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January 31

Searching for 3D Terrain program mefi thread.

Looking for a MeFi thread about a guy who created his own 3D terrain program from the ground-up. [more inside]
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Vancouver Meetup

So, as previously discussed a bunch of us are getting together tonight in Vancouver
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Banner Ads

How long has MeFi been serving banner ads at the bottom of closed threads to logged-in users?
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Favorite comment/post bug

If someone marks post number x as a favorite, and someone else marks comment number x as a favorite, they both end up on the same "n users marked this as a favorite" page, even though they're referring to different items.
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I remember a mefite having to spend some days in jail. Did s/he get out?

I remember a mefite having to spend some days in jail. It was via an askme question about what should this member do with her/his time.

I searched a couple hundred posts, and I tagged jail, prison, and bighouse. I can't find this person.

1. Who was this?
2. Did this person get out?
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Taking a dim view of a certain user

Why does MetaFilter revolve around Dios? Isn't this a community of circa 50,000? It feels like everyday there is another Dios soap opera. I dread clicking on post comments anymore because chances are it will be more about him rather than the post.
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January 30

Shoutout for a question about honey and its interaction with bread.

PositiveFeedbackCalloutFilter:This question is why I love Metafilter. To me, it has all the makings of a classic AskMe. An honest query about an obscure topic, multiple knowledgeable responses, an offer to experiment, and an idea for lunch tomorrow!
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I don't care what you like

AskMe Guidelines: "If I like x, what will I also like?" Chatfilter or just supremely irritating? Or do I just have a pickle up my ass again?
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I'm sorry about my post

I'm sorry about my post
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Is there a limit to the number of jobs you can post at one time?

Trying to post three jobs to, well, Jobs. I got one posted. The "new job" link lets me fill out the form again, but no matter what I do I can't get it to post. All fields are filled, no error is being thrown. Is there a limit to the number of jobs you can post at one time?
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batshitinsane one of mefi's most popular tags

Huh. While reading Occasional Superheroine, I came across this post, in which she discusses her reaction to her blog's MetaFilter appearance, which was tagged as "batshitinsane." As this particular tag has a special place in my heart, I was surprised to see that batshitinsane is now one of MetaFilter's most popular tags, with over 200 posts tagged as such. My baby's all grown up now!
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AskMeFi RSS feed

AskMeFi RSS feed: Could use some sort of delineation between the question text and the More Inside text.
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Cancergiggles has passed away this month

Cancergiggles has passed away this month. I found this out when browsing ask.me cancer posts, one of which linked to his blog.
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Christian Fundamentalism Post Should Stay

I object to the knee-jerk deletion of posts about Christian fundamentalism. I think it's an interesting issue, and should have a place on the site.
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Askme: answer the question or get out

Dios, can you please either answer the question or simply avoid pooping in the thread?
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January 29

Why did you delete my post?

For the record, this was heard previously, but never (unless someone can correct me) seen. [more inside]
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Selflinking to youtube is ok?

Would a youtube video created by myself and another member be appropriate for Projects? The FAQ seems to discourage posting something like that...On the other hand we have put a ton of effort & time into it and think it would be enjoyed by the community.
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More than one feedback per project please

Should it be possible to leave feedback for the same project more than once? I left Caffeine_Monkey a piece of feedback that is sure to confuse him, as it was actually meant for a different project.
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How do people feel about movie "link-dump" posts?

Considering how well the Pan's Labyrinth thread is going-- how do people feel about the idea of a series of similar 'link-dump' FPPs about other Academy Award nominees? [mi]
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January 28

Jessamyn on woot.com? No.

Jessamyn Spotting: “What are we gonna do, Mal?” pled Jessamyn, in a voice near hysterics.

(2nd line under Product Info)
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Music filetype?

When I try and upload Pendulem.mp3 file size 4,191 KB this is what I get in return. Help what am I doing wrong?

The MIME type of the uploaded file "audio/mp3" was not accepted by the server.

Only files of type "audio/mpeg, audio/mpg, audio/x-mpeg, audio/mpeg3, audio/x-mp3" can be uploaded.
Verify that you are uploading a file of the appropriate type.
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we have prepubescent young fans!

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Boston meetup photos: January 26, 2007

Boston Meetup Photos start here and move forward. From this weekend's meetup, not last weekend's meetup.
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1500 Anonyme strong

Our most troubled of AskMe users, Anonymous, notches up 1500 questions.
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January 27

MeFi Music - is it only for music?

