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Does our askme's number one go-to answer actually bring about the desired effect?

I'm wondering how often the advice to get therapy actually results in someone realizing, damn, I need therapy. [more inside]
posted by namesarehard on Jul 14, 2011 - 100 comments

We have another "MeFi's own"

In a recent AskMe, a mefite called for help naming a character actor. The name found, said actor turned up in the thread. [more inside]
posted by likeso on Jun 27, 2011 - 33 comments

Am I my Brother's Asker?

How common is it for the unnamed subject of an Ask to show up to clarify their position and/or rebut the Asker? I've seen examples where a celeb shows up to give their view on their actions or work a few times but this is the first time I've seen this particular event on the green.
posted by screamingnotlaughing on Jun 24, 2011 - 35 comments

We could maybe let up a little.

I want to suggest that maybe it's a good idea to give abused people, instead of their abusers, the benefit of the doubt. [more inside]
posted by liketitanic on Jun 13, 2011 - 214 comments

Can I link to a subject I'm involved with, even if it isn't my own work?

I'm a reporter and think an ongoing story in my neck of the woods would make for a decent post on the blue. I am fully aware of the rules against promoting one's own work, but would it be acceptable to post about a topic I've covered, provided that none of the links go to that work, nor to anyone I am or have ever been affiliated with?
posted by Holy Zarquon's Singing Fish on Jun 10, 2011 - 33 comments

The blue and the green - the twain shall meet, or no?

Is there any way to find out what kind of membership overlap there is between people who post/comment on the blue, and people who read/answer questions at AskMe? [more inside]
posted by tzikeh on Jun 3, 2011 - 95 comments

favorite mixtape asks

Best of mixtape AskMes? [more inside]
posted by NoraReed on Jun 3, 2011 - 18 comments

Spaces are for sissies!

Genuine question time: What's up with this question? [more inside]
posted by two lights above the sea on May 19, 2011 - 119 comments

Shield askmes from google searches?

This is probably a stupid question but is there a way to shield anonymous AskMe questions from google searches? It's a medical question about a very sensitive family matter and I'd hate to have any family member EVER stumble upon all the background details of my inquiry.
posted by bonobothegreat on May 18, 2011 - 39 comments

Awesome things that one should break the bank on

I have a question for AskMe but I feel like I've read something similar at some point on Ask in the past and am at a complete loss in terms of locating it. [more inside]
posted by allkindsoftime on May 16, 2011 - 54 comments

Viewing popular favorites for posts tagged 'pony'

Is there any way to view Popular Favorites for a given tag- for example, sorting posts tagged with 'books' in order from most to least favorited? If not, could there be? [more inside]
posted by showbiz_liz on May 15, 2011 - 6 comments

What are some of AskMe's fastest, most amazing success stories?

The sidebar (see Apr 12) featured this post, in which someone's seemingly obscure question was answered in just six minutes. I think MY experience was even more amazing (as my question was more obscure), though it did take Gator an hour and ten minutes to cough up an answer. What are some other AskMe Astounding Stories of Snappy Answers to Obscure Questions?
posted by grumblebee on May 13, 2011 - 47 comments

You are your own best answer?

I noticed that in this Ask Me thread, the original poster marked one of his responses as best answer. Does this happen a lot and I've just never noticed it before? I'm not sure it's worth changing, just sorta ... odd.
posted by bluedaisy on May 11, 2011 - 79 comments

Travel wiki!

Hey! Have you taken a look at the MeFi Wiki travel guides lately? As lots of MeFites of the Northern Hemispheric persuasion are gearing up for summer vacations, it would be great to have folks contributing again to the travel wiki by updating with travel AskMe threads. (Previously).
posted by liketitanic on May 6, 2011 - 18 comments

RelationshipFilter for the Soul

RelationshipFilter questions on AskMe that have spurred great real-life conversations with significant others. [more inside]
posted by SNWidget on May 4, 2011 - 52 comments

sensory deprivation

This question is kind of worrisome. If it's not a stunt post and the poster has not been severely misinformed, they might be walking in a situation which is genuinely dangerous to their mental health. [more inside]
posted by tehloki on May 1, 2011 - 43 comments

What is mefi etiquette, anyway?

