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I'm issuing a #WomensMarch* Challenge - can we add 100 extra FFPs by women in the month of March?
posted by Deoridhe at 6:48 PM Feb 24 2015 - 258 comments [51 favorites]

Too Much False Rape?

Lately, I feel like there have been a lot of FPPs concerning false rape and related topics in the past few weeks. In addition to the one today , we had one on Emma Sulkowicz recently centered around an article arguing for the innocence of her rapist, one on a highly dramatic "false rape" trial in Toronto as well as a similar situation in Stanford, and one on an article arguing against more proactive approaches to campus rape.
posted by Conspire at 12:14 PM Feb 20 2015 - 1248 comments [29 favorites (18 in the last 7 days)]

Have there ever been any posts on the Blue you found too late?

I stumbled across the works of the poet Mark Strand very recently, and to my sadness found he had died not long ago. I found the MetaFilter thread in his memory and wanted to add a comment in memoriam about a very touching poem of his, as other MeFites had indeed done, but the thread was closed. So now I'm wondering: are there any threads on the Blue that you want to add to, but the thread is closed and perhaps on a subject that is unlikely to be raised again?
posted by Quilford at 8:43 AM Feb 23 2015 - 26 comments [7 favorites]

Can we focus more on the intent of a post, and less on the phrasing?

It seems to me that people are often attacked over a poor choice of words, while the rest of their post goes unacknowledged.
posted by quiet earth at 8:08 PM Feb 22 2015 - 64 comments [5 favorites]

Mefite Amazon reviews of The Dress on Vox's famous website

I just wanted to give a shoutout to naju and NoraReed for having Amazon reviews quoted in this article from Vox about The Dress. If other mefites were also featured, I apologize for not recognizing your username.
posted by oceanjesse at 9:35 AM Feb 27 2015 - 62 comments [5 favorites]

Splinters of Memory Keep Poking Me

"All my life I’ve been visited by unexpected flashes of memory unrelated to anything taking place at the moment." – Roger Ebert There was a MeFi or AskMeFi post on this topic some years ago. Many a MeFite was relieved to learn that it isn't an uncommon thing. I neglected to favorite this wonderful post and would like to see it again. Can someone help? Many thanks. I'll remember you -- when I least expect it.
posted by bryon at 3:22 PM Feb 20 2015 - 19 comments [9 favorites (4 in the last 7 days)]

Modern theme with new post counter? Yes we can!

With help from pb, I've put together a Greasemonkey userscript to display the old "x new posts and comments since your last visit" message that's been removed from the new Modern Theme.
posted by xqwzts at 6:14 PM Feb 26 2015 - 9 comments [4 favorites]

chococat creates something new on the internet which chococat creates something new on the internet.
posted by geos at 6:31 PM Apr 16 2009 - 129 comments [11 favorites (3 in the last 7 days)]

Special snowflake question inside

I'm interested in the etymology of the descriptor 'snowflake', where it refers to a person stating inwardly unique emotions or situations. This has arisen out of finding a strangely amusing definition through a work task, but I can't find the root or origin of 'snowflake' as it is used on MetaFilter.
posted by Wordshore at 7:22 AM Feb 24 2015 - 62 comments [3 favorites]

New HTML Buttons in the Modern Theme

This is no longer a test. We just added new bold, italic, and link buttons to comment forms in the modern theme.
posted by pb at 3:59 PM Feb 24 2015 - 39 comments [3 favorites]

in celebration of Anitanola

I received an incredibly moving package from my secret quonsar Anitanola this past weekend, and I wanted to share its story here. When I opened the box full of beautiful presents wrapped in ribbon, organza, and silvery tissue paper, it also contained a notecard with “read this last” written on its envelope. I set that aside, and instead read the note on top, which you can see here. It reads:
This is lagniappe! I’m downsizing my stashes and this is a share of the notecards. Maybe you’ll write a note or just pass them on or pitch ‘em! Anita
The package contained an amazing variety of handcrafted and locally-made stationery samples, as well as some charming magnets and art beads. Once I had oohed and ahhed over it all, I obediently opened the sealed envelope last. You can see it here: [front] [back], and here is what it said:
Dear [a fiendish thingy], I’m sorry that this was sent late. Sadly, my mother, Anita Cage, who drew your name in the metafilter “secret santa,” passed away on Monday, Dec 1st, after a long illness. She so appreciated her community of online friends, as she was housebound with considerable mobility issues. Even as she was worsening, however, she was concerned that this reach you, and that I “round out” the package with some locally made artcraft magnets. So I send this as she wished, and on her behalf wish you a fond hello and happy holiday season. [Her son]
I was deeply touched that she had made sending these beautiful gifts such a priority under the circumstances, and I emailed her son immediately to tell him so. In our communications, I asked him if he would like for me to post about Anitanola’s passing on metafilter, and he was relieved that I had offered so that he would not have to figure it out himself. He also sent a link to her obituary (found here), for those of you who wish to read it. She lived a long and inspiring life. Given her extraordinary kindness in helping to make my holiday beautiful even as her health was diminishing, I not only wanted to post to let everyone else know about her passing and her generosity, but I wanted to act on the inspiration of her own note to me. I definitely do NOT want to pitch the lovely notecards she sent, and instead I’d like to offer to send them on to any of you who would like to remember her in a tangible way. You can memail me your address, and that way her stash can wend its way around the world to other mefites in Anitanola’s honor. (This offer is open to anyone who wants one, of course, even if you didn’t know her well— I think she would enjoy the idea of these missives going to as many mefites as possible!) I will also be sending this MeTa post to her son at his request, so if you have any stories about her to share, he will see them here. If any of you want to send a message to him directly, let me know and I will be happy to pass it on. Her passion, humor, and wisdom will be missed.
posted by a fiendish thingy at 9:04 AM Dec 9 2014 - 282 comments [180 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

