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Hi, Mefites! I have a need to see your pets in their holiday finery - sweaters, headgear, what-have-you. Have a picture of your cat in the tree? Need to see that too.
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Good timing! I realized earlier this evening when I was looking at pics of last year's Winter Wishes haul that there's (most of) a cat in the background of one of them. What I wouldn't give for a cat who'd consent to wearing holiday garb...
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Oh, hah! From two years ago, the same cat sniffing around 2016's WW packages.
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Imagine a vet receipt for an unexpected vet trip for my cat earlier today. He got a steroid shot and an antibiotic shot for a UTI. It was only $118, which I consider a bargain. I do not outfit him in festive wear because he's neurotic AF.

If I can find the jingle bell collar for my dog I will work on pics.
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Sasha the dog with Santa Hat.

Sasha with reindeer antlers. And bonus antlers pic.

Unfortunately, despite much begging and pleading on my part, lying under the Christmas tree is as close as Basil the cat gets to holiday cheer. I do have a santa hat and reindeer antlers for him, so one day I dream of getting a picture of Sasha and Basil in their matching holiday finery.

(There are some more holiday animal pics if you go through the album, including Sasha in her alligator Halloween costume* and Sasha with bunny ears from Easter. She is surprisingly tolerant of being dressed up.)

*Fun fact: It's quite the challenge to find Halloween costumes made for a 100 lb dog. The alligator costume was a XXXXl or something like that. I'd love to get her a Christmas sweater, but I have yet to find one in her size.
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I'm about to pull the trigger on adopting a pair of crazy adorable tuxedo kittens from the shelter where I volunteer. Our volunteer coordinator just sent me a shot of the sister (Mrs. White) hanging out in our holiday tree.

(For the sake of completeness, here's my own heart-melting shot of her brother, Colonel Mustard. Non-holiday-related, but COME ON.)
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My little dog Ruby is going to see Santa this weekend, but for Halloween she dressed as a tiny little reindeer.

I will post her Santa pic when I have it!
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Also, here's Ruby's Christmas picture from last year. She will probably wear this same outfit to see Santa!
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I have several animals, but Miela is the one that always seems to wind up posing in the Christmas decor.
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We got to skijor for the first time this season tonight- Anchorage is so far behind in the winter Department this year it is not even funny. We will consider it seasonal because there was snow, everyone was happy and his harness is a festive red with a jingle bell, even (since I forgot to take off the bear bell we had on for canicross over the summer). There was much doggy joy.
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Here is my sister's beautiful dog Sully in a jumper that I swear has a gingerbread man on the back, you just can't see it from the angle of the picture. It takes a reasonably long time to get a jumper on him in the first place as he's only 12 weeks old and wants to eat the jumper with his tiny shark mouth the whole time.
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My step-grand-dog Ruball seems happy enough as a reindeer, less so as an elf.
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Alas I have but one snowy chicken to share with this thread.
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How about a dog happy to get a present?
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Fritz was always on the lookout for Santa during Christmas, waiting patiently near the tree.
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Sasha's first Christmas is going just fine. Our "Days since Sasha Last Knocked Down The Tree" counter hasn't risen above zero yet, but hope springs eternal.
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Cat in the hat. Reader, he left me coal. In the litter box.
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My cats will not wear things, but here is a video of internet rock star Grandpa Mason wearing a Santa hat while he snuggles with kittens.
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Here's Battleship in black tie inspecting the premises before a dinner party last week! He actually tolerates the bowtie quite nicely.
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larthegreat: I would like you to tell Battleship that he is a magnificent flooflord.
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Here are Mabel (brown tabby) and Dipper (grey tabby) in their holiday duds, and a bonus Mabel under the tree.
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Let me introduce you to Maui the Pomsky*...

Maui as Max from How The Grinch Stole Christmas
Maui in an elf hat
Maui with Santa
Maui with a Christmas Tree

* Maui is not mine, but we're friends.
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Dismas, Done!
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Here is Raina the Second (lovingly referred to as R2D2 around these parts) sitting pretty in front of the holiday tree.
I wish my Walker Hound, Dear Theodosia, would let me take her picture, but she's never been much for the whole "sit pretty" thing.
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Bless this post

If I wouldn't lose my life for trying I would totally share a photo of Bunny Cat in winter regalia but as she wears no such garments at any time during the year I cannot

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My Reindeer Pug.
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OH MY GOD REINDEER PUG. Fourpotatoes, you win the internet!
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houseofdanie - I saw this in the top left corner of your photo and thought it was a reclining cat with huge googly eyes!
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This thread inspired me to try out the Max antler that was in this month's Barkbox on all 3 pups this morning. Behold.
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I refuse to put clothes on my dog, but here's Shakedown with icicles in her beard.
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moonmilk, you did such a nifty job outlining the "cat!" I will never look at my shopping cart's wheels the same way.
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My current cats will not stand for such things but I found some of recently departed Alfred:

On a decorative Christmas snowman trivet

Tolerant Reindeer
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Here is my kitty James Bond posing with the menorah a couple years back (he has sadly been uninterested in it since then).
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Here's Peter in his winter coat with butt bows.
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Finley meatloafed under the tree.

Be-sweatered Emery having some zoomies.

Same be-sweatered dog post zoomies.

The other two cats don't really participate in Christmas except to 1) get caught about a million times trying to climb the tree (no photos of that but here he is trying to fit into a box, and failing) and 2) [different cat] staying as far away from anything that isn't the couch as she possibly can.
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No photos, and I am currently petless, but I will share some pet-related information:

I have it on authority from a former roommate (read: we were really goofy one year and made this up) that cats have their own separate holiday this time of year, called "Ribbon". During Ribbon, all good little kitties get lots of nice shiny ribbon to play with - and bad little kitties get tape stuck to the bottom of their paws.
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Max and Sebastian modeling their ugly Christmas sweaters! Sebastian, on the right, loved his. Max was a very irate little pig about the whole thing.
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Minnow is much more tolerant of Christmas this year than last. She hasn’t destroyed the tree yet, but we’ve got 10 days to go...
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Here is Kato, sitting next to my rosemary tree. Granted, he was taking advantage of the morning light. Sunrise at 7, sunset at 4, so he gets all the sunlight he can.
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I give you Pickle Claws. He loves his bowtie.
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I am pleased to update my earlier comment by saying that (a) both of my new kids have been captured in holiday mode, and (b) they officially came home to be part of the family today!
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Sebastian got a new sweater for Christmas, and was very happy to model it!

Max got a hat that sums up his feelings about the humans' compulsion to make him wear clothes.
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Better late than never: Ruby meeting Santa for the first time.
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!!!Lookit Ruby's little eyebrow spots!!!
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I'm late to the party but must make the suffering that Licorice and Black Jack endured worth something.
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Ooh! My doggie daycare, ridiculously, did festive photos in secret and just posted them a little belatedly. Here is Kesugi all decked out. I sort of prefer the large number of outtakes they sent me via email- there was a lotta this going on.
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