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Kitsap County represent! Meetup time, now that the snow has mostly melted?

We're not Seattle, so we should have our own damn meetup!* The mister and I are on Bainbridge, and I know there is at least one other MeFite out here. Also I have been in touch with Netzapper and he says he and his wife, both in Indianola, are down for getting together, though she has a wacky schedule.

So -- if there's anyone out there other than the four of us -- when? maybe sometime in the next few weekends? and where? this will presumably depend on who wants to come.

* Seattle meetups are also awesome
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No, way. Indianola? I was just there for Christmas. Grew up in Indianola (lived there for 17 years before heading off to school).

Live over in Seattle now though. Got back from Kitsap yesterday.
posted by Riemann at 9:57 PM on December 27, 2008

Heh, I was going to say, Seattle folks should come over too, if you can stand the ferry trip that some of us do every day. Both ways. With no driving, and beer on the way home! Crap, I just stopped complaining and started gloating.
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There's a bunch of Twin Peaks locations out on Bainbridge aren't there? Including the log from the titles? That might help lure some people out.
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Hm. I'm on Whidbey, though with the weather-averse Spirit of Vladimir Lenin Steilacoom II it's always an iffy thing getting over to the Peninsula.
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I would have been up for it about 2 years ago, when I was living in Port Orchard.

As it is now, it's a 2000 mile drive. :(
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I am so totally going to do one of these for Slater, IA one of these days. You know, for me and my girlfriend.
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cjorgensen: "I am so totally going to do one of these for Slater, IA one of these days. You know, for me and my girlfriend."

there are plenty of users around Ames, and more in Des Moines. I'd be up for the drive, if it ever happened.
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So..... Are seattle Mefites allowed to come...?

If so I am up.
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Kitsap County sounds like a place made up by the Heinz to sell more condiments.
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ArgentCorvid, I keep forgetting that not all users have their locations active in their profiles. I keep seeing "8 users near you," and think that's really not enough. I'd be up for one in DM sometime.
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Seattle metafiltroons are enthusiastically invited! You might get to pet a chicken or a goat.

I don't know anything about Twin Peaks locations, but I've heard rumors that Kenny G's house from Mercer Island ended up on Bainbridge. Also that Frank Herbert's kid, the one that keeps cranking out Dune novels, lives here. And no-one has tried to remove a lug nut with a shotgun in months!

(That's not helping, is it?)
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Well, Herbert lived on Bainbridge for quite a long time. Wouldn't surprise me if the boy is living among the ruins of his home as well as his achievements.
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I'd like to say I'd come, but realistically I'm not going to make it. I grew up on Bainbridge, though, it'd be fun to visit again.
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Time frame? Suggestible dates?
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I was sort of thinking of this Sunday, the 4th, or either day next weekend. MLK weekend we will probably be traveling, but there's also the weekend after that.

If folks from the peninsula are coming, I was thinking maybe Poulsbo, or something approximately central. But I don't know what's over there. We could also do Bainbridge, especially if Seattle folks are coming over.

As for time of day, I figured it depends on where. It's hard to do a night out at a bar because everyone has to drive home, but if we are all sort of around Bainbridge, maybe dinner. Or a lunch/brunch maybe, folks are coming from farther afield? Or a happy hour?
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The 4th would be fine for me (I'm the wife with a crazy schedule that netzapper referred to). Saturday would also be fine.

Bainbridge is easy to get to for us, and even easier if any Seattlites decide to join, so I'm all for trying some new eatery on the island. However, if we meet in Poulsbo we have no choice but to eat at the BBQ joint there; they are wonderfully tasty.
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OK! If we do it on Sunday, 1/4, will anyone come? Raise your hand!
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depends completely on what time of the day.
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What time would you be able to come?
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Well, it looks like the ferries run pretty late so I guess whenever.
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