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March 23

In this thread, the OP repeatedly demanded that the thread be closed because it wasn't going exactly the way he'd foreseen, which the mods complied with. The majority of the thread was both on topic and positive (and hadn't necessarily "run its course"), so I'm confused as to why it was closed. Previous closings of Metas always seem to focus on community needs, rather than the feelings of the OP.

March 21

Just in time for the weekend, the Third MetaFilter Interactive Fiction Contest has drawn to a close! We have three great entries, so venture inside and see what MetaFilter hath wrought! [more inside]

Sorry, but I need to make a couple of callouts. [more inside]

March 18

The post debunked myths about alcohol consumption and water safety. Can't find the durned thing. [more inside]

March 17

Was extremely confused to see a flashy commercial for MetaFilter preceding a Youtube video. [more inside]

Periodically I've wanted to pose a question to a fair number of anonymous internet strangers, but still wish to keep off the internet itself because people involved might recognize themselves in it, and I want to protect either them or myself. [more inside]

I've started a Metafilter Final Four bracket. Please join in, if you're into that kind of thing. [more inside]

March 16

This isn't a callout of any particular person or example, but just something that I've noticed come up from time to time. When people use quotation marks to paraphrase someone else's argument or a thread's sentiment, or to make a point sarcastically, or to speak in a voice that isn't theirs, it can cause confusion at best and bad feeling at worst. I was wondering if it's something we could think about in terms of maybe coming up with some kind of alternative? [more inside]

March 15

I'm mostly unaware of the intricacies of the Metafilter community, but I have just had another comment deleted. It wasn't an inflammatory comment, there was no snarkiness or attacking anyone. I was expressing an opinion that female bullying has increased and we need to take this into account when raising girls, and I commented on the direction of feminism too. I'm surprised that it was deleted. [more inside]

March 14

I just found the book I was looking for in my very first Ask Metafilter post. I am so happy. [more inside]

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