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November 28

December post contest?

Is there any interest in having another December posting contest (awesome example 1, awesome example 2)? It doesn't need huge prizes, and the community driven prize pool was really cool last time. Also, we're all understanding of the more limited staffing resources for something like this, so perhaps it would create more work than it's worth. But if there are the resources and the interest, I do think it's always been a great community building event and would like to throw it out there for consideration. This place rocks, and December is an awesome time to remind ourselves of what we do best as we wrap up the year. It's like icing on the holiday cake.
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November 26

The Giving of the Thanks

American Thanksgiving is tomorrow, so I thought this would be a good time to (turkey!) trot out some thanking and maybe even some giving. [more inside]
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November 20

Hoder has been released from Iranian prison

Mefi's own Hoder has finally been released from prison. Hoder (Hossein Derakhshan) had been sentenced to 19 years on "cyber-dissidence" charges after his Persian-language blogging software became a popular tool for critiquing the government.
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November 19

To queue or not to queue

This post was immediately closed as being not appropriate for MeTa. And that's fine, I don't have any question about that decision. But why was it even allowed to go up, now that there is a MeTa moderation queue? Shouldn't a mod just have said to the poster, "Hey, this isn't a good fit," rather than having it go up and closing it immediately?
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Announcing the Good Web Bundle (and MeFi's part in it)

Later today you might notice a new top banner of the site promoting The Good Web Bundle (as well as the MeFi Mall). I wanted to describe the project and aims for it, as well as explain how MeFi plays a part along with how it fits into existing support from members. [more inside]
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November 18

Update: Speak With Monsters is back

I just noticed today that Lore Sjoberg's is back up, and with it the official archives of Speak With Monsters, a.k.a. Monster Manual Comix, as lamented about a month and a half ago. Yaay!
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Happy Anniversary

Time flew by, so we must have been having fun. It has been 10 years since the flood of "$5.00 noobs" washed into MetaFilter. Thanks for having us, mathowie.
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November 17

RIP Felicity Rilke

Felicity Rilke, known to the greater world as Alicia Merchant, has passed away. [more inside]
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November 15

My life's a rock in a rock tumbler, getting shone.

Earlier this week longtime MetaFilter member Sean Michaels won the Giller Prize, Canada's biggest fiction award, for his debut novel Us Conductors.
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November 14

Secret Quonsar Thank You Thread!

My dog just started barking at the UPS man, but I wasn't expecting anything. Or was I? Thank you, Matt Haughey, for the t-shirt (and baby gift to come, squee!!)! I spent several work hours contemplating my own quonsar's gift so I was totally thrilled to be quonsed while in the spirit of things! Secret Quonsar Thank You Thread 2014!
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November 13

Second Annual MST3K Turkey Marathon Chat?

I thoroughly enjoyed this event last year. I was working and so got out of family obligations which was nice. It was made doubly enjoyable by having an actually-fun Thanksgiving activity. MST3K is streaming their marathon this year as well: "Tune in right here on Thanksgiving day at 12 noon ET / 9 am PT for six classic episodes of MST3K, complete with brand new introductions by Joel Hodgson." Shall we meet again? MST3K Turkey Day Marathon 2014
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Looking for useful feedback: MetaFilter tools by mdevore

Recently there were some Greasemonkey scripts and Chrome extension tools for MetaFilter posted to MeFi Projects and I thought they warranted special mention, as not everyone may be aware of them. They're from programmer (and Mefite) mdevore (Michael Devore). Direct link here. [more inside]
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November 11

FACT: Cookies baked by the internet taste better than other cookies!

The annual Metafilter Holiday Cookie Swap: signups have begun! [more inside]
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November 10

Proof that pb is indeed a wizard

I used the contact form to humorously alert the mods that MetaFilter's chat room server is a few minutes fast by sending them a transcript showing the time discrepancy between subsequent lines and asking them what life was like in the future. Then, during the email exchange, this happened. I know we've all suspected it for a while, but we now have PROOF that pb can indeed bend the laws of space and time! o_O
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FanFare pony request: alternative episode descriptors

Could we have an option for a text entry field for the episode number on a TV show? Sometimes there are specials - like Dr Who's famous Christmas Specials, for example; or in anime series there will sometimes be a separate OVA that happens outside of the normal story arc. [more inside]
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November 9

MeFi Ancient History: When the gates opened

Many many years ago, MeFi did not accept new members. But one day, someone posted their login information in a comment thread, and suddenly the gates sprung open: hundreds and hundreds of comments and threads by not-actually-members were unleashed upon the site, and it lasted for a while before the mods managed to clean it all up. Mods, do you remember that day? MeFites of Today- were any of you among that group that logged in and posted or commented for the first time ever that day, so excited for a peak behind the curtains? [more inside]
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FanFare request: Make tagging a little easier

For TV episode posts in FanFare threads, can we have an option of importing tags from the previous episode's post? Or maybe have tags for the show itself that can be applied to each episode? [more inside]
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November 8

How can we make trigger and/or content warnings useful?

