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January 31

Searching for a thread about sad comics.

I can't find the thread featuring sad, touching comics. Also featuring a comic where main character sends hanger to pregnant ex. Thanks!
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Paging The Monkey

Paging mefi user The Monkey - I have been unable to find contact info for you on this site or the one listed in your profile.

A few months back you helped me out in this thread regarding an electronic scoreboard system for a tournament.

You posted some code examples in the thread but they were a bit scrambled and I am unable to get them to work properly. I'd really appreciate it if you could email the actual files to me.
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Hey, Metafilter's in some card game.

Hey, Metafilter's in some card game. Specifically, there's a glimpse of this thread, and you have to guess the site.
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Looking for Chuck Norris Legal Team C&D

I can't find the ask mefi post about Chuck Norris's legal team issuing a C&D.

The search function yields this: "Ask MetaFilter | Community Weblog
January 30, 2006 8:30 PM PST. 20 most popular tags in the past month: Posts by category in the past month: January 30 ... I run a t-shirt site, and have received a "cease and desist" letter from Chuck Norris's lawyers .."

Clicking it simply brings up ask.metafilter.com. I did look through all of the January 30th posts but couldn't find it, and I haven't seen any notes about it being deleted.
I'm looking for it because a law student friend is curious about it.
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If you don't like the post, at least tell me why.

What? Already. What are you people on about?
Can you be a more explicit in your sugestions for improving my post than just telling me it sucks? A hint, perhaps, to the nature of the suck, rather than just its degree?
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AOL Spam?

Anyone else been contacted by an AOL account in relation to "Robby Rob's Metafilter Post", with the sender claiming that he is having his thoughts controlled by the NSA? [more inside]
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January 30

AskMe policy on dishonestly obtaining stuff

So questions about software piracy are not allowed, but discussions about other ways of dishonestly obtaining (discounts on) goods and services are OK? Seriously, where's the distinction?
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TravelFilter Pony Request

TravelFilter? A Modest Proposal.
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Metafilter By Committee?

MeFi Committees: A Proposal (MI, This could get long and messy)
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Mefi detectives: over-zealous?

Must we really put on our Mefi detective caps for every single thread, now? They're not all airnxtz's, and this one appears genuine, despite the nature of the link.
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January 29

comment in blue lacks context

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Not a complaint--just a question.

Why is it that new FPP's will show up on the Metadash widget about 5-10 minutes before they actually appear on Metafilter? I refresh, still not there, despite the fact I can read it on Metadash. Some sort of time machine?
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Do we really need a post about the longest poop?

Do we really need a post about the longest poop? 'Cause it seems in incredibly poor taste. Yes, the article was read. Yes, the point was taken. But jeez!!! (And no, I don't care about the lack of NSFW, as it's pretty obvious from the title)
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Pony Request: A MetaFilter FAQ whose answers are links to the relavent MetaTalk threads

Pony Request: A MetaFilter FAQ whose answers are links to the relavent MetaTalk threads that answer the question.

Many redundant questions keep coming up in MetaTalk and the responses are usually links to MetaTalk threads that will answer the question. Would it be possible to make a FAQ that points to the appropriate MetaTalk threads for these reoccurring questions? Maybe someone can go through MetaTalk once a week and add the questions and answers of things that shouldn't have to come up again.


Q. Some users have customized user pages, can I have a customized user page?

A: See here

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New York City Meetup

MefiNYC: Who wants to go see Grumblebee's play? There's already a meetup being planned for the 11th, so maybe we could go then, or another night altogether? The show opens Thursday.
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Yet another link from bOING bOING to MetaFilter.

Yet another link from bOING bOING to MetaFilter. Woo woo!
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Pony: add comment count in MeTa

Pony request: Is it possible to add a comment count inside the threads in MeTa and AskMe like we have in MeFi?

Something like: posted by Penks at 11:52 AM CST (56 comments total) [!]
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"Member Since" in profile

My Little Pony: show the date that a user last stopped by on their userpage, right underneath the "Member Since" line. This should be visible only to logged-in Mefites.
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Madamjujujive? More like madamawesome!

madamjujujive has posted 225 links.

And that's a lot of links -- all interesting, quirky and smart. I don't know how she does it, but I hope she never leaves MeFi. Thanks, mjjj.
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Boingboing discusses AskMe!

You ain't got nothing Doctorow.
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January 28

I'm proposing a small change to amazon URLs

I'm proposing a small change to amazon URLs here [more]
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Possible questionable self-linking in comments

Do new users know about self-linking? I normally don't care to police this stuff, but mickeyz has been a member two days and self-linked to his own banal blog twice so far.
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Happy birthday Miguel Cardoso's twins!

I know that Miguel Cardoso, our favorite Portuguese author and formerly prolific Metafilter contributor, has not been around here much lately - But, I, for one, would like to wish a Happy 25th Birthday to his lovely twin daughters, Sara and Tristana. Congrats, Miguel, wherever you are.
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I am getting a Cold Fusion error when trying to post comments to threads in the blue

I am getting a Cold Fusion error when trying to post comments to threads in the blue. Am I the only one?
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Why isn't this a double post since it directly references the previous instance?

Just wonderin'... Why isn't this a double post since it directly references the previous instance?
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Mefi projects: promoting porno piracy

Mefi projects: promoting porno piracy. Complete with image hotlinking, and instructions for disabling refer sending, to avoid .htaccess protection. Crap like this is the worst of the web, IMO.
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CF Error!

Metafilter.org is borked with a CF error.
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NYC Meetup

Hey New York City! Let's have a Valentine's Day meetup on Saturday February 11th!
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User Mentioned in NYT

Metafilter member Hoder, or as Laura Rozen puts it, the Iranian blog godfather, has an op-ed in the New York Times today: Democracy's Double Standard. Let's hear it for Hoder.
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I thought this was fixed?

This comment has italicized everything beneath it on "My Comments." I thought this was fixed?
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Errors from style sheets

Firefox 1.5 is throwing up a list of errors from the Metafilter style sheets, mainly (but not solely) about 'font-color'.

Just thought you'd like to know.
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Can I post this to Projects?

I recorded a lecture from a darn-good semi-prominent speaker on Wednesday and I'd like to post the recording on Projects. Several questions: Does the fact that I recorded the lecture make it a Projects post or is it okay for the Blue? Is it okay to post a rapidshare.de link to the WMA file as the project (or blue) post? If it is a Projects post, is it okay to post links-not-by-me in the Projects post to give some background on the speaker? Thanks.
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Web forum marketing ploy alert.

