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If you click the main link in jonson's post, you go to a known Holocaust denier's website -- maybe you're at work and you don't want to do that, or maybe Holocaust denial is illegal in your country. Or maybe you just don't want to give traffic to the guy. Anyway, the link is there, and it's not tagged as nsfw.
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Here's a direct link to the article from the author's site.

Same text, but changing the link to that wouldn't be "stupid or ignorant" I guess.
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Yeah, it might be nice to have some alert that the site is that of a Holocaust denier. Alternatively, the article to which jonson linked is not actually authored by McConnachie or one of his cronies and, as jonson notes, is available elsewhere, so replacing the link with one to a less controversial host might be appropriate.
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I replaced the link.
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Thanks, Jess! My bad - I was looking for the article, which I had read originally at a different URL (it is, after all, hosted in over 30 places online). Guess I found just about the worst possible place it could be! Well, maybe not the WORST... ;-)
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You know who else was a Holocaust denier?
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Thanks, jessamyn.
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