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I read Crunchland's tips on FPPs but I was wondering if there were any statistics on quantity of replies to day of week/time of day. When are the surges? I'm guessing Thursday or Friday mid-afternoon.
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< -----this is i>my surge------>
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...poorly executed, however.
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There's a broad peak that spans from 8AM eatern time to 8PM pacific time, with broad dips around dinner/evening commite time across all zones. Activity through the off hours in small numbers.
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surge is definitely not my favorite energy drink. it kind of tastes like grundle.
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Related discussion here.
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Maybe, whatchagonapostdoyawhanasidepostifsoyouprettymuchfukedurselfdaydosentmatter
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I see ebb and flow on my website, though the scale is much smaller than here, I'm sure it carries over. I'd bet that weekend traffic is about half of weekday traffic. And I'd bet that's more accentuated in the warmer seasons. I'd bet that traffic is pretty much peaks at around 12noon east coast, when people are taking their lunch breaks on this side, while the west coasters are logging in for their first scan of the site in the morning. And that traffic here is traditionally at it's lowest at around 5am eastern time on Sunday morning.
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