FYI, this msg was posted on the Penny Arcade blog today: (more inside)
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January 27

Feeling the love for Metafilter

The FPP by bigmusic on nontheistic spirituality is a perfect example of why I love MeFi. After a tough shift at work, it's after midnight,I have a couple of drinks, a fruitless search of cable TV for something to watch besides the Alito posturings on CSPAN2, I turn to the Web and there's MeFi, randomly tossing up the real deal, the stuff worth thinking about. From Weebl and Bob to Iraq and Rummy to questions of our ultimate reasons for being, I get more pleasure out of this site than anywhere else on the whole friggin' Net. Go ahead and delete this, Matt, because I know it isnt really a discussion topic, but I was moved to tears of joy to have something worthwhile to consider in the wee hours. Thanks. (And I want bonus points for having the sense to post this to MeTa, instead of as a useless comment to bigmusic's thread.)
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Portland Oregon meetup

And on a rainy night, when rubber tires sucked the asphalt and handsome women walked a perilous beat, consensus was called upon in Portland, Oregon. February 18th; name the time and place.
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Users Near Me

Small ponies, roaming free...

On my user page, it says there are 5 users near me, since it only 5 users live within 50 miles of my fair city. Sixty miles away, though, there's an absolute assload in Seattle. Would it be possible to increase the 50 mile limit if there number of users near someone is less than some magic number, so the poor guy living in Valdez, AK has users living within 1,000 miles, but those of us just outside of a more major metropolitan area don't feel quite so left out? This may be the world's smallest pony, but the 10 mile difference between almost no one near me and having a bunch of people near me has nagged at me a little bit.
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jabber server

Jabber server
Matt - long term plans? Big promotion on the blue? Something in the sidebar? I'd assume only the geekiest are actually using it (while it's fairly simple to use, it's not common knowledge.)
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When hitting the + on any askme tag page, to add a second tag, an angry message appears

Help! Help! When hitting the + on any askme tag page, to add a second tag, an angry message appears! This frightens me, giving me an awful fright. Please help!
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Self-policing the self-police

I'm sure this has been MeTa'd to death. At least I'm pretty sure. Even so, I'm going to drag out the horse and make him glue:

What can we constructively do to curtail the post vigilantes or post thought police? [mi]
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Should this have been in the Blue?

This AskMe post on Motzart would probably do better in the Blue.
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Totally, totally different

This is not the same topic as this. This would be especially clear if you read the latter links.
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Img tags displaying

On the front page of AskMe, the img tags in swlabr's post show up as text...but inside, the links are fixed to href tags. Oh, and I'm on Safari 2.0.3.
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It may be time for someone to get his own blog.

Not necessarily a callout, because I always find myself reading the religion posts even when I don't agree with them, but as doctor_negative points out in brownpau's latest thread it may be time for someone to get his own blog.
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Can we have a usertags page?

I really like the "Users that often use this tag:" list on MetaFilter and AskMe, where you can see how often certain users have used a particular tag. Is there any way we could have this tally added to our userpages, or have a "usertags" page a la the "usercontacts" page? That is, when you go to so-and-so's userpage you can see a list of all the tags they've used (like on the Post A Link page) and how many times they've used 'em.
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Baltimore Meetup Reminder

Reminder: Baltimore meetup tonight! 7 PM at Club Charles.
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January 26

Sidebar Clarification

Nit-picking: On the frontpage, the description on the sideblog says 'This sideblog keeps track of site news and metatalk threads', yet all the threads are from AskMefi.
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Greasemonkey Consistency

Question about deleted threads (not one I created or want to whine about though, I promise!).

I've got a greasemonkey script that shows links to the deleted posts in the style of (for example) "Deleted thread: 48604". Most of these links are valid and show the threads, but some go to a page that says the thread was deleted. Why the two different results?
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Can I change my username on MeFi?

Chameleon-Pony Request: Can I change my username on MeFi, or would it forever ruin the MeFi/google/other balance and you'd prefer I don't?

I really don't use this username like... anywhere anymore... I've been around MeFi for a few years now I think, and even back when I registered I was considering ditching this dumb nickname.

Aside from recent weeks where I've been AskMeFi crazy, I've been lurk-ish enough that I highly doubt anyone has any real association with my name (I'm not like ParisParamus, for example) so I don't think it would throw anyone off, really.
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Uploading Images to AskMe

Gramcracker used an image to answer a question in AskMe! It's not an animal relieving itself, it's neither humorous nor snarky, it's just an entirely useful and informative visual aide! Is this a first?
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New window preference tweak

Maybe this has been discussed, but Can we make it so only external (non *.metafilter.com) links open in a new window? I like the preference setting for new window but it can be annoying when it's a metafilter section (i.e. a contact).
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boy performing cunnilingus on cattle - NSFW!!

Can we please stop pandering to idiots. [more inside]
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Why is an answer in AskMe deleted when it contains an informative comment, followed by some humor?

Why is an answer in AskMe deleted when it contains an informative comment, followed by some humor?

This seems a tad unfair, since lots of comments are not deleted which contain exactly the same mix of a comment, followed by humor.

I'd link to my answer, but I don't know where it is.....Here's the question.

How do I know who's deleted my comment? Appeals? How does one gain such Godlike powers?
Also: is there a place to find deleted comments on AskMe so at least I can save my late night ramblings

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Cross-referencing of posts by user pony

I would like a new feature. What is this new feature that I would like? Let me tell you about this new feature that I would like. The new feature that I would like is this:

I would like a new feature whereby I can see a list of posts/comments by user [x] cross referenced with a list of posts/comments by user [y]. I would like this new feature for reasons almost purely related to satisfying my own curiosity. I would, however, like this feature nonetheless.
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I love it when a thread comes together.

I love it when a thread comes together. Just wanted to share my respect for a perfectly crafted question and answer.
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"If this story is to be believed, then it looks like I was wrong about my condemnation of Lindh"

Thanks to jperkins for taking the high road.
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Backtagging AskMe and MeFi

Dear Matt, would it be possible to grant a few trusted volunteers enough rights to be able to add tags to the MeFi and AskMe back catalogue?
posted by biffa to Feature Requests at 6:34 AM PST - 180 comments

Botched HTML formatting

The formatting in my answer here http://ask.metafilter.com/mefi/31513#493995
has messed up a bit - I am guessing it's because I used a less-than symbol in the text.
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Why isn't my askme question valid?

Is my AskMe question valid?
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January 25

Photos of last night's San Francisco meetup.

Photos of last night's San Francisco meetup.
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Login redirect to referring page?

Pony request: after logging in, can we be sent back to the page we clicked the 'login' link on, instead of being directed to the main page?
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Did ParisParamus really join the Army?

Did ParisParamus really join the Army?
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Dead MeFi threads

How and under what circumstances do MeFi threads die or become deleted?

Perhaps this is an FAQ and someone can point out an existing answer, but a week or so ago, I posted a comment on a thread I found on the front page, and about an hour later found to be missing from the front page.

There is still a link to the thread in my personal comment history, but it seems otherwise publicly inaccessible.

Also, many of the comments in the thread indicated that the posters fully expected the thread to be deleted and that they were jockeying for "last post".

