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I feel like I once read a post on Ask that was about having a car in NYC: specifically, someone had a car and wanted to take advantage of it by looking for suggestions on specifically transit-inconvenient places that they should go to (i.e. City Island, since it's a very long haul on subway+bus and much more convenient with a private car.) Does this sound familiar to anyone else?
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Thank you for the suggestions so far! What I'm remembering is specifically not a "where do I park?" or "how do I dump the car?" question, though (which is partially why I'm having trouble finding it, if it even exists). It was specifically taking an angle of taking advantage of the car to go to far-flung places in the city, not where to park the car in Manhattan or anything like that.

I may not have read it here at all but I figured it was worth asking!
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This looks good and mentions City Island: Car-only NYC spots?
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Yes rhizome that was it!! I will admit that that question has fewer answers than I remember but that's definitely the one I was thinking of.

And four panels thanks also for the "one week with a car" post, that also looks very helpful.

hal_c_on: haha sometimes I have an urge to drive somewhere random (the driving being the important part). I haven't had a car my entire adult life and am very happy not owning one, but this urge comes on me every once in a while and I was thinking about places to go. I blame my Los Angeles upbringing ;)
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