MeFi Music - is it only for music? I've been writing some short (>7 mins) stand-up skits recently, and was wondering if mp3's of same would be an acceptable music post, especially as the feedback would be extremely useful...
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illegal askme

"I forgot to mention that what I'm doing is not illegal and oh, I'm just asking for a friend anyways." (But it IS illegal.)
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RPM Challenge

So. The write-and-record-an-album-in-Februrary RPM Challenge thing. Who's doing it? Who still needs convincing? [Recently, on mefi]
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User Shoutouts

Callout time- I'd like to publicly thank both Aidan Kehoe and Your Time Machine Sucks for taking time from their busy lives to help me remember some good times and help bring some memories for me into better focus.
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January 26

Can we get an RSS Feed?

How about an RSS Feed for the sidebar?
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I miss the image tag

Bring back the image tag redux? Not exactly, but sort of. A call for volunteers who are still jonesing for the embedded image to spring to beta testing action and get their fix. An image tag recourse until Matt Haughey changes his mind or the four winds we know blow away.
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I see ads

Signed in. Yet, I see an at&t ad on the blue and green. Is this kosher?
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Boston meetup 1/26/07

Boston meetup tonight at 6:30.
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MeFi makes ink in the Globe and Mail

Good news, bad news. The good news: Metafilter got a shoutout today in the National edition of Canada's Globe and Mail newspaper (along with boing boing, and a couple others: story here). The bad news? Something called metafilter.org. Oh well, he nearly got it right. And it does redirect to Mefi. One step forward....
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DC/MD/VA Meetup?

It is definitely the season for another DC/MD/VA meet-up since I was out of town for the last one. I might even give Terrapin a shout-out. I am thinking Dr. Dremos, Busboys and Poets, or perhaps somewhere in downtown DC. Let me know if anyone's available in February and we'll make something good happen. First round is on me, by the way.
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elide, elide, elide

I would like to thank parmanparman for unleashing the snark beautifully. The delivery was perfect.
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I freely admit that this post of mine was not outstanding

I freely admit that this post of mine was not outstanding. But, even though Sandwichgirl had been linked to on MeFi before, that was over two years ago, and this was something unusual even for her.
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Please fix my HTML mistake.

I think I broke this thread with a malformed tag. Please hope me?
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Isn't this post of mine not really an "XYZ sucks, amirite" question?

Isn't this post of mine not really an "XYZ sucks, amirite" question? Looking at the answers I think it's more asking about the lack of cultural awareness of him while he has such success in Britain. Could understand it being deleted for being open-ended, but not the 'amirite' part.
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Video maker comments

This thread, which starts with a YouTube link to a video made by an autistic woman, was fascinating in it's own right, but now has a long comment added by the maker of the video.
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Why Recent Favorites Activity?

Is this an Ask Mefi Popular Favorites bug? I pulled up the page this morning and this creepy thread was nestled right under a bunch of threads from 1/26 and 1/25, with a bunch more from 1/25 following it. Is it because a few people recently favorite-d it (it says 5 favorites on the main pop page), and if so, how did they all find it just now? Were a bunch of people recently searching for the answer to this question on Ask MeFi? (shudder)
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January 25

Love you Portland!

Just wanted to shout-out some thanks to them's that truly deserves it... (more inside)
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Time for video.metafilter.com?

Time for video.metafilter.com?
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Ajax for Projects

Projects just got the ajax treatment, and seems to be working great. Try it and see.
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We give smoking advice to minors.

We give smoking advice to minors.
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Closing Dates for Jobs

In the Jobs section: it would be nice if closing dates for jobs was a field to be filled in and displayed within the post. Barring that, this is a request for job posters to not post something if the closing date is the very next day, as was the first posting in this post (imo, even a weeks notice is difficult, but that's more debatable). This applies especially if you have to dig to find the information.
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Azeroth Meetup

Mefi meet-up on Azeroth, tonight on the Maelstrom server at 8pm EST. Come one, come all to be part of a re-birth of "The Blue" Guild. More inside!
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RSS Title Length

Make "titles" in MetaTalk RSS feed longer? (more)
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Adding Favorites

This is the thread where we say that the "add favorites from page" icon being tested rocks.
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Most sexist lyrics pissing match most unexpected

A thread that reads like a piss-contest between participants who can quote the most sexist lyrics they can think of is not what I'd expect from AskMefi.

Maybe I am mistaken, but from the tag "who goes the hardest on these boards?" I don't think the post is anything but "entertainment" at the expense of women.
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AskMe Proxies?

Did anyone else get an email yesterday from "a new member" saying you had a "friendly profile" and asking you to post a question for him since he'd "just joined" and couldn't yet post an askme? Monochromaticgirl and I both did and thought it was odd--especially since we don't have very friendly profiles.

Maybe we're just jerks, but we thought it was odd.
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Funny eyes

Is it just me, or does everyone else's eyes go funny after reading MetaFilter for some time?
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January 24

Ear to the ground.

