February 12

Random questions within AskMe categories

From what I can tell, the last improvement to the Random option was allowing users to search for random posts within their favorites. I have always dreamed of having the option to pull up random AskMe questions within a specific category archive. (When I want to get my human relations fix on, I don't feel like wading through computer questions from 10 years ago.) Is this something that would be easy enough to implement? Is anyone else interested in this?

February 10

Podcast Posts: Now Open Forever

Our recent discussion of thread closing got us thinking: why do Podcast threads close on the same schedule as other MetaTalk threads? We changed that today. Podcast threads in MetaTalk are now open to comments forever. Here's a handy list of those threads.

February 9

4 millions and millions

The 4,000,000th answer was posted to Ask MetaFilter today. No bigs.

Emoji in Metafilter posts

This isn't so much a complaint about emoji being present in a front page post or even in the title of a front page post. Mostly this is a comment about a micro-trend that's been surfacing where a front page post title consists only of emoji characters, or even just a single character with no context given in text. [more inside]

Can we add more options for the Contacts' relationship categories?

I find the options in the Contacts form for relationships somewhat limiting. I know this is trivial but I can't help thinking it could be awesomer. [more inside]

Annie Hall/Marshall Mcluhan moment in Stubbs the Zombie thread

So there's a post about the videogame and soundtrack to Stubbs the Zombie. Someone complains about the "dance off" feature. The creator of the game, having joined Metafilter seven years ago but never having posted before, comes to the thread and explains his design choice.

February 8

Open For Business

I just realized that MeFi project threads never close. Is that intentional? Why aren't other threads like that?

Why are we promoting Daesh on MetaFilter?

Why is this post allowed on MetaFilter? Everything ISIS does is aimed at propaganda and promoting their cause. By post this link MetaFilter is furthering the cause of ISIS. There is nothing worthwhile to discuss, and this post is a form of violence.

February 6

What are Meta's Values?

On its face, this site appears to be an instantiation of some of the best promises the internet has for humanity. For example: an open forum for collaboration, exchange of ideas and information, expression of unfettered art, science, and journalism. Central and vital to all of these things is freedom of speech. Anathema to these ideals is the way this site seems to be run, with censorship being a very common occurrence, I have noticed. [more inside]

Our long chatfilter nightmare is over

I was really surprised this question did not get deleted for being chatfilter. [more inside]

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