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This year's Mefi Cookie Swap was delectable. Thank you Chara for organizing, and special thanks to Team Hazelnut for crafting creative, well-wrapped and incredibly tasty vegan cookies. If you participated in the Cookie Swap, what was your experience? Any new recipes to share?
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Seconding the appreciation! Team Figgy Pudding wrapped up for me this morning, when the last of three delicious packages was delivered. Great swap group this year! Everyone baked up a storm. I learned from damayanti that using Kerrygold (related post) in these cookies is what made them taste exceptionally buttery.
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I was swap-adjacent and very much enjoyed my portions of the stuff Secretariat got (and helped do some of the rolling out of her gingerbread cookie dough on our dumb high kitchen counters). There was also some spare cookie dough and she was like hey do you want to come make a fractal.
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I love what I got! I can't remember who sent them, but I got cookies with MeFi in yellow and blue fondant.

I'm so glad I participated this year,
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Up until this cookie swap, I have never experienced the magic that is Christmas Crack. I've heard of it, and thought it sounded fine, but I've never bothered to actually make it. That is going to change very soon!
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This was my first cookie swap and it was so lovely! Team fudge really put their foot in it. (That’s a good thing) I wish I’d put a bit more effort into packing my cookies nicer, I was more worried about not sending cookie crumbs. My favorite part besides the treats were the thoughtful notes included. Something I look forward to writing next year!

A fun story is I asked Pretty (Great) Wife to sign 3 holiday cards with my user name but then I distracted wife and she signed all 16, which went out to family. My aunt called me up and said she thought I was actually a “great-ish talker. ”
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I’ve never shipped cookies to Canada before. This tracking update is not helpful:

December 24, 2019 at 11:32 am
Arrived at Facility

Which facility, Canada Post? Is there just the one?
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