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So, folks, how 'bout that Adelaide meetup?

I'm safely in Adelaide, and I've even got furniture! Immediate needs dealt with, I thought I'd plan ahead: can we do a meetup early January, to coordinate with tellurian? I still don't know anything about the place except the way to my local train station, so details are up to you guys.
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As long as it's after Jan. 3, I am all for it. Nice to have you here!
posted by naturesgreatestmiracle at 12:15 PM on December 6, 2007

Sure, I'm in, with the usual caveats about child care and so forth.
posted by Wolof at 1:06 PM on December 6, 2007

I just found that thread now... hope you're enjoying yourself! I'm around town anytime before the 7th.
posted by twirlypen at 3:02 PM on December 6, 2007

If we're looking at a weekend, I'm there on the 5th and 6th of January, but I can do a weekday up until the 9th too.
posted by tellurian at 4:41 PM on December 6, 2007

Banana Benders, Crow Eaters and Mexicans, UNITE!
I'm going to MefiMail and email (they all have one in their profile), bramoire, mule and Savvas, a link to this thread and try and scare up some more people.
Wolof said: "Sure, I'm in, with the usual caveats about child care and so forth."
I'm looking forward to meeting a Wolof and a mini-Wolof would be gravy. I'm up for to a day-time picnic too. The banks of the Torrens with the pedal-powered paddle boats are fun. It can be as idyllic as an afternoon on the harbour.
posted by tellurian at 5:40 AM on December 7, 2007

Oh, and we'd better have some Barossa wine along the way.
posted by twirlypen at 12:46 PM on December 7, 2007

I like the idea of a little picnic in town. Maybe the Botanical Gardens? Nice and shady there.
posted by Wolof at 4:14 PM on December 7, 2007

Hello? Is this thing on?
posted by Wolof at 10:27 PM on December 10, 2007

*squuuEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE* /feedback

I like the picnic suggestion: how about a tentative plan for the afternoon (or lunch?) on Saturday January 5th? I've heard that the Botanical Gardens here are pretty impressive. Bonus: can definitely work some local wine in :)
posted by jacalata at 5:30 AM on December 11, 2007

Picnic it is then. Botanic Gardens Saturday. Say 1 o'clock? Place - maybe at the Wollemi Pine initially (we can always move to a different spot if it doesn't suit)? I've visited the Sydney and Melbourne ones, so I'd be interested in checking out the Adelaide version. Jacalata, do you want to do the honours and sidebar the first (as far as I can tell) Adelaide meetup ever?
posted by tellurian at 2:21 PM on December 11, 2007

Damn, I hate that. That would be jacalata not Jacalata.
posted by tellurian at 2:24 PM on December 11, 2007

Sounds good at first blush.

*pencils it in*
posted by Wolof at 6:11 PM on December 11, 2007

Well, that's three of us pencilled in and a sidebar: where's the rest of the locals?
posted by jacalata at 12:52 AM on December 12, 2007

Sorry, nothing from bramoire, mule or Savvas.
posted by tellurian at 3:55 AM on December 12, 2007

On review: I didn't alert oliyoung or joshnunn (maybe that was a mistake - no involvement in Metatalk ever, although active, or teem (nothing since 2005). I'm starting to feel a bit stalkerish, does someone else feel like using a summon card on them? This thread is shaping up as a good argument for featuring meetups in the blue and possibly the green (and whatever colo/urs there are).
posted by tellurian at 4:29 AM on December 12, 2007

It's not that stalkerish - Wolof's Nearby users: oliyoung (7 miles) teem (9 miles) naturesgreatestmiracle (9 miles) mule (9 miles) polyglot (9 miles) twirlypen (9 miles) joshnunn (9 miles). It seems a pretty obvious idea to contact people listed as being local - polyglot, for instance, sounded sociable in the AskMe. And when we had a Brisbane meetup I mefimailed everyone within a couple of Nearest users; nobody said they minded, people who don't visit any more didn't get it so weren't bothered, and a bunch of people thanked me and felt special :) I think you should go ahead and mail all of them. Anyway, if we have 3.5* people committed to showing up, that's not the world's smallest ever meetup and there's a few weeks for people to notice emails/sidebars and pop in to join us.

