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whats the big idea?
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metafilter has inspired me and it's really gotten me thinking --> about the way good ideas are communicated and how specific information is shared and stored, pushed and pulled, not just out across the ether but at a working level, between like minds.

i envision an interface, something smarter than a portal, bigger than a weblog, but not far removed, that will represent a resource so elegant and functional for its users that to step back and watch it perform (once it ramps up to speed) will elicit in its creators a palpable sense of eureka, could that word be used as a noun. think metafilter, only aimed at people in a particular creative field.

which brings me to the point: i can't take this idea where it needs to go alone, not b/c it's impossible, but b/c i'm not in a position to learn the requisite coding skills quickly enough to do this right (the only way to do it), and my budget is < 0. but if the idea above spins your wheels, and if things like perl, mod perl, mySQL, php and/or cold fusion rattle in your toolkit, perhaps we should be talking. drop me a note and i can get more specific: alan_smithee@mail.com

posted by alansmithee at 1:41 PM on October 2, 2000

alan, you might want to cruise the open source project descriptions at freshmeat and sourceforge. chances are, there's already a project kinda like what you're thinking about (eg, have you checked out zope or scoop?)

and if nothing on those sites sounds like what you wanna do, write up your specs, and start a project at one of those sites.
posted by mmanning at 8:24 PM on October 5, 2000

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