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he ehe hello.
um, following the thread regarding multple posts within 24hrs i shall make this a single post. which is probably about to be deleted.

1. has there been a case where one person has registered two names in order to argue against themselves? a kind of plato thing. how would that be spotted?

2. have i stumbled upon one of the must self affirming experiences of my life? i enjoy metafilter due to the quality of debate, i feel that there are other people *like* me. is this simply because of the thorough 'policing' of the site removing all 'trolls' etc? am i living in a dream-world where what you say is as important as how you say it?

well, anyhoo, i'd like to thank the community for it's strength and openess in these emotive times.
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1. There hasn't been such an instant that has been made public since I've been a member.

Spotting it would probably be a little on the difficult side, but if two people regularily argued against each other in the same fashion every time I wouldn't be suprised to see someone point the fact out, or suspicions be raised.

If suspicions were aired, Matt could confirm and act on it, because he does keep track of some identification information, IP addresses and the like.

2. That's probably dependant upon your life, but this is a damn good website. :-)
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I don't know that all the trolls are rigorously deleted, many trolls go away by member 'policing' as in ignoring the idjits.

I thought Matt wasn't logging IP addresses, in the KayCee issue he provided an IP address from one of her emails, not from logging posts.

Yes this is a damn good community.
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1. I thought that Matt's admin view on Metafilter showed an IP address beside each post. Not that the IP shows it's the same person. My girlfriend and I come from the same address.
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I'm with skallas, if they bring up decent points then it's just a fun conversation stimulator. If they just resort to flaming, then I think not only might it become apparent, it would also indicate some sort of severe personality disorder. Hey, does anyone have the number for the legendary "kaycee" threads? I missed 'em.
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Well part of the problem with multiple IDs is that it might lead some people to have a "respectable" ID and one to indulge in their more destructive tendancies. Secondly, people who create multiples just to "get an amen" are utterly sad...
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I thought that Matt's admin view on Metafilter showed an IP address beside each post.
This was actually viewable by the masses for one thread, although damned if I can remember which one it was.
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That would be the thread about I-Jacking, methinks.
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