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June 30

Meetup at Anthrocon

Anthrocon is happening in a few days in Pittsburgh. I've never been, but I've been told that there are good places to people watch for free at the convention center. Are there any Mefites interested in meeting up? [more inside]
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Just the curiosity of a self-obsessed "Favorited by others" watcher: I've noticed, on a couple occasions, my 'favorited by others' number will drop by a couple digits. Not a lot; I think the last time it was from 95 to 93 or something. I'm not favorited often, and I don't think I've had any posts deleted recently, so I find it odd. Can somebody "anti-favorite" you, or are things being deleted in older stuff than I've noticed?
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Play me off

Did I hallucinate a Metafilter comment? I remember reading the line "Play him hither, Lute Cat" on Metafilter recently and though it was so hilarious I needed to illustrate it. I wanted to give credit to the original commenter, but I can't for the life of me find the comment. All my styles of google-fu have failed me. Did this comment actually exist?
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June 29

Which meetup?

Would it be possible to include, in the profile information, the 10th Anniversary meetup (if any) that the user is attending (definitely or maybe)? [more inside]
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Ruth Madoff's glasses

Why was I not allowed to make a comment about Ruth Madoff's glasses? [more inside]
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No other information

If an FPP about a member (even if they happen to be famous) is posted, but it doesn't provide any fruitful information for others to right a situation where they feel they have been overcharged, then why is it allowed?
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New Theory: Stupid people reproduce more because the alternative is sleeping with [Mefites].

There have been 205 comments on Metafilter as a whole mentioning the movie "Idiocracy", some subset thereof expressing or implying agreement with the premise of the movie (stupid people breed more so we as a population are getting stupider). There have been 800 comments linking to or about the online comic strip xkcd, some subset thereof expressing or implying an agreement with the opinions found in that comic strip. There is now an xkcd comic strip expressing the opinion that the premise of the movie "Idiocracy" is incorrect. In the law game, this is what is known as a split in the circuits, and requires a decision by the Supreme Court, hence this MeTa post.
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June 28

Macbook pro eteched with Metafilter

Forget about the t-shirts, where do I order me a metafilter laptop?
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Add a tag? Don't mind if I do!

In the Michael Jackson obit post, and only in the Michael Jackson obit post, I have the ability to add tags. What gives? [more inside]
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MeFiSwap Summer 2009

MeFiSwap Summer '09
Believe it or not, it's been about that long. Let's mail each other good music. [more inside]
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June 27

Bottom bar on front pages?

Odd stationary footer bar on all front pages in Firefox? [more inside]
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I love reading personal anecdotes on MeFi and AskMeFi. Could you link me to your favorite anecdotal comments and threads? Thank you! [more inside]
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June 26

A Tale of Two Podcasts

Can we please separate the download feeds for the Music podcast and the normal podcast? [more inside]
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Some guy: How 'bout that Citi Field? Me: You mean the green?

I wore my brand spankin' new Mets-style MetaFilter t-shirt out in the streets of New York yesterday. Hilarity ensued. [more inside]
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I've just noticed that the text that I type into the search box beneath the links to sub-sites does not carry over when I browse from sub-site to sub-site. I know that Google (on FF 3.011) does this between its different sub-sites and I find it very useful because it eliminates the Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V keystrokes (or retyping for the less computer savvy) when you are using the same search terms between sub-sites.
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Where do I find the things I'm not allowed to straight ask for?

Is it really appropriate to ask "where to find people" to work for you on ask.mefi? [more inside]
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Facebook Knows Me By Name, Not Number

PonyUpdate Request: The "Also On..." section of user profiles should allow you to link to your fancy new Facebook username. [more inside]
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please hope me!

Somewhere on Metafilter, either in a post or a comment, I remember a specific term being used to describe how organized advocacy for extreme positions shifts public understanding of what is acceptable policy in that direction, making other, similar but slightly less extreme positions seem more moderate in comparison. I believe the term was "___ square" where ___ was a last name. [more inside]
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June 25

A brief period of mourning

Every obit thread on MeFi since the start of time* has been a flood of periods/full stops. Why did the Michael Jackson thread become a mess of bad taste jokes with barely an orphaned punctuation mark in sight. What memo did I miss? [more inside]
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Opinions are like [...]