I've read most if not all the introductory matter here, but I don't remember seeing anything that covered this.
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Let's stop these ad hominem-themed derails, ok?

Let's stop these ad hominem-themed derails, ok?
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Opera Layout

Layout on ask.me, the blue and the grey all seem to be a little messed up on Opera 8.51 since last night. All the content is showing up beneath the side blog boxes (on the blue.)
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I would like a slow pony.

I would like a slow pony.

I, question-filled as I am, would love it if I could front-load my AskMeFi questions which are then autoposted at the end of my week's delay. I'd even be happy if that happened a day later (8 days wait)...the important point is that I forget the question I absolutely needed to ask because I'm kind of dumb.
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MeFi Mentioned on Lehrer

Xeni Jardin casually mentions Metafilter (and Slashdot) last night on The NewsHour with Jim Lehrer as an online community that works because its users are registered and self-policing.
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Wonky link in firefox

This post about Google is screwed up for me in Firefox 1.5. I can't click any of the links and the page is set really wide.
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Can the Questions tagged with pages also include the best answer checkmark

Small pony requests: Can the Questions tagged with pages also include the best answer checkmark next to threads that have best answers? And maybe use the standard "X comments" link instead of "View this thread" by each thread?
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MeFi in the Philadelphia Inquirer

Metafilter made it into a blog at the Philadelphia Inquirer by Daniel Rubin.
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January 24

AskMe isn't displaying 'My Posts' correctly.

On AxeMe, if I click "My Posts" (should be "My Questions"), and choose a 1 month time frame, it shows me one 6-month-old quesiton I asked, but not the 7 more recent quesitons (including one I just asked today.) In any other view, no quesitons are displayed at all.
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Your favorite logo font sucks.

I don't know if it is the kerning or the tracking but the letterspacing on the small font in the logo really sucks (not so noticable on MetaTalk, but check out "querying the hive mind" on AskMe and "community weblog" on MeFi). Don't make me call the typography police.
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THanks for help on Project

A few weeks ago I asked if MeFites would help me with a blog project to bridge the digital divide and the response was fantastic! Thanks everyone. The project starts next week, so please check it out. http://youngcaucasus.neweurasia.net/ We're working to bridge the digital divide in a part of the world that needs some bridging. Thanks again.
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SF meet-up reminder

SF Meet-Up Reminder for Tonight: As caitlinb said, "7 PM til whenever on Tues, January 24, at Yancy's Saloon [ 734 Irving St, San Francisco, 94122; (415) 665-6551 ]. Beer, games, tons of nearby food, on the N line."
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Can we get a character limit put on the front portion of AskMeFi questions?

Can we get a character limit put on the front portion of AskMeFi questions?
posted by TunnelArmr to Feature Requests at 12:56 PM PST - 46 comments

Thank you, Metafilter community!

Once again, Metafilter has made an impact on my personal life. I came here to say: "Thank you, Metafilter community." I also came here to say: "Who bought the donuts, and why didn't I get any Boston creams?", but felt it was out of the scope of this post. [more inside]
posted by thanotopsis to MetaFilter-Related at 9:57 AM PST - 36 comments

Error message when posting comment

Error message "Element POST is undefined in FORM". Seen this a lot recently, only when adding a comment in MeFi or AskMe.
posted by ObscureReferenceMan to Bugs at 8:13 AM PST - 4 comments

how come people are always asking questions "for a friend"?

Ok, here's a question about AskMeFi questions: how come people are always asking questions "for a friend"? Is it that they are REALLY asking for themselves and pretending to ask on behalf of someone else? Or are people really that helpful? Am I a total jerk for thinking that if one of my friends wanted to post a question to AskMeFi I would tell them to create their own account, it's $5 for pete's sake? What piece of the puzzle am I missing here?!?
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January 23

Announcing the Jabber server.

See who is online currently and info about using the Jabber server here.
posted by mathowie to MetaFilter-Related at 9:03 PM PST - 54 comments

Meetup in San Antonio with Jessamyn, Jan. 2006

San Antonio anyone? I'm wrapping up a library conference and all the librarians leave Wednesday and I'm here til Thursday. Anyone up for beer/food/riverwalking Wednesday night? [alternately, any mefibrarians still at ALA?]
posted by jessamyn to MetaFilter Gatherings at 8:56 PM PST - 6 comments

Do we have enough Albuquerqueans (or New Mexicans, for that matter) to muster a meetup?

Do we have enough Albuquerqueans (or New Mexicans, for that matter) to muster a meetup?
posted by FlamingBore to MetaFilter Gatherings at 8:51 PM PST - 10 comments

Josh seeks a godly wife

Ok, I'll bite: Is a personal add (however mockable) a good FPP?
posted by MotorNeuron to Etiquette/Policy at 8:30 PM PST - 38 comments

1 posts tagged with v.

1 posts tagged with v. Displaying 1 through 50 (View popular tags) (more inside)
posted by arto to Bugs at 8:24 PM PST - 9 comments

Vancouver Meetup

Vancouver.Metafilter.com/Meetup? Feasability, Logistics... Interest?
posted by PurplePorpoise to MetaFilter Gatherings at 8:18 PM PST - 51 comments

New York Times mention in article on Abramoff scandal

Metafilter mention and a quote from Matt in today's NYT article about comments at blogs in the wake of the Washington Post/Abramoff/comments episode.
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ColdFusion error

Bugreport: projects.metafilter is throwing a CF error (Element USER_ID is undefined in COOKIE) and dying when clicking "X votes" beneath any listed project when a user is not logged in. Tested on IE and Firefox, cache cleared, etc.

Logging in fixes the issue, but I thought I'd point it out.
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Why was this deleted?

I have to disagree. I thought things were just getting interesting. There was no name-calling or other objectionable activity going on, was there? What gives?
posted by JeffK to Etiquette/Policy at 2:18 PM PST - 27 comments

Take a survey

If you want to help me and the site out, take a short survey to help match the site up with future advertisers. I'll publish a summary of results after it's done.
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MeFi admin double standard for posts?

At the same time that mathowie posts a site hosting game ROMs from the 1980s, my link to a BitTorrent file of a 1950s and -60s recording of a 19th century classical work was removed. Funny ol' world...
posted by Protocols of the Elders of Awesome to Etiquette/Policy at 11:13 AM PST - 95 comments

User on Jeopardy!

We've got another Metafilter user appearing on Jeopardy! My nearby neighbor (which is why I discovered it), Candyland. Woohoo!
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MetaFilthy 2.3.3

MetaFilthy 2.3.3
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sometime in 1999

What happened pre January 28, 2000 that caused all earlier members than 278 to have joined 'sometime in 1999' v 279 (both absolutely useless, by the way) - the MetaTalk archives started March 3, 2000 so there is no obvious record of what happened.
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January 22

Request for an API

For this easter (or whenever matt has the time), I would like a bright, shiny MeFi API.
I know it's been discussed previously, but I still think it is a cool idea. We're falling behind on the Web2.0 bandwagon, before you know it it'll be 3.0 and we'll look like suckers.
posted by signal to Feature Requests at 6:30 PM PST - 27 comments

Currently, the playback feature of Google Video isn't available in your country

A lot of people comment/bitch when a Google video is posted that "Currently, the playback feature of Google Video isn't available in your country.", which I understand is fustrating.

