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Sending good wishes to all MeFites

Thanksgiving time is upon us in the US and since we all need a hug HUGS! And a reminder that many good folks are offering their homes as a place of refuge.
posted by mightshould on Nov 24 at 6:35 AM - 108 comments

Election Destress Video Marathon

Over in MST Club, oneswellfoop had the idea to show MST3K (especially Pod People, the one with Trumpy, a much less dangerous version of the one that currently afflicts our nation) in an election day marathon over on the MST3K Club video page, running all day November 8. Sounds good to me! Details below.
posted by JHarris on Nov 7 at 1:21 PM - 19 comments

Can't find post about infosec/hacking challenges

I could have sworn that a few months ago someone posted an FPP to a webpage made by a couple of guys who designed some interesting "real world" infosec/cryptography/hacking exercises meant to expand awareness of internet security, and now I can't find it anywhere.
posted by stoneandstar on Nov 18 at 2:35 PM - 4 comments

2016 Election Prediction Contest results

Back in January, on the eve of the Iowa caucuses, I set up an election prediction contest for you fine folks, and got 74 ballots in response. Nearly ten months (and ten million comments) later, the results are in: congratulations to Cash4Lead, for his remarkably far-sighted prediction of the winners of Iowa, New Hampshire, Super Tuesday, the nominations, the House majority, and even Clinton's VP pick! A $50 donation to the charity of your choice is yours. Oodles more analysis of the collective wisdom inside
posted by Rhaomi on Nov 20 at 11:17 AM - 14 comments

Post about a low-velocity car crash involving dozens of vehicles

A few years back (ten maybe...) I remember seeing a post here (I think) consisting of a gallery of 100 or so images of the wreckage of an accident that happened the night before when one driver crashed into nearly every car along the side of a street in a neighborhood. Scraped up car, dinged up car, mirrors sheared off, after car, after car, after car... Anyone have a link for the post or the gallery for me? I can't find it anymore.
posted by pwb503 on Nov 18 at 9:52 PM - 14 comments

It's a big snowball

I think we need a political sub-site, dudes, the election threads must be a nightmare to mod, at least if all this stuff was sequestered into one area you could have a new thread every day and break out discussions of specific topics. I was waiting for the current thread to load and thinking about hey, after tuesday all this will slow down, and then I thought....what if it doesn't?
posted by bq on Nov 6 at 5:22 PM - 98 comments

Mefite Election Volunteering

With so many Mefites volunteering for the coming US elections (some in a coordinated fashion), I think a MeTa is in order. Come on in to share tips, stories, encouragement, and more!
posted by ThePinkSuperhero on Oct 19 at 5:18 AM - 138 comments

New Zealand earthquake

A major earthquake hit the South Island this morning and casualties have been confirmed. Are all the Kiwi Mefites okay?
posted by Johnny Wallflower on Nov 13 at 9:26 AM - 12 comments

Holidays, gratitude, and Metafilter

At the close of the shittiest week out of a shitty year, I just got sent a picture of my adorable nephew on Santa’s lap, which means inconceivably, American Thanksgiving and the remaining end of year holidays are nigh upon us. And while my mood in the face of recent events isn’t particularly thankful, I am so incredibly grateful to the Metafilter mods for all the work they’ve done this year.
posted by deludingmyself on Nov 11 at 6:45 PM - 43 comments

At least three scenes with Homer.

I am trying to find a post that I could have sworn was posted to AskMetafilter within the last month, but my Googling and frantic searching through threads is not backing me up on that.
posted by gursky on Nov 15 at 9:08 AM - 4 comments

Encrypted communications

Listen up ya'll. We've got until January 20th to stand up encrypted communication networks to support each other.
posted by odinsdream on Nov 10 at 7:25 PM - 64 comments

US Election Day Roundup

Here's your one-stop shop for US election day stuff. We'll link the current election posts here for easy reference: Presidential/national election discussion, and State and local level election discussion. In this thread folks can discuss how we're handling it or other meta issues that come up.
posted by LobsterMitten on Nov 7 at 9:01 PM - 119 comments

SEZ WHO? Election Prediction 2016

We have nearly made it - brains and souls battered - through this sad, scary, demoralizing, but also potentially thrillingly historic! election season. We've talked this thing to death in the election threads (we love you mods). Let's place our final bets here! What will it be?
posted by sallybrown on Nov 5 at 9:00 PM - 116 comments

Watcha doin election night? (Besides MetaFilter!)

Besides the usual news channels, Stephen Colbert, Chris Gethard, The Daily Show, and @midnight are planning live, election night specials. (Are there any others I missed?) I want to know what you all are doing and watching, so share you public and private plans and your election night food, drink and strain suggestions!
posted by Room 641-A on Nov 2 at 5:12 PM - 165 comments

Your Halloween Costumes, Please

Here and there across the site, MeFites have started to mention what they/their kids/their friends/their family are going as for Halloween. Tell us about your costume awesomeness. Provide photos for bonus points.
posted by DirtyOldTown on Oct 28 at 10:07 AM - 163 comments

one kilopost

Congratulations Fizz on your 1000th post to MetaFilter.
posted by the man of twists and turns on Nov 5 at 10:24 AM - 28 comments

Get Yer Voting Stories Here!

I was inspired by the grin that I see Hillary sporting lately, and how people's voting stories make me remember that this is an awesome historical moment, let's enjoy it! Share 'em when you cast 'em :)
posted by eggkeeper on Oct 22 at 10:53 AM - 175 comments

RIP Steven den Beste

Early influential political blogger and longtime MeFite Steven den Beste (also as Steven C. Den Beste) has passed away. A former engineer for Qualcomm and a serious anime fan, he was in poor health and mostly homebound for many years. RIP.
posted by Asparagirl on Oct 24 at 9:12 PM - 163 comments

Your Best Parody "This Is Just To Say" poems

I've searched and couldn't find a post for this, so apologies if there is one and I missed it. I'd like your best/favourite William Carlos Williams "This Is Just To Say" parody poems from the green/blue/grey. I'd also love any other comment on the blue, green or grey that is in any way a parody of an existing text.
posted by guster4lovers on Oct 27 at 9:15 PM - 87 comments

Can we stop attacking left-of-Clinton/anti-establishment folks on here?

There is no problem with individuals expressing views critical of Sanders, Stein, Snowden, Greenwald etc. The problem is when an echo chamber develops making pro-establishment-ism the only acceptable position and vehemently jumping on views to the contrary with more emotion than reason. It seems to me that MeFi 2016 has become such an echo chamber. This is no doubt due to the very real threat posed by Donald Trump and the Republican Party, and the consequent necessity of a Clinton win, but has developed to the point where it has the effect of recursively self-amplifying a pro-establishment position and silencing more radical/anarchist/antifa or otherwise anti-establishment views.
posted by splitpeasoup on Oct 14 at 5:09 PM - 589 comments

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