November 12

Cortex on The Setup

Josh talks about the stuff he uses to get things done.

MeFi Mall 2015 Call for Shops

We're setting up shop for 2015! The MeFi Mall is a place where mefites can share links to their wares. If you'd like to be listed, add your shop now. [more inside]

November 11

Did this need to be deleted?

Not too sure about the deletion of this post 'Gay men who hate women'. [more inside]

AskMeFi policy FAQ: advertising one's work in response to questions?

In response to a recent question on Ask, wherein the poster asked how to create a certain kind of thing, one of the responses was "I can do X. I'd be willing to do that part. (Apologies if this sort of reply is not allowed here; I won't do it again.)" I took this (possibly erroneously) to mean that the responder would do the service for a fee, which struck me as advertisement, which I thought was probably not allowed, but a check of the FAQ and an attempt to search for similar topics did not actually lead to a clear statement of whether this is allowed. [more inside]

Looking for a comic I saw on MetaFilter

Several years ago (three years, five years, maybe more...) someone posted a comic here that I'm trying to find again. I'm not sure if the comic was the subject of an FPP on the blue, part of an answer on the green, or part of a comment on the grey. I'm hoping someone can help me find it again. [more inside]

November 10

The MetaTalk queue, how it works, and possible policy change

I'm not clear on how the queue is working for MetaTalk, and was also wanting to revisit the queue system and how it's currently being used in order to gauge if policy changes should be enacted. [more inside]

November 9

An apology

I made several mistakes in the University of Missouri thread. I apologize. [more inside]

November 8

Emotional Labor Article in The Guardian

I just saw this article in The Guardian on Emotional Labor and it contains a link to the epic metafilter discussion!

November 5

Looking for an article about becoming a morning person

I'm looking for an article that I read within the past four years and I think it was on MeFi. It was a first person account of the author and her boyfriend trying to become a morning person by following various professional advice, like go for a morning walk, go to bed earlier, etc. I'm pretty sure it's not a similar article in Fitness Magazine about someone doing it alone. Ring a bell?

November 4

Not All Problems Are Caused By Being Asian.

Can we stop bringing issues of non-Westernness into Ask Metafilter answers where they aren't warranted? [more inside]

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