Being in such a good community has its perks. One of my favorites is the trust we all share in regards to recommendations (which is especially obvious in AskMe). So I was wondering if there is a possiblity of creating a MeFi off-shoot vis-à-vis Epinions or Amazon. If this has been discussed and/or considered before, many apologies, but I didn't find anything to satisfy the question after a quick search.
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Tightening up the Tenth

The 10th parties are less than a month away, and there have been a few common questions since we launched the 10th site on May 5th. Since the actual parties are getting close, we thought we'd nail down a few things as well. In short, I'll cover deadlines for nominations and scheduling as well as payments. [more inside]
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June 24

Metafilter post about Ye Olde Metafilterre. Help?

Looking for a Metafilter post that was about a gentlemanly journal(?) in the 1800's(?) that was kind of like Metafilter. It was recently digitized, I believe. And then also there was a part in it that was also like AskMetafilter. Anyone remember this better than I do?
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You've always got space in your inventory / How come you've never got space in your heart for me?

Update to an admittedly niche, now expired thread: The Doyouinverts have released an adorable song about Gordon Freeman of Half Life fame sung (by, oddly enough, a dude) from the perspective of Alyx Vance. [MP3 Direct Link] [Lyrics]
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Flags with weight

Does the identity of a given flagger carry any weight? Or are they anonymous? [more inside]
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June 23

Chicago July Meetup

Chicago-Meetup-Filter: Yes, it's that time of month again. [more inside]
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June 22

Whats up with red hair?

From this post, which I've already derailed (oops) - why is this their view about people with red hair? [more inside]
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Anniversay meetups in the sidebar?

For obvious reasons the "upcoming meetups" sidebar is starting to look empty and lonely. May we have the confirmed meetups posted to the sidebar? [more inside]
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Blank MeFi

So, ever since I applied the 3.0 software update to my iPhone, I've run into this problem where occasionally pages (AskMe, MetaTalk, and MeFi proper) load blank... [more inside]
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I know you were on the edge of your seat.

The cartoon Story of Cat Rackham's quest for coffee now has a conclusion of sorts [more inside]
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Cool? Not Cool?

Question regarding the use of AskMe: Is it appropriate/not appropriate to ask a question regarding the reputation of a specific company? [more inside]
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Artists' control of their output at Mefi Music

I have a fairly radical idea, concerning MeFi Music, which I'd like to run up the flagpole. You know, see if anyone salutes it. [more inside]
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June 20

Trying to track down a link to an online short sci-fi nove

Trying to track down a link to an online short sci-fi novel that I saw mentioned/linked here ... was called "?????-01" or something like that ... [more inside]
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Crowded behind the green curtain.

From a profile:
I inherited this account from my mom who died three years ago. I am, apparently, a sub-par contributor.
(My Dad uses it sometimes, too. He's the one with the more intelligent comments)
(Later. At this point, several, well, three or five, people are using this account but none will ever match the original account holder in terms of The Right Stuff)

I don't think there's a guideline for multiple people using one account, but maybe there should be? [Not a callout, hence no link.]
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The only gift you'll ever get back and love even more.

Because I spent June 15 compressed at the bulkhead at the end of two Adventists reading: He: "The (New, Illustrated) Great Controversy" and She: "Creation Illustrated: The Christian Alternative to National Geographic" I forgot to mention the most important thing you can do all day! [more inside]
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June 19

"the most dynamic public speaker of our generation"

Metafilter's own John Hodgman ("the most dynamic public speaker of our generation") headlines at the Radio & Television correspondent's dinner (YouTube: part 1 - part 2).
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MeFi user matching?

You know what would be neat? If MetaFilter could show you a list of users who are similar to you, based on your favoriting histories, the tags on your posts, the tags on AskMe posts to which you've replied, etc. Or if MeFi matched up users who favorited each other's stuff a lot. Sort of like OkCupid's matching engine, but simpler—and not necessarily for dating purposes. [more inside]
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Istanbul/ Black Sea meetup in mid-to-late August or early September, maybe?

Considering a convocation in Constantinople. [more inside]
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June 18

42: Elvis Costello is adenoidal

Episode 42 was recorded on June 16 and runs about an hour long. We cover the past thirty days or so of all sections of MetaFilter [more inside]
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Induced, simulated, or acquired dichromacy?

Am I crazy...or is MeFi messing with background colors? [more inside]
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blood from a stone

In this AskMe thread about leukaemia, scblackman had a great idea. Could we "leverag[e] the MetaFilter community to do a virtual bone marrow drive?" [more inside]
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i need feedback/help and don't know if mefi is appropriate.

I'm trying to get feedback/helpers on a collaborative Google Map of bike paths in the Boston area. It's pretty small and unambitious, hardly something I've spent "a few months" on. Is this appropriate for MeFi Projects? [more inside]
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Best $5 I ever spent.

