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October 31

Meetup in Chicago, Dec. 2001

This one's for the Chicagoans: I said that I'd plan the next MeFiChi just so Dan wouldn't have to do it, and I intend to keep my word. So, if you were at MeFiChiI, you might remember me saying something about how MeFiChiII should be at a Rock'n'Bowl. I called Diversey Lanes tonight and found that they rock five nights out of the week... Wednesdays and Thursdays starting at 10pm, and Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays starting at 8pm. It's been years since I've been there, but last time, not only did the DJ happily listen to my suggestion to play some Pixies, he played two Pixies songs to kick off the evening.

I was planning on setting the date somewhere in the first half of December, since November is going to be a busy month for me, so my questions are: a) is early December good for my fellow Chicago MeFi goons? and b) on what day(s) of the week (W/Th/F/Sa/Su) would you prefer this to happen?
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*Two* header images?

OK, now you're just playing with us. *Two* header images? [screenshot]
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do we really need eight redundant threads talking about everyone's favorite candy?

I know it's Halloween, but do we really need eight redundant threads talking about everyone's favorite candy?

Isn't it the type of topic that can exist just as one self-enclosed candy love-fest thread? Seems that would be better than cluttering up the front page, no?
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Writing a script for linkless posts

So proflinuspauling said in his linkless thread:

Maybe you can all "think out of the box" for a second here and not freak out if there is one stupid comment with no links. I just thought you all would have interesting insights.

The thing is, if there is "one stupid comment with no links" on the front page of metafilter, there will be more. And then you have an open ended discussion space where anyone can say anything they feel like, bounce topics off each other, without having to be weighed down with facts or links or outside information.

So I'm finally going to write the blockage for linkless posts.
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How does he do that?

Html question: how does Matt get the top table to extend all the way to the top, left and right, with no space? How does he get the Meta-logo and Community 'blog graphics to sit flush with the edges of the page?
Whenever I try something like that, there's always space between the edge of the page and the table and between the edge of the table and the images.
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Random link?

How about a link which will pull up a random thread from the archive?
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If Metafilter was a movie, who would play you?

Taking a cue from the criminal thread, if Metafilter was ever to be made into a movie, who would you like to see playing you? Which actor/actress matches the personality of other MeFi regulars?
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A pony of any color?

I think Metafilter is the best thing there is. When I saw the bright ,colorful,sparkling "Spooky Filter" on the home page, I realized what I have been longing for more than anything in the world: being able to choose a brighter color pattern for my personalized viewing pleasure. Am I a heretic ? Will I mercilessly burn at the stake?
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Display shoutout


I love it when people mess with stuff like this. It reminds you that there are people behind the things that you take for granted.
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If you could be a professional criminal, what would you be?

If you could be a professional criminal, what would you be? (more inside)
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Brief mention-in-passing of MeFi on The Register

Brief mention-in-passing of MeFi on The Register, in context of Kuro5hin being dropped from VA's OSDN network...
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Is it OK to post a lengthy follow-up to your own thread?

Is it OK to post a lengthy follow-up to your own thread?
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October 30

Should I move to nowhere?

Not all webloggers or Mefis live in big cities. Some live in small towns, while others have moved from one to the other. I'm considering moving from the suburbs to a very small town in the middle of nowhere. I've taken care of the logisistics: telecommuting, finding a house and am already married. From those that have done it, what are the downsides? Upsides? Opinions of anyone who's done it would be very helpful.
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Metafilter in Yahoo Internet Life November 2001.

Don't know if it's been mentioned - Metafilter shows up a few times in the November edition of Yahoo Internet Life, including a six-comment snip of the original 9/11 post.
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Drunken posting

What's the policy on posting while under the influence of alcohol? Drunken posts seem to have increased dramatically since September 11. I'm all in favour - it makes for great silliness and sincerity - but wonder if sober members find it as funny as I do. (Please don't flame; I paid yesterday!)
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shiny! titles!

Ooh - title tags on posts! I like it.
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October 29

MeFi fantasy basketball league

What time is it?

It's gametime. What's going down at the metafilter basketball league on yahoo, ID #95325 password "filtermeta"? For one, me -- to the floor, hard. Come and see the happy mondays play. Play basketball that is! We'll wheeze and puff so hard you'd think we were blowing down your house instead of trying to grab the rebounds of our weak 9 footers.

And the best part is that you don't have to get a tattoo of a ring of thorns around your arm like all the other athletes, unless you want to.

(12 teams in the league.) The draft begins whenever we start to fill up.
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Obitfilter becomes Babyfilter?

Is it appropriate to post births, anniversaries, etc., on MeFi? I think not, but that's just one man's opinion. What's your opinion?
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Whinnied googlebomb

Daypop shows "whinnied" as the fourth most searched term today. Searching for this term produces three measly hits. What's up with "whinnied?"
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Weird Logout Error at Work

Whenever I log out of MeFi, the main page comes back up still with the white (X New) note after "comments." Then, when I try to refresh, I get "Error Occurred While Processing Request," specifically a "Loop error" concerning the QUERY= attribute specifying the query "weblog." Is this just something with my computer at work? (WinNT, IE 5)
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The temporal nature of hackedness

When you link to a hacked site, please consider that it may not still be hacked by the time some of us wake up, yet your link will still be there..... there are places you can go to get screen shots of hacked sites.
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MiguelCardoso misses some Metafilter old timers

Calling stavrosthewonderchicken, mattpfeff, ColdChef, lia, aaron, hincandenza, Kafkaesque, thekorruptor, Summer and all the other indispensable absconders....
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Good posts: examples sought

ok, i've been reading over mefi for the past couple of weeks and i continually hear every other person say "this is a not a good post, etc." i've read the mefi guidelines but simply hanging around when apparently half of the stuff is considered improper, it's kinda hard to distinguish between good versus bad. could someone point me to some older examples or just general ideas. i'd appreciate it.
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Be careful what you post, kids, for your reputation.

careful what you post, kids, you never know what single thread will gain you a permanent reputation.

i swear i'm not an anti-SUV crusader

i guess i should have taken it to metatalk in the first place, so here i am.

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October 28

What's the point of a personal site?