Maybe users submitting Google video links should consider something suggested here. Looks like a neat and relatively simple fix.
posted by lemonfridge to Etiquette/Policy at 6:29 PM PST - 19 comments

ikkyu2 is a one-man AskMeFi machine today

ikkyu2 is a one-man AskMeFi machine today, even more so than most days. At the moment, every single "fantastic answer" is one of his, and well-deserved. Outstanding work. Thanks.
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Is AskMe down? (Jan. 22, 2006)

Is AskMe down? Can't get to it via comments or the main page, on firefox or IE, on two separate computers. This is a new one - I've never noticed just one segment of the site going down before.
posted by By The Grace of God to Bugs at 4:21 AM PST - 23 comments

Does PP have a sockpuppet?

Did somebody forget to change sockpuppets, or is this a fake comment?
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January 21

Thanks for the MeFi Jabber server

I'd just like to thank mathowie for fulfilling my pony request for a mefi jabber server.
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Should including long humorous tags in AskMe posts be frowned upon?

Should including long humorous tags in AskMe posts (like ihopeclayaikendoesnthaveabiggerpenisthanmetoo) be frowned upon?
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Inappropriate Flagging?

Marketing Research? Two people have flagged this thread, saying (or implying) that it goes against Metafilter policy. Forgive me for not ready the policy very closely, but I don't see what is wrong with this kind of thing. What do you folks think?
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Testing out MeFi jabber

I'm testing out a jabber server on MetaFilter. Use any jabber client (iChat, adium, trillian, gAIM, etc) to connect to metafilter.com. Enter your username as your_mefi_username@metafilter.com and your password is your existing website password here. Once logged in, you can IM other members that are online (my current status: ). Oh, this jabber server supports SSL for encrypted chat by default and also lets you talk to jabber users on other servers, including Google Talk (just add them to your buddy list). If this works out, I'll be experimenting with more features like chatrooms and perhaps allowing chat with Yahoo and MSN users as well. Let me know how it works for you, everyone that is a member here already has a login to the jabber server, automatically.
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Minor suggestion

Minor suggestion: on Ask, the tag explainer sentence could be rearranged for better clarity. Right now it says something like "Combine words to make a tag (example: ipod stereo audio carstereo)". Perhaps putting the combined example (carstereo) first and providing another example or two would help some of the people who can't seem to grasp tags.
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Why was the Canadian election thread deleted?

Why was the Canadian election thread deleted?
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Processed pork product

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Anonymous Flags?

Are the "[!]" flags anonymous? [MI]
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January 20

Who is Moderating?

Just being nosy. Who are the 'admins' on metafilter? Obviously mathowie. Bless him. I just saw Jessamyn (hi!) delete a post. Who else are up there?
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Why was my AskMe answer to the BSDM bottom/top question deleted?

Why was my comment in this thread deleted?
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Proposal - Mefi Mentorship for new users

Encouraged by one supportive comment here, I am proposing the MeFi Mentorship program for new users. The idea is to ease new users into the MetaFilter community and avoid the kind of ugliness that happens when newbies don't understand how MetaFilter works. [more inside]
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Proxies for AskMe

What's the general policy on getting someone else to post an askmefi question for you? I used up my question this week but need to ask another one and may not be able to wait the requisite week... why are we still limited to 1q/week? Can we introduce different "tiers" or highlighted questions or something? If the issue is hw/bandwidth/etc, where can we make a donation?
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Can we auto-add http:// to links?

Small, but unlikely pony request: When a user creates a link to an external site, but forgets the "http://", a MeFi error page results. It would be helpful if the system scanned the links in a post and tried to detect these orphaned links.
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Montreal Meetup

2nd chance for Montreal tonight (Fri)? I'm so sorry i missed last night--i haven't been online at all...
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How to stop the spread of "_____Filter"

How to stop the spread of "_____Filter" in subject headings?
The wiki says (under the heading "inside jokes") that "___Filter" is used to indicate that a topic is so over-discussed as to risk taking over MetaFilter altogether. Examples are IraqFilter and NewsFilter. But current (and increasing) usage seems to be just an effort to be cute: BSDMFilter, CondomFilter, UmbrellaFilter, etc. I, for one, find this annoying and stupid and think it should be discouraged. It's like one of those things that is mildly amusing the first couple of times and thereafter just idiotic. I think that the WhatIsAGoodPost, WhatIsAGoodComment, WhatIsAGoodQuestion entries should be altered to discourage people from this dumb practice.
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Computer not recognizing iPod

I have a 20GB 3G IPOD with 4,000 songs. All of a sudden my computer will not recognise it when I plug the IPOD into the USB port. I tryed to use updater but that won't recognise my player either.I can still listen to my songs, it just won't hook up. Any ideas? Cheers to all!
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"Unclaimed Property Clearninghouse."

The sidebar on the mefi front page says "Unclaimed Property Clearninghouse." Is this a bug or a feature?
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January 19

"500 Internal Server Error" on some pages

"500 Internal Server Error" on some pages
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A place to work on posts

It would be nice to have a little place (possibly on one's own user page) where one could work on posts.
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Our Distinguished Admins

In this thread, cribcage mentions that " ... blogrrrl has no way of identifying jessamyn (or mathowie, for that matter) as an admin ... ", which seems on its face to be silly because everyone knows that, of course. Right?

Anyway, it got me to thinking that perhaps Matt and Jess' remarks could be highlighted with something to indicate that they're the admins. Maybe a different color, a gold star a'la Stan Chin that's clickable and leads to a page with email/AIM/contact info? Something along those lines could help the filthy five-dolla noobs with their acclimatization to the site.

Just a thought.
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St Louis meet-up

St. Louis MeFi/Flickr Meetup - TOMORROW - January 20

It's Friday, January 20 at 7:00 PM at the Erato Wine bar on South Grand. I'll have a sign on a table so we can find each other. I know of at least 5 or 6 people that are definitely coming. Come join us!

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Deleted AskMe

I'm pissed and slightly baffled. My first post to Ask MeFi was deleted. Apparently I should have posted it here in MetaTalk instead? No one has bothered to explain why, but I'm assuming it's because it was a question about MeFi. (Why do I keep having to log in every time I return to MeFi on my iBook, but not on my PC?)

Well, excuu-uuse me!

I paid $5 for the privilege of posting one question a week, which is then deleted? That's just rude.
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January 18

Mefi + Wiki + CSS = Good Stylin'

I might have been the last person to figure this out, for all I know, but if you pop the URL for the new MeFi stylesheet into the Stylesheet URL box on the Wiki's Edit Preferences page, it looks pretty damn good! Just thought I'd share, in case there's anyone out there slower on the uptake than me.
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How has your education benefited you?