AskMe saved me more than TEN THOUSAND DOLLARS. Thank you! Thank you! [more inside]
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June 17

Cross-posting sub-sites?

Is it ok to cross-post a music question you have posted in AskMe to Music? [more inside]
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June 16

Where's that really terrific car-buying comment?

Can you help me find that really great car-buying AskMe comment? It involved someone e-mailing multiple dealers and walking in with the price he/she was going to pay. [more inside]
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He ain't Ralph.

Someone to whom I am not married to has linked me in Contacts using the descriptor "Spouse." What recourse do I have? [more inside]
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Brief JavaScript wibble

Not sure if this is a site bug or a Firefox thing, but figured I'd report it. Here's what happened just now [more inside]
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Best of the best of the current affairs web

There've been a few large, out-of-control, not-so-pleasant threads recently. I'd like to point out the recent Iranian election thread as a counter to these. A long, intelligent thread full best-of-web shared links, interesting opinions both from pundits and users, and a generally very successful discourse. It's been an invaluable aggregator (and aggregator of aggregators) for those of us baffled by the amount of information formlessly pouring out of the country. Thanks for making it happen, mefites!
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June 15

Was it Maximum Fun?

Since we know that Matt, ColdChef, SassHat, mullacc and other MeFites attended MaxFunCon last weekend (which made the MegaMetaMeetup in L.A. possible), those of us who did not get there want to know... how was it? Did Jonathan Coulter sing any new songs? Did John Hodgman reveal any new facts? Were the BoingBoingers totally insuffrable? Was Lake Arrowhead as nice as the bottled water of the same name? Do you have pictures? Videos? Celebrity DNA samples? Inquiring minds want to know!
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DC area meetup this weekend? [more inside]
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Cakethrashing my Plate of Ghost-written n00bspiel

Black-Texted on the.. purple? (Dammit, people! What color is this?) when I'm in MetaTalk for more than twenty minutes, I see tracers of dark texts on the background when I move my eyes. I bring this up so we can maybe talk about just what kind of talk falls outside of the guidelines for MetaTalk-- I notice there are only like two posts a day. [more inside]
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New Greasemonkey hack for MeFi and other sites

This is a kinda cool concept applied to MeFi: background bars for posts and comments (based on favorites) [more inside]
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3M: Bleeding Hands Don't Lie

In episode three of the Metafilter Music Podcast, I do an interview with Jim "InfidelZombie" Whitter, and play music by Devils Rancher, es_de_bah, umbú (again!), Baby_Balrog, greekphilosophy, and Potomac Avenue. The show runs about 39 and a half minutes. [more inside]
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June 14


I'll be in Houston between 6-29 and 7-9 and would like to get together. I'll be staying near the medical center/ Hermann park and will be renting a car.
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Working offline?

Can I download askmefi questions and answers? [more inside]
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June 13

Outrage? Why, yes.

This post was deleted for the following reason: this is crappy terrible news but is there anything here besides an outragefilter post? Two short news articles on crazy people behaving badly doesn't give people much to discuss other than "wow people suck" -- jessamyn [more inside]
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I feel like continuing a fight with billysumday.

I feel like continuing a fight with billysumday. [more inside]
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Kid in traction

Look, I'm really embarrassed that I am posting this to meta, where it doesn't belong, and I have tried the direct to the mod approach, but it hasn't worked. So I have a bit of a personal emergency, I'm coping, but I need some galant person to post this to Ask for me? Any takers? I'm really not trying to break the rules, I rarely post to Ask, but I need some help, and I carelessly have asked a question in the last week. . Question below. [more inside]
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June 12

Safari 4 and Music

Can't seem to see the moving yellow line as the song's playin'. Song plays and pauses fine but no progress bar.
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possessive pronouns

His, hers, and its. All possessive, none of them take apostrophes. [more inside]
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ya digg?

I've noticed a particularly pronounced uptick in the number of favorites comments are getting. Has Metafilter become funnier, or more salient? Or, you know.
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Update on memorial programs for slain Holocaust Museum officer

Because I have received so many comments and condolences from Metafilter members since the shooting at the Holocaust Museum on Wednesday, I wanted to let everyone know about and the Museum's plans to honor the slain officer, Stephen Johns. [more inside]
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New MeFi Static Domain

We set up a new domain for hosting static content like scripts and images at mefi.us. You might want to add it to your NoScript whitelist. [more inside]
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There's a reason we didn't give you that pony, Timmy.