A quoi sert un site perso ?, or, What's the point of a personal site? An article and discussion in French: "There are at least two reasons to make a personal site, and beyond those reasons, multiple consequences... Worst of all is an article in the press. An article in the press makes you a little crazy. A publication on the web gets its legitimacy in the acknowledgment by the real world, in the "paper" press. "Site of the week" on searchengine.com is good. But that lasts three days. An article on paper, that shows legitimacy to friends who make fun of the web. A big illusion, sure, but an illusion based in legitimacy... 'You have a site, yeah, so what?' they say to me. And then somebody writes about it in a serious newspaper. 'Oh, shit! That's crazy! That's cool! Party! Gimme five!' they say. Except it's no longer me, it's somebody else."
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ABC election weblog

ABC's Election Weblog. More mainstream Blogging from Oz. [via VM]
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Magnet Spam

Great spam I just got (inside)
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Matt interviewed by Derek Powazek.

For Newbies(and the odd Oldie too): Here's some good and timely advice from Derek Powasek's Conversation with Matt Haughey, back when MetaFilter only had 2000+ members. It's probably been posted before, but will be new to many of us late-comers.. In fact, it should be read along with the guidelines, IMO(it certainly chastised me...). A good chaser is a link from the About page here at MeFi, where you get Powazek discussing Metafilter.
Food for thought, to say the least: how important are original and innovative links? Very.
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October 27

Separate windows to reduce server load?

I seem to remember Matt saying once that front page requests are the single biggest load on the server. Would it make sense to make all links, including threads, open up in a separate window (that can be reused)? People can still refresh the front page if they want the latest links.
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Has Matt considered licensing the Mefi code to interested parties?

As a revenue stream, has Matt considered licensing the Mefi code to interested parties who might want to set up a subject specific version at their own sites? The grandest thing about all this are speed and flexibility, a gift in comparisson to the message boards offered elsewhere...
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Do MetaFilter discussions ever change your opinion on anything?

Do MetaFilter discussions ever change your opinion on anything? [more inside]
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Is there a bug in the MeTa post category options?

Uh...I know I didn't post that last thread to Bugs. Can anybody else back me up on this?
Is there any way to track if it was somehow (spontaneously?) moved, Matt?
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October 26

A Metafilter Proposal

A Metafilter Proposal at theobvious.com, supporting pay-for-play, and a few other controls. Pretty well thought out. Of particular interest might be the sliding scale on price. Discuss.
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what do people think about pushing the TextAds beyond the home page

So if TextAds were so successful, what do people think about pushing the TextAds beyond the home page to the top of the main MeFi links of the day? That would allow for a lot more impressions, maybe at a slightly cheaper rate than the homepage ad rate?

I've enjoyed following the links from the TextAds more often than not, so I'm all for more, as long as they stay relatively high quality (I suppose Matt's the ultimate arbiter in this case.)
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Internet Explorer Registry Entries

How exactly does the IE 6.0 registry entries work, once applied?
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Isn't this kind of post better suited to FreeRepublic?

Isn't this kind of post better suited to FreeRepublic?
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Check out how we've evolved since 1999.

If you want to see how MeFi has evolved, link to two years ago on the front page. On October 26, 1999, there were ONLY 5 posts, three of them from mathowie, and one regarding Star Trek! Talk about evolution! BTW, Matt, did you ever get the Kodak digital camera?
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Micro advertising

Micro Advertising - a way to make niche internet publishing profitable?: "It's all about targeted micro buys of advertising space - the old principle of getting the right message in front of the right group of people. Buying 10,000 impressions of your message in front of a very targeted audience for a low fee. " Thomas has created a Yahoo group to hash out the issues further, if anyone's interested.
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October 25

number of new comments lost after reading thread

Sometimes, after viewing a thread in MetaTalk, when I hit the back button, the other threads lose the number of new messages since my last visit information. It doesn't seem to happen all the time. (Mac IE5)
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Windows configuration problem

I'm having a computer (Probably Windows) configuration problem and it's getting me down. Maybe some of you can help. Since this is my work computer and I mostly use it for cruising MetaFilter, I'd say it's a highly appropriate topic. (more inside)
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matt makes money

Now we know how Matt not only paid his rent, but put down a deposit on the Playboy Mansion.
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Are Links Required?

Are front page postings forbidden without a link, no matter the postings content?
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Signs you are spending too much time on MetaFilter

"There have been no links and 1 comment posted since your last visit"
And it's yours. Is there a better sign you're spending too much time on MetaFilter?
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So, last night, I had a dream that I was sitting in the library of Matt's apartment.

So, last night, I had a dream that I was sitting in the library of Matt's apartment...
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Posting to sites requiring subscription?

What's the world view here on posting links to articles that are on a site that requires a paid subscription? Every once in a while, the Wall Street Journal publishes some interesting articles with a unique insight not quite duplicated on a non-subscription site. I'm just trying to avoid a wrist slap here and I couldn't find any threads concerning this using the search function.
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Doublepost prevention limited by search keywords

the plague of double-posts should be preventable through a reasonable search of the site, yes? i mean, if you can find the topic you are about to post, then you would realize there was no need.

but the search is limited by our own keywording. i have spent about half an hour trying to track down the URL of this link i saw a few weeks ago. anyone else remember the spooky (yet hilarious) flash-powered site with the old photograph of the little kid singing "american pie" and "black dog?"

so if i can't find a link that i remember from mefi, how is someone else going to find a link they don't know?
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do we all live vicariously through others?

is it sad that i mark time by other people's lives? zeldman's mother passed away a year ago, and i clearly remember that time.

i have never met him in person, but the outpouring of love that one man received made a huge impression.

do we all live vicariously through others? is it the mark of a lonely person? or does being an online community member create a new form of emotional attachment, eg, caring a surprising amount for people you have never known?
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October 24

A community, until there is credit to be given

Many web-loggers include links to items found at Metafiler -- but in their [via ...] only feature 'Metafiler'. Wouldn't it be more correct to include Mefi and the profile name or website of the person who derived the post? Or are we all merely journalists and researchers contributing to a greater whole?
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Perhaps we need a mini-mini HTML tutorial?

Perhaps we need a mini-mini HTML tutorial (linked near to the submit button) for instances like this? I think we take it for granted that folks know HTML...
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Attention all self-policing police...

