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I recently had a MeFi post deleted. I know it will still show up in my Metafilter Recent Activity for a while, but once it goes from there, is there any way to track it and any deleted posts from my past?

This is something I thought I knew, but I didn't. The deleted post doesn't show in the post-count for my profile -- which I suppose is probably understandable, since that's publicly accessible -- but for the longer-term, it'd be good to know which posts of yours got deleted, if only to make it easier not to repeat the same mistake in the future ...

If not, could this perhaps be a pony request? Having a subpage or some sort of user-accessible linkage to the deleted post, perhaps along with the deletion reason?

I suppose it occurs to me that having that information accessible to the user whose post was deleted could be valuable for the site itself, i.e., letting prior deletions serve as self-tutelage for the user. I'd like to think I haven't had that many things zapped over the years, but having them handy would mean I'd be less likely to repeat mistakes in the future.
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Poster's Request -- loup

Does this do what you want?
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Deleted Thread is a good resource for this.

I believe the URL for a recently posted thread gets MefiMailed to you, so you could always consult that to find out the deletion reason.

Beyond that, deleted posts are deleted for a reason: keeping a personal archive of them would sort of defeat the purpose.
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whoever's keeping up that thing has to be getting really sick of that process by now ...

Why hell yeah, WCityMike! Keeping up with your voluminous deleted posts is a job right there in itself! You oughtta send whoever's keeping up that thing* a donation right now!

*puke and cry
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I am not a moderator, but I think it is not unreasonable to expect that users remember for themselves what they posted, or at least that they keep in mind the deletion reason for a post of theirs.

It's really a matter of heeding the guidelines and keeping an ear to the ground of the community: I do not doubt for a moment you mean well, but if a moderator decides your post doesn't make the cut then well, I don't see a point in keeping it around.

That is keeping in mind it does stay around at least in the form mentioned before in this thread.
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It's the grey, someone will make a joke.

Since the deleted posts still exists, this doesn't seem hard to do. Does one get mefimailed these days? Well, there you go - save that mail and it's your record of where the deleted post is (I presume the link is in the mail).
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Saving the mail is our way of giving you a record of what you've posted and likely as far we're going to go in that direction.
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and for those of more malicious spirit, can serve as a way of eliminating an excuse for that person.

Frankly, for those of a more malicious spirit, it seems most likely to serve as a way of prompting shitty emails, something we don't really have any incentive to encourage.

So, basically, what jessamyn said. If you have a question about a deletion that goes beyond your own personal capacity to check the log of your mefimail, send us an email to ask. Otherwise, this isn't something we're going to spend a whole lot of extra time on of our own volition, because it's not normal positive-mefi behavior we're talking about and the onus of discussing it is on the deleted poster. This is more or less the same reason that we don't auto-mefimail people about deletions.
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(I presume the link is in the mail).

If not the check.
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is there any way to track it and any deleted posts from my past?

Email it to yourself?
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Yeah, before the memails I kept a little section of my profile apart for deleted stuff. Lessons learned, etc. Now the link is sent and saved automagically and that's all I need.
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Write it down and put it in your scrapbook?
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Write it in a notepad, then have it tattooed on your leg. And never answer the phone!
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Put another way, almost no one has posts deleted percentage-wise. Those that do have posts deleted fall into two categories

1. people who had one post deleted, errantly or randomly
2. people who have many posts deleted for whatever reason, can range from people who make stunt posts to people with axes to grind to people who don't quite get the ethos here or whatever

In any case, the number of people in group #2 are quite small and it's not really worth it to us to build a feature for them.
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cortex and jessamyn sound suspiciously sober.
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And on the seventh day, they rested.
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Yeah, I thought the whole idea was to not have enough deleted posts to need to keep track of them. I try to learn from my mistakes.

Also, there are bookmarks.
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I just had a post deleted. I saved its url to Goal achieved.
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Give up, it's hopeless.

Of course you should be able to see your own "deleted" posts (and comments) -- it's a textbook all-win, no-loss scenario -- but there is a giant wall of Not-Going-There that is nigh insurmountable. I smashed my face into it so hard when I asked once, all innocent-like, that my nose looked like spaghetti afterward. Not worth it.

It's probably dumb, it's definitely anti-user, and it's textbook bad web practice. But that's how it is on MeFi for reasons historical and emotional... and clearly, that's how it's staying.

So accept it: stuff gets fake-deleted in ways that often seem confusing or inconsistent. Half the time, you won't know why. Just think of it as a "fun extra flavor" that makes the place quirky and weird. Chaos isn't all bad.
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I didn't get an email for my most recent deleted post.

It's OK though, I know it's just because cortex hates me.
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I realized the other day that deleted posts that you had favorited are no longer shown in your list of favorites. How long has that been? It used to be you could use favorites to bookmark a deleted post that you wanted to be able to find later. Now it seems you have to use a real bookmark. I can't say I like that change, but I guess I understand if the intent was to stop people from fetishising some of the more trainwrecky shitposts.
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With every fiber of my being, crash. Now gimme a hug.
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Related side question: Are a user's deleted comments included in the "Export Your Comments" dump and if so, are they somehow marked as deleted in the dump?
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This feature is only available to those who attended Mefi 10, WCM ;)

I kid, of course. We missed you.
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yeah, where the hell were you anyway??
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With every fiber of my being

Your being has fiber?
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Perhaps this sort of thing could be worked into a feature of the browser - I mean, just about everybody I know wants to keep track of a list of web sites, so why not make a way for browsers to save or remember certain URLs so you can go back to them later?
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