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January 12

Reading MeFi discussions on a Kindle?

I often queue up MeFi articles for my subway ride using Amazon's Send to Kindle tool. It'd be great if I could also send the accompany discussions to my Kindle, but Amazon's tool only picks up the post text. My usual trick of running Readability on the page first doesn't work: Readability also discards the comments. I realize Kindles are pretty far down the long tail of devices that pb could spend his time supporting, so I'm not expecting official support here, but have any MeFites hacked together a good way to send the discussions to their Kindles?

January 6

Metafilter group on Fatsecret

I started a Metafilter group on Fatsecret. Go here to join! You'll be asked to provide your Mefi username. [more inside]

January 4

millenial milestone

filthy light thief has successfully made 1000 posts. [more inside]

January 3

Bring to Our Attention 2014's Best Underloved Comments

Most-favorited comments get highlighted throughout the year. Now it's time for their wonderful but overlooked cousins to shine. Which terrific comments made by fellow MeFites in 2014 deserve a little more attention? This is the place to share your own Best Of. [more inside]

January 2

Penis post

I am trying to find a post on the blue about men who have a penis disorder, something to do (AFAIR) about the urethra not reaching the end. It was in the last few months but a search for penis doesn't find it, although interestingly it did show that "peniscravat," "penisdecorations," and "penisfencing" have been used as tags. Urethra doesn't find it either, nor does genitals. Thanks.

tl;dr: he doesn't mention his time machine

User 191 aka pb describes the equipment he uses for The Set-Up. Mention is made of a solid steel mousepad and ColdFusion ("yes, it still exists") but not his time machine or ruggedized wilderness capabilities.

January 1

Guess My Word

I was just cruising through MeHistory and I stumbled on this old post about Guess My Word which I haven't played in a while and which was posted almost exactly two years ago and then I went and played and got it in 8 and I wanted to brag and also play with people some more as that was fun.

Metafilter fpp converted to yt

After reading the post on the "wreck of the Kulluk" I searched youtube to see if there are any more videos. First hit is a bizarre text scroll of the ffp and first few comments. Is this some sort of auto-generated yt to attract views?

MeFi Labs updates for 2014

As we pass into 2015, we've created year-in-review summary pages in the Labs area for the MeFi Stats 2014 and Popular Amazon Links in 2014. [more inside]

Mefites' Choice 2014 winners, Week Four

It's the final week of the December Best Post contest, and the winner is EvaDestruction's incredibly interesting post about underground Soviet records made from old x-ray films. For the win, capricorn will send some delicious coffee, tea, or hot cocca to keep them warm. [more inside]

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