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Front page posts appear in chronological order, but seem to be timestamped by something other than post-time. Comments, on the other hand, behave as expected. Why the discrepancy? Is it by design?
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What are you talking about? Can you give examples of the problems you're seeing?
posted by mathowie (staff) at 11:04 AM on December 9, 2004

posted by tracicle at 11:20 AM on December 9, 2004

Well, oddly enough, I posted a reply to this right beneath my post describing it, but it's actually just disappeared. Maybe I'm just a moron, and I actually never posted it. Here it is again:

When I've read the front page, I read to the top, and then when I re-visit the site after a few more minutes, the last thing I read is still at the top, but there are new stories posted in between stores I've already read.

So, it seems that the sorting of FPPs is based on when the author begins composition of the post, rather than when they hit "post."

Comments work the other way, they're not committed to a particular spot in the order until they're actually posted. Hence the "on preview" postscripts we're all familiar with.
posted by odinsdream at 11:23 AM on December 9, 2004

Take a screenshot, since this has never been reported ever. Also, let me know what browser/OS you're using.
posted by mathowie (staff) at 11:56 AM on December 9, 2004

Isn't it just a matter of how you set your sort preference?
posted by spilon at 12:04 PM on December 9, 2004

I've no idea that there even was a sort preference. I see things chronologically, with the newest first.

This is what I mean: Lets say I start writing a post this morning, but I don't finish composing it until this afternoon. Everyone reading the site will read stories all day. Then, when I post mine, it will appear with the morning's stories, not at the top, where I would have guessed it should.

That's my interpretation, it could be something else, maybe something to do with timezones? All I know is, I visit the site once, read all that there is to see, and then when I come back, there's new content smack dab in the middle of the page, in between things I've already read. Is this only me?
posted by odinsdream at 7:43 PM on December 9, 2004

Firefox on Panther or Linux. Sometimes Windows.

Maybe I'm just insane.
posted by odinsdream at 7:45 PM on December 9, 2004

Has it happened multiple times? Or are you just being confused by the incredible disappearing reappearing Lions post?
posted by jacquilynne at 8:53 PM on December 9, 2004

"Then, when I post mine, it will appear with the morning's stories, not at the top, where I would have guessed it should."

Oh. I've noticed that. Yes, the thread is created when you preview, not when you post. So, yes, sometimes a thread will pop up in a place you think of as "earlier".
posted by majick at 11:07 PM on December 9, 2004

what majick said...
posted by rooftop secrets at 5:14 AM on December 10, 2004

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