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I've seen this posted twice as a comment, and I can't remember if it was recently or if I was reading old posts. The comments mentioned an expose documentary of the mental institutions way back when, and I remember it being described as shocking or something along those lines. Sound familiar to anyone?
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Not sure what the comment was, but the expose you're describing sounds like Nellie Bly's Ten Day's in a Madhouse, if that helps any?
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"Titicut Follies" (1967) by Frederick Wiseman, about Bridgewater State Hospital, has gotten some mentions.
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Yes, you are referring to Willowbrook:The Last Disgrace, a television documentary from 1972 (by Geraldo Rivera). Willowbrook was a residential facility on Staten Island for children with developmental disabilities. It was grossly overcrowded, with terrible living conditions; reforms were put in place after the various exposés. It didn't actually close until the 80's.

There is also a follow up documentary from 1997 that looks at former Willowbrook residents 25 years after the original TV piece.
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It was Titicut Follies, but now I have more things to watch. Thanks!
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The Willowbrook 25 year update is on Hulu btw.
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