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September 30

Matt gets a mention from the Register

Matt gets a mention from the Guardian (along with somebody named Kottke...whoever that is).
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Timezone Bug

Tried deleting cookies, logging out and in, but whilst MeFi shows my timezone as set in my preferences, MeTa is a different timezone. Frisbee... sorry... discuss.
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September 29

For Discussion: What's with the four Google ads above the sidebar?

For Discussion: What's with the four Google ads above the sidebar?
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I for one welcome our new marketing droid overlords

Product-Filter! Have we been taken over by marketing droids when I wasn't looking?
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September 28

Keep it here, kids, part 2

Bad form, stonerose. You may not have agreed with the FPP, but it certainly wasn't made in bad faith. So there's no excuse for linking to the poster's blog just to get in a personal dig.
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Our group Web log gets a mention in the NYT.

Our group Web log gets a mention in the NYT.
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More inside: the feature request

I cite this as an example, and there have been several over the years, for a number of requests for MeFi. (more inside)
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Blatantly misleading FPP.

Blatantly misleading FPP.
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September 27

Oxford Meetup Photos

Drink! Police action! More drink! Noise! Drink! Ice Cream! You thought it would never happen but you were wrong. The first ever MeFi UK meetup in merrie old Oxford, England. Photography occured...
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September 26

Who's the Poet Laureate of MetaFilter?

Who's the Poet Laureate of MetaFilter? Sure, we have eloquent and witty members by the dozen, and everyone appreciates their stellar prose. However, our poets deserve recognition and a thread of their own. So, who's the most lyrical among us? I've said before that thomcatspike is the ee cummings of MeFi, and he may be, but stavrosthewonderchicken called me out here for saying so, claiming that clavdis is unequalled. All right, so we have two nominations. Any others? Favorite moments from these two or any other nominees?
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September 25

Why is Plastic down?

I realize this topic has nothing to do with Metafilter but, does anyone have any idea what has happened over at The site went dead on Tuesday night and I have been unable to get any information? Apologize about this, but would appreciate any information. Thanks in advance.
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Hooray! Metafilter's full of ignorant fuckwads! GO TEAM!

In Japan, don't they use the Lichter Scale?
posted by dhoyt at 2:52 PM PST on September 25 (earthquake thead)

rook! I can see my house from here!
posted by jonson at 11:59 AM PST on September 25(Chinese space program thread)

Hooray! Metafilter's full of ignorant fuckwads! GO TEAM!
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Mozilla-specific bug

Odd: using Mozilla 1.4, I can't enter text into the text fields on the search page -- but I can paste into them. What's up with that?
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I can't load a thread

I can't load the thread: I tried Safari and IE 5.2 for Mac.
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September 24

Brownpau's white pony request

I love using MeFi with the light "plain-text" scheme; could it be extended to Metatalk as well? Nothing fancy; just body, .menu { background: white } and I'll be happy.

(Oh, and a white pony.)
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I'