*a small wolof?
posted by jacalata at 5:22 AM on December 12, 2007

OK, oliyoung and joshnunn alerted.
posted by tellurian at 6:14 AM on December 12, 2007

Naturesgreatestmiracle emailed.
posted by Wolof at 1:21 PM on December 12, 2007

Thanks for the heads up. I'll be there!
posted by naturesgreatestmiracle at 1:32 PM on December 12, 2007

Tellurian - I don't mind being contacted. I'd love to meet some mefi's - but I can't be sure I'll be around that weekend. Much like Wolof, the little bramoire comes into play as well. Pencil me in.
posted by bramoire at 2:22 PM on December 12, 2007

aha! thankyou to tellurian for messaging me; thesis-ing has put a big dent in my mefi time :) and I don't normally check metatalk at all.

Count me in for the 5th. Salmonella Dub is on that night too!
posted by polyglot at 3:31 AM on December 13, 2007

I'd like to come. Maybe some face-to-face time might make metafilter more homey to me.
posted by joshnunn at 10:56 PM on December 18, 2007

awesome - it's growing! In other news, I have an after-work pub crawl in the city on friday afternoon, so I'm looking forward to getting to see some nice spots :) Apparently we're using this pub crawl generator to come up with ideas.
posted by jacalata at 12:19 AM on December 19, 2007

jac — the Grace Emily and the Exeter are the only pubs you need.
posted by Wolof at 4:54 PM on December 20, 2007

well, I didn't see them - we went from the Caledonian to the Oak to Dan something's, and I think another one in there somewhere. A bit of variety in them, and a pretty good afternoon overall.
posted by jacalata at 11:26 PM on December 21, 2007

I know the Exeter, but the Grace Emily? Comments say 'I think that this one has gone to God.'
posted by tellurian at 12:19 AM on December 22, 2007

Oh shit! I had no idea!
posted by Wolof at 5:29 AM on December 22, 2007

On follow-up, erm, herm.

I don't get into town enough.
posted by Wolof at 5:35 AM on December 22, 2007

Looks like the people that bought it know what a pub should be like. Live music, darts, pool table, beer garden, no pokies, no TAB. I'll be checking it out this visit.
posted by tellurian at 11:35 PM on December 24, 2007

I should be able to get there on saturday. And Teem's a mate of mine, I'll see if he's free.
posted by twirlypen at 3:29 PM on January 2, 2008

I haven't been checking metatalk lately so I missed this one until twirlypen mentioned it. Count me in for Saturday! It'll be good to meet more people who know about metafilter, beyond "that blue site that's always on your screen".

Saturday looks like a hot one, I'd be keen on the Exeter if the heat drives us indoors.
posted by teem at 4:18 PM on January 2, 2008

Yea, with a predicted high of 38, alternative plans sound good. I think we should stick with the current plan for the moment, with a high likelihood of retirement to the pub after an hour or two? I'll probably put my mobile number in my profile on Saturday morning so people can message me (or ring, but I often can't hear the person on the other end - maybe if I get calls from unfamiliar numbers, I'll just give directions to wherever we are at the time :).
posted by jacalata at 12:29 AM on January 3, 2008

I'm going to play it as it lays; I have a couple of upcoming issues, like signing on the bottom line for building a new house on Saturday morning, and potentially a new bass (which I have been waiting on a long time) for me to assemble and play on Friday night. It's also a bit difficult for me to repair to the pub on a hot day with a kid who's 4.

Anyway, more tomorrow.

Best to all.
posted by Wolof at 4:14 AM on January 3, 2008

Pictures. Bit of an afterthought but whatever.
posted by polyglot at 1:44 AM on January 5, 2008

you guys are all gorgeous, and it's wonderful for us in the Northern hemisphere to see the picnic.

Amazingly, I think your Polyglot has a baby brother in the UK Mefites, check this out!
posted by Wilder at 8:56 AM on January 6, 2008

Heh; that's the spitting image of one of my cousins. Us Tyrrells will take over the world eventually!

PS: tellurian has some pictures too I think. If you're tellurian and you email them to me, I can put them up in that gallery.
posted by polyglot at 5:21 PM on January 6, 2008

I posted them here polyglot.
posted by tellurian at 4:19 PM on January 8, 2008

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