This is pretty cool.
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Commercial Link in FPP?

I'm putting together a FPP about a certain inimitable cartoonist. I've found a place that has a lot of said cartoonist's strips available to view online. Great! But I'm concerned about linking to it because it's a commercial site. Pros: It's the most extensive collection of this artist's work online as far as I can tell. Cons: They're selling something. I'd like to include the page in my FPP but I'm not sure if it would be appropriate.
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Meetup Protocol

Meetup protocol: do you reveal your username, real name, or both? Is there an expectation as far as this?
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Yet another London Meetup?

Yet another London Meetup?
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Roller rink meetup

Following this most fantastic post, I'm inviting NYC-area Mefites to join me on the roller rink this Friday.
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January 23

Meet in Chicago this week?

Chicago area meetup(ish) events this week? [more inside]
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Boston Meetup, try again?

Boston Meetup, try again? This Friday, the 26th. [mi]
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Can perennial AskMe questions be grouped for easier reference?

Ask Metafilter: some intuitive interface to Time-Periodic Frequently Asked Questions...(more inside)
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January 22

Taking money from the bad guys

Could the AT&T graphic in the advertisement on the front page be replaced by the EFF Death Star image? That would make it less disturbing.
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Bad Question for AskMe

"There's no way random strangers can help you with this." Strongly agreed. This type of question does not belong on ask metafilter. Too many variables and no detail whatsoever.
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Toronto Meetup

Okay, I realize this may ridiculous and silly but... any Toronto MeFites interested in grabbing a drink... Tonight? Say, Annex or Danforth or Roncy, 9:30 or 10ish? I'm bored and it's apparently the saddest day of the year.
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Let me google that for you

Should questions like this be deleted?
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Philly Meetup

Let's (preemptively) welcome god particle to philly and make him drink lager. Philly meetup.
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January 21

Vancouverites, unite!

Vancouver Meetup?

I have claimed, on many,many,many occasions that I will be at a meetup, but, as yet, have not showed. I'm not so flaky as to not turn up for one I've organised myself, surely? (I'm not.) Anyone interested?
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Boston Meetup: January 2007

Pictures from yesterday's Boston meetup, otherwise known as World's Smallest MeFi Meetup EVOR!
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I only whine because I care.

I only whine because I care.
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What's the best way to search for a post on MetaFilter?

Howdy. I'm searching for a post that I think was made here awhile back of people carrying ridiculous amounts of stuff while riding a bike. I can't find it [maybe it wasn't here]. Anyway, in the course of searching for it I also took a gander through the FAQ in the hopes that I could find information on the best way to search MeFi... [mi]
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My Comments have an unclosed tag

My "My Comments" page cut off one of my long comments that used a "small" tag, and now everything on that page is in small text. Help?
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January 20

21 months away...

So, if this is election minutiae, is this? And can we assume that a ElectionFilter FPP formulated like this is OK?
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January 19

#2 is #1!

I like to poo ?
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Where do Metafilter people meet their mates online?

Where do Metafilter people meet their mates online?
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A helpful, open place where the emphasis is on sniping

Since it seems the moderators are not reading the thread below, in which the community decided it was perfectly acceptable to launch personal attacks against a person whose only transgression was using the site as it's supposed to be used, I'm bringing it up as its own topic here. Nasty comments that serve no function in helping the poster find a solution are not allowed in AskMe. Allowing them in MeTa -- again, not because the poster has made some transgression or broken some site rule, but simply because he's fat or lonely or makes too much money or whatever else the community has deemed unacceptable today -- seems a completely shitty way of getting around the rules in AskMe, and seems to completely undermine what we as a community are trying to create there: A helpful, open place where the emphasis is on solving problems, not sniping.
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Meetup: Buenos Aires?

Buenos Aires meetup? I have a project that involves eating a lot of ice cream and I could use some help. It would be great to combine ice cream and a meetup. Before the end of the month would be great. Possibly next weekend, 26 or 27 January?
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January 18

AJAXy goodness best thing since sliced bread

So it's been a few weeks. May we please have AJAXy goodness applied to favorites across the *.metafilter.com sites?
posted by youarenothere to Feature Requests at 2:37 PM PST - 28 comments

Categories for Favorites

Would it be possible to allow users to set up categories for favorites, similar to what YouTube lets you do? I find myself favoriting comments/threads in a few particular areas (copyright, politics, music, misc. funny/memorable, etc.) so it would be useful to be able to categorize them a bit, especially as my number of favorites continues to grow. You could have set categories or preferably, allow the user to name their own.

