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Ok. I thought there was a good chance that this would be deleted pretty quickly, but I decided to go through with it anyways...

I'm referring of course to the goo on the blue. I knew it was going to be a "slam on palin" thread...which thread with her name on it, isn't? Its almost kinda primal...everyone loses their shit. People who refer to themselves as "over educated" are suddenly holding pitchforks and torches. I know the mods HATE whenever she does something in the news, and start looking at every post wondering when its going to come up and how they're going to handle it. I know this. Still, I HAD to put it up. I KNOW that Metafilter needs a palin thread.

Some people go out and behave like normal people with hobbies, gainful employment, and even loved ones. They have friends, colleagues that respect them, and they have family that they talk to on a regular basis. But every Thursday at 11:13pm, they Start.

They strip their clothes. They put on music loud enough to cover their own guttural yells, but not loud enough to warrant a phone call for excessive noise. They lather themselves up with oil and tiger balm...

They open that closet door and reach behind the vacuum...behind the extra bags. They take out the nondescript plastic bag. They open it up, and remove the ratty, crusty, disgusting gray pillow.

Then the fun starts.

After its over, they put the pillow back, put the Rammstein CD away, and take a shower to remove the oil, tiger balm, and various internal and external bodily fluids.

They go to bed knowing they can live another week...because they have the pillow waiting for them.

palin is our pillow. We NEED her on the blue.

So what I'm kinda wondering is...should I have made it a nice post with links to her in basketball shorts, Levi talking about how she called her baby "the retarded one", FoxNews' history of hiring a diverse group of people, and possibly responses from the general public about how she quit her job as a person in public trust to spend more time with family, and now taking a new job that puts her farther away from her family...

or should I just present the pillow in the nondescript plastic bag like I did?

Any opinions?
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This post was deleted for the following reason: Poster's Request -- loup

Let's not do "Two minutes of hate" posts, OK?
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Any opinions?

I think this thread should be deleted, same as the other one. What is your point, here?
posted by Forktine at 7:23 PM on January 11, 2010

Still, I HAD to put it up. I KNOW that Metafilter needs a palin thread

This is where you went wrong. See the thread about two below this for more details.
posted by librarylis at 7:24 PM on January 11, 2010

You KNOW that Metafilter needs a thread about Sarah Palin doing what everybody knew she was going to do in the first place? It's not even news.
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Yea looking at your MeTa thread history, odds are against you on making this one out alive. You really dont get this place do you?
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or should I just present the pillow in the nondescript plastic bag like I did?

You should step away from this topic and maybe MeFi in general for a bit, is my suggestion.

Getting a crap post pulled from MeFi doesn't mean there's a particularly good reason to come make your [second] edgy comment about Sarah Palin or the pillow or whatever you're talking about over here.
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With that said, I am closing this up. If people want to have a better Palin post or even a better Palin MeTa post, please feel free to. This is really not the way to have this conversation.
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