If we're at all serious about self-policing and etiquette, shouldn't passive agressive statements like this deserve at least some chiding? A little more inside.
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Old active thread not showing up in recent comments view

A certain, apparently timeless, undying thread from 8/24/01 has comments as recent as 1 PM on 10/24 -- but it doesn't show up when I view MeFi by recent comments (though threads with less-recent most-recent comments are listed). What gives?
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The first week of text ads has sold out already!

The first week of text ads has sold out already!
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So how did he do two front page posts?

So how did he do two front page posts? 1 and 2.
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October 23

What happened to this post?

does anyone know what happened to the oct 23 thread about kimble's megacar? was it removed?
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weblogs.com is no longer useful

weblogs.com is no longer useful (since I can't set favorites and have to scroll through a list of X hundred weblogs to see if the ones I am interested in have updated). Question: what else is there?
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Sidebar collapse

Sidebar collapse. I think when folks were asking for the sidebar collapse to be brought back, it was not so much to get rid of clutter as it was to free up that 25% of the screen that the front page posts could run into. Even with the sidebar collapsed [and the ads remaining, they're ok with me] I still have a large blue stripe down the right hand side, making it one longass page. Is there a way to wiggle around the front page elements to have the ad present but more side-to-side room for posts, or is this just me and my mac pissing into the wind?
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Metafilter's demographics

It seems like every so often when I click on someone's URL here it's some Gen Y'ers deep thoughts & pouting blog in those horrid microscopic fonts--well, there are the occasional Phil Hartman lookalikes from Portugal, too...

So, um, what are the demographics here at Metafilter exactly or, inexactly, for that matter? Has anyone kept track of this?

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netscape dislikes the sideblog.

the sideblog doesn't show up on netscape (more inside)
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kuro5hin is serious, mefi is fun

A question : I wandered over to Kuro5hin this evening, thanks to the subtle urging of a MeFi TextAd, and realized why I hadn't been there for a while...(more)
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Customization preferences not consistent across computers

My customization preferences of opening new windows for links works on one computer and not another. (More)
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MeFi Sin Bin

Ugh., Derailed discussions like this one make me wish for a MeFi sin bin.
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October 22

Database question

Are db queries sortable by Cold Fusion 5 via XML or is the default interface tweak(for NS 1.01)specific to Opera? (more)
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MetaFilter in the WSJ

The WSJ on MetaFilter:

One site that never fails to captivate me, especially lately, is MetaFilter (www.metafilter.com), a community weblog where members post provocative links and argue about them.
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add url of textad to title

For those of us who have JS disabled, could you add the URI of textads to the title attribute? (I did mention this, but I think it got lost in the shuffle.)
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Francophone weblogger get-together

There will be a Francophone weblogger get-together to discuss ways of promoting French-language weblogs in Paris November 22. On va avoir un dîner pour débattre des opportunités de promotion des weblogs francophones, le 22 novembre. FAQ. [Also, there's a discussion, in French, of the proper terminology for weblogs and webloggers. On the table is "webillard" for weblog and "joueb" for blog, a distinction not really made in English.]

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high-octane adtext-fueled upbeat mood

Is it just the adtext-fueled upbeat mood or is the server particularly fast today?
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Can text ads open in a new window?

Can the TextAds kick out a new window, so I don't have to leave the warm confines of MeFi and be sent hurtling through the vast expanses of cyberspace into areas unknown, unseen and untrusted? That would be muy bueno.
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how about a limit from Drudge?

It seems that many of the posts on the front page show up from Drudge. While we talk about limiting posts from CNN, the Onion, etc., how about a limit as well from Drudge?
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TextAd request: show us the urls?

TextAd request: show us the urls?
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CSS style markup issue -- Is MetaFilter non-compliant?

You have a style element in body. That ain’t kosher, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s causing problems with more standards-compliant browsers.
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Is the front page shrinking?

Is the front page shrinking? (more..)
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tips and tricks for a high click rate

Good thread, bad thread. Simultaneously posted Metatalk topics in two different styles. No surprise that the thread with the topic as the link has 57 posts while the cutesy thread has none. What other tips and tricks are there for guaranteeing a high click rate into a link and its thread?
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Netscape ate my MeFi!

Netscape ate my MeFi! (More inside...)
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You got a problem with Text Ads?

TextAds. As Matt promised, unobtrusive and inoffensive. I certainly don't have a problem with these. What does everyone else think?
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Everyone is asking for textads for Christmas

Excellent. I'm reaching for my credit card as I speak...
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October 20

Is groksoup dead?

Is groksoup dead? (And did all of it's users just loose everything?)
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screening big sites from FPP

What if the URL field on the MetaFilter Post a Link page were screened so it would be impossible or at least difficult to link to the home page of CNN, The Onion, etc.? People could see a message reiterating the guidelines to post to something specific, and it would keep them from annoying people who are annoyed by these kinds of links.
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What to call a double comment?

Weekend Humdinger: We lack a term to distinguish repeatedly posted comments in a thread, from front page posts which cover already charted links or territory. Any cute, pithy suggestions to tell one "double post" from the other?
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MeFi in Creative Review Magazine (UK) -- a request

metafilter in creative review magazine - if any uk souls have the latest copy which has a feature on usability, and screenshots/editorial of metafilter, could you please post the copy and a scan if possible?
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October 19

Pony: improving MeFi search

searching metafilter: a proposal. (more inside.)
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Admin duties on metafilter are a lot of work and more than a full time job.

Just so you know, I was in LA for the last couple days, unannounced (because I didn't want people to take advantage of it).

I guess it's pretty clear now that I spend my time cleaning crap off metafilter 24/7 these days, and now that I was away, maybe everyone can appreciate how much work it is to snub double-posts, fix html errors, and ban malicious, callous users. I'm not looking for an inbox of thank-yous or twenty brown-nosing comments on this thread, I just feel it's worth saying. Admin duties on metafilter are a lot of work and more than a full time job.

My first attempt at supporting myself with this site will launch on Monday. Some people may not like it. I made it as harmless and innocous as possible. It won't make me rich, but it'll hopefully provide enough money for server upgrades and upkeep. Keep the last couple days in mind if you find anything not to like about The New Thing That Launches Monday.
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whose up for heckling some genos?

whose up for heckling some genos?
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Was today just one big puke-a-rama?

Was today just one big puke-a-rama? A community brain dump? Therapy?
We better start clicking on that donation button.