Educated MeFites: (This is for my wife who teaches at an inner-city elementary school.)

Would anyone be willing to write a "properly written" paragraph about how your education has greatly benefited you?

We would like to inspire our 5th graders, most of whom believe that learning isn't cool. This is for English language learners, ie. Mexican, Vietnamese, Eastern European, etc, who are just now learning paragraphs and the need for further education.

Post here or my e-mail is in my profile.

Disclaimer: Meta-related because you folks are cool and smart. This is not a project or an AskMe, unless you suggest otherwise.
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Attempting to add a tag redirects to the front page

Attempting to add a tag to a MeFi post via the usual button causes the browser to revert to the front page.
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What's all this about urinals as art?

So if I were to post this article about someone attacking R. Mutt's "Urinal" with a hammer, would that be considered a "One Link News Filter Pseudo Self Link FFP" ?
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San Francisco Meetup

MeFiSF meetup! 7 PM til whenever on Tues, January 24, at Yancy's Saloon [ 734 Irving St, San Francisco, 94122; (415) 665-6551 ]. Beer, games, tons of nearby food, on the N line. Email me to get on the reminder list, or get reminders via the upcoming.org entry.
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liam breaks the townes van zandt thread

I think I broke Townes.
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Deleted posts are still showing up on the front page

Deleted posts are still showing up on the front page.
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Please kill this linkspamming whore.

Please kill this linkspamming whore. Thanks.
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Product shilling

Worst. Spam. Ever.
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BUG: it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside

This thread is alternating "Mark as best answer"... marks.
My newly posted comment was instantly marked. And while it made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, the obvious "every other" pattern is a clear bug.
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January 17

All Tags Page

There was a page that listed 'all' tags that had been used on Ask MetaFilter. I can't seem to find it now. Any clues where it is now?
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I think we've got a candidate for the MeFi sidebar

I think we've got a candidate for the MeFi sidebar: I posted this morning about the AeroPress and tonight we've got posts from its inventor.
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New Features

I did a bunch of tweaks to the site today and just wanted to give a heads up in case some bugs are found in these pages: Projects history added to user pages. Pagination added to tags pages (MeFi/AskMeFi). Fixed post/comment page pagination issues by completely rewriting the link/comment history pages (all). Removed "posted by" spoofing "hack" (all).
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Why do these exist?

Why do these exist?
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help me out here

help me out here - whatever happened to Pretty_Generic? was he banned for good?
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There's a metafilter tag at consumating (dating site)...

Huh, there's a metafilter tag at consumating (dating site). I'm apparently 10th most popular and I only logged in once. C'mon people, you can do better than me.
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Baltimore Meetup

Baltimore meetup v. 2.0? Friday, Jan. 27? Locations? Alternate times? Any interest?
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Mailto:s in posts, acceptable or not?

Mailto:s in posts, acceptable or not?
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January 16

Spoofing bug

fandango_matt found a spoofing bug here.
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User number bug

26434 members | You are logged in as: dersins / logout

it's been stuck at 26434 for an awfully long time, hasn't it?
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Post titles need improving

"Title of Post:
(for RSS and page titles)"
That's what it says next to a key field on the MeFi link submission form. But it's a part of posting that seems not to get the same level of craft and care as the link and body. This is a call (from a recent RSS convert) for more attention to making good titles. [more inside]
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Who's had a post, comment or thread deleted on Mefi?

Who's had a post, comment or thread deleted on Mefi? As I was posting to a MetaTalk item, it had already been deleted - this isn't new. Post/thread deletions are getting all too common here on the blue. Trolling, flame-outs, newsfilter posts and other lame FPP's seem to garnish enough merit to remain active in 'big brothers' eyes so I ask you, have you been edited on the blue and if so, what was it you said?

I know I've said some stupid shit that I wished I could have pulled but I don't think I want the Mefi police deciding that for me.
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self-link trainwreck in progress

Err, self-link trainwreck in progress on the blue. Thanks, that is all.
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Greasemonkey Killfile

Here's a little Greasemonkey script that filters out posts by any users you don't want to read on Metafilter (if you use Firefox).

If you want to use it, download Greasemonkey and restart your Firefox if you haven't already. Then click on the first link and then the Greasemonkey install button on the top right hand corner.

By default, it only filters on single Mefi article pages, not on preview or on Metatalk, but you could easily change the Included Pages. By default, it filters out ParisParamus and dios as users but you could very easily download this to your local drive and edit it -- or I'd put up any other variations that were useful (or even come up with a way for you to edit preferences from the program).

This was fun. Was it a good idea? Discuss.
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"civilrights.metafilter.com" hangs over the right edge of the SideBlog

"civilrights.metafilter.com" hangs over the right edge of the SideBlogTM and makes the page too wide, generating an annoying horizontal scroll bar in my Firefox.
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who else is a Dan man (or woman)?

Dr.Wu; any major dude; who else is a Dan man (or woman)?
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Montreal MeFi Meetup!

Montreal MeFi Meetup! It's been almost a year and amberglow is back in town this week between Tuesday and Friday evening. Anyone interested in drinks?
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Knowledge building over time.

An interesting aspect of the "filtration" on MetaFilter is chronological; and this aspect I think is often ignored, overlooked, or deprecated. [moronic inside]
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January 15

Linebreaks in preview on AskMe.

AskMe apparently trims line breaks from posts. I guess I understand this, but it would be nice if it also happened in the preview. In preview, my line breaks were still intact, so I hit the post button, and now my post looks a bit silly. Not the end of the world, but I figure it can't be intentional.
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Thread about deleted-post bookmarklet was closed prematurely.

I hate to push something more important off the front page for this, but I think this thread about the deleted-post bookmarklet was closed prematurely. [MI]
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Greasemonkey Killfile

Since some users previously indicated an interest in the capability, I've made available a Greasemonkey script which allows users to either highlight or filter out posts on Metafilter and its site siblings, based on conditional matching of text strings or patterns (author or content). Use it as-is or extend/morph the code for your own projects. Caveats apply: 1) this is very much a limited-test release 1.0 script and 2) though a professional coder, my eye for design elements ranges from mediocre to bad. To forestall the hypervigilant, this is a self-link and a pointer post was OK'd by Matt Haughey.
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Meetup: Jan 15, Ottawa

Ottawa meetup: Tonight only, 7pm or not too much later, at the Manx Pub on Elgin street. The first stop in amberglow's canadian tour. Don't miss it!
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Suggested use of robots.txt for better searching of MeFi and related subdomains

Robots.txt for the <tagname>.metafilter.com domains should exclude all rebots. Currently the robots reindex the entire site for each subdomain.
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What if these threats became real?

