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Videos and transcripts

I'm pretty sure I'm not the only person who would much rather read a transcript than watch a video. Some kind posters do include a link to a transcript, but it doesn't seem to be a convention. Could the New Post page include a nudge to do so, like "If you're posting a video, please also post a transcript if possible"?
posted by Dashy at 10:02 AM Jun 22 2016 - 63 comments [16 favorites]

Am I the only one having trouble finding active threads?

So, this happened with the primary thread, and then with the gun thread, and now with the Brexit thread, which I only found by entering in missing thread numbers to find a deleted Brexit thread which pointed to the active thread. Am I the only one who has trouble finding these extremely active threads in a site that's set up purely in date order and whose Popular page seems to just list threads/comments that are heavily favorited, not threads getting heavy activity?
posted by rabbitrabbit at 7:19 AM Jun 24 2016 - 41 comments [10 favorites]

How do you organize your favourites (2016 edition)?

I know there have been different scripts floating around, and I guess there's been more than one Meta about this (and at least a few comments); not sure if those solutions still good to go. (Or how to use them, or what they even are, exactly. Not that I particularly need to know precisely what's under the hood, but yeah, just what are they? Roughly.) I'd really like to be able to impose some kind of order onto my favourites, so I can find things (vs browsing through them, or hoping I remember a detail or word pairing vivid and unique enough to pop up in a Google site search). Super curious how people do it! (Sorry if this is old hat for everyone.)
posted by cotton dress sock at 6:22 PM Jun 16 2016 - 26 comments [7 favorites (6 in the last 7 days)]

Welcome Baby Brownpau!

The wonderful brownpau and his sweet and talented wife (who, to the best of my knowledge doesn't frequent these parts) welcomed their first child last Thursday. Mother, child (code named Project Wallaby whilst en utero), and daddy are all apparently doing well. I'll let brownpau himself decide if he wants to share more. All I will say is they are awesome people, and I know will make great parents. Congrats!
posted by terrapin at 4:41 PM Jun 15 2016 - 61 comments [10 favorites (3 in the last 7 days)]

In case you missed the memo

Consider heading over to IRL and posting a mefi ice cream social meetup
posted by aniola at 9:08 PM Jun 14 2016 - 31 comments [4 favorites (2 in the last 7 days)]

The sweetest kiss I think I've ever had

On June 26th 2015, as the U.S. celebrated marriage equality, my then girlfriend said with joyful certainty and a beaming smile "This means you're gonna be my wife someday." On Friday June 3rd 2016, Tina and I were married in our lovely backyard garden surrounded by close friends and loved ones. And *THAT* dear mefites, was the sweetest kiss I've ever had.
posted by Annika Cicada at 6:37 AM Jun 5 2016 - 133 comments [126 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Improving cultural appropriation threads

The most recent post which in some way touches on cultural appropriation, (the one about Rage Yoga) did not go very well. I'd like to focus on two specific types of comment, in hopes of improving future posts concerning cultural appropriation.
posted by 23skidoo at 10:46 AM Apr 14 2016 - 871 comments [32 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

MetaFilter in the News!

MetaFilter has been featured in a big story by a major national news organization! Well, it’s not so much MetaFilter, as Mefites themselves that are discussed. The article is actually very cagey about identifying MetaFilter explicitly, but I think it’s obvious, no?
posted by Kabanos at 7:46 PM Jun 6 2016 - 93 comments [28 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

How do you track and curate your favorite threads for future reference?

I've marked a ton of threads on the blue and green as favorites for later reference (recipe questions, fitness recs, etc). When I want to find something later I either do a Google boolean search (ugh) or poke around and scroll through my favorites list, but both these options are a drag.
posted by _Mona_ at 8:10 AM Dec 23 2014 - 24 comments [22 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

So, who all is in the MetaFilter Caucus?

We're your top prime cut of MeFi, We're your choice! Who here has run for office, and/or been elected, or is running for office on Metafilter? How has Metafilter affected or influenced your campaign platform, if at all?
posted by Cookiebastard at 10:05 AM May 22 2016 - 46 comments [7 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Asploding Asian Girlfriend

A place to have a nice cup of tea and a chat about this thread's Asian girlfriend fetish.
posted by i_cola at 9:07 AM Aug 19 2009 - 237 comments [4 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Automatically indicate deleted comments?

We often see people in emotionally charged threads attempting to reply to comments that have already been deleted, which perpetuates unproductive fights and stresses out the mods even more. Might it help to provide some sort of automatic indication (that is, one that activates without having to refresh the page) that a comment has been deleted? For example, fading out the comment to a light gray, or whatever color would be appropriate given the active theme.
posted by J.K. Seazer at 11:25 AM Jun 17 2016 - 84 comments [2 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]


trawling through old thinkpads for unrelatead reasons, I found:
- the PinkSuperhero looking amazeballs as always
- amber effing glow looking amazeballs as always
- a gorgeous Dorian Gray sporting tributes to the Q
- shoutouts galore

posted by dorian at 10:51 AM Jun 24 2016 - 16 comments [1 favorite]

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