joseph conrad is fully awesome is fully awesome!

just wanted to chime in that making a post is HUGELY intimidating here, and I rarely make an effort to do so
posted by ActingTheGoat at 12:08 PM Nov 1 2014 - 69 comments [101 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

A new theme for MeFi: Modern

Today we're unveiling a new theme option for MetaFilter. Yes, it's a new design option for MetaFilter for the first time in over a decade, which we are dubbing the "Modern" theme. The new theme is strictly opt-in; no one is being forced to use it and the Classic and Plain-text themes remain as options, so your view of the site won't change unless you want it to. To try out the new theme, select it in your preferences. There is much to explain and show off in this new design and I'll do my best to describe all the thinking that went into the process below.
posted by mathowie at 2:23 PM Sep 24 2014 - 1281 comments [100 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Discussion Point

A post about how women experience street harassment has been deleted. The one about how the psychology of exhibitionist men remains. The grounds: This post was deleted for the following reason: one exhibitionism post per day is enough. This is linked in the thread just below this. Please don't use MetaFilter to forward your point from metatalk. -- jessamyn My point was to continue a discussion some people thought valuable from a previous thread deleted apparently because that post was poor. Just can't get the hang of this thing. Hey ho.
posted by jennydiski at 7:46 AM Nov 16 2007 - 1163 comments [54 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Counter-Cliquishness / Cult of Celebrity Callout

We've had the regular kind of appreciation thread. Now I think some of our members who aren't on here all the freakin' time deserve an appreciation thread specifically for them.
posted by cairdeas at 12:24 AM Aug 3 2013 - 220 comments [27 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

General call to scriptmakers!

The new MeFi redesign seems fairly stable (like, pb's not going to do a massive rollback tomorrow or anything), and I'm sure there are a lot of people using various scripts which don't work any more. I've thought about asking individual script writers about updates, but I don't know which scripts have been abandoned, which are active, etc., plus I know that other people are using all kinds other scripts, so here's a general call to script users: If you're using a script and it no longer works, post it here! And a general call to script writers: If you think "Aw, I'm sure nobody cares about my ole script anymore", give the thread a look! If you see people posting that your script isn't working with the redesign, that means your script is still loved! Consider giving it an update, if you have the time!
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Ask MetaFilter as parenting aid

We had a very enjoyable dinnertime conversation tonight with our 8-year-old about the Ask MeFi question about the college student whose friend spilled water on her laptop and killed it. It was really great to say, "OK, here's an interesting ethical question, what do you think she should do? What does Mommy think? What does Daddy think?" And then we talked about the various answers people gave, and how we felt about them, and the whole thing was great. It made me want to make this a regular dinnertime feature! MeFi parents, do you use MetaFilter as a teaching or parenting tool, and if so how?
posted by escabeche at 7:20 PM Mar 9 2014 - 116 comments [14 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Mefi extensions all died

Chrome suddenly has disallowed extensions if they don't come from the chrome web store, and you cannot re-enable them, and this includes all my metafilter ones (deleted posts, scroll tag). None of them appear to be in the chrome store. This appears to be a deliberate decision by Google -- is someone (I don't know who wrote them immediately, but I definitely lack the knowledge to do so) going to put them in the Chrome store? Or is there a workaround? Do I go back to Firefox?
posted by jeather at 6:04 PM Jun 15 2014 - 41 comments [8 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

What is posting, really?

How does it feel when you make a post on the Blue? When you hit that button to make your post go live do you feel a rush? A rush of what?
posted by heyho at 7:09 AM Jul 3 2014 - 96 comments [4 favorites (1 in the last 7 days)]

Testing New HTML Buttons in the Modern Theme

Since we launched the modern theme, we've heard many times that the HTML bold, italic, and link buttons below comment forms don't seem to fit the new design. We're testing out some new buttons in this thread.
posted by pb at 1:39 PM Feb 20 2015 - 56 comments [1 favorite]

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