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Non-english sites?
posted by skallas to Etiquette/Policy at 4:46 PM (6 comments total)

There's no commentary, just a link saying its in business, but it seems to be a russian version of Whether its a joke, ripoff, etc isn't explained. Its like the fishbulb episode of the simpsons: time for westerners to act confused and say weird.

posted by skallas at 4:49 PM on September 23, 2001

And Holden followed it up with a John Stewart double post that should have been a comment in the previous post.
posted by machaus at 5:59 PM on September 23, 2001

I don't have a problem with non-english sites. Sure, they don't make for the best conversation, since most of us can't even read them, but then again, some of us can. MeFi is supposed to be about checking out those corners of the web we don't always visit. The web, at least from my perspective in the US, is extremely anglo-centric. I like to see how the other 95% of the world lives and views the web. Plus, many of us are web designers. The content isn't necessarily most important to us. I still manage to gain something from visiting a foreign site, even if I can't understand all the content.

My only problem in this case is the post's lack of explication. If we can't read the site itself, we definitely need a more thorough explanation in the post.
posted by jpoulos at 7:38 AM on September 24, 2001

Its not that I object to non-english sites, what I really object to is the 'look how weird these foriegners are' mentality. I have bookmarked a few japanese sites that baffle me but have great graphics, but to a native speaker they make perfect sense. I wouldnt like to see a post to these sites just because of their novelty value for westerners.

posted by skallas at 9:59 AM on September 24, 2001

Besides, "" sounds like scooby doo profanity.
posted by kindall at 3:15 PM on September 24, 2001

(insert usual beer-through-nose-onto-keyboard-comment)

Hee hee! "No Scooby Snacks? Fark rooo!"

*Falls over giggling*
posted by stavrosthewonderchicken at 2:50 AM on September 25, 2001

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