Why was my comment deleted? [more inside]
posted by zug on Apr 29, 2011 - 78 comments

Anonymous followups to anonymous questions

Would you ride this anonymous AskMe pony? [more inside]
posted by EatTheWeak on Apr 16, 2011 - 36 comments

Why are Popular Favorites scrambled?

I don't usually have time to read all of the questions on AskMeFi, so I rely on the Popular Favorites (24 hours) tab to screen the submitted questions for those found most interesting by other MeFites. The problem is that because of the way they are sorted I sometimes miss some.
Would it be possible to sort them chronologically by the time and date of submission, the most recent being at the top of the list? That way I could scroll down the list until I get to the question I remember from my last browsing session. What do others think? Thanks!
posted by Daddy-O on Apr 14, 2011 - 12 comments

Uplifting thoughts for friend in need

I want to suggest some uplifting askme threads that deal with feelings of inadequacy, stress and depression to a friend. Which ones? [more inside]
posted by litleozy on Apr 13, 2011 - 5 comments

Deceptive question

Is this kind of thing ok? [more inside]
posted by juv3nal on Apr 10, 2011 - 44 comments

What have been some of the best Ask Me Relationship questions?

We've had a lot of years of Ask Me relationship questions. What does every one think are some of the most interesting relationship questions we've had so far? Not necessarily ones where we had a great beginning and middle and end of the story and great answers from everyone, but problems that were difficult, or tragic or hilarious or just wtf or were really well written or that told a great story?
posted by empath on Apr 5, 2011 - 129 comments

Scrollin' scrollin' scrollin'...

The AskMe infinite scroll: how do I recreate it? [more inside]
posted by CitrusFreak12 on Apr 4, 2011 - 17 comments

That psychedelic elephant is FANTASTIC!

The 'fantastic' flag: I know it's been called "outdated", and people have asked for it to be removed. Who cares about that! I would really like to know how many people use it, how it is used, and how the mods react to it being used. [more inside]
posted by two lights above the sea on Mar 25, 2011 - 93 comments

browser back navigation pony?

So the new show-new-comments feature is awesome! Except... when I load new comments and then hit the back button, it goes back to the post without the new comments, instead of back to (for example) the main page that I navigated from. [more inside]
posted by bluedaisy on Mar 21, 2011 - 15 comments

Offering one's services in an AskMe answer?

What is the etiquette for offering one's services as an answer to an AskMe seeking said services? [more inside]
posted by Lutoslawski on Mar 14, 2011 - 26 comments

cat thankyou

I posted this question on the green not too long ago about the best cat in the world. My little fellow didn't make it through his surgery but I feel confident those who responded helped make the right decision. Thank you for your support.
posted by smirkyfodder on Mar 9, 2011 - 69 comments

Whatever you do, don't challenge anyone's sense of victimization

Is the only appropriate response to coddle people's sense of victimhood? [more inside]
posted by namesarehard on Mar 7, 2011 - 151 comments

Have you tried turning it off and on again?

There are a TON of Ask Me questions about basic home networking problems -- setting up wireless, why is my cable modem not working, how do I set up a wireless bridge, etc. Is anyone interested in working on a wiki page with common troubleshooting stuff related to that? Is that something that even should go on the metafilter wiki?
posted by empath on Feb 26, 2011 - 43 comments

So... what happened?

I'm curious and Want to Know Things, particularly: what ever happened to X in AskMeFi? And what about when X needed X? Did they get it? What about anonymous' certain issue... down there? [more inside]
posted by thatbrunette on Feb 25, 2011 - 77 comments

Notice I didn't say "melt."

So I think I understand why people do that annoying "special snowflake" thing in AskMe. [more inside]
posted by Afroblanco on Feb 25, 2011 - 169 comments

Spies from the future

I think that there ought to be a caveat somewhere about AskMe questions, pseudonymity, privacy, and social network scraping tools. [more inside]
posted by XMLicious on Feb 17, 2011 - 62 comments

Need help finding a comment about a math-related career.