What would happen if someone on MeFi actually took up Smedleyman's disturbing offer to pay for plane fare out somewhere to put a gun to his head and pull the trigger?
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January 14

bookmarklet requested for askme

Paging whoever did the "detect deleted metafilter threads" bookmark: now that askme threads are being deleted, how about one for them?
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Bandwidth costs of snark

What uses less bandwith, posts that are calling out people being stupid or hypocritical, or MeTa posts that are calling out the deletion of posts that call out people that are being stupid or hypocritical?
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Meetup in NYC Jan. 14, 2006

Reminder: NYC Meetup Tonight. Info here.
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Forms in New Window

When I make a post (on Ask, not sure about the others), my post is appearing in another window with the preview window still hanging around in the first window. This never happened till yesterday. I'm on Safari, latest version.
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Fun was had at last night's meetup in Minneapolis

Well well well..that was a fun night at Britts.....
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January 13

Login Problems

I always have to login to MeFi twice for it to be recognized. The first time, after I submit my login info, it just takes me back to the FP and I'm not yet logged in. The second time, it always works. Anyone know what the deal is?
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So I had announced Last Comment Before Deletion on Projects....

So I had announced Last Comment Before Deletion on Projects. Then ND¢ had the bright idea of adding a section where wins could be recorded, which I added. However, it looks like I cannot go back and edit my Project, and even if I could, it would be way down at the bottom. Lucky for me, I am announcing it by way of this feature request, but please, think of future Projectees with the same problem. Love, poppo.
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An interesting combination of sleazy and forthright

mrhappybanjo, here's looking at you. (askme thread + a post to projects for the store in askme)
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Can anyone help me find it?

There was a funny anecdote posted in either AskMe or normal ole Metafilter about project priorities, where someone was telling about an initial list at their workplace being A-D, and by the end the highest was like AAAAA+ and nothing was less than A. Can anyone help me find it? I found it funny and want to note its URL for posterity's sake.
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Metafilter is ridiculous this morning (1/13/06)

The Front Page this morning is ridiculous. A post about a non-existent blog asking for money. A post about nothing! (And crappy nothing to boot.) A newsfilter post about, well, news, that's supposed to be outrageous somehow. And then a post that 1) leads with a previous MeFi post, 2) is mostly predicated on one picture. If you don't have the makings for a good FPP, you don't. It's ok, you can post something good when you come across something good.
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Twin Cities meetup January 2006

Twin Cities Meetup: Minneapolitans and St. Paulis, we're meeting at Brit's Pub in downtown Mpls at 7 p.m. [Prior thread]
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Importing Blogroots threads into MetaFilter.

Would it be possible to import the old Blogroots threads into Metafilter proper, perhaps under the "blogroots" tag? Just for posterity's sake.
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Where do deleted comments go?

Mommy, where do deleted comments go after they're deleted?
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January 12

Error Occurred While Processing Request

When trying to select a best answer on this thread, I get:
Error Occurred While Processing Request
Error Executing Database Query.
[Macromedia][SQLServer JDBC Driver][SQLServer]Procedure 'askmeficomments' expects parameter '@timezone', which was not supplied.

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Just made an FPP, but it hasn't shown up on the front page.

Just made an FPP, but it hasn't shown up on the front page.
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I behaved myself, but there seem to be loopholes

Having just made an FPP, I can still get to the posting page by pasting the "post_good.mefi" link. I can also put in any user id and it still gets me into preview. I didn't dare to hit post though to see if that works, but I thought I'd point it out.
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AskMe Policy

I'm as much for self-induced liver damage as the next guy, but some questions should not be answered. And thus, should not be asked.
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Photos of LA meetup by DaShiv

Photos of last night's Los Angeles meetup.
posted by DaShiv to MetaFilter Gatherings at 4:55 PM PST - 22 comments

Civility in Canadian politics thread.

Hildegarde, please clarify. Am I, or anyone else in this thread a "homophobic fuck"?
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Reasons given for deletion in MeFi

Looks like we have blue-style deletion in the green now! Yay! That sort of feedback loop is a good thing. (Besides, I enjoy reading reasons for deletion.)
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Tasteless Humor

Witty isn't.
posted by wakko to Etiquette/Policy at 12:23 PM PST - 178 comments

"New comments" should be a link from category pages

New comments on category pages. I'm not marking this a bug, because I don't want to be asinine about it. [más adentro]
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AskMe Errors

What just happened to AskMefi? For about five minutes all the insides had the "nothing to see here" page or a strange error page. Anyone else? I thought my work had finally gotten around to banning it. I started working on my resume...
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Option for opening links in a new window?

I would like to have a setting for AskMefi and MetaTalk for opening links in a new window.
posted by furvyn to Feature Requests at 5:26 AM PST - 31 comments

search for URLs for FPPs

In response to the inordinate number of doubles recently (e.g.) which begin:
MeFite A: Look! This is my link!
MeFite B: This is nice
MeFite A: sorry, double, delete

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January 11

AskMe diversity

I'm trying to sell my french horn [more inside]
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Did you disable unicode support in profiles?

Hey, matt. Did you disable unicode support in profiles? [more inside]
posted by ハッカー to MetaFilter-Related at 9:27 PM PST - 22 comments

AskMe CSS Bug?

Ask MeFi CSS Bug? Best answers aren't highlighted anymore. Firefox 1.5 Windows XP, no changes since yesterday when things worked fine.
posted by riffola to Bugs at 4:27 PM PST - 7 comments [closed]

Display reasons for deletions on the deleted post?

Thanks to bloglines, I often see Ask MeFi questions that were deleted in my updates, only to see the "Nothing to see here, move along..." error when I try to view the question. This bothers me, for some reason. Is there any way to make the page for a deleted question show why the question was deleted?

For example, why was this deleted? It doesn't seem out of scope for Ask MeFi:

"If you could take a sabbatical from everything in your life, what would you pursue? Forget the job, forget the kids, forget the mortgage. Take one year of your life and do something inspirational, heroic, adventurous, altruisitic, or any adjective. Do not worry about money, do not worry about health insurance, do not worry about coming back. What would you pursue, why would you choose it, and how would you do it?"
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Cached copy of the front page stuck somewhere

The top three links on this page do not appear on the main page, despite not being deleted. It seems that a cached copy of the front page has gotten stuck somewhere.
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Project Memory Wiki

I run a project called MemoryWiki that collects and archives personal memories. I was wondering if I could repost some short memoirs from MetaFilter, namely, those on "life changing experiences" found here here. I will of course include a note on every memoir I repost stating that the source is Metafilter (and I'll include a hyperlink). MemoryWiki is non-profit (it's really just a hobby). Is this kosher? Thanks.
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LA Meetup

Reminder! Los Angeles Meetup tonight! Bring your pectoral region and a burrito. It's Golden Gopher starting whenever you get there.
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how... professional

thanks for the white
posted by andrew cooke to MetaFilter-Related at 10:38 AM PST - 40 comments

"add tag" bug in safari redirects

Clicking on "add tag" within an existing post using Safari redirects to the front page before any tags can be added. (Forgive me, if this has been pointed out before... I did several searches but couldn't find the magic search terms to narrow it down to anything specific)
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Out-of-context links

hay uh what?
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Metafilter links don't open new windows

I can't get my links to open in a new window (I used the target="_blank" tag). Is this a bug, is it intentional, or am I doing something irredeemably stupid?
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Front page broken?

