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107: Breakin' the Dowels with ColdChef

Hey, it's episode 107 of the MetaFilter Best of the Web podcast, featuring special guest host GJ "ColdChef" Charlet, who joins me and Jessamyn to chat for about 90 minutes about Metafilter favorites, learning to drive stick shift, dealing with emotional labor, and a whole bunch of interesting funeral and graveyard tidbits.
posted by cortex on Aug 3 at 2:47 PM - 17 comments

Cheerwine has passed away.

It saddens me greatly to say that Cheerwine passed away last week.
posted by (Over) Thinking on Jul 31 at 11:33 AM - 152 comments

AskMe about Scale of Artistic Ability in Children

Hi all. I remember seeing a post on AskMe about a parent trying to assess their child's artistic ability based on a link they provided with drawings that showed what is standard for each age group. I've searched google and through the Arts questions with no luck. Ring any bells?
posted by guster4lovers on Aug 3 at 4:10 PM - 2 comments

Looking for a comment about "50 Shades of Grey"

I'm trying to find a comment on MetaFilter that summarized how 50 Shades of Grey went from fanfic to published work, and specifically talked about the books' author having a background in marketing. Do you know which comment I'm looking for and where it is? More details inside.
posted by Janta on Aug 3 at 12:32 PM - 7 comments

Help my find a gender psychology book post?

What's That book? It was posted on mefi a couple of years ago, its about the mismeasure of gender difference in the field of psychology.
posted by Phalene on Aug 1 at 6:59 AM - 2 comments

aniola joined the conversation. Yesterday, 8:11 PM.

aniola: why are there thousands of users on metafilter and only ever a dozen or so in chat?
going to maine: That seems like a great question for metatalk, actually. I move that you ask it.
posted by Going To Maine on Aug 1 at 11:50 AM - 121 comments

Metafilter Fantasy Football Challenge 2015/2016

The Stars Are Right Again! Liverpool have spent like their pockets are on fire, Manchester City have devoured any player with a hint of English ancestry, Aston Villa's janitor has refused a new three year contract, and Arsenal is preparing for their yearly Wegner Out campaign so it must mean the new season of the Premier League is upon us! Join your fellow Mefites as we scramble for fantasy football dominance. You can sign up at the official site, create a team, and join the league. This year, we have the Classic League (code: 370477-97125) and the head-to-head Metafilter Cup (code: 370477-97129) running. Old gaffers and fresh prospects welcome!
posted by robocop is bleeding on Jul 27 at 6:22 AM - 34 comments

About time

Looking for something I read ~2012 (+/-) on the blue *I think*... Had to do with different cultures' experience/perception of time.
posted by little_dog_laughing on Aug 3 at 9:13 AM - 6 comments

A pony of many genders

Would it be possible to put a place for preferred pronouns in the profile?
posted by Too-Ticky on Aug 1 at 10:30 AM - 68 comments

♫ I wanna be a part of it.. MeTa, MeTa

Come with us on the MeFiMusic train, for a journey from city to city, with your fellow mefites as your musical guides...
posted by greenish on Aug 3 at 6:04 AM - 3 comments

Professional Ghost Mode!

Is it me or has the CSS magically turned all links transparent?
posted by DarlingBri on Aug 1 at 4:18 AM - 16 comments

Emotional [Labor] Rescue

I just wanted to call out as fabulous this thread on the concept of emotional labor. It shifted something in the way I see the world and made obvious so many things I noticed every day but thought of as disconnected. There are so many fascinating, honest, brutal, mind-altering stories in that thread; it is worth anyone's time to read it, even if you think you might not be interested.
posted by sallybrown on Jul 16 at 5:32 PM - 319 comments

Sidebar! Sidebar!

I have noticed the most excellent regular updates to the front page sidebar (and bestof subsite) and just wanted to say GREAT JOB! Those posts really help me better enjoy all the cool stuff on MeFi that I might otherwise be missing. Thank you so much for keeping that thing full of fun new tidbits to read. It's like the best of the best of the web!
posted by jillithd on Jul 30 at 10:12 AM - 25 comments

Looking for an old post about a flipped house

I remember reading a post here about a guy who had bought a house that turned out to have been flipped by someone incredibly shady, and the house was full of stuff like vents leading to nowhere, architectural details secretly supported with popsicle sticks, etc. He and his friends then documented the process of making the house livable. I'm having trouble finding it.
posted by showbiz_liz on Jul 31 at 11:31 AM - 15 comments

Seeking annual sandwich listing

I'm trying to round up a link I'm pretty sure I saw here. It was a list of sandwich recipes, one per year, going back at least several decades if not more (and inadvertently illustrating some now-obsolete food trends — e.g. english-muffin-based sandwiches were A Thing in the 70s or 80s). My recollection is that the sandwiches on the list were winners of a national contest that was held annually for some time. Googling is finding lots of clickbait-y IF YOUR STATE WAS A SANDWICH WHAT SANDWICH WOULD IT BE? / SEVENTY-TWELVE HIPSTER SANDWICHES YOU MUST EAT BEFORE YOU DIE lists, but not the retro contest-winning sandwich listing I remember. Am I crazy or did this thing really exist?
posted by nebulawindphone on Jul 28 at 11:08 PM - 112 comments

Comment truncation in Recent Activity

Can I run this pony up a flagpole and see if anyone salutes? Would it be possible to not truncate long comments on the Recent Activity page? It would be nice to be able to read the entire comment without having to click over into the thread.
posted by MsMolly on Jul 30 at 7:49 AM - 30 comments

Tell me your weirdest, most niche interest!

I see a lot of people who say they're intimidated by posting FPPs because they're pretty sure no one else would be interested in what they find cool. I'm curious now: what kinds of niche interests and hobbies do you guys have? Tell me your nerdiest, most obscure pet fascinations!
posted by sciatrix on Jul 2 at 7:47 PM - 334 comments

edgeways has passed away

Sad news: long-time Metafilter community member edgeways, Edgewood Smith, passed away last week.
posted by cortex on Jul 21 at 8:02 AM - 241 comments

Cake and ice cream for everyone! Except the dogs.

Today is my Metafilter account's 10th birthday! To celebrate, here is a photo from before I joined the site of a puppy sitting on a laptop which is displaying Ask Metafilter. To illustrate how long it's been, here is that puppy's fully grown son.
posted by Juliet Banana on Jul 25 at 9:40 AM - 63 comments

Show Us Your Desk, 2015 Edition

It has been awhile. Show us your workspace!
posted by all about eevee on Jul 17 at 2:24 PM - 145 comments

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