I'm looking for a comment about someone's career that involved some type of figuring out a business' finances. I think it was in AskMe. [more inside]
posted by biochemist on Feb 9, 2011 - 13 comments

I know it's you

How does posting anonymously, with the reasoning that their SO/parent/friend/child READS AskMe, help the situation? [more inside]
posted by roomthreeseventeen on Feb 8, 2011 - 64 comments

AskMe = the ultimate Q&A site.

Surely this NYT article about Question/Answer websites is snubbing AskMe?! [more inside]
posted by nonmerci on Feb 6, 2011 - 71 comments

Any interest in a Frequently Recommended Books wiki page?

I'd like to create a MeFi Wiki page listing books that are frequently recommended in AskMe answers. Would anyone else be interested in such a resource and/or does anyone want to help out? [more inside]
posted by Jacqueline on Jan 31, 2011 - 44 comments

Below the fold portion of this AskMe should maybe have more views, I think.

I think that perhaps this AskMe should have more people trying to help with the below-the-fold part of the question than might look at it based upon the above-the-fold part.
posted by Flunkie on Jan 27, 2011 - 38 comments

Vague medical AskMe questions

This question seems like a really bad idea, heading into territory where AskMe advice may be worse than no advice at all. [more inside]
posted by carbide on Jan 23, 2011 - 152 comments

My wife and I don't agree. I mean, a friend. I mean....

AskMe question appears to have intentional misrepresentation of situation, discussion ensues. Jessamyn asked us to get it out of the thread and yet it seems there is more to ponder. So, here we are. [more inside]
posted by pineapple on Jan 23, 2011 - 204 comments

A study in Q&A sites

A study in Q&A sites: Ask Metafilter's "Why do some people wear shoes indoors?" versus Quora's "Do real Americans wear shoes indoors as portrayed in sitcom TV shows?" and its follow-on "In which North American locales is it more common to take off one's shoes when entering a home? In which is it more prevalent to leave them on?" [more inside]
posted by GuyZero on Jan 21, 2011 - 52 comments

Why Do These Links Look Weird

Is there a reason so many of the links posted here look like jibberish to me? [more inside]
posted by thewestinggame on Jan 17, 2011 - 36 comments

36 hours of dodgeball later

Congratulations to MeFi's newest world record holder, ImBitman! AskMe prep question: What do ridiculous marathon athletes eat?
posted by avocet on Jan 11, 2011 - 27 comments

Re-Asking an inconclusive and long dead AskMefi Q?

What's the down-low on re-Asking and inconclusive and long dead AskMeFi query? [more inside]
posted by GilloD on Jan 11, 2011 - 36 comments

Fat Acceptance Acceptance

I have a question about this post, where an anonymous poster asks why his weight loss efforts aren't succeeding. [more inside]
posted by downing street memo on Jan 10, 2011 - 81 comments

AskMe makes us better parents and spouses?

Am I the only sap who left work a bit early today after having read this thread?
posted by bluedaisy on Jan 6, 2011 - 166 comments

BTW, thanks!

I just want to say, "thank you." [more inside]
posted by patheral on Jan 1, 2011 - 30 comments

not, it's really not that special.

your problems are notspecial snowflakes. so quit using that description. [more inside]
posted by violetk on Dec 25, 2010 - 456 comments

(1 new feature?)

Can there be an optional icon which lights up when a new answer has come in to your AskMe question(s)? [more inside]
posted by overeducated_alligator on Dec 22, 2010 - 37 comments

When did this place become Yelp?

This comment in an AskMe requesting OB-GYN recommendation bothers me -- it's a one-line attack on a specific professional, with identifying information about the doctor, but no details about the basis for the opinion. (Paraphrase of comment: Dr. X in Y neighborhood was "Absolute worst medical experience of my life.") I can't put my finger on it, but it seems not quite right. Also seems to violate the guideline that we don't bring personal information into threads.
posted by yarly on Dec 20, 2010 - 50 comments

Mother, she not like the boom

In case you didn't know, a hilarious, amazing AskMe about a mysterious Christmas Letter has inspired a strange, oddly addictive song on MetaMusic. That is all.
posted by The Whelk on Dec 16, 2010 - 39 comments

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