We can browse users' favorited posts/comments via their profile pages pretty easily. So, I'd like the same functionality when it comes to "best answers": ability to click on the number of "best answers" given to a user, and see which of their answers have been marked as such. I figure something as obvious as this would have been built in by now, so why ain't this pony prancing? [more inside]
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June 11

Second Life MetaFilter group

I noticed from Projects that we have at least a few Second Life-savvy MeFites, but no real MetaFilter-focused presence in SL, so I went ahead and made us a MetaFilter SL group. Come join, message me in-world if you have any questions, and if you're nice I might even give you a teleport to a sneak peek at a little virtual MeFi anniversary surprise I'm working on. (Just search for my handle, same as on here plus an "Oh.") The group's also open to members of other MeFi-related communities, for which I will even make custom group tags on request. (Monkeys, Bunnies, and IRC lurkers join in!) If anyone here isn't an SL resident but wants to be, I'm sure the group will be happy to give you a welcoming walkabout. Or at least I will. [more inside]
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I'd like to organize a 1st Annual Great Mefi Scavenger Hunt [more inside]
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June 10

Update on Singh "bogus chiropractics" story

An update regarding the Singh vs. British Chiropractic Association lawsuit is available here. [more inside]
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For those who do not want others to discuss the Holocaust Museum shooting that occurred today, this Metatalk thread is here for them to address their grievances, away from the original thread.
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They have giant tubes of beer!

Hey, Silicon Valley! Sarahnade and sambosambo are getting together for drinks at [LOCATION] on [DAY] at [TIME] and would love for you to join us. [more inside]
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June 9

AskMe lets down an asker.

A woman writes in to ask for help on training a cat, and is instead told to get a divorce. [more inside]
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Message Etiquette

Is there an etiquette about sending notes to mefites you have not met? [more inside]
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Thanks for using NSFW, but...

Please put the NSFW stuff after the NSFW tag, behind the link. [more inside]
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MeFi's own Craigslist?

Is there any kind of site, alternate page, forum, etc. set up for MeFites to post announcements about locally-specific things that are not gatherings? If not, could there be? [more inside]
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Web sites do it!

Other sites have a little tick mark or a "new" tag for posts that you haven't seen. Can MetaFilter do this also? Yeah, I know that MeFi has the "xx new posts" thingie, sbut should/could it mark the new ones? (I have been reading MeFi and AskMe for some time. I have registered andposted a few times in AskMe. Heck, I've even had a MeFi post deleted by Jessamyn! But this is my MetaTalk first time.)
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Overthinking it

An astonishing new product is poised to revolutionize the way you read Metafilter.
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Connecting the dots

A minor enhancement for Ask (maybe).. [more inside]
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June 8

Safari update doesn't have bold/italics/link shortcut

Has anybody updated Safari today and noticed that the shortcuts to italicize, bold and link text are missing below the comment box? I'm logged in, I think java is working and I'm stumped.
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When the Blue's About the Blue

The direction of the teen modeling post went really Meta and callout-y really fast ... do we have informal standards to apply here? [more inside]
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No A

Have we had a post on the front page without a link before? [more inside]
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We wanna meet some New York mefites!

My other half and I are gonna be in New York City from Tuesday, 16 June afternoon through Friday, 19 June morning. Would any of you in the NYC area like to be meeting up? [more inside]
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navigating and posting

Very new to this site and not good at navigating in general. Would like to know how I go about posting general questions. For instance if I have a question about cars...do I do a search for cars and then post a question in that particular area? Pardon my clumsiness...this site was recommended highly and I've been told, I can't do or say anything stupid or I will be kicked out, so I want to ask before i attempt anything.
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June 7

If you don't have anything nice to say....

Is it inappropriate to comment that you're unimpressed with a post? [more inside]
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Followup re: murder of Dr. Tiller

Followup to this post, from The New York Times. [more inside]
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Nordic MeFi meetup for anniversary?

MeFi meetup for Helsinki or even Nordic countries or Scandinavia to honour the 10th anniversary? I don't see anything on the map
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June 6

Austin meetup

Since there's more than a month before the 10th anniversary event... would anyone be interested in an Austin meetup in the near future? [more inside]
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Long overdue SF meetup

Since it’s been so long since the last SF meet up, let’s have another one on Saturday the 20th. [more inside]
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Having our cake and eating it

At today's Manchester (UK) meetup, SlyRabbit excelled herself and brought along a special Metafilter cake. Feast your eyes on this blue and green wonder. That is all.
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Surely I can;t be the only comics nerd round here?

