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Pony request: MeFi notification of deleted posts - Because I always forget I can look in my history to find the missing post. Seems like it would be "easy" (for unknown values of easy) to kind of do the same thing for deletion as for addition. (Maybe I'm just oversensitive, having had two FPPs deleted in the last month.)
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We don't intend to implement automatic deletion notifications. It's come up a few times before, I'll see if I can track down a recent discussion or two.

That said, there are some easy ways you can keep track of posts yourself besides just looking through your history for gaps:

1. Check back on the thread. Basically all thread deletions happen in the first 24 hours, most much more quickly than that. If you don't have the url for a recent thread, check your mefimail for a "your post is live" notification that contains a link.

2. Use one of the various deleted thread scripts, which make it easy to see what's been deleted on the front page in the last couple days. You can also keep an eye on Deleted Thread, an unofficial blog that tracks deletions.
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It just like those guys that used to pick locks in high school and steal shit form your locker and you know it was stolen but the locker was locked THE WHOLE TIME RIGHT?
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Because the Deleted Thread unofficial blog is hosted on Blogspot, you can search the history to find your deleted post(s), which tells me I've had 5 deleted threads. Lesson to self: haste makes waste.
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Thanks filthy light thief for the link. I used my MeMail to look for my "congrats, it posted" to link to my post that was deleted.
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No pony this time. Instead, how about chicken monkey duck.
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Since someone here linked to the deleted posts blog I've been fascinated by them, even more than the posts that get to stay. I even installed this silly greasemonkey script so they all show up in purple on the front page and there's no need to click anything.
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Also fascinated. Pretty much the only FPPs I read are the deleted ones.
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There is an automatic notification of all deleted posts. Unfortunately that notification is automatically deleted as well.
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