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Usurping the throne

Break out the big guns, kids, There's a coup underway!
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MeFi Behavior

What the hell has been going on these past few days?
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back in the day, there was no snark

just another old-timer rant
(text inside..)

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Permanent testing thread

ProtoFilter or ProtoTalk anyone?
Most double posts and lame threads are unintentional. Search doesn't always work. So would it be possible to have a permanent testing thread here on MetaTalk? I mean a Any Obvious Objections or Good Ideas I Should Know About? sort of thing; where unsure posters could test the waters before committing to either MetaFilter or MetaTalk front pages?(more)

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Will someone help me find a thread?

Will someone help me find a thread? I tried searching but my memory of the actual text is very vague. The link I'm looking for (sometime recently, like no earlier than last summer I think) was to a series of arrest mug shots of the same lady over a series of years, showing the effects of long-term drug use (and probably malnutrition and generally leading a street-hooker life). My son needs images for a school drug project, and these were the saddest (not to mention scariest) I ever remember seeing.

Thanks very much!

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Why do people always blame the pancakes when bad things happen?
it might be friday, but i don't even want to think about what kind of shennanigans go on at a pancake tailgate party!
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October 18

Links to Economist

This just in: The Economist allows subscribers to view subscriber-only articles. But I can't link to them. Anyway.
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right_banner.gif isn't loading for me

There's a little image (right_banner.gif) at thet top right corner of every page that's not loading for me. It's not broken, it's just not loading. I don't know if I've ever even noticed it before. Is it showing up for anyone else?
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Old posts Italic? Great!

When were the old posts on the front page italizied. Knowing me, it happened a week ago and I just noticed. Great idea though.
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Open I tag on the MeFi main page at thread 11612

Open I tag on the MeFi main page at thread 11612.

I thought I was just dizzy.
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Miguel, oh where for art thou?

Now that all you crusty- old vets scared off Miguel, I have nothing to read at work. Boy, are you guys boring....

Miguel, oh where for art thou?
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MetaFilter in IE doesn't allow View Source

I've noticed that MetaFilter in IE doesn't let one "View Source". Is this by design? Given the current state of search it might make sense to allow it. When researching a new link for posting, sometimes its easier just to search for the URL in the source.
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October 17

Apologies for posting the double, but I am going to do it anyway.

Sorry if this is a double post but the search timed out -- why do some members applogise in their front page comment for possible double posting because the search timed out, especially before they've actually got to the point of the actual post in the first place? (more)
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What happened to our questions to Osama?

Okay... what happened to the painfully funny and popular thread from earlier today that had us offering our own questions to Osama?

I don't normally ask... I attribute any missing thread to a well-deserved deletion by Matt. But I can't imagine what about the thread would have warranted a deletion.
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Spelling error triggers flamewar

nasty flaming over spelling, for goodness sake.

[3 snappy comeback]

what is it about spelling that gets people so riled up?

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What to do when there is no e-mail?

What to do when there is no e-mail?

I've been following the thread regarding the film Waking Life, and found peebo's comments to be quite interesting as (her or his) take on the film was quite different from mine, I was hoping to strike up a conversation via e-mail. Alas, this new poster to MeFi has not supplied an address.

In the interests of discourse (and etiquette management) should this information be required of members?

Also, what's the proper way to get a hold of someone lacking an address? I'm reluctant to post a "hey please e-mail me" message in the thread itself, but I can't think of another means of contact.
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Search Timeouts

It seems that both myself and Qubit are wondering about the search timing out. I did a MeFi Google search to see if anyone had recently linked e-sheep, and it looked safe. Little did I know. As per Qubit, why does the Metafilter specific search engine time out consistently, letting dumbasses like myself double post?
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Is it okay to add our own personal style to our profile?

Is it okay to add our own personal style to our profile?
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October 16

Do we have a hot-as-sh17 Palm sync-able page?

Do we have a hot-as-sh17 Palm sync-able page? I've tried using the sidebar as my sync page but it could use some Palm-oriented tweaks (also, some Palm browsers don't like the XHTML in that file). (I'll even help out with the template, if wanted.)

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Two newbies have a miscommunication.

Two newbies have a miscommunication. See posts from nobody_knose and me. Fortunately other users didn't seem to get blown off course with us. Was there some standard MeFi syntax that i could have used to make myself better understood?
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Broad blogging patent. discuss.

Someone just got a patent on a "System and method for building a web site using specific interface". Read the description: it pretty much covers all site-building software, and blogging tools. How the fuck did this one get through the prior art checks, if it was filed in 1998? I was using rudimentary templating stuff in 1995. (via Scripting News.)
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has anyone else noticed an increase in nimda traffic today

is it just me, or has anyone else noticed an increase in nimda traffic today? in comparison to the past week or two, i'm getting hit pretty hard. or maybe you know if there is some kind of second phase to the worm...?
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Kuro5hin dogs blogs

The utter failure of weblogs as journalism.
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Preview Bugs

I was wondering why the Preview Comment page referred to being able to edit it "below" but there was no way to edit. I happened to have my Javascript console open today:

JavaScript Error: http://www.metafilter.com/contribute/post_comment_preview.cfm, line 443:

this.style has no properties.

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Bad posts are....

Bad posts are good for the soul. The over-confident are cut down to size; the timid are reassured they're right to think twice before posting; collective standards are reasserted. Honesty prevails; confessions abound and everyone realizes they're human - at least for a while.
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Flamebait that says it's flamebait?

Flamebait that says it's flamebait? We can debate an issue, but this seems much.
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October 15

New information with plenty of evidence to back it up?

PLEASE: If you're posting something related to the recent WTC attacks Current Situation, try and make sure it's new information? And if so, is the URL you are linking to contain new information with plenty of evidence to back it up?

posted by machaus to Etiquette/Policy at 9:21 PM PST - 18 comments

I popped in to say this is stupid.

Is it really necessary to comment on threads you think are "stupid"? Surely it's better to "take it to Meta" if it bothers you that much or just ignore it.
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Search by Date

As an alternative to machaus's idea (below) couldn't the search engine be searchable within a date range? For example use the MeFi search just over the past month and let google search the rest.
posted by DBAPaul to Feature Requests at 12:44 PM PST - 2 comments

Exporting older posts to another DB?

