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November 17

Mefites and their MBTIs

I recently re-took the Myers-Briggs test, that old staple of knowing-thyself-through-answering-questions, and was thinking it might be fun to get some aggregate stats from Mefites. (INFPs, represent!)
If you’re interested and can remember what you got waaaaaay back whenever you last took the MBTI, please put your type into this anonymous Google Form.
If you don’t know what your type is and want to play along, you can take a free variant of the instrument here.
(To be clear, THIS ISN’T SCIENCE, and isn’t meant as a peer pressure thing. This is some fun wasting time by making a graph.)

November 16

The Great Metafilter Cookie Swap 2015: sign up here!

Strangers from the internet will bake you cookies and mail them to your home! [more inside]

November 13

Paris Friday the 13th 2015

My wonderful secret quonsar last year was Parisian. I am thinking of him and his family right now. I'm sure there are other Mefites thinking of each other right now as well. Thread to connect and check in. [more inside]

Meet and Greet: MeFites of Asian descent

In one of the recent MeTas about race, I mentioned that I often notice other Asian posters, appreciate their contributions, and would love to talk to them about our experiences in a neutral setting. So, I'm making a thread! [more inside]

Do You Like Good Music?

Following a recent MeTa on which interest was expressed in the idea of a MetaFilter Music Podcast, I decided that hell yes and made one - check it out on Soundcloud! [more inside]

November 12

Cortex on The Setup

Josh talks about the stuff he uses to get things done.

November 11

Looking for a comic I saw on MetaFilter

Several years ago (three years, five years, maybe more...) someone posted a comic here that I'm trying to find again. I'm not sure if the comic was the subject of an FPP on the blue, part of an answer on the green, or part of a comment on the grey. I'm hoping someone can help me find it again. [more inside]

November 8

Emotional Labor Article in The Guardian

I just saw this article in The Guardian on Emotional Labor and it contains a link to the epic metafilter discussion!

November 5

Looking for an article about becoming a morning person

I'm looking for an article that I read within the past four years and I think it was on MeFi. It was a first person account of the author and her boyfriend trying to become a morning person by following various professional advice, like go for a morning walk, go to bed earlier, etc. I'm pretty sure it's not a similar article in Fitness Magazine about someone doing it alone. Ring a bell?

November 3

MetaFilter Club on Strava?

I was recently looking to add MeFites on Strava to give myself a bit of extra motivation, but noticed that only 20 people have Strava listed in their profile. So, being the proactive guy that I am, I put together Team Metafilter over there and am hoping some of you would like to join up with me. I am a runner, but cyclists and others are more than welcome. Go team!

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