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February 9

4 millions and millions

The 4,000,000th answer was posted to Ask MetaFilter today. No bigs.

Emoji in Metafilter posts

This isn't so much a complaint about emoji being present in a front page post or even in the title of a front page post. Mostly this is a comment about a micro-trend that's been surfacing where a front page post title consists only of emoji characters, or even just a single character with no context given in text. [more inside]

Annie Hall/Marshall Mcluhan moment in Stubbs the Zombie thread

So there's a post about the videogame and soundtrack to Stubbs the Zombie. Someone complains about the "dance off" feature. The creator of the game, having joined Metafilter seven years ago but never having posted before, comes to the thread and explains his design choice.

February 8

Why are we promoting Daesh on MetaFilter?

Why is this post allowed on MetaFilter? Everything ISIS does is aimed at propaganda and promoting their cause. By post this link MetaFilter is furthering the cause of ISIS. There is nothing worthwhile to discuss, and this post is a form of violence.

February 5

MeFi Cross Stitch Samplers?

So I was on my profile page, and accidentally hit the "Pin It" button on my browser. The Pinterest window that popped up suggested just one rather surprising image to pin. [more inside]

February 4

Did Mefi make you fan of any of 'Mefi's Own' ??

Have you discovered any artists / writers / musicians / insert-artform-here, via Metafilter who are bone fide 'Mefi's Own', that you are now big fans of? [more inside]

February 3

Is this something I'd need a Twitter account to understand?

There are lots of Twitter links all over Metafilter these days. I'm not complaining, but I don't have a Twitter account. Is this why I can't access any of these links? [more inside]

February 2

In praise of the edit window

I just used the edit window to close a parenthetical statement I'd left open by accident, and I was just thinking about how much I have appreciated it since its introduction. Hooray for the edit window! Saving mefites everywhere from the shame of inadvertent typos! Thanks, mods, for having implemented this incredibly useful feature.

February 1

And my winners are ......

Inspired by Eyebrows McGee's post Strange Fruit, I decided to offer a $50 prize in the best of December contest.
On reflection after I finally got my broadband back I decided that I could do a bit better than that as I liked several posts very much.
Please would the following mefites memail me with a valid email adress to get a $20 Amazon gift card. You may do what you like with it but it would please me if you purchased a book(s) either electronic or traditional.
dhruva - The true history of the Paisley design
quiet earth - (Canine) Guardians of the Corpse Ways
Pirate-Bartender-Zombie-Monkey - No Gloves, No Rounds, Plenty of Blood
nebulawindphone - Find eyes within, look for the door into the unknown country
and Eyebrows McGee for the inspiration.
Thanks everyone for another great month of posts.

January 26

Happy Community Manager Day!

It's the 4th Monday in January, and thus, it is Community Manager Appreciation Day! Felicitations and appreciation to our mods, both past and present: Mathowie, Jessamyn, cortex, vacapinta, restless_nomad, LosterMitten, taz, pb, and goodnewsfortheinsane. [more inside]

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