Is front page posting broken, or was there just nothing to talk about in the last 11 hours?
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CSS is mildly messed up

Wish you hadn't closed this thread so quickly, #1. CSS is mildly messed up (in addition to continuing problems you've noticed before) after your header fix on the plain-text theme, at least in IE (which I must use at work).
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January 10

Follow up on the Nuclear Threat.

Follow up on the Nuclear Threat. [mi]
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ETag and Last-Modified headers wanted

I suggest adding the ETag and Last-Modified HTTP headers to all the pages and feeds to allow for HTTP response "304 Not Modified" in case the content hasn't been changed.
Advantages: Saves about 10-20% bandwidth/resources, and improves the coverage and freshness of search engines.
posted by Sharcho to Feature Requests at 5:56 PM PST - 9 comments

My Comments link at top in plain text?

Any chance of a link to My Comments from the top of the plain text theme? It'd be much appreciated from my scroll-mouse-less office
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Combative and snarky - keep up the good work

MeFi has been particularly combative and snarky lately. Keep up the good work.
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Is there a reason why the RSS feed doesn't use pubDate?

Is there a reason why the RSS feed doesn't use pubDate?
posted by team lowkey to Feature Requests at 3:11 PM PST - 13 comments

Metafilter error: gnarly errors from ColdFusion when updating threads not available for update.

Error when trying to post on the blue:
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Is it possible that permalinks after our comments could work like anchor tags?

Is it possible that permalinks after our comments could work like anchor tags? I'm forever having to scroll up to links or open new tabs when a click up would add usability.
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London Meetup!?

London Meetup!? Further to Ludwig_van's question about getting gigs in London since moving over to study from Pittburgh, I propose a meetup at the gig we're arranging. February 18th, Chiswick, anyone?
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January 9

The tags have gone missing from the ebay scam question.

Tag conveniently gone missing?. Like many others, I've been following the askme thread originally posted by airnxtz where he is found to be a scammer and where hopefully we will soon have word about the consequences of his scamming. Normally I search for this thread by looking at the "all posts tagged ebay", but the question is no longer listed on that page. In fact once I found the question, I see that it no longer has the ebay tag or any other tag. I assume that though airnxtz has lost his posting privileges, he still has the privilege to edit his own tags and has done so. Otherwise, what happened to the tag and can we get it back?
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I've tweaked the way subdomains work on MetaFilter.

As I hinted at last week, I've tweaked the way subdomains work on MetaFilter. So if you really want to follow IraqFilter, ArtFilter, AppleFilter, GoogleFilter or even BatshitinsaneFilter, now you can.
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The MeFi Wiki appears to be spammed, Captain.

The MeFi Wiki appears to be spammed, Captain.
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People are derailing this perfectly decent home-furnishing AskMe

People are derailing this perfectly decent home-furnishing AskMe with a more-heat-than-light debate about a perennial hot-button issue. Maybe take the debate to MeTa and leave the green to window coverings?
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Do we need to start using our legal names?

In light of this new law, do you suppose having our real names (which are optional) in our profiles enough, or would it be prudent to allow users to change their aliases into their real names?
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Why don't you put your email address in your profile?

It's good to see you. You're looking well, but I'm curious about something. Why don't you put your email address in your profile? It's just something I've been wondering about so I thought I'd raise it as a way of encouraging people to add their email to their profile page - go on, nothing bad will happen. In fact, good things might just follow.
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January 8

"Capital and Stratification within Virtual Community: A Case Study of Metafilter.com"

After much discussion, debate and support, here my defended (and revised) thesis: "Capital and Stratification within Virtual Community: A Case Study of Metafilter.com". [mi]
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South Florida meetup

South Florida meetup?
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Link to tags on question page

When I'm posting a question on Ask MeFi, I would find it convenient for the question form page to feature a link to the Tags page. For the tag function to be a maximum value, it would seem to me that one should use the tags the group has consensually declared to be the appropriate tags for the subject. Obviously, you can access the tags page in other ways, but a link right there would be nice.
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Philadelphia Meetup

Reminder: Philly meetup tonight at 8 pm at Monk's.
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Highlight AskMe responses by OP

In AskMeFi, there is first the question. Then maybe 5 replies down there is a response by the person who asked the question. But they don't often identify themselves as the original poster, and it is not always obvious that it is the original poster and if I am down the page I have forgotten their username. Is there a way to highlite responses by the original poster? Or a way to make them stand out?
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January 7

What's the relationship between cookies and the CaptchaImage?

What's the relationship between cookies and the CaptchaImage?

I've been playing with Firefox's cookie settings, trying to make it so that I don't have to login to MeFi every time. I can't seem to make it work. Given that we're using the CaptchaImage to prevent automated posting - will this ever work? Or will I always need to login each time I come to the site (once I've closed my browser)?
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A grand experiment in this phenomenon

Is y2karl's compulsive 'make huge extract, link and run' behaviour a grand experiment in this phenomenon?
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Pony Request: Highlight 'fantastic comment' flagged posts like AskMe's 'best answers'

It's possible for an AskMeFi poster to mark responses as best answers. It's possible for anyone to flag an answer as a fantastic comment. Why not amalgamate the two and have all the top answers in one place? Then, why not highlight all comments flagged as fantastic in AskMeFi, MetaFilter and MetaTalk the way best answers are currently highlighted in AskMeFi?
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Why does mousing over a user's comment show username instead of user number?

In Metatalk and Ask Metafilter, when previewing a comment, mousing over a username produces their /username.mefi/username, instead of their user number. Why? [more inside]
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January 6

Askme tag/best answer collision

In AskMetafilter, if the tags box extends into a highlighted "best answer" box, the two collide instead of readjusting for each other. This includes a text wrap-around. I demand perfection down to the pixel.
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CSS-customized user pages

CSS-customized user pages: Possible ever again, or nothing more than the fever-dream of a madman? [mi]
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DNS wildcard and google crawler

It's possible that DNS wildcards on metafilter.com are causing problems for the Google crawler. I suggest deleting the redundant DNS entries, and using a 301 redirect for http://metafilter.com/ to go to http://www.metafilter.com/
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Projects formatting is suboptimal

projects doesn't have the usual wonderful (and i don't mean that at all) auto-format line break thing. but preview preserves html markup. so i'm kinda pissed that posting deletes the markup i added, leaving me with a lumpy squashed-together run-on paragraph thing.

how about some consistency in the use interfaces round here?
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New York City Meetup

NYC meetup, Saturday Jan 14th...
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January 5

Metafilter uptime and performance has been excellent lately

Metafilter uptime and performance has been excellent lately; Pages load in an instant and I haven't seen a JRun error in weeks. Thanks Matt!
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Boston meetup January 2006

Reminder. By community consensus a Boston Meetup is happening this Friday, beginning at 7:00 to 7:30 PM at the Publick House on Beacon St. in Brookline, MA. Let's show those NYC show-offs what for.

