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Multitudinous greetings, Sapients! Pop rock quiz, hot lot: Does MetaFilter have an official chat channel/room/area/quadrant/etc.? This is a fact: IT DOES! [previously: the unofficial MetaFilter chat site (yes, I am coordinating!)] It is a very fun and interesting and wondrous place (especially when I am not there) full of assorted cute animal GIFs (especially when Metafilter's Own bread crumbs is there) and random nonsense (especially when I AM there) and perennial nemises (because jeather, your personal nemesis, is there). I promise to you that we do not bite unless you notarize the consent form and submit it in dodeclicate six to eight weeks or greater in advance - guess how that tradition started! The cabal (TINCC) decrees that you guess, as the court records are sealed and salted and bound by blood. Ha HA! Dental appliances. Please stay frosty and/or toasty, and as always, vote your preferred quantum flavor of quidnunc kid #1!
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I'd love it if one of these Saturday evenings we managed to get people into the chat. I mean I love the Saturday night hangout-threads but it'd be cool to get everyone who posts on Saturday night into the chat for a real time back and forth.
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Chat is a nice mellow place, and yeah - Eyebrows McGee has also talked about this - we can definitely think about having more structured Chat Times to give people some reason to hop over there at a given time.
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I sent a note over on ye olde contact form a little while back, but chat doesn't work for me. I tried to get in there, but after the login screen all I got was a blank expanse of solid blue from URL bar to status bar. I tried both Chrome and Firefox. (I did not try setting up a dedicated app.) This was on Windows 10, and I run the Classic theme on my laptop. Anybody else having that problem?
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I've tried Chat a few times, and the latest time it seemed like my messages were appearing at least (which was an improvement over round one) but I don't seem to get any other messages. I see whatever messages were presumably there when I came in, and then whatever I say, and that's it.

Maybe Chat is just super slow sometimes? Or do I maybe have some script blockage or browser thing preventing it from working right?
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I see whatever messages were presumably there when I came in, and then whatever I say, and that's it.

Ya, it's almost always slow, which is why it is nice to try to get more people in, so it will be less slow.

Chat is kind of a weird place in that regard. It's like a bulletin board system that is always slowly eating itself.
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Oh, also, some folks stay logged in whether they are actually there or not. So even if it looks like there are others in the room, they may not actually be there.

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Anticipation, there seems to be a bug where super long user names don't log in correctly. Saw it with East Manitoba...'94, who has a sockpuppet just for chat. I suspect that's what's happening for you as well. Maybe frimble et al can shed some light on the user name length thing?

spikeleemajor should have the same problem, as the username length is the same as yours, to the letter.
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Fizz, I was kicking something like that to slipthought in chat. I'm gonna do one Saturday night a month, kinda at the same time as MetaTalkTail hour, and promise like all hell to be in chat to welcome folks and get the place rocking and rolling a little. Not this Saturday though, I'll be partying* in Nashville.

*probably cuddled on the couch with a cat in my lap
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I can attest the Chat folk are friendly!

They even helped me try to troubleshoot an IT question for my job at 3 pm on a Tuesday.
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