this thread became the #1 Google hit for its subject. [more inside]
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Copied from a comment on AskMe: "TEH PORNZ IS SEEKRIT." Why didn't the commenter say "The porn is secret." Is this thought to be a funny way to write? (OK, make fun of me now.)
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I'm sure music.metafilter can come up with some great stuff for Jean Grae to record or to collaborate on. $800 is not that hard to amass from metafilter donations.
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Stack Overflow's latest podcast features discussion of Metafilter and community moderation with Cortex. [Previously]
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Pony request: An individual favourite posts rss-feed? [more inside]
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September 18
I've been contemplating an Ask post for a while now, that deals with certain issues that I don't really want to appear in a search index... [more inside]
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CanadaElectionFilter: Can we sidebar one of these threads to prevent multiple threads from cluttering up the blue?
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September 17
Can we just get a "relationship FAQ" type thing so before people post relationship questions to AskMe they can go through a troubleshooting if/then structure when asking about relationships? [more inside]
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Interesting to see delicious' users comments on MetaFilter. We're a new blog (as of 3 days ago)! A Home Improvement Blog! A POPULAR WEBSITE WHERE PEOPLE TALK ABOUT D@MN NEAR EVERYTHING! Also, "faux-intellectual liberal hipster I-listen-to-OK-Go-with-my-$180-"thrift-store"-jacket-on stuck-ups. Basically fark, but populated with folk who don't have as much of a sense of humor, but who are smarter or better educated." [more inside]
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A hypothetical question prompts answers of varying violence against hypothetical dogs. Chatfilter? Useful analysis? Something in between? [more inside]
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I'll be in LA between October 9 to 16 and I'd like to get together. I won't be free the 9th and 11th, but the other days up to the 15th are good.
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One of the most discouraging trends I see in Metafilter as a whole is this very widespread tendency for Mefites to focus to a fetishistic degree on bureaucratic policing rather than content. I don't think the tendency makes someone a bad person, nor do I claim I've been immune to it. But it's a variation of ... [more inside]
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September 16
Regarding this post and this MeTa thread, a few facts for you. [more inside]
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Recent Favorites appears to be broken, for me at least. [more inside]
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Paris Meetup, les amis? Ki a 1 plan teuf? [more inside]
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Warhammer Online: it calls to me. [more inside]
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For God's sake, can we delete this moron post using two poorly written old articles to set up a point-counterpoint that is as trite as it is pointlessly inflammatory? I thought posting things just to forward one's own opinions and to stir up meaningless, hot-air controversy was against the guidelines.
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New Mexico Meetup? [more inside]
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September 15
Please, please abort this offensive, trolling post that links primarily to two, year-old NYT articles and is basically an editorial for eugenics.
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Can we make the meet-up photos more prominent? [more inside]
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Costal Texas MeFites, how are you? [more inside]
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Pony: How about adding any thread that you post to your Recent Activity, rather than requiring you to comment in it?
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Jessamyn's Bike Took A Picture and I'm a little jealous. [more inside]
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Columbus, Ohio meetup? [more inside]
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Could we add "already in the question" or something similar to the flagging options for AskMe? [more inside]
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September 14
I just wanted to say what a wonderful memorial the David Foster Wallace obit thread has become. [more inside]
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Must we have questions like this? It comes across as "We're all smart grownups here, and, of course, all smart grownups know that Bush SUCKS! Help me convince my poor, stupid, brainwashed friend that I'm right, which we all know I am." [more inside]
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Did you know there's a Mefites for Obama group? [more inside]
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A crucial piece of Mefi social commentary has disappeared. Will it ever be seen again? [more inside]
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I just noticed in the bitone post that the björk tag breaks, getting a 403 error (The bjork tag is fine). IIRC theres already some handling for special characters, possibly it should also replace accented characters?
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Is linking to email harvester sites okay? [more inside]
posted by Blazecock Pileon to Etiquette/Policy at 2:21 PM PST - 22 comments

An unfounded rumor about Carl Jung is now on the front page of Google, thanks to Ask Metafilter. [more inside]
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Pony request: Can we please, please, please, do something to ease the burden of the Palin thread? People obviously want to talk about it and it's become sort of a default election thread. It's got to be killing the servers as well as everyone's browsers. [more inside]
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September 13
Where did this come from???
    mount their female friends and some how continue to think they can commence with the mounting
    they should be at least decent enough to hit us off with a booty call every now and then, you know, as a thanks for the friendship
    bumping uglies, dropping trow and little debbie snake cakes
[more inside]
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iPony Request: Favorites and comment posting for [more inside]
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How about an Israel meetup? [more inside]
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September 12
Do Mefites play Metal Gear Online? [more inside]
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A follow up to this little post I made a few years ago about a fellow that was attempting to walk every street and lane of his surroundings. His passing has given me pause to reflect on the idea of community and how posting events from the local to the global bring us closer together. I want to say thank you to mathowie for providing us with this forum for sharing these often unheard stories.
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Interested in how to respond to a comment like this one. [more inside]
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September 11
How is the question of Jeff Koons' validity as an artist, called into question by his departure from his financial worker past, anything other than chatfilter?
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Well, hell. Ike looks like it's going to be bad one. If any MeFites in the Houston/Galveston area find gas and find their way up I-45, we have a guest bed and a couch to spare if you need to crash for a few. [more inside]
posted by Ufez Jones to MetaFilter-Related at 4:37 PM PST - 35 comments