People who find trigger and content warnings helpful: what makes a good warning, and how can we format those better? [more inside]
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Let's End Single Listicle Front Page Posts.

I'm annoyed, but perhaps not too invested in this, but as a simple search for 'listicle' here on MetaTalk returns 11 comments (mostly negative) but no post hits, so perhaps it's worth discussing. I get that today's Erin buzzfeed listicle fpp does provide a little bit of context for the link (as to why the poster thought it worthy of attention,) but I'm not sure it's enough. I'm not just singling out this post, and yes, I can see it's generating discussion . But single listicle posts are the vacuous junk food amongst the fine satisfying meal that is this site. Perhaps we can have an informal policy of refraining from single listicle posts, but allowing listicles when more context, more reason for posting them -- beyond 'buzzfeed-clone wants more traffic' is given? This site is MetaFilter, after all, not MetaClick. (Though MetaClick would make a great April Fool's subsite, wouldn't it?)
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November 7

The ins and outs of posting movies to FanFare

As sort of a companion MeTa to this one about posting TV shows to FanFare I'm posting this to get some clarification and input about posting movies.

I started thinking about this earlier because I'd like to put up Enemy of the State but once I started digging around I realized there were many variations to the movie posts, including whether or not the movie had been proposed in FanFare Talk.

Another thing I noticed today in the post about Three Kings was the tag "Spiritof99" which is how I discovered there was a club about movies from 1999. And just now someone proposed starting a MST3K club, which has already been established, so I'm also wondering if we need a way to display the clubs so people can find them. [more inside]
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November 4

Fat fingers strike again!

In mobile styles, can a link to "add a favourite" be included at the top of the page that comes when you accidentally click on the comment count in mobile, rather than the + sign? I keep going to the list of people who have favourited a comment, then having to go back and zoom in to correctly hit the +, and my stubby fingers have put me in a loop at times. Possibly this is just me, but a line at the top of the (http://​​/favorited) page that I could reliably hit would be very nice.
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98: A Land of Contrasts

Episode 98 runs about 1hr 45min and covers the month of October on the sites. [more inside]
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List your stuff in the MeFi Mall!

For the last several years, we've built the MeFi Mall to showcase holiday gift ideas made by MeFi members. This is your annual reminder to get your stuff for sale listed in the MeFi Mall by following the link and submitting your one-line write-up of what you're offering for sale. Thanks! [more inside]
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FanFare, no fresh Good Wife - up to me?

Are there show mods or a cabal or how does it work? [more inside]
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November 3

nonprofit to help people out of a jam

Hey folks, I have a memory of a non-profit that offered small loans (like under $1000) to people to help them get out of trouble. Like, if you are homeless and you have a job but you can't save enough for a security deposit, this group would help you raise the funds so you can get off the street. The funds may have been crowdfunded like Kiva. I'm pretty sure I heard about it on AskMe. Ring any bells for anyone? It's tough to google.
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November 2

If it's not answering the question, can it be deleted?

I know asking medical questions here is controversial. I don't expect to resolve that all here. But I do think there's a consistently problematic answer found in medical threads that has no answer-value and I wish this kind of answer would be deleted as such. [more inside]
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2014 Winter Wishes Gift Drive: MetaFilter Cares!

It's that fantastic time of the year when MetaFilter comes together to provide gifts for kids! (Spare me the details, just give me the list.) [more inside]
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November 1

joseph conrad is fully awesome is fully awesome!

just wanted to chime in that making a post is HUGELY intimidating here, and I rarely make an effort to do so [more inside]
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Pony Request: Bring (new comments) functionality to Recent Activity

One of Metafilter's most convenient features is how posts shown on the sub-site pages note that there are (x comments)(y new). It's great to hit the (y new) link and bounce directly to fresh content identified just for you based on your past history with that thread. Adding this functionality to Recent Activities would improve that page's usefulness under many common scenarios. [more inside]
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secret quonsar 2014: signups are now open

It's secret quonsar time again! Participants will find out who they have drawn on Wednesday, November 12, and the send by (or on) date is Monday, December 1*. Please sign up by 11:59 PM EST on Monday, November 10. The spending guideline: $10-20. [more inside]
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