Need to coordinate further? Post here!
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Meetup with Da Shiv in LA, Jan. 2006

It is with great pleasure that I announce the Return of DaShiv and His Magic Camera to L.A.!
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Searching Profile Pages

Is there a way to search user profile pages for certain words? I was trying to add a 'MetaGame' keyword to my page for use by geekily Mefites to match up in online games (MMORPGs, Live!, Nintendo Wifi, etc) for some constructive combat from the safety of our Mom's basement.

Am I missing something obvious, or is the a pony that could be coaxed to life?
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Ottawa (1/15-17) and/or Montreal (1/17-20) Meetups?

Oh Canada! Ottawa (1/15-17) and/or Montreal (1/17-20) Meetups?
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Gothamist Loves AskMeta

NYC blog Gothamist loves AskMeta!
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Share your MeFiSwap experiences

Those of you who participated in the most recent MeFiSwap: How many CDs have you received?
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MeFi Press mention: Washington Post

WaPo "In a recent discussion on the MetaFilter community blog"
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doubling the number of columns and rows in the post and comment textareas

To improve usability, might I suggest doubling the number of columns and rows in the post and comment textareas? I promise to brush it and feed it twice a day, pretty please!
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January 4

Stuck inside comment previews

Please include a link to the thread itself when stuck inside comment preview mode.
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Does anyone remember a link to an online publisher that was posted in the last couple of months?

Does anyone remember a link to an online publisher that was posted in the last couple of months? It was a print/pay as you go thing. As in, if someone orders the book, they print, send and charge. I've searched MeFi and have nothing.
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Is Newsfilter down?

WTFilter - Is anything wrong with the NewsFilter? Ariel Sharon had a massive stroke over 1.5 hours ago, and there's nothing in the blue? [more inside]
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Marking a question to check back on it

Is there a way to flag a question in AskMe (not one of my own) so I can go back to it several hours later and read the comments that have accumulated? Am I missing some obvious functionality that does that? Currently, if I want to check back on a question, I have to remember what the question was and sift through (potentially) loads of other questions that have been asked since. Thanks!
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This post breaks the RSS code.

The MeFi RSS code escapes the ampersand in this post. It shouldn't.
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'otherwise you're no better than any other date rapist'

'otherwise you're no better than any other date rapist': fair comment? [mi]
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January 3

Philly Meetup, January 2006

Philly meetup! This Sunday, January 8th at 8 pm at Monk's at 16th & Spruce.
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Twin Cities meetup....

Twin Cities meetup: Since the last attempt meetup seems to have been either unfortunate or nonexistent, how's about it? Mpls/St.Paul-ers? Shall we try to sneak something in before a cold front blows through?
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You have got to be joking? No. Considering the number of self-links that we've been having lately, I think that it's worth everyone's time to appreciate people who are keeping their eyes open for them, and to give them credit for trying, even if that particular link turned out to be a dud.
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MeFi is weirdly halting and slow

MeFi is weirdly halting and slow whenever I load the site, or click into a thread. So, noticing my status bar, what I does is, I adds js.spellcheckthis.com to the 'Block retrieval of URL' list in my favorite local-proxy-crud-removing app, and fazowie, it's snappy again. I know some people love their spellcheckers, but if it's having the same effect on everyone, it seems like a... suboptimal solution.
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over a barrel

Self link: 1.2 million barrels a day by November
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January 2

Boston meetup January 2006

Boston Meetup! Inspired by donpedro's thread, anybody interested in a Boston meetup this week?
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Mexico City Meetup

Mexico City Meetup! January 4th at 7pm scarabic and I will be at the (unfortunately named) Yuppie's Sports Bar, 5208-2267, Génova 34 - it's in the Zona Rosa, near the intersection with Hamburgo. We'll be enjoying cervezas and the Rose Bowl broadcast. Ven a tomar un trago con nos ostros!
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Roasted chicken recipe

Upon reading this thread about roasting a chicken, I got a hankering for it. Our local grocery was having a special so I got 2 4lb chickens, and roasted one this evening, and boiled the other for chicken salad. [More Inside]
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Too Much Trolling

There seems to be a contingent of people on this website (we all know who they are) who feel the need to pollute threads that would be otherwise relevant, reasonable, and/or interesting. They come in, spew their opinion, and then proceed to turn thought-provoking material into a three ring circus. After having to sift through heaps of vitrol to find comments that even remotely relate to the topic at hand twice today, I've had enough. Your need to have your last word in a public meeting space that prides itself on civil, topical conversation is disgustingly revealing of your immaturity and arrogance. As a user of this site who is primarily a lurker, I want to make a statement on behalf of those people who come here for the fascinating content: If you feel the need to troll and argue, shut up already.
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I've decided to make myself scarce. Just saying thanks, good luck, and goodbye. (more)
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Cleanup on aisle 47964

Can we please get a cleanup of the OS WARZ!!1! type horsehockey in the WMF exploit thread? The noise isn't helping. Also - and I personally really, really hate to say this - but it might be advisable to disable the IMG tag temporarily. I love the IMG tag. Temporarily.
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January 1

San Francisco meetup in January

Hey, SF, wanna have a MeFi Meetup in January?
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Ask.Mefi RSS isn't updating

It's broke again. The Ask.Mefi RSS isn't updating.

the XML yields:
XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
Location: http://ask.metafilter.com/rss.xml
Line Number 156, Column 18:
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Broken link on front page

The 1.1.2006 link on the front page seems to be broken.
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Safari crashing

Something is causing my Safari 2.0.2 on Mac OS X 10.4.3 to crash after I've typed three or four characters into the "post comment" textarea on any MeFi site.

It doesn't happen with the "Post a thread" textarea, as evidenced by this post...
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I'm testing out a new ajaxy spellchecker

I'm testing out a new ajaxy spellchecker here on MetaTalk for the next couple days. Let me know if you find it better/more useful/buggy. If all goes well, it could be carried over to every textarea on the server.
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What were your favorite FPPs/threads of 2005?

Immediate Nostalgia Filter: What were your favorite FPPs/threads of 2005? Favorite AskMe questions/threads?
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Missing logo on subsite

Why does stat.metafilter.com not load the logo, or other images associated with the header?
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Happy New Year!

Now that all of North America and Europe (where apparently >99% of us are) have passed into 2006, what are MetaFilterer's predictions for upcoming events this year?

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