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This link is broken.

And, wabbit season.
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seems fine here.
posted by quonsar at 3:44 PM on December 30, 2003

Works now. Weird. Disregard, I guess...
posted by trharlan at 3:55 PM on December 30, 2003

On third glance, I retract my retraction. The thread is prematurely truncated at the same line the error message highlighted...
posted by trharlan at 3:59 PM on December 30, 2003

It's true! Scroll to the bottom, gentlemen.

When I came to I was grateful that I was ok, thoughts of revenge did not enter my head.
posted by Fat Buddha at 3:10 PM PST on August 1

"But I can't help but think that if 3 of my neighbors were pinned under a van, I'd be more concerned with helping them than beating the sh#t out of the jerks who hit them."

I'm with you on that one, catfood; that was my first thought. I would hope that my significant o
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posted by punishinglemur at 4:18 PM on December 30, 2003

weird, the thread is missing about two dozen more comments. I'll look into it tonight.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 4:25 PM on December 30, 2003

I would hope that my significant o
Some of us don't have a significant o. Not even a significant e.
posted by wendell at 6:39 PM on December 30, 2003

Still broken.
posted by trharlan at 10:13 AM on January 3, 2004

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