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Just a note of thanks, really

Hey hey. After a year and a half in gestation, I'm in the process of wrapping up a manuscript for delivery to my publisher this week. And so now I'm finally getting to what is, by far, my favorite aspect of working on a book, which is writing the Acknowledgments. And you're in them!
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A ten year update... and an SF meet-up.

Nearly 10 years ago, I commented on the green about having fallen head-over-heels for a woman only once, back in college - but how, after 13 years of wondering if I'd ever have that feeling again, we ended up moving in together, had just gotten married, and all was right in the world. weapons-grade pandemonium issued a challenge just three minutes later: Update us in ten years, eschatfische. And so we will! gucky and I are pleased to invite Bay Area MeFites to our 10 year anniversary party, featuring a 35mm matinee of When Harry Met Sally, September 10th at 1pm at the Roxie. RSVP information inside.
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Post your seasonal reading/ listening/ whatever list!

Inspired by this post on the blue about Barack Obama's summer reading list, I thought it would be interesting if mefites posted lists of what they plan to or have read, listened to, or watched this summer. I don't want to leave out people in the Southern Hemisphere, though, so feel free to post seasonal lists for whatever the season you may be experiencing!
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The Cheese Heist Movie

Who's going to help me write the cheese heist movie?
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Vote the quidnunc kid #1 Tolkien limerick summarizer

Three rings for the elves, full of might;
Dwarves seven, men nine - that sounds right!
And one for their Lord? Sure!
He lives down in Mordor -
Where the shadows (and weather) are shite.
Our very own elected #1 the quidnunc kid has retold the entirety of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit in limerick form and posted it on his profile page. Includes footnotes, also in limerick form. Rumors abound of an audiobook version.
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Paganism is a thing some people here practice

This post is a perfect example of spiritual disrespect on multiple levels. I think it is fair to ask that we be accepting that others have different beliefs, and under the umbrella of paganism there are tons of belief systems that have existed much longer than the early 1990's. I know metafilter is host to a swath of beliefs and non beliefs regarding spiritlaity what that means and how to express it. Those who identify as pagan or a subset of paganism deserve as much respect as other religious groups, and have very real struggles of discrimination. How can we do this better?
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The Canonical Quidnunc

You all know you should vote #1 quidnunc kid. But do you know why?
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What are taters doing in AskMe

Ok, what's the deal with the term "tater"? (NSFW)
posted by Brandon Blatcher at 6:11 AM Feb 12 2009 - 478 comments [62 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Your solitary compulsion becomes a shared experience.

This AskMe post blows my mind in a minor and enjoyable way. Who knew? It turns out a lot of people have a Tourette's-like response to embarrassing memories.
posted by ottereroticist at 10:12 PM Jul 22 2008 - 75 comments [29 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

everyone you disagree with isn't a rapist

I have noticed an increasing trend on MeFi, especially relating to issues of feminism, gender relations, etc, that threads quickly divide into us vs. them camps, where the "us" camp is defined by strong outrage and criticism, and the them camp is everyone else. This is problematic enough, but what then naturally occurs is any sort of deviation or criticism of anyone in the "us" tent immediately casts one into the "them" tent, and attacks that the person is pro-rape, in favor of abusing women, just the same as everyone else, etc. etc.
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Let's transcribe, MeFites!

Did you know there are transcripts available for several episodes of the Metafilter podcast? Did you know these transcripts are compiled by volunteers? Did you know that it's WAY easy to transcribe the podcast, thanks to transcription software Fanscribed? It's all true! But here's the thing: Metafilter needs your help to transcribe more episodes of the podcast!
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You sound just like a _____!

There is currently a practice across Metafilter, especially within Metafilter proper (the Blue) and Metatalk (the Grey) of making personal attacks against other users that I feel undermines the community aspect of the site. The attacks I am concerned with most often take the form of ugly insinuations that the user is deliberately derailing, trolling or using common tactics which are allegedly known to be popular with (in alphabetical order, thee could be more, these are all I could think of when I set about making this thread):
  • Anti-Semites
  • Bigots
  • Conservatives
  • Misogynists
  • MRAs
  • PUAs
  • Racists
  • Redditors (specifically, usually The Red Pill subreddit)
  • TERFs
  • Transmisogonists

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Deleting comments

I'm mostly unaware of the intricacies of the Metafilter community, but I have just had another comment deleted. It wasn't an inflammatory comment, there was no snarkiness or attacking anyone. I was expressing an opinion that female bullying has increased and we need to take this into account when raising girls, and I commented on the direction of feminism too. I'm surprised that it was deleted.
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Bad deletions

I have seen at least three really great posts on the NAACP situation deleted in the past few days. I guess there's a new Metafilter policy on this, but can the mods explain their reasoning? It doesn't seem, to me, to be newsfilter or "weird lady" filter, since the deleted posts have very good context and interesting depth.
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119: We're Very Helpful You're Here

Jessamyn and I take a break from house guests and election madness, respectively, to chatter about great stuff on MetaFilter from July 2nd through August 4th. We also take a super quick guided meditation break in the middle! We both ate our figurative Wheaties; this episode comes in at a fulsome hour and fifty-two-ish minutes.
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