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Question about retention/administering MeFi Jobs postings.

Sorry to bother, but there's nothing on Mefi Jobs in the FAQ, and a number of position available postings have been open for some time, which prompts me to ask, 'How are MeFi postings administerd?'. The reason I ask is I'd like to avoid honking off someone on MeFi who perhaps had placed the job, and prehaps had been inundated with silimar queries before.
If this has been answered before in MeTa, sincere apologies, I searched as well as I could, tia
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...Mefi Jobs postings, that is...
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When you post a job, there's a link at the bottom that you can click if the position has been filled, so if the job is still open on MeFi I'd guess the job is still open. So go ahead and contact 'em.
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Yeah, I think the problem is people make the posts and then forget.

We should do that mefi mail thing like on ask where 1 month after a posting we ping you to see if it is filled, and if so, you should click that filled option to remove it.
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First thing Monday morning, I'm writing an email detailing our agency's new policy of referring to our Account Managers by their new titles: Administerds.
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