Would exporting a set of older posts out to another DB help the search engine? I find that the search engine is timing out a lot, and the google cache isn't always current enough to help prevent double posts. Plus, the old posts quite often lead to 404 pages.
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October 14

More Granular Searching

A lot of times when I do a search here, I'm generally looking for a specific thread, not a specific comment. I'd like to be able so specify if I want to search only threads, only comments, or both. I imagine that this would help reduce the server load as well as making is a little easier to narrow down your results.
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Would it be possible to make every post compulsively go through Spell Check first?

Would it be possible to make every post compulsively go through Spell Check first? It's very distracting but, worse of all, it diminishes the poster, who is unfairly judged on pedantic, orthographic criteria.
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Places to check before posting

Not sure if something's been covered by the media? Don't want to look silly by writing, "Why isn't anyone reporting this?" when it's in every newspaper but the ones you're reading? Are you finding that the AP wire doesn't have enough information to satisfy you anymore? Here's where to look.
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October 13

Gads, I was spammed.

Gads, I was spammed.
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Politeness and double posts.

This thread contains at least two (that I could find) examples of how to point out a double post in a polite and casual manner. But lately, this seems to be the exception rather than the rule. I'm wondering why some threads prompt some fairlystrong language in MeTa and outcry in the threads, and others are allowed to continue.
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How come new admissions are frozen but the number of members keeps creeping up?

How come new admissions are frozen but the number of members(12322 when last I checked)keeps creeping up? Asylum seekers? Sleight of hand on the part of undesirable aliens? I think we should be told...
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Does Mefi's posting and commenting traffic slow down somewhat at the weekend?

Is it me, or does Mefi's posting and commenting traffic slow down somewhat at the weekend? I would have thought it would shoot up as everyone is at home. Or is Mefi actually the weapon of choice for bored people looking for a distraction from work?
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MeFi in USA Today

MeFi garners a mention in USA Today...barely.
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9-11 discussions losing strength

Is it just me, or has the wind gone out of MeFi's sails in terms of discussions relevant to the Big Question? [inside]
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October 12

Is it uncool not to have my name or e-mail on my profile?

How uncool is it to not post your name or e-mail? I did a googe search, found a pic of a lady with the same name but she is not me. So I changed my profile.
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Bug allows comments before post

I claim this thread and all its riches for me and my heirs.
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Post limbo before front page

What if when new posts were created, they were sent to a temporary hub for ten minutes? [inside]
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Metatalk has become too easy to use.

Metatalk has become too easy to use. Witness the number of posts here in the past couple of days since the new and improved interface. Egad! I already can't keep up with Mefi proper, now look at all these MeTalk posts! [insert more whining here]

Actually, it's not that bad... yet. But what happens when Meta gets so overrun that one person can't parse it all? Is this going to overwhelm Matt even more? Just thought I'd bring it up for discussion.
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I've gone ahead and added the new limit on posting.

I've gone ahead and added the new limit on posting. Only once per 24 hrs now. Let me know if you find any errors.
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what is specific to metafilter?

What does "topics specific to metafilter" mean, exactly? Specific to "metafilter, the codebase and website" or "metafilter, the group of people who use the mefi codebase"? Reason inside...
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Any further and you'd need a shovel.

Well, this thread has pretty much hit rock bottom.
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So is it time for categories on MetaFilter, specifically to filter mainstream news feeds from press releases from more personal, indie items?
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Possibly the first newsfilter complaint?

Has MeFi become NewsFi recently (esp. since 9/11)?
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Ditto. The processed white sugar of replies.
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How Can We Stop Doubleposts?

Wow. Three double-posts in a row. Nothing new in and of itself, but this makes me wonder if MetaFilter could implement a FilePile type icon based system for marking double posts. (Inside: I will try and explain myself)
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New spice, same as old spice

British widow thread. (a) Just a news story. (b) Should have been in the previous thread.

But what ought to happen when you find new information on an old topic and the original thread is now a little stale?
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Opera Sidebar Callout

Holy shit!! The sidebar now works in Opera! What magic spell did you cast Matt Haughey? Bravo!!
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October 11

Why has "deal with it" become the ultimate write-off at the end of a post?

Why has "deal with it" become the ultimate write-off at the end of a post? (more...)
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Broke the mold after they made 'im

It isn't every day we get a no-email, no-URL new member who develops an instant outspoken loathing for MetaFilter, calls us Nazis, and devotes himself with great passion to demonizing liberals. So join me in welcoming Real9 before it's too late.
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Is it out of line to post two links in one day?

Considering my rookie state-of-being. Let me ask this, is it out of line to post two links in one day?
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"Discuss..." is annoying and useless.

MetaFilterians don't need to be instructed to converse. Discuss...
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Wide blue yonder?

Is it just me or is there only the Nobel Prize entry on the opening page? Oops, take that back...But what's up with the expanse o'blue?
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With the fine new interface, perhaps we could do without categories altogether.

With the fine new interface, perhaps we could do without categories altogether. Although the taxonomy is great, I am now able read MetaTalk chronologically and it feels perfect. The general classification "about Metafilter" is enough. Plus, you get to read everything in a much more exciting way.

P.S. Although I confess to having been a sucker for Metafilter-Specific...

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RSS feeds for Metafilter and Metatalk (Oct. 2001)

If there were MetaFilter and MetaTalk RSS feeds that contained all of the information the front pages normally do, and we had permission to mirror them, it could take some server load off the site.
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Free will's a bitch.

Is this maybe not the best hornet's nest to stir up again? It got pretty ugly last time, and this is just a different salvo in that same MeFi street fight...
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Uh, he finds it interesting?

This isn't exactly a double post, but it's a link to another article on the same site as wfrgms's only other post, and presented in almost exactly the same way. Something weird is going on here.
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"my comments" has disappeared

The "my comments" option from the pulldown menu has disappeared again.
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MeFi and MeTa should be standards-compliant.

How about a standards-compliant version of MetaFilter or MetaTalk?

Disclaimers: (1) ignominious self-link; (ii) tested in Internet Explorer 5.1 and Netscape 6, should work in all CSS-compliant browsers; (c) guaranteed to look hideous in Netscape 4 et al; (IV) XHTML 1.0 Strict and CSS validated by W3C.