Last Minute Manhattan MoCCa Meet-up! Despite my sprained ankle, Me and my Other have decided to go to the Museum Of Comics And Cartoon Art Festival on 26th and Lexington. Any other mefities going and fancy a pint or eight afterwards? Say 5ish? [more inside]
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She's not the only taste maker, amirite?

NYT linked MeFi in their article "A Foodie With a Taste for the Surreal." It's about Thu Tran and Food Party, her brainchild. She's getting a show on IFC. [MeFi discussion] [more inside]
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June 5


Meetup in Japan! [more inside]
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We're about to order up some MeFi t-shirts and are interested in the size distribution of the potential t-shirt purchasing population of MeFi. I know it's a bit of a personal question but if you've ever bought a shirt off a website and are considering buying one from here, drop into this thread and fill out the form on top, or enter your answer directly at Google Spreadsheets here. I just don't want to get in the position of having too many of any one size on hand. [more inside]
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If I sign out of Metafilter on one computer does it sign me out everywhere I've logged in?

If I've logged on to Metafilter from multiple computers, but haven't signed out, when I eventually do sign out does it sign me out of all of them? [more inside]
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June 4

Travel Medical Tech Support Filter

have pros and cons ever been discussed for separating AskMe's into segregated categories for ( "what do you recommend I do during my three months in X / can anyone recommend a good shoe repairmen in X" ; "radioactive Y on my eyeball when I woke up-- should I see a doctor?" ; and "need help with Z computer-ish code-ism/softwareness" )? [more inside]
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MeFiMail the mod currently on duty

Pony request: On the main MeFi Mail page, how about a link to "MeFiMail the mod currently on duty"?
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June 3

super mefize me

I'm trying to MeFize my life, but I need some help. I've found color codes for the backgrounds of each subsite, but I cannot find the color code for the lovely gold-esque color that denotes a link. Help?
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Philadelphia Pre-10th-Anniversary-Meetup Meetup

Philadelphia's Pre-10th-Anniversary-Meetup Meetup. [more inside]
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Nice work, folks.

A trend I like: Seems like lately there have been more posts in the blue that contain multiple links from very diverse sources. This in comparison to the ever-swelling tide of SLYT posts, posts linking to a blog, etc. (Though "Camel vs. Bin" is beyond criticism.) Not that there's anything wrong with SLYT's in and of themselves, and I actually dislike snarky "not best of the Web" responses. Just felt like offering a little pat on MeFi's collective back. I wonder if more Mefites are unemployed and therefore have more time to put together complex FPP's?
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June 2

Prominent MeTa links in related threads

A great suggestion surfaced in the jakee-fiasco thread below: A prominent link to MeTa threads in the blue (and green). [more inside]
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Relevancy Calculation?

Would it be possible to alter the "sort by relevance" option on the search function to include how often the requested term was used in the comments/responses? [more inside]
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I suppose the asker could be trying to escape the mafia...

Why is this AskMe about St. Paul, OR anonymous? I can't think of any possible reason for it to be so except to get around the once a week question limit (though I confess, I'm not sure if the software actually allows that). If we can get around the limit by asking any old question and making it anonymous, and the mods will approve it, why not take the limit away? And if that's not what's happening, I'm still not sure why it was approved; I just can't imagine why that question needs to be anonymous. [more inside]
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Couldn't send your message because there was no message! Yes there was!

Can you remove the requirement that MeFi mails have to have text in the body? Sometimes a quick question/comment in the subject line suffices. I think most of us are techologically literate enough to not need the reminder that we are sending w/o text, and it doesn't remove any functionality for anyone.
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Celebrate 10 Years of Metafilter and Make a Difference

The Metafilter Team on Kiva.com has gotten started and two weeks later we have 16 members and have lent just shy of $1,000 to small businesses and collectives in developing countries. Our team is now launching a new campaign to celebrate Metafilter's wonderful users and help individuals, families, and communities around the world. Join us to find out more... [more inside]
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June 1

Metafilter Music Collaboration #2

Hello, Citizens of MetaFilter! Over in the MeFi Music section, MeFi musicians have been playing a game of Exquisite Corpse for the last year or so. Now we have something that you can listen to. [more inside]
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Free Herbal \/1@8R@

So I can understand why Sys Rq's outing post was on shakey ground but how much astroturfing should Metafilter tolerate? [more inside]
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MeFi justice served cold

A mere six weeks later, The Hipster Grifter is returned to Utah (FOX News link) to face criminal charges.
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