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December 30

Best Post Contest for January 2020! 🎉

Ahoy, Mefites! As we approach the mystical year of 2020, it would be wise to remember the words of Pythagoras, who once said "There is geometry in the humming of the comments, there is music in the spacing of the posts," and encouraged his acolytes to engage in heroic feats of typing and linking every year — a holiday tradition Metafilter follows to this day! [more inside]
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December 29

What have you done this decade that you're proud of?

The Volatile Mermaid (@OhNoSheTwitnt):
If everyone is doing that what’s one thing you’ve done this decade that you’re proud of, I saved my life by quitting drinking.
Same here. What about y'all?
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December 28

Metatalktail Hour: open thread and drinks

Happy weekend Mefites! Come in and tell us how things are with you. Also wondering, what are your favorite cold weather or hot weather or special occasion beverages?
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December 24

Holiday Stories to Bring the Cheer

Hi all, I thought I'd contribute to the community by asking this question: what's a favorite holiday moment of yours? It can be silly, sweet, hilarious, anything that brings you a moment of cheer when you remember it. Best wishes during this season and hugs to anyone that wants them.
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December 23

6th Annual MST Club Christmas Marathon

Hey all! The Christmas Marathon for this year is up and running! We have MST episodes, other riffing, specials and other bits of weirdness! Over 48 hours of stuff awaits you, for as long, where and when as you can stand it, at our room at We'll be showing things through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, and we've even got some weird movies set up for the rest of today, so come on out if you want or need it! More details inside.... [more inside]
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December 21

Metatalktail Hour: Chore list

This is a big week of logistics in my household; a lot of stuff needs to get done, moved, cleaned, put away, taken out, packed, wrapped, boxed, swept, etc. Minor headaches but also sort of enjoyable getting things done like that. Are there household chores you secretly enjoy or have a secret talent for? [more inside]
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December 20

Doctor, it hurts when I do this...

After an unbelievable sequence of events that went “beyond tragedy to farce,” and after personal hardships only worth mentioning if she so chooses, and even more than four years of med school study, and after more extra science study because she had already had an established career in a completely different field... ...and after a metric crapton of MeFite support for a beloved member... I am thrilled to introduce M.D. ocherdraco, M.D., who graduated today.
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Random Acts of Kindness

End of another long week, let's carve out a space to talk about something other than politics for those that need that space. Let's talk about random acts of kindness. I just read this news story about a woman who let a stranger ahead of her in line while shopping, the stranger repaid this act of kindness by purchasing some of her items as a thank you. What are some random acts of kindness that you have experienced yourself? Maybe someone bought you a cup of coffee. Or passed on a parking ticket that still had time left on it. It could be the dinner that was paid for without your knowledge. Whatever it is, in keeping with the holiday spirit, let's talk about those random acts of kindness that surprised you. Don't forget that this includes being kind to yourself. Cheers.
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AskMe mentioned in WaPo

Caitlyn Gibson's Washington Post article "Hereafter" discusses two couples who decided to have children despite a cancer diagnosis. The author mentions MeFi here:
Buried in the digital archives of MetaFilter, an online message board that predated Reddit, is a question posed by an anonymous husband in 2010; he explained that his wife had been treated for an aggressive brain tumor, but they desperately wanted to be parents, and he wondered whether having a child was a wise or ethical choice. Hundreds* of replies unspooled below his post, passionately voicing every imaginable viewpoint:

“You’re in for a world of trouble if you do it. But it may be the thing that you need to do.”

“Having lost a mother to cancer ... I do think it is selfish to knowingly bring a child into the world knowing full well that the child will have to watch one of its parents die, and then grow up without them.”

“As someone whose father died when I was eight, I think you should do it.”
*"Hundreds" being eighty-eight, but who's counting?
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Pony Request: FanFare Bump

It'd be neat if a FF post could be bumped back into view (either on the main page or maybe in a sidebar). When a sequel is released, we could bump the previous films... When a new season is about to come out of a show, we could bump the season posts of previous seasons... When a film that has been in theatrical release hits streaming we could bump it... When a new version of a previously released film gets a release, we could bump that... [more inside]
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December 19

With A Full Heart And A Full Stomach, I Thank You

This year's Mefi Cookie Swap was delectable. Thank you Chara for organizing, and special thanks to Team Hazelnut for crafting creative, well-wrapped and incredibly tasty vegan cookies. If you participated in the Cookie Swap, what was your experience? Any new recipes to share?
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Thank you all for sharing, it impacted me deeply.

Thank to all who shared in posts,, asks and comments about their situation of domestic violence and domestic abuse. I recently was able to leave an abusive partner after 20 years, and, second only to therapy, reading what others experienced and went through has been the biggest help in this difficult time. Thank you! I would not have succeeded without you.
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December 16

Stumpedfilter: Askme on Happy Book Recommendations for a Dad?

Title more or less says it all. [more inside]
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How about an update conversation on the post megathread era?

It seems to me that the change has been a positive good for Metafilter. Change being the doing away with the Megathreads. Even the sidebar has stopped moving. What are your thoughts?
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December 14

Metatalktail Hour: Funny story...

Like many people, ninazer0 has had a tough time lately, and requests fellow Mefites to please share their "silliest, most pants-wetting, side-splitting moments" for Metatalktails this week. Come on in with your silly or funny stories or just to say hi. [more inside]
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So is Bernie off limits for anything slightly negative now?