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October 10

Burt in the masthead!

MetaFilter: More Evil than Bert
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nice new interface

nice new interface, matt. (looks like the top menu still needs a bit of a tweak, but otherwise, it's terrific)
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New MetaTalk post arrangement!

I love love love love the new metatalk post arrangement. Thank you matt!
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going off on a tangent in threads much

Is it me, or do posts in some threads just gets way, way, way off tangent?
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OJR on /. during 9-11

Interesting article at the On-line Journalism review looking at how Slashdot's users turned to them when the news sites went down during the 9.11 crisis. Although Mefi's reaction has been examined elsewhere in depth, it's interesting to note here how a 'niche' site was able to cope with the demands of its users.
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White powder mail

I was driving across M.I this morning and heard on lansing local radio that 5 persons had received mail with a white powder in them yesterday.just like the ones in F.L. i will look in to this more. i will post more info and link to local paper if possible.
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3 links in 4 hours?! too much posting

semper has posted three links in four hours. A bit excessive, neh?
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Happy Birthday mathowie.

Happy Birthday mathowie.
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October 9

Front Page Post Generator

As I'm too damn lazy to find good links or write witty comments, I'd be hoping for something like the Front Page Post Generator.
posted by Neale to Feature Requests at 10:16 PM PST - 20 comments

Post a Comment Should Have an Anchor Tag

Add an anchor tag to the MetaFilter "Comments on" page and the MetaTalk "MetaTalk detail" page so clicking on the "Post a Comment" link goes directly to the comment form. This would save scrolling through a long page to post something.
posted by kirkaracha to Feature Requests at 6:34 PM PST - 4 comments

Mac bloggers ahoy

I don't use blogger, so I don't know if this functionality exists elsewhere, but this looks pretty cool for blogger users on Mac OS 10.1.
posted by machaus to General Weblog-Related at 2:40 PM PST - 2 comments

Is the server having problems?

is the site under unusual stress? the last few days i have been getting numerous timeouts and internal errors. a few days ago i installed Windows 2000 Pro and upgraded to IE 5.5 (yes i know 6 is available). i'm not seeing problems on other sites, but the OS and browser change have me paranoid. please tell me it's the high traffic!
posted by quonsar to Uptime at 12:24 PM PST - 3 comments

We'd pay for this

Dammit, Matt, start charging us!!!
posted by jpoulos to Feature Requests at 10:43 AM PST - 32 comments

I made a lofi stylesheet

I whipped up a quick user stylesheet to be used with lofi MetaFilter. I don’t know if it works with anything but Opera, but here’s a screenshot. What do you think?
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MetaTalk Typo

Logging into MetaTalk...

Note: You'll need register before you can login.

Should be need to register.
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Danger, Will Robinson, danger! Runaway italics flag!

Danger, Will Robinson, danger! Runaway italics flag!
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oops; i italicized the whole front page

Just wanted to apologize publically for not closing the italics in my recent posting + thus, apparently, italicizing the whole page (I assume Matt will step in swiftly + correct this.)


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Drunk posting

I've got a headache too, and I'm not the one with a hangover.
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Is it getting nastier and more bloodthirsty here? (Apres 911)

This might be a bad thread, or it might not. Apologies if so. I really can't tell, so I'll just get it off my chest. Now that the bombs are dropping, and violence is in the air again, does it seem to anyone else that the tenor has also gone a little nasty and bloodthirsty on MeFi? (more)
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Stop Allowing HTML

Strip all HTML from posts, only allow a few basic tags by using [ and ] like those funny message boards do. This could allow hyperlinking and basic formatting without the problems that, e.g., the style attribute brings up. (There’s no way to prevent people from impersonating other users, messing up the page, etc., except by disallowing the use of HTML.) What do you think?
posted by gleemax to Feature Requests at 4:33 AM PST - 9 comments

Logout does not appear to be working quite right.

Logout does not appear to be working quite right. Logging out of MeFi doesn't appear to change my cookies in any way. Logging out of metatalk gives "HTTP/1.0 404 Object Not Found". (using Mozilla 0.9.4, if that matters)
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October 8

Why was my post deleted? (Tom Gutting, City Sun)

Yea I want to know why you guys deleted my post. Some people get away with posting porn sites but I can't post a controversial thread that Tom Gutting wrote in the Houston City Sun. Geez who woulda thought!
posted by redhead to Etiquette/Policy at 10:03 PM PST - 8 comments

Paysites: link? copy and paste? ?

What's MeFi's ethical position on posting stuff from paysites? (more)
posted by MiguelCardoso to Etiquette/Policy at 7:54 PM PST - 18 comments


The ability to edit a post even after it's been well posted when glaring proof reading edits have been spotted by the well poster...
posted by feelinglistless to Feature Requests at 3:01 PM PST - 3 comments

Can we ban the use of the tag?

Can we ban the use of the <font> tag? Or at least run a test to make sure if someone opens an HTML tag they have to close it? If I have to read one more shrunken thread I'm going to scream.
posted by mrbula to Feature Requests at 2:59 PM PST - 16 comments

GoTo has just announced their first profitable quarter and a name change

didn't want to get beaten senseless for two same-day front page pasts at MeFi so it goes here. GoTo has just announced their first profitable quarter and a name change. after this recent thread disucssing the merits of Altavista, i thought i would stir the pot a bit. GoTo profitable? i always thought you couldn't polish a turd. not only have they managed to polish their turd, they are selling it.....?
posted by donkeysuck to MetaFilter-Related at 1:25 PM PST - 7 comments

Hypothetically, would this kind of link be okay?

With the rash of self-links I thought of a quandary. What if someone has a web site that they own, but other people write articles (or take photos, or whatever) for it. The person then links to an article that he didn't write, but is hosted on his web site. Would it be a legitimate link? I would never do this, but I would hesitate to say "that's wrong".
posted by geoff. to Etiquette/Policy at 12:45 PM PST - 6 comments

Two posts by the same person in one day! Too much!

There have been two people today who have posted two links on the front page. (one being a double post) How do you think limiting people to one front page post a day would work out? Or maybe even one every three days? a week?
posted by corpse to Etiquette/Policy at 12:29 PM PST - 24 comments

Request: Member of the month poll.

