Login redirects properly on the first try, but not subsequent tries. February 17, 2009 6:18 AM   Subscribe

The login page redirects properly on the first username/password try, but not on subsequent tries.

If I click Login from any particular MeFi page and enter my password correctly I'm taken back to the page I was on when I clicked Login.

If I enter my password incorrectly, then enter it correctly the second time, I am redirected to www.metafilter.com instead of the page I started on.
posted by odinsdream to Bugs at 6:18 AM (2 comments total)

It's negative reinforcement.
posted by Plutor at 7:25 AM on February 17, 2009

Simple. Don't log out or clear your cookies. No need to login. ever.
posted by blue_beetle at 3:15 PM on February 17, 2009

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