(I did a quick search and didn't see this asked but apologies if it's already been suggested.)
posted by Jaybo to Feature Requests at 12:13 PM PST - 13 comments

Matt on BoingBoing's podcast.

Matt on BoingBoing's podcast. The question remains - will mathowie's voice sound like I imagine? I imagine he sounds like a cross between Barry White and Barry Gibb.
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Nike+ipod Fitness challenge anyone

I am new to Nike+iPod, and am having fun with it, but I don't know anyone else who has it so I have no one to challenge. What say we (and by "we" I mean you, if you have Nike+iPod and are willing to play along) list our screennames in this thread?
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January 17

Is there a way to search members by location?

I swear I remember a way to find users from a specific locale- but I can't seem to conjure up a search-string that will do what I want, which is to find users in and around Munich and Berlin, Germany.

The rasion d'etre of my search is that I've found some 1500 photographs I took there 30 years ago, and I'd like some assistance in determining locations/stories.
posted by pjern to Etiquette/Policy at 11:33 PM PST - 20 comments

Can this guy be real?

I feel like a jerk even saying this, cuz maybe this is totally legit, but can this guy be real? He has 7 kids and still has time to have sex 12 to 14 times a week? He makes 500-750k? He made straight 'A's all his life without studying? Yet he was always popular? I didn't want to call him out in the thread. Maybe he's totally for real. Maybe he's just slightly exhagerating. Maybe this question is too open ended and everyone will proceed to flame me. (Bring it on flamers!) But.... Thoughts?
posted by serazin to Etiquette/Policy at 9:28 PM PST - 178 comments [closed]

Mathowie on boingboing

So our favorite via site has a podcast. Number 1 is on the most recent episode.
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what's behind Niagara falls?

I'm just admiring the sidebar blog for the question it currently asks, and answers.
posted by eriko to MetaFilter-Related at 3:20 PM PST - 41 comments

New shade of green for AskMe?

Am I going crazy, or has Ask MeFi turned a darker shade of green recently?
posted by Spike to MetaFilter-Related at 12:18 PM PST - 64 comments

Boston meetup this Saturday night

Reminder and possible change of venue for Boston meetup this Saturday night.
posted by mds35 to MetaFilter Gatherings at 9:37 AM PST - 29 comments

Great answers are great!

Which AskMefi questions have elicited great responses or answers - the sort that just perfectly answer the question, or those where what seems like a long shot is serendipitously answered by the perfect person? Looking at the "metafilterhistory" tag, I found this and this, but are there others?
posted by divabat to MetaFilter-Related at 2:11 AM PST - 50 comments

January 16

MeFi Callout

I don't usually call out bad posts in MeTa, but a Single Link Op Ed (to the WSJ OpJournal, no less) by the author of the classic racist screed "The Bell Curve" (though I Foody may disagree) which is a classic of "stating the obvious" ("Half of all children are below average... except in Lake Wobegon") is NOT the Best of the Web. It's not even worthy of me making a smart ass comment in the thread. Delete with extreme prejudice, mattamyn.
posted by wendell to MetaFilter-Related at 2:01 PM PST - 80 comments

658 days until the 2008 US elections

There are 658 days between now and the 2008 election in the United States of America. Can we please not start the daily posting of unpostworthy campaign minutia 658 days out? Can we at least hold off until, say, 3 months prior to the election? I shutter in fear at the prospect of having this stuff devour Metafilter for the next 658 days, as we know from experience it will.

The subset of people who are boring obsessive interested enough in this to already care about this us-centric minutia are certainly the same subset of people who already read political blogs. Why does it need to be here?

Please save us, mathowie. You are our only hope.
posted by dios to Etiquette/Policy at 9:54 AM PST - 346 comments

World of Warcraft playas! Anyone visiting the Outlands this week?

Anyone visiting the Outlands this week? With an estimated 8 million participants worldwide, I figure there are a good number of Mefite Blood Elves and Dranaei starting out life at level 1 today. Can we get a show of hands with where you're situated, server-wise? We can host a dance party on top of the portal, or something.
posted by thanotopsis to MetaFilter Gatherings at 8:14 AM PST - 32 comments

Another favorites bug.