A Member of the Month. With software for voting.
posted by ParisParamus to Feature Requests at 11:38 AM PST - 19 comments

I accidentally posted twice, what will happen?

I accidentally posted twice, what will happen?
posted by sean17 to Etiquette/Policy at 10:51 AM PST - 10 comments

What's up with the huuuuuge blank space?

What's up with the huuuuuge blank space between the Anthrax thread and the Ireland/sunken submarine post?
posted by Rastafari to MetaFilter-Related at 8:45 AM PST - 4 comments

Is there a trend towards subscription-required content, and what does this mean to us?

Subscription-based sites and weblogs: For better or for worse, Salon has long been a major staple of weblog news links, including front-page posts to MeFi. Now that their news and politics sections have become premium exclusives, will they still be useful to webloggers? And if this is the beginning of a trend towards more for-pay and less free content on the web, how will this affect link-based weblogs?
posted by harmful to General Weblog-Related at 6:28 AM PST - 18 comments

incubus-adnan connection. hmmm

Inspired by incubus's Bin Laden-McVeigh connection post, curious minds wants to explore the incubus-adnan connection. (More inside)
posted by tamim to Etiquette/Policy at 12:38 AM PST - 28 comments

October 7

spam harvester posted for discussion

Aiiee! Make it stop! Yet another e-mail spam harvester posted for "discussion". These are generally tiresome and dangerously close to content-free sites that some schlub whipped up between smoke breaks -- the web equivalent of trolls. They're built with a content management system that automatically begs people to send it to friends, thereby collecting the e-mail addresses. And they don't belong on Metafilter. Or has Metafilter changed that much?
posted by dhartung to Etiquette/Policy at 6:39 PM PST - 10 comments

Should I post another WTC memorial site?

how should I handle this? a user has written asking that I post another WTC memorial site to the top page. (more inside)
posted by rebeccablood to Etiquette/Policy at 11:33 AM PST - 17 comments

Ananova news is not the best of the web.

Ananova has quirkie news? Is this kind of link worthy of a front page post? I don't think so.
posted by TacoConsumer to Etiquette/Policy at 7:53 AM PST - 5 comments

A "take it to MetaTalk" button

A "take it to MetaTalk" and/or "take it to Email" buttonb below the Comment box? In the heat of the moment it would help to be reminded these options existed.
posted by MiguelCardoso to Feature Requests at 2:57 AM PST - 9 comments

October 6

There seems to be a router problem somewhere on the east coast

There seems to be a router problem somewhere on the east coast (looks like globex's mae east facility is having probs), according to my traceroutes. I can barely reach the site. If you're having trouble connecting as well, that's the issue, it's not the server or Jason's t-1 line.
posted by mathowie to Uptime at 2:24 PM PST - 0 comments

I'm sorry, this is not a tourist site.

Good Morning. Two front page posts, both "Best of City" sites. One with an ulitmatum. The other saying that Oklahoma City needs a front page post just as much as New York.
posted by eyeballkid to Etiquette/Policy at 3:35 AM PST - 18 comments

October 5

display gender?

Most people's usernames aren't indicative of their gender. This leads to people automatically assuming all posters are male until proven otherwise, and this seems to be ticking off a number of female posters. Possibly a preference of 'display user's gender next to their username' would be useful? Turned on, it would display the male or female symbol next to the username (or (m)/(f) in text-only mode), if the user's gender is set in the profile. (Say, depending on what letter it starts with.) People not logged in wouldn't see any of this.
posted by darukaru to Feature Requests at 10:03 PM PST - 13 comments

#mefi at 9pm central time or later

it's official, or as far as i can make it: #mefi at 9pm central time or later. we'd love it if you could come by; the numbers who attend the channel are a bit anemic, right now. and, as of this writing, by we i mean "I". irc.metafilter.com, port 6667.

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Pony Requested Feature list

How about a Requested Feature list??
posted by fooljay to Feature Requests at 12:56 PM PST - 2 comments

my old username is now my newusername

my old username is now my newusername.reclycling is good. but can i change my name again and not get flogged for name hopping?(first post warning)
posted by newnameintown to MetaFilter-Related at 12:06 PM PST - 23 comments

MeFi Lite?

I'm currently visiting metafilter with my images turned off in the hope that it will reduce server load just a little. does it?

along the same line of thought, matt, an version of metafilter until server problems are resolved? ala emergency CNN? would it make a difference?
posted by rebeccablood to MetaFilter-Related at 12:01 PM PST - 18 comments

Someone posted a mailto: link as a post.

This is a first, as far as I know: a mailto: as the link. But this person alsop seems to be in genuine distress, so let's be gentle, OK?
posted by rodii to Etiquette/Policy at 11:40 AM PST - 30 comments

October 4

Is an article published a month ago in the NYTimes too old for the front page?

Statute of Limitations?. The discussion was quite good. It's a timeless topic, still will be relevant 500 years from now. BUT! And it's a big but: I read this article when it came out in the NY Times about a month ago. Can't you presume, correctly, that countless others read it then?
posted by raysmj to Etiquette/Policy at 10:01 PM PST - 4 comments

How about making the membership information opt-in open source

How about making the membership information opt-in open source. Anyone who wanted could download the membership information in a variety of formats. Users who checked a box in their profile could then use their username on any other site that wanted to use it.
posted by chaz to Feature Requests at 7:33 PM PST - 6 comments

Inappropriate name-calling in comments

"If you don't see what's so crass about that, you're a simple-minded fuckwit and I sincerely hope that your stupidity one day gets you killed."

More evidence of MetaFilter's demise.
posted by ljromanoff to Etiquette/Policy at 7:26 PM PST - 7 comments

external links are no longer opening in a new window

In the past day or so, external links are no longer opening in a new window. I'm using IE 5 for the Mac. I've confirmed the preference didn't change.
posted by willnot to Bugs at 7:08 PM PST - 6 comments

"ferver" post should be deleted

Can you get rid of this "ferver" post? It's hurting my brain.
posted by Kafkaesque to Bugs at 4:43 PM PST - 5 comments

Rugby question

Just a quick ask. How's it going? It's only because I'm itching to put my 1998 tetleys bitter cup final ticket online. With the full glorious story of Saracens day in the sun...

[this will make little sense to non UK rugby infected MeFiites]
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Apologies for wasting thread #11111 and other justifications.

