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August 23


Stick that in your "where's the business plan" pipe and smoke it.
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August 22

confusion among similar-looking usernames

Back when I was a regular on the #jeopardy IRC channel, I'd occasionally use the nickname a1exbot to cause confusion with alexbot. Oh, it was great fun. But efaper's attempt to create a straw man's troll for efader is less cool.

Probably no way to counter this. Maybe user profiles can have a born-on date like so many bottles of Bud? This way, old-timers can get the cred they deserve (teehee!), and it can be clear whether a username had been generated that morning for immoral purposes.
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August 21

Why are my comments disappearing?

I've been noticing recently that some of my posts have been vanishing. I don't assume deliberate deletion on the part of the owner of the system since in many cases they aren't particularly controversial comments.

Most recently, there is a thread about a blind woman nudist who's going to compete in a power lifter contest. I posted one brief post which was a joke, but followed it immediately by a longer one where I stated that I actually respected her a great deal for not letting her handicap keep her from living exactly the life she wants to.

That second post is gone. I have no idea why. I posted it and saw it, but when I went back later and visited, it was missing. I think maybe it may have gotten lost by the database or something.
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More moderation for you

I've deleted mspansel's threads and banned the account from posting again. I've been deleting more posts than ever lately, and I think it's a necessary evil to having such an open posting policy. I've changed my editing tools, so deleting posts or editing someone's bad html is a lot easier now, so expect to see more admin stuff being done in the future. My hope is that things stay on track this way.
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August 20

Cannot edit in IE 5.5

I recently switched to IE 5.5, and I've found that when I "go back to fix a problem" in a followup post, there's nothing there to edit. So I'm stuck with what I wrote the first time.

Oddly enough, I *can* go back to fix a problem on an original post. Is there a difference in how you're doing that on original posts and on followups?
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August 18

Why Do Designers Not Use Custom 404 Pages?

Okay this isn't really about the weblog format, but more about these sites in general. I am really curious to know as to why most of the web-designers here do not use customized 404 messages? So far I have only seen, & use their own 404s, used to have a custom 404, but it no longer does.
The reason I ask is because in general most webloggers are great web-designers, and I would've figured that they would all be using it. And I think it would be really interesting to see what everyones 404 would look like.
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August 17

Please make MeFi code available to CF users

My only request is that you make MetaFilter code available for Cold Fusion users to incorporate into our own sites. I run a site for a club and would love to have a mini-MetaFilter for our front page...
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August 16

Why is the home page so slow to build?

Why is the home page so slow to build? When I go to, I have a 7-10 second wait before I start getting any data. Is it just Cold Fusion churning? Link detail pages come over after just a 1 or 2 second pause.
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August 15

MeFi post as callout

I think starting a new front-page thread just to call another user out is going too far, especially when said user explicitly asks to take it to e-mail.
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August 14

The Day the Login Died

The Day the Login Died: for some reason, this afternoon I had to login today again after months of happy not-having-to-rmember-my-password. Has this happened to anyone else? Netscape Navigator 4.08 on the Mac, if that matters. Is this a Metafilter problem, or a browser problem?
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Please oh please - view user's posted topics pony

Please oh please make it possible to view all of a given user's posted topics. Perhaps a link to the link on the user's profile page?
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August 13

Indent after post bug

Matt, after Skallas's post on Symantec charging for virus updates, the entries indent another indent's worth. Still not sure what causes that...
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August 12

Archives should also include current month

It would be nice if the archives showed every past month, including all of the posts in the *current* month. Unless I'm missing something, at this point in time, the only way for me to see posts from the beginning of August is for me to change my preferences, and I most definitely don't want to set my preferences to "view last 30 days" just to see posts from the beginning of the month while the next month approaches.

Don't you think? =)

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No place to post comment

I'm using IE 4.5 for the mac, and I get this strange bug whenever I hit "... comments".

It happens like this:
The first time that I come to Metafilter on a particular day, if I click on "... comments" next to a post that someoen has put up, I get the various comments, and everything is normal up until the password form. In it, there's a bunch of "" tags, and stuff like that, and instead of having the normal form to post your comment in, I get some weird error (I'd post it, but I'm not getting the error now).

I can fix the problem if I delete my "password" cookie, so I imagine it's related to that somehow. I hope you can fix it =).
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August 11

Too many categories, not enough stats

1. these forums are too small to have so many different categories, a single metatalk forum might be better

2. this should go in feature requests, but see above: I would love to see stats, on the site, on links, on users. it's one of the best things about weblogs, and if this is a community weblog, then how about tables and tables of statistics?
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August 7

So is this the new trend in Metatalk?

So is this the new trend in Metatalk? Multiple postings on the same subject (3 on Steven's mating call; 2 on the Rorschach far.)? Are we *TRYING* to make people feel bad here, or just trying raise their inferiority complex a notch?
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hide posts by keyword

speaking of filtering
any chance of a way to not show posts based on a set of keywords?

as a new zealander living in australia, i'm quite frankly up to my naders with goring bush action
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August 6

ColdFusion error on the front page

Anyone else getting a ColdFusion error when they try to view the front page in Netscape? It works fine for me with IE, but not Netscape. Could the applet be causing this?

Error message:

An error occurred while evaluating the expression:

#newlinks.recordcount# IS "0"

Error near line 320, column 29.

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August 5

Java and images on the front page slow Mark down

Mark is on a slow connection. Please, help Mark by posting cute java applets inside the comments instead of on the front page, so that Metafilter doesn't take Mark's computer two minutes to load.
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August 3

User complaint

Yeah, there's a bug where that Steven Den Beste guy gets to post to the front page of Metafilter, multiple times per day, even. Any timeline on when we can expect this to be fixed?
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August 2

Revisiting main page causes delays

This is a speed question. I can go from MF's homepage to it's underlying pages without any delay. Click, and I'm there. However, going back to the homepage is always difficult, and takes at least two times longer. Is there some kind of 'no cache' thing working on it?
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August 1

[title] tag breaks the page.

Whoops. I broke it. I did a [title] tag in the etiquette thread about link descriptions, and it blew up the page.
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please delete all threads associated with my most recent long article

Matt, please delete all threads associated with my most recent long article to which I linked on my own site. I'm afraid I completely misjudged the audience here and it's clear that this was not an appropriate forum in which I should try to reveal feelings as personal and important as those were.
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Call for MetaBozoFilter

Matt, you wonderful dear sweet MetaAdministrator, I respectfully submit that the time has come to put the Filter in MetaFilter. Yes, I'm talking about MetaBozoFilters...and I think many, many people would support you in those efforts. Let me know what I can do to help.
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Self Linking considered poster!

I would like to propose that in the event that someone uses metafilter to blog their own site, a pre-selected jury of their metafilter peers be allowed to enter the offender's domicile and beat the offender's computer(s) into complete submission. I respectfully suggest a Louisville Slugger would be best suited for this, however I have heard that a well balanced ax handle would likely be a competant substitute.

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