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Testing Inline Flag Notes

We're testing out a new way to flag posts and comments that lets people include a note to moderators if they'd like to. It's enabled for this thread only so you can see how it might work.
posted by pb on May 2 at 1:17 PM - 247 comments

"You were accidentally put in the bad pile.”

It’s funny. I was at the first XOXO, I give a talk about like “Hell, I don’t know, but it seems like the weather’s changing and this might be the sunset for blogs.” It was a really depressing talk. At the end I was like, “Maybe there will still be opportunities?” but two weeks later I woke up and the site was making half as much money overnight. -- Behind the scenes at Metafilter with former Maximum Leader mathowie.
posted by Chrysostom on May 3 at 7:13 PM - 84 comments

Go on, spill it.

Everyone is most likely familiar with the Profile page's "About" section explanatory text: "What's the deal with your nickname? How did you get it? If your nickname is self-explanatory, then tell everyone when you first started using the internet, and what was the first thing that made you say 'wow, this isn't just a place for freaks after all?' Was it a website? Was it an email from a long-lost friend? Go on, spill it.' I am curious if anybody's user name actually WAS inspired by an email from a long-lost friend.
posted by Celsius1414 on May 2 at 8:51 PM - 106 comments

Is MeFi depressing?

I saw this Ask, and it really resonated with me.
posted by primethyme on Apr 27 at 6:55 PM - 466 comments


Inspired by Greg Nog's comment in an earlier MeTa, I want to suggest Keep MeFi Weird May.
posted by griphus on Apr 29 at 9:58 AM - 219 comments

116: Escape from Pony Island, with pb

This episode starts with a chat with departing tech wizard pb, talking about his time on MeFi, blogospheric history, and the wikipedia pages of Nebraskan high schools. After that, jessamyn and I get into our usual what's-neat-on-mefi routine. This episode covers April 8 through May 2 and is just a hair under two hours.
posted by cortex on May 3 at 11:43 AM - 17 comments

What topics to include a content warning for?

When posting to Metafilter, what would you consider including a warning about, so people know what to expect in the content? Or, what would you like to have a warning about before you click on a Metafilter link?
posted by andoatnp on May 3 at 9:17 AM - 69 comments


This thread has made me think: who's interested in putting together a MeFi cookbook?
posted by feckless fecal fear mongering on Apr 25 at 3:54 PM - 191 comments

Amazon WP plugin?

The awesome Amazon affiliate plugin, which was kindly written and published by a mefite several years ago, seems to have gone defunct. Are there any good alternatives?
posted by jbickers on Apr 22 at 11:11 AM - 5 comments

Quote from... Dan Luu?? About effort and intent

I remember a quotation from someone, I think Dan Luu, about how maybe something is hard, maybe it's easy, but the thing is, the this is possible and whether you're doing it speaks more about your values than the intent of the work. I'm pretty sure I commented on this quotation directly, but can't find it. Am I losing my mind? Please help me find this. Thanks.
posted by boo_radley on May 2 at 6:25 PM - 6 comments

*end theme from Incredible Hulk plays*

After nine years of fixing bugs and granting pony requests, pb is taking his leave as MetaFilter's technical wizard. Come inside and wish him well!
posted by cortex on Apr 26 at 9:28 AM - 291 comments

Comment about a boss always needing to be right

I'm looking for a comment that appeared on the Blue within the last few weeks about someone's boss (or former boss) who was unable ever to admit that they were mistaken about anything.
posted by the return of the thin white sock on Apr 28 at 1:16 PM - 15 comments

Hiring a new tech person, revisiting expectations

I mentioned yesterday in the post about pb moving on that we are, in turn, hiring a new tech person. We're looking both within and outside the MetaFilter membership, so please put the job listing out there! But this is also a big transition for the site, so I want to talk a bit about my, and your, expectations as we go through this process.
posted by cortex on Apr 27 at 2:35 PM - 63 comments

The Best of All Possible News!

The world is a better place for all of us today because we now share a world with Duffell and CatastropheWaitress's BABY!
posted by Mrs. Pterodactyl on Apr 27 at 6:55 AM - 57 comments

You do it HOW?!

Yesterday I was trying to explain the great top sheet/no top sheet schism to a friend and it occurred to me that there should be a page on the metafilter wiki that lists all the threads that have exposed the shocking practices of our fellow Metafilterians.
posted by MsMolly on Apr 3 at 6:02 PM - 355 comments


This post is based on is sensationalised and scaremongering reporting and should be deleted. And then the ground should be salted so that no other post like it can ever grow again.
posted by Ned G on Apr 26 at 7:32 AM - 30 comments

Happy birthday Cortex!

I have a handy built-in reminder due to my own date of emergence - happiest birthday wishes to our over worked, ever patient, and exceptionally talented overlord Cortex! Thanks for all that you do.
posted by scrittore on Apr 26 at 8:16 AM - 59 comments

Pony Request: MyTalk

Would it be possible to get the ability to filter MetaTalk posts by tags and create "My Talk"?
posted by Rob Rockets on Apr 25 at 9:25 AM - 15 comments

Dead Pony Request

ObitFilter - Maybe it's time. Awesome people seem to be dying at an unprecedented rate, and the MetaFilter Front Page is filling up with Obit posts. Frankly, it's getting depressing scrolling the main site and seeing obituary post after obituary post. When someone famous dies we can generally assume that someone will post about it. Why not create a new section for Obituaries Only. This will keep the Main Page from being cluttered up with obituaries all the time, while still providing a space for them. When someone prominent passes, we can post about it "on the black," and when people hear about someone passing they can go to ObitFilter to join in the grieving without being distracted by election posts, cat videos, etc.
posted by Cookiebastard on Apr 24 at 10:46 AM - 158 comments

6: Chatting with the father of the permalink

Episode 6 of the MetaFilter Podast: the one where we interview pb.
posted by mathowie on Apr 13 at 8:47 PM - 56 comments

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