Apologies for wasting thread #11111 and other justifications.
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Is it me or did Mefi just go down (Oct 2001)?

Is it me or did Mefi just go down -- is it related to that wierd multiple posting on the front page?
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Multiple posting.

Today, a user posted SEVEN identical posts on the front page (here's one). It doesn't appear to be spam. I guess the user doesn't understand how to post threads (You may have to wait a while after hitting the Post button). If I were Matt, this is the kind of idiocy that would make my job suck.

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Searching Before Posting

Haven't been here long, but I've noticed double posts occur on nearly every thread, usually followed by a "shit ... I double posted" post %}

How difficult would it be to add a quick search through the previous posts in a thread such that if the same post had already been made it wouldn't post it again?

Or would that just crunch the overtaxed server too much?

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Request for lurker/poster/commentator percentages

This information may be up here somewhere but I've yet to find it:

What's the lurker/poster/commentator percentages, like, is there a pie chart somewhere?

How many people who sign up eventually lapse/disappear from MeFi or never ever post a link or comment ?

Who are the top ten/twenty posters?

What percentage of total overall posts are by the aforementioned?

Is MiguelCardoso an android ala the Buster Friendly Show in Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? Does he ever sleep?

Re: the CNN comment--I came here post 9/11, not via Brill's Comment and I do use MeFi to check breaking news. But then I don't know shit from poop web-wise...

But the non-news posts are what made me sign up.
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an Italian MetaFilter

Via evhead comes Verbamanent, which appears to be an Italian MetaFilter. Of course, I can't read Italian so I can't say for sure, but it definitely has the look (if not the #006699).
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West of the web - TV on the FPP

This is absurd. A WTC / TV discussion on the front page? Worst thread ever.
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Metafilter front page filter

OK, there were 40 front-page posts yesterday. Just for laffs, here's a MetaFilter front page filter. Change the number after the ? in the URL to change the highest numbered user whose posts you'll see. Old school!

(Here's the source.)

I'll make this filter private soon, 'cause I just wrote it to support this suggestion: I think something like this should be a MetaFilter preference. Anyone else?

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October 3

Overlapping date and topic headers

Anyone else getting screwy date and (MeTa) topic headers? They're overlapping the text in some cases.
I remember someone asking about the HTML coding for these recently, so maybe it's been changed, and not quite right. Matt, I've got cropped screen caps if you want.

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Too much WTC.

If you don't contribute front-page links, you probably haven't seen the post a link page where Matt pleads with users to show some restraint with WTC links. Should he put it in a bigger font?
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"thread tracking" eventually "recent activity"

I know that this would require a lot of coding, Matt, but I would literally pay for a "thread tracking" feature. (more in comments)
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So how's ColdFusion5, Matt?

So how's ColdFusion5, Matt? Curious because the last couple of days have been very slow, and I'm getting lots of timeouts.
Or is it that you've been in there tweaking stuff? Has there been another huge surge in traffic?
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search metafilter from the header of metatalk?

search metafilter from the header of metatalk? just for convenience when posting an example.
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Should a poster 'moderate' his post?

I just saw something I haven't seen in such a concentrated form before, so let me ask this question: Should a poster 'moderate' his post? Play talk-show host so to speak..?
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October 2

Shorter user comments page

Could the user comments page (./search_comments.cfm?user_ID=XXXX) be set to return only the most recent 20 or so threads posted to, with an option to show the full list at bottom? Increasingly, I'll check the front page just to see if any new threads have been posted, then pop over to my own user comments list to follow up on recent threads I've been interested in and commented on (easier than re-find them on the crowded front page). I'm thinking this might help reduce server bandwidth and db querying, and return the page more quickly.

Unless I'm the only one that goes to my user comments page with any regularity, in which case it's not likely to make much difference. :)
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Home page cache problem

the past couple of days I have been having a problem when i hit the back button out of a thread, to the home page. It sends me to the home page, but to midway through October 1. The post about depression. It seems sort of random, but it keeps happening to me.

Is this happening to anyone else?
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Library weblogs: some media hotness

Library weblogs are in the news this month in both the major librarian print publications: Library Journal [linked] and American Libraries [print only]. I have nothing special to say about this, but it's one more notch on the keyboard for webloggers.

[reg required, user: melvildewey@hotmail.com pass: librariansrule]
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thanks, everyone, who came by #mefi last night.

thanks, everyone, who came by #mefi last night. we had 7 or 8 people on at once, which is a new record i think (!). i'd like to ask anyone who has an opinion: should we meet at a specific night of the week (mondays, for example), or should it be open to whenever you would like to come by? it is possible to agree on a specific time (9pm CST, earlier, later...)? what do you guys think?
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I totally did not click post twice.

Why is it, even if you click only once on "post" and then remove all digits from the keyboard until some error message appears, resist temptation to click again and in fact close MeFi just to avoid posting at all, you are still rewarded, minutes later with a double post?
Double posts imply frenetic clicking but this is just true...
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October 1

Can someone educate me?

I don't think Bas67's recent deleted post linking to the Onion should have been deleted. I think that was good stuff. I was going to post the comment:

They should translate that text into the appropriate language(s), put it on leaflets, and drop it throughout Afganistan, Syria, Lebanon and the West Bank. It might make certain individuals think twice.

Was it really beyond the Pale? Can someone educate me? Or was it the material around the post on that page (which I didn't read)?
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irc.metafilter.com, port 6667, #mefi : we need some love

irc.metafilter.com, port 6667, #mefi : we need some love.
9pm CST, or whenever you feel like it.
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Matt's Sony thread from the other day

Good Morning Silicon Valley mentioned Matt's Sony thread from the other day. Scroll to the bottom.
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The sideblog, what about dates on the posts?

The sideblog, what about dates on the posts?
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They're up, and they're crazy: MetaFilter statistics

Metafilter stats are up, and they're crazy. We've never seen growth like this in a single month. Users, threads and comments all increased dramatically on 9/11 and every day since.
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Single link for a whole post?

We should be able to refer to a topic (i.e. whole of thread) using single link - in a way that will allow us to send it via email to other people who are likely to be interested, but don't use metafilter regularly.

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Are people from dotcomscoop.com spamming mefi?

I noticed an odd trend recently in the way a couple new people were posting and I think I've uncovered a problem. (more)
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