Another favorites bug.
posted by GuyZero to Bugs at 6:20 AM PST - 24 comments

January 15

Mindfuck Tag

Mindfuck is a tag that has been used only once on askmefi. I'm truly amazed. More people should be using this in the human relations section, I think. I'm sure it would suit many other categories as well. If people were more attuned to what a mindfuck is . . . then they wouldn't be posting a lot of those human relationship questions, I guess.
posted by Listener to MetaFilter-Related at 5:38 PM PST - 52 comments

Santa Barbara Meetup

Santa Barbarians - let's try again! Meet up at the end of January or beginning of February?
posted by k8t to MetaFilter Gatherings at 4:12 PM PST - 20 comments

New Mexico Meetup

Hello New Mexico ...
Anyone interested in a mefi gathering here?
posted by yohko to MetaFilter Gatherings at 1:31 PM PST - 6 comments

Sidebar History

Sidebar: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 years ago... 6, 7? I mean, I can type it in manually, but I figured I'd suggest it and see if enough people want it. And I'm not saying to go on indefinitely, could turn into "1, 2, 3, 5, 10, 15 years ago" over time, as per mathowie's decendants' wishes.
posted by Eideteker to Ticketstub Project at 10:44 AM PST - 33 comments

Enough with the fat jokes.

Enought with the fat haters already. The post was cute, was it really neccessary to mock the photographer's appearance?
posted by alltomorrowsparties to Etiquette/Policy at 1:08 AM PST - 142 comments

January 14

Where is the Vassilis Fotopoulos post?

Where is the Vassilis Fotopoulos post? There are currently four obits on front page; maybe we could just have a permanent link to the wikipedia page instead?
posted by meech to Etiquette/Policy at 7:48 PM PST - 77 comments

Montreal meetup Jan 2007

I'm in a PC Bang in Montreal thinking this... It's been a year and half since the last time a montreal meetup was planned and even more since the last successful one. How's Thursday at a place to be detirmined by knowledgable locals...

posted by sleslie to Bugs at 7:43 PM PST - 2 comments

Four Posts on the Same Death

After another four times dead post on the home page, I have a little suggestion to people out to FPP that someone is still dead.
posted by dw to Etiquette/Policy at 7:16 PM PST - 5 comments [closed]

AskMe mentionned in a Reddit post.

From a front-page post on Reddit this morning, here's a "Massive list of sites all self learners should know about" that includes a link to Ask Mefi, under "Questions"
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January 13

"Eat a pickle every day."

"Eat a pickle every day." [more inside]
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Music Guidelines

It says in bold that Mefi Music is a place for users to upload their own songs. I'm guessing that means original songs written by the user are being encouraged in order to avoid copyright infringement...? What about songs that aren't copywritten or are in the public domain, though? Are musicians welcome to post cover versions of old songs if royalty issues aren't a concern? Curious.
posted by miss lynnster to MetaFilter Music at 6:49 PM PST - 36 comments

Etiquette: is it OK to MeTa an open, updated AskMe?

Is it bad form to make a MeTa post that draws attention to a still open AskMe question I made a few weeks back that still remains unresolved and for which I now have new data that could help in it's resolution? Or do I need to bite the proverbial bullet and ask an entirely new question on the AskMe front page with a link back to the old question? I'll admit, I'm reluctant to do the latter because I'll now have to wait 2 weeks before I can ask another question, but I also want to see my question resolved. What's the consensus here?
posted by Effigy2000 to Etiquette/Policy at 3:08 PM PST - 8 comments [closed]

Deleted post blog

By semi-popular request, I present to you: Metafilter: The Deleted.
posted by Mach5 to MetaFilter-Related at 2:29 PM PST - 52 comments

Photos up

First pictures from last night's London shindig are now on the MeFi London Flickr group, including this group photo.
posted by randomination to MetaFilter Gatherings at 5:20 AM PST - 52 comments

Missing MeTa

I have never seen a completely disappeared MeTa post before today. Given what passes for normal on MetaTalk, I fear that there must have been a truly unspeakable horror contained within it to merit this special handling. Do I walk on dangerous ground, merely speaking that post's name? If so, I take it all back, I saw nothing, there never was a thread 1347... what was that number again? I forget now.
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January 12

amro on tv

Whoa, amro, you weren't kidding. I don't think even asavage has had that much face time on American network TV.
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Paging languagehat -- possible flameout in progress.

Paging languagehat -- possible flameout in progress.
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User Profile Page

Is there a page that links to all user profiles? Just curious.
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AskMe Etiquette

AskMe etiquette: is it OK to use AskMe answers as a lead-in for business? Someone close to me is a professional career counsellor/resume writer & I've thought of recommending they join MeFi specifically so they can join in answering job-related questions, with a thought to promoting their own services if people want more in-depth assistance. I'm absolutely NOT talking about a cookie-cutter spamish approach that purely takes advantage of the community while giving nothing in return, but real answers that help people out with an understated offer to provide something more substantial at a price. I see a lot of job- & career-related posts to AskMe & I see it as a good fit, but I'll only suggest it to them if I get a thumbs up from the hive.
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Saved Favorites Bug

saved favorites is borked again. also noted by another member: "I noticed that last night - things keep getting deleted from my favorites. My most recent post isn't listed for me despite several favorites; the other day, that was there but other earlier posts were missing..."
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London Jan 2007 meetup update.