In the abandoned baby thread someone made a joke about dead babies. Then someone complained about it. So the new rule is, dead baby jokes are a bad thing on MetaFilter. [more inside]
posted by Meatbomb to Etiquette/Policy at 3:19 PM PST - 228 comments

To all the people who have suggested Hendrick's gin with cucumber - thank you. It really is amazing. [more inside]
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Any interest in a Buenos Aires meetup? We can try to break the last record of three attendees!
posted by conifer to MetaFilter Gatherings at 12:41 PM PST - 7 comments

My mobile browser (LG Voyager) shows a URL Errors whenever I try to select a "more inside", "x comments", or "x answers" link. So there's no way to read anything that's not visible on the main pages. [more inside]
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September 10
How to respond to pushy barstards [more inside]
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Which topics is AskMetafilter best at answering? I'm not referring to specific questions for which you've received the most helpful response; rather I'm wondering if people find that (for example) computer hardware questions receive more accurate and helpful answers than medical questions, or that AskMe is particularly bad at answering another type of question. [more inside]
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September 9
OK, can someone help the Norwegian impaired understand this post and the reason for its deletion? I'm afraid Google translator renders its usual mystery.
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Meet up in Charlotte, NC? [more inside]
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September 8
Anyone interested in an Athens, GA meetup?
posted by PueExMachina to MetaFilter Gatherings at 10:03 PM PST - 7 comments

Spore is out and I'd love to add MeFi creatures to my universe. Please post your Spore username here.
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September 7

Please join me in flagging all comments with nothing to add but "QFT" as noise.
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September 6
Innocuous, yet predictable.
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I'll be in Missoula Montana in the next few days, and I'm interested in organizing a Metafilter Meetup. So far, we appear to have TWO, count 'em TWO participants, so the plan so far is to meet at the Butterfly Herb at 8:00 AM Monday September 8. Yes, that's anti meridian...
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Jessamyn linked by Michelle Malkin. Congratulations may not be in order, but it's interesting how fast this spread. [more inside]
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The side-discussion about Macs here has made me curious about the % of mac users here as indicated by the server logs. Can I get some user agent statistics?
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September 5
Can we get Plurk added to list of Social Apps? Please?
posted by goshling to Feature Requests at 4:15 PM PST - 32 comments

MeFite John Scalzi is up for best blog by an author at My Friend Amy. Go vote!
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It's the AskMe answer that will never die... [more inside]
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You know, there's been fiction about Mefi post-apocalypse. But if you look at this thread and at the 9/11 thread, it'd be 180° from what's been (jokingly) suggested: man, do we pull together. (I see visions of us geographically gathering together post-apocalypse and being the only functioning society on the planet ... ) [more inside]
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This comment in an AskMe thread posted by a gay veteran wanting suggestions for how to convince his military friends of the importance of considering gay issues in the coming election may not break the guidelines, but it's incredibly wrong-headed and I wanted to take issue with it here.
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Sidebar request - grumblebee on finding your passion [more inside]
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September 4
Dear Askme, "Hi, my boyfriend set up a secret website and recruited all of my friends to participate in it without my knowledge. Should I seriously DTMFA for that?" Shit, I hope not! Oh! and Happy Birthday, Jessamyn! [more inside]
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Is it desirable for AskMe to become a surrogate form of PoliticalFilter? [more inside]
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Time for another Portland, Maine meetup? [more inside]
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Another AskMe-related shady-answer call out. [more inside]
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September 3
Something weird is going on with the Sarah Palin thread and "Recent Activity" [more inside]
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This post is distinctly spammy. The pleasure of answering questions and helping people in AskMeFi is the reward, not offers of free stuff.
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Pinball!! Pinball!! Pinball!! Open to anyone willing to drive to scenic Earlington, PA. We got the place and the activity; now we need the date. [more inside]
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September 2
Pony situation report request. [more inside]
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September 1
Metafilter's Affiliate code url... [more inside]
posted by jca to Feature Requests at 5:39 PM PST - 46 comments

What was wrong with my post? [more inside]
posted by dinger to Etiquette/Policy at 2:28 PM PST - 1 comments [closed]

It's an interesting story in its own right. Its surface correspondence to the Palin rumors makes for a a good 'hook', which I used, but I don't think that makes the possible solving of a 260-year old mystery less interesting or worth reading about. The coincidence is amusing, but the post doesn't rest on that, and if anything it makes the post more fun. And it certainly doesn't belong in the existing Palin thread. [more inside]
posted by orthogonality to Etiquette/Policy at 2:18 PM PST - 71 comments

Would anyone in Austin / Waco be interested in a meetup during September? I don't know a good venue to suggest because I'm new to Central Texas, and new to MetaFilter for that matter, so I've got a lot to learn. I'd enjoy discovering cool places to hang out and meeting new people. Thanks in advance.
posted by woodway to MetaFilter Gatherings at 11:27 AM PST - 50 comments

Re: the Bristol Palin pregnancy thread being deleted - uh, the other post in which it is being "discussed" is sort of inaccessible. [more inside]
posted by billysumday to MetaFilter-Related at 11:04 AM PST - 106 comments

Yeah, really. It's topical (during a very political time, where such issues are being widely discussed), interesting, well-written, and had never been posted before. I honestly don't see the problem. Or is NewsFilter the rule? Does the date on this really matter?
posted by Kickstart70 to MetaFilter-Related at 1:25 AM PST - 24 comments