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Pitbull Threads

So I was under the impression that derailing a thread about pitbull pictures to talk about how awful pitbulls are was off-limits?
posted by griphus at 7:25 AM Oct 5 2015 - 278 comments [23 favorites]

Whatever happened to... Habit Judo?

A while back on MeFi (2011) apparently user Leotrotsky described an intriguing habit-building system he deemed Habit Judo, which as I understood it was essentially a gamification system for developing habits. I was so intrigued at the time, but I guess I never *surprise surprise* developed the habit of looking further into it. It appears that a spreadsheet of some sort was developed (and mentioned in the Guardian), and even spun off Android and iOS apps, both of which appear to be down. So I've a few questions...
posted by Perko at 3:43 PM Oct 2 2015 - 13 comments [17 favorites]

Best way to ask MeFi for help with a project?

I'm not sure what if any is the best way to put out a general call for help with a project on MeFi. (Not to announce a completed project like in the Projects subsite, but to ask for help with one.) Has there ever been any thought/discussion given to the idea of creating a new subsite where MeFites can request help with things like art or writing projects from other MeFites? It could even be broader than that--call it "Hope Me, MeFi!" or something--and just make it a place where community members can seek out other members for help with whatever they might be doing.
posted by saulgoodman at 8:50 PM Oct 1 2015 - 31 comments [9 favorites]

Baby steps self care post

This post on the Blue is pretty cool, but I'm frustrated as my amygdala (I call her Queen) isn't liking the restrictiveness of having to go through steps in the order set by someone else. Also, she's messing up my prefrontal cortex something shocking, the bitch. So does anyone have the steps in a static format, even if it's text based? On another day, I'd be able to work out how to do it, but right now, not so much. Thanks so much.
posted by b33j at 9:16 PM Oct 1 2015 - 9 comments [9 favorites]

Dungeons & Mefites?

Would MeFites be interested in a MetaFilter RPG community on Google+ (or some other forum if you have it)?
posted by graymouser at 4:10 AM Sep 30 2015 - 52 comments [7 favorites]

MetaFilter: Multilingual Edition?

This post (and the previouslies mentioned in-thread by veggieboy) made me wonder whether posts and comments in languages other than English could/would be a welcome part of MetaFilter.
posted by zebra at 1:38 PM Oct 2 2015 - 60 comments [7 favorites]

A kind word doesn't cost a thing.

A kind word doesn't cost a thing. How about a thread in which we tell other folks here how much and why we appreciate their efforts, so they can be edified by them?
posted by jbickers at 4:32 PM Sep 27 2015 - 315 comments [15 favorites (6 in the last 7 days)]

First Post September Successes and Needs Works

How did "First Post September" go for people? I know how it went *for me* (and am happy to share below), but I am interested in hearing how it went for other (potential or actual) first posters.
posted by gregglind at 8:31 AM Oct 2 2015 - 35 comments [5 favorites]

carolina mefites: stay safe this weekend

As #notjoaquin floods the Carolinas, in amounts the news is calling "historic," "thousand-year," and "life-threatening," we're watching the weather maps all night. Looks like half of each state is covered in rain already, and it keeps on moving further in. SC+NC mefites, are you okay? Staying safe? How bad is it where you are?
posted by mittens at 6:25 PM Oct 2 2015 - 68 comments [4 favorites]

Has "" ever been considered?

Has MetaFilter ever considered or discussed the idea of having a News subsite? A MetaNews sub for posting things that might otherwise be considered Newsfilter, and therefore Detestable Front Page Clutter?
posted by sidereal at 1:24 PM Oct 5 2015 - 44 comments [4 favorites]

Very old post about finding stars and constellations?

Ok, this is a long shot, but many years ago, I think there was a post linking to a kind of constellation primer (Northern hemisphere) where you started by finding the Big Dipper and used that to find Polaris, which allowed you to find other constellations, etc. Any old timers recall this one?
posted by gwint at 6:57 PM Oct 5 2015 - 7 comments [4 favorites]

The Emotional Labor Thread shouldn't be the exception

Let’s talk about expanding our ideas of boyzone-type derailing and how to be the best Metafilter we can be.
posted by shakespeherian at 11:55 AM Sep 25 2015 - 548 comments [47 favorites (3 in the last 7 days)]

Bad fpp Deletion

This post was deleted for the following reason: This needs to be framed much less editorially to work here, sorry. -- restless_nomad Bad call in my opinion. What do you guys think?
posted by AElfwine Evenstar at 6:25 PM Oct 6 2015 - 51 comments [3 favorites]

Testing Saved Post Drafts

Last week we discussed saving drafts of posts in case of browser crashes. Today we're testing this out on MetaFilter.
posted by pb at 3:57 PM Sep 25 2015 - 39 comments [22 favorites (2 in the last 7 days)]

Out of the Blue, episode #2: On emotional labor, with Jess Zimmerman

On July 13th, the writer Jess Zimmerman posted “Where’s My Cut?”: On Unpaid Emotional Labor on The Toast, an essay about how and why emotional work is often undervalued and treated as "women's work". Or, more to the point, not even work: just something women are inherently supposed to do. It's a good piece, and what it spawned was even more interesting: a huge, revelatory MetaFilter thread in which site members, women in particular, talked about all the ways this asymmetry and devaluation of emotional labor has affected their lives and their relationships.
posted by cortex at 11:43 AM Sep 15 2015 - 48 comments [65 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Posting to the Front Page: You Can Do It Too!

Posting to the front page of Metafilter can seem daunting, mysterious, and/or fraught with with uncertain outcomes. (Spoiler: It is easier than it might look.) If you have never or rarely posted a FPP but would like to, we’re here to help. Stretch your wings in September!
posted by julen at 5:22 AM Sep 1 2015 - 96 comments [60 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Mildly Irritating Mefite Makes Good

Mefi's Own Greg Nog (Twitter: @cat_beltane) gets interviewed for SplitSider's Follow Friday feature.
posted by ThePinkSuperhero at 10:14 AM Sep 26 2015 - 52 comments [22 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

The Best of Best of the Web

So, somebody off the street (or your friend, or your significant other or whoever) comes up to you and asks what's a metafilter. What threads do you use to illustrate what sort of place this is?
posted by dinty_moore at 3:00 PM Sep 13 2015 - 67 comments [19 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

First, be smart from the beginning...

I just wanted to point out that scarabic's body disposal advice took a star turn in the pilot episode of Scream Queens.
posted by leotrotsky at 10:27 AM Sep 24 2015 - 83 comments [4 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Looking for a post about an awesome judge

I am looking for a post I saw a while ago- maybe last summer? Maybe before? In the last five years, probably the last two years. It was about an American judge, an older white man, who was fairly conservative, absolutely demolishing the arguments of a lawyer against.. gay marriage? Some form of gay rights? This judge is known for doing this sort of thing. I think he's a fairly high placed judge somewhere in the middle of America. Thanks!
posted by Adridne at 5:16 PM Oct 1 2015 - 12 comments [1 favorite]

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