London meetup update:
Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese -- very slight change in plan. The Johnson Annexe is available from 6.30 only and contrary to what I was told, it will set 15 people for eating. ("But we managed to get 20 in at Xmas".) [more inside]
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Little Mosque on the Prairie

So Little Mosque on the Prairie debuted tonite (and last). Any comments, concerns?
There was a bit of a brou-ha-ha regarding it.
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January 11

My Post is Still Open.

My Post is Still Open.
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Help me find an FPP about swarms of birds that darken the sky

A while back (more than 2 months, less than a year) I remember an FPP that linked to a few short films of birds swarming in the sky in giant flocks that nearly darkened the sky. Might have been somewhere in the Netherlands but I recall it being an annual event. The swarming activity made for amazing patterns in the sky. I don't think this was just in my dreams but can't find it through any searches of the site. Can anyone help?
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Great Day in the Blue

With all the AskMe talk, we hardly talk about the blue. Yesterday was a outstanding day on there and I just want to say thanks to every poster, even those who got deleted.
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self-cenetered and unsociable

Users who post AskMe questions but never answer others' appear self-centred and unsociable. What about a user who answers a tonne of questions, but never asks any? Is that user a know-it-all?
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London Meetup

Reminder: London meetup tomorrow (Friday 12/1) at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese. Details in previous thread.
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Were these posts deleted?

Did posts from the askmefi queue thing get deleted? I just noticed a post I was going to look back at later wasn't there, it was posted through the ask mefi queue thing posted to projects a few days ago.

Any hints?
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January 10

Highlighting best answers in profile

Would there be a way to either determine the percentage of a user's responses to AskMe are marked as "Best Answer", and/or be able to list out only those response marked as "best answer" to be displayed as part of a user's profile?
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Why are some links ok and others are not?

So, this FPP linking to a copyrighted movie is ok, but this one discussing how to download music in a place where it's legal to do so is not. An Inconvenient Copyright Law, indeed. Is there a rational explanation for the disparity?
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Dallas TX Meetup

So a cool guy told me that a dreamy gal was coming to Dallas on Friday to have some drinks. Seeing as how I never turn down drinks with these two, I will be there too. We were thinking about the Meridian Room and Friday (the 12th) on a time in the evening to be determined. I was tasked with advertising the event to invite whomever is up for it. So, anyone around Dallas interested in having a drinks, let us know your availability so we can adjust and plan accordingly. TIA.
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Save My Deleted AskMe

I'm guessing the chances are pretty slim, but I would like to see about getting one of my questions on ask. un-deleted.
I posted This question last night, and woke up this morning to see it was deleted. For this reason "doesn't sound like any problem to be solved, rather some idle 'what if' curiosity"
I've never had one deleted, and I feel it does not violate any of the things mentioned in the FAQ. To quote the FAQ:
Put another way "...if your motivation for asking the question is 'I would like to participate in a discussion about X,' then you shouldn't be doing it in AskMe. If your motivation is 'I would like others to explain X to me,' then you're probably OK."

I was simply interested in how the physics of it worked, and what would happen. I only posted once in my own thread, and that was to answer a question about thresholds.
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SRSLY [more inside] on blue

I know I just asked about this a month ago, but seriously, how about that "More Inside" for the Blue? With a hard limit for character count, even. Please?
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Possibly the grossest AskMe ever.

Just in case you missed it: Possibly the grossest AskMe ever.
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Ask Metafilter mentioned in the Feb 2007 PCWorld

FYI: Ask Metafilter is mentioned on page 87 of the Feb 2007 edition of PCWorld magazine as one of the websites checked out for the best Answer Sites on the Web. (Yes I do subscribe to it, so you may now commence with the snarks. TIA)
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January 9

Post-specific summary statistics

Post-specific summary statistics. [mi]
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Can I See All Deleted Posts?

Matt, how bout a link to all the posts you've deleted over the years?
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I would like to have a way to hide some of the AskMe questions

I would like to have a way to hide some of the AskMe questions -- a button that would leave the title, but make the front-page part of the question invisible. I'm not talking about filtering out a user; I just want remove some questions from sight. If this is do-able, is there a downside to it? I swear this has nothing to do with the survey about scary things.
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I find all of these end of the world FPP's curious.

I find all of these end of the world FPP's curious. We had this excellent one about the film Threads on Dec. 21st and this other about a new film called Ever Since the World Ended from Nov. 14th and of course the one about the game DEFCON from Oct. 2nd.