I framed this post well. It is about a candidate that endorsed a man who's news group glorifies the Armenian genocide while same candidate refuses to endorse a young woman of color in Texas who could affect real change. We've had posts critical of Biden and Buttigieg but the other white man in the race is off limits? It's funny how: Unless it's actually big, *major* news, let's skip the "Candidate makes misstep" sort of thing. only comes into play when Bernie is involved or that this new rule appears only when Bernie starts seeing the heat. I would like clarification on the "new rules" that now only apply to some candidates. This is the sort of thing that would have been discussed in the megathreads- without them we need to have individual posts. But whats the point of individual posts if you're going to delete them?
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December 13


I tend to accrue some Brave (browser) rewards. They seem to have a cash value. Would/should/could I donate to Mefi? For me its just US$0.50 but its still found money I'd gladly forward on a continual basis.
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Tech hiccup tidbits: RSS and certificate issues, now resolved

Just a heads up about a couple little bumps in the last day: we had a small misconfiguration with MetaFilter's SSL certificate configuration that might have lead to browser warnings in some situations (but no actual danger), and the site's RSS feeds were stalled out for a bit as of yesterday. Both are mostly resolved now, some details inside! [more inside]
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“Betcha can't eat just one.”

End of another long week, let's carve out a space to talk about something other than politics for those that need that space. Let's talk about potato chips, crisps, crackers, etc. What is your favorite chip-like product? What are your go to flavours? Do you prefer ruffles/ridges? Are you a Pringles fan? Which is superior Lays or Doritos? Do you have another brand from another part of the world that those of us here in N. America are missing out on? Do you like your chips spicy, salty, sweet? Or a combination of all of them? Have you gone out of your way to order a specific chip or flavour from another part of the world? Let's talk chips. As always, be kind to yourself and others.
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I say, fuckity fuck what.

Politics in the UK just officially hit the fan, and there might be a lot of unhappy and frightened UK mefites out there today. Could we have a thread for them to vent and support each other? [more inside]
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December 10

"Christ, what a moron." MetaFilter Meme?

I've tried google searching this phrase- I seem to remember it coming from a certain user on here, eventually gathering pace with others. I can't find anything. It was similar to "I accept our ___ overlords" reoccurring jokes. Does this sound familiar, can anyone chime in?
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Just saying...

First hit was Metafilter [more inside]
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December 7

Metatalktail Hour:

This week, for Metatalktails, signal suggests: name one or more things that you love and none or few other people know about or appreciate. Basically, a little thing you hold close to your heart. [more inside]
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December 6

December open thread: disability, neurodiversity, and d/Deafness

Just as in previous MeTas, this thread is a conversational space for disabled folks and other folks affected by ableism to talk about their experiences on the site. You get to decide whether ableism affects you -- this is not a space focused on gatekeeping. That said, this thread is for everyone to read and for disabled people to (mostly) participate in. [more inside]
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How to block a specific post category

I'm grateful for the fact that I can block US politics posts. However, for mental health reasons, I really need to not see any Metafilter posts about the current environmental catastrophe - climate change, microplastics, mass extinction etc - even just the headline. This is not about keeping my head in the sand; I have taken personal and political action on these fronts in many ways. But reading about it has a profound emotional effect on me and can ruin my entire day, sometimes more than that. When I'm on tumblr, I use TumblrSavior and XKit to make sure I don't see posts about these topics - is there a greasemonkey script or similar that will take these posts completely off the front page for me? [more inside]
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Bring together all of Mefi

I would like to discuss the benefits of having content from all subsites directly displayed on the front page. Great stuff created by fellow Mefites gets overlooked for now good reason other than the treachery of our lazy lizard brains. [more inside]
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MetaEggnog 🥛🥚🎄

End of another long week, let's talk about something other than politics. Many of us are coming up on winter holiday celebrations. One of the more traditional drinks consumed here in N. America is eggnog. Let's talk nog. Love it? Hate it? Do you make it yourself? Do you have a special family recipe? Do you buy the store-bought kind? Is there a particular brand or flavor you prefer? Do you add alochol to yours? Do you have any amusing/horrific stories related to eggnog? Did you know that eggnog once sparked a military riot (known as the 'Grog Mutiny') at West Point! Feel free to talk about any other holiday drinks you consume around this time of year. Or what you're currently drinking in this moment. It's an open thread. As always, be kind to yourself and to others. Cheers.
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December 4

Winter Wishes: MetaFilter Cares! 11th Annual Gift and Donation Drive!

It's that wonderful time of the year when MeFi gathers its resources and warm wishes to help those who need them. For those who want to go directly to the wish lists, here's the one on Amazon and here's the one on Target. [more inside]
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December 3

158: Keep Them Scrollwheels Scrollin', Though The Browser's Slowin'

It's me! It's jessamyn! It's episode 158 of us podcasting about about the sort of MetaFiltery things we're wont to podcast about! It's about ninety minutes! [more inside]
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December 2

MeFites in Mexico or Central/South America?

Hi! I don't know where else to ask this: any MeFites in Mexico or further South? [more inside]
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December 1

Can FanFare posts have a "where you can see this" field?

Often there are FanFare posts which don't mention where the movie or TV show can be watched - whether it's a streaming service, broadcast TV or only in theaters. A number of times, I've had to do web searches to find where I can watch something. Sometimes, a tag lists where to watch, but it's certainly not done consistently. Can a "Where to watch" field be added to the Show Information? [more inside]
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How are new users discovering Metafilter?

I'm always a little surprised when I see a new user on Metafilter, since talk about it elsewhere online seems to have been erased by all the talk about billion-dollar sites. If you're a relatively new user - within the past three or four years, say - how did you find Metafilter?
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