I wjust learned this was addressed on Metatalk back in March of last year. (Please feel free to remove this if it is considered an un-necessary duplicate), but I thought it would be interesting to ask mefites what s going on? Why are we averaging one FPP per month in the last four months? Is it some sort of generalized abstract fear, is the much touted "hive mind" responding to feeling the second hand of the doomsday clock moving closer to midnight or do people naturally turn to apocalyptic movies, books (and now video games) in times of uncertainty?
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MEFI disucsses fundamentalists civilly!

Kudos where richly due. I'm delighted to see a thread I had actually feared would be deleted, about the sensitive nexus of fundamentalist Christianity and earthly power, close in on 100 comments and never once descend into vituperation. Nuanced disagreement, even principled difference of opinion, but no name-calling and no shit-flinging. It's a wonderful thing. Can we do this more often?
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January 8

Pissing match started tangential to gyno thread

An otherwise great post on a gynecologist rearranging his patients' genitals without their consent is turning into a pissing match. [More Inside]
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Mefi Projects mentioned on MSNBC's website. (4th item down, under Multi-link Monday.)
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What happened to the link where you could give someone a gift membership?

What happened to the link where you could give someone a gift membership?
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what is chatfilter

So my question was shut down and this one isn't? I'm not asking for this one to be shut down, just an examination of policy, please.
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AskMe: deletion of post causes confusion, hurt feelings.

My ask mefi question was just deleted because essentially nobody read it and assumed it was some sort of advertisement. This has left me feeling somewhat hurt. I know the rules. I respect mefi and I was pretty much just stomped on for no good reason. The question was long, and it required more thought than usual, but in the end it was a question; nothing less and nothing more. I'd like it to be reinstated or at least evaluated by people who don't mind using their brains. This was the question: http://ask.metafilter.com/mefi/54626
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User posts new AskMetaFilter Queue

I just want to draw your attention to Plutor's new AskMetaFilter Queue, where folks who are worried about the 2-week AskMe posting limit can write questions that can be posted by folks who don't share that worry. I think it's a great communal idea, even if I'm fairly certain it will result in more questions being posted, at least temporarily.
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Movie spoiler in AskMe thread

Jessamyn, this comment needs to be deleted. I had flagged it earlier and was surprised that, instead of being deleted, a SPOILER warning had been placed in the thread title. There is no reason for spoilers to be in the thread. The OP is not asking about the movie - they are asking about places to discuss movies.
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Would it be possible to make MeFi traffic stats public?

Would MetaFilter consider sharing detailed Public Traffic Stats?

This appears to be the strong trend among the top Technoratti Blogs - and SEO blogs.


It would be fascinating to view and discusse where new users are coming from.
What post attract search engine traffic & keywords
What geo-locations are sending viewers during a given time

In previous years there were very general stats showing growth - But something more intriguing could be considered
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January 7

Regina Saskatchewan meetup Jan 12 2007

Regina, Sask MeFi Meetup - I posted this in the "Little Mosque on the Prairies" thread but thought it's proper procedure to post it here too.

I'm organizing a MeFi meetup for next Friday, January 12 at 7pm at Bushwakkers in Regina, SK. I sent e-mails to the four people shown as living in Regina via the "Users Near You" feature but some people don't have their geo-coordinates and/or e-mail addresses on their member pages. So if you're interested in joining us, please e-mail me at: jason@hammond.net as I plan to make a reservation. Also, feel free to invite non-MF friends as I'm sure we aren't going to have a huge crowd like the meetups in New York and LA get!
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Wii Codes, again.

Wii Codes, again. I can't be the only one who got a Wii after this post closed...
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January 6

Who is this?

Okay, fess up.

Who are you, with no comments, posts or anything else, but 19 favorites (and counting?)

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Deleted AskMe trying to identify a painting via email

Earlier on AskMefi there was a question from "siahny" asking to identify a painting via email. I've got the picture (which is a Word document). The thread seems to be deleted, but should I post it up anyway? She really does want the painting identified...
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New Category Request

Could there be a 'family' category for AskMeFi? I felt weird asking a question about my daughter and categorizing it as 'human relations', which based on my reading over the last year or so seemed mostly to mean make-up/break-up questions!
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All I want to say is that I'm sorry.

Mea culpa.
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NYC meetup!

Brooklyn/NYC meetup tonight- Barcade starting at 5 p.m. Previously
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Can I See The Projects I Voted For?

Any way we can see a list of the projects we've voted for in our profiles? Right now it just lists projects we've made ourselves. (And, also, *that* page appears to be missing its left margin--it brushes right up against the edge of my Safari.)
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January 5

What were we talking about?

What did Science! write here?
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Multiple Accounts for AskMe

Is the Multiple Account Rule still in effect?

I keep holding off on posting a question to ask metafilter because I'm afraid of using up my one good question that week. And the continuous hold off makes me miss out on asking so many questions that I need answers for.

I'm not out to break any of metafilter's rules, but it would be really nice if I could ask at least two questions a week. Or hell, if there was a program I could queue up questions to have them automatically submitted.
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Aren't these both hypotheticalfilter?

Simply because I've always been disappointed we never got to discuss this question, I'm going to go ahead and ask whether the same ban reason should apply to this one.
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AskMe and the kosherness of friend-linking

A friend (really, it's not me) designed and manufactures a product at the hobby level that would potentially solve a question on AskMe. [The more, she is inside.]
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Meetup in London, Jan. 12, 2007

London, UK meetup. Attempt at organising a venue and activities thread. hugsnkisses proposed and it looks like Friday 12th January is go (that's a week today). So the food and drink...what & where?
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January 4

Snap Previews

Pony Request: Optional Snap Previews.
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Is this a double post?

Would this be considered a double post? [details inside]
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In which I post a bunch of meaningless statistics

In which I post a bunch of meaningless statistics in the hope of sparking a more meaningful discussion than this one.
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Maybe we could have metafilter music contests?

When I was younger I entered a lot of bi-weekly music competitions. During the first week people would make songs using only a provided pack of samples. The people who entered would vote on the best ones the second week. It gave me a lot of practice, I met a lot of new people, and it was fun. How about something similar for MetaFilter Music?
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Who are we?

Just a curious question... what is the real demographic of MeFi users? As much as we think of this as the hive mind, my sense is that about 80% of the poeple on here fit in the white, male, 24-35 variety. A very homogenous set of bees me thinks. Am I totally off?
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January 3

AskMe is 2006 Site of the Year

ArtyPapers.com deems Ask Metafilter the 2006 "Site of the Year" (scroll down): "I dunno what magic concoction goes into cultivating a truly remarkable community but Matt Haughey, creator of several popular community-based sites does and Ask MetaFilter is one of the best."
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An author at Damn Interesting signs up for a Mefi account having been linked on the blue

Neat! Metafilter links to an article on DamnInteresting.com, creator of DamnInteresting and author of the linked article signs up for Metafilter account.
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If you're young, black and alternative who or what do you listen to?

If you're young, black and alternative who or what do you listen to? Only music by black people, apparently.
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January 2

The two-week waiting period

In which I posit that the two-week waiting period has had no impact on the volume of questions.
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stereotyping sucks

"part of American culture is to utterly ignore people who are outside your circle of personal friends/acquaintances/family" ... "there is a cultural thing re yelling and violence in American domestic relationships" ... we all know what those people are like ...
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Brooklyn Meetup

Lots of members in and around Williamsburg and Bushwick in Brooklyn. What about a meet-up?
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Youtube posts could be playlists.

A suggestion for Youtube (music video) posts: playlists. [how-to inside]
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Contest Winners!

Winners of the December best-of post contest...and the envelope please...
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Angryinla is Spamming

angryinla sure seems to be living up to her user name.
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Love Thy Neighbor, AskMe style!

Love Thy Neighbor, AskMe style! How to fend off the slobbering junkies who dared to penetrate your hard-won suburban isolation with their outrageous requests.
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NYT abortion article causes MeFi uproar, is largely retracted

This New York Times article generated voluminous ranting in the blue in this thread. Critical portions of the article have been revealed as being rather, uh, Rathergate-ish and have been retracted by the Times.
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December Contest Results?

So when will Wii know who won the December Contest? How soon after that will the rioting start?
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working together for the common good

Ironically, for the off-topic stuff from this post on people from different beliefs working together for common good.
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January 1

campaign for FeistyFerret fame

RE: The FeistyFerret post below; are any Mefites interested in starting an e-mail campaign to get the kid on a big show, like David Letterman or The Tonight Show?

It may be a silly request but Chance is a cool and good kid. Maybe we can hook him up with a really cool late Christmas present.
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Best of web, link now broken

MSNBC kills a photo that's the heart of a post in the blue. Now the post is far from best of the Web. What to do?
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Metafilter's OwnTM Chance Ruder, aka FeistyFerret, will be on Larry King Live

Set your Tivos: Metafilter's OwnTM Chance Ruder, aka FeistyFerret, will be on Larry King Live tonight with talk-show-wildlife-guy Jack Hanna. Chance's contribution to Metafilter history was cemented when he provided this best answer over in the green and then successfully fought off accusations that he didn't actually exist. Having overcome this existential crisis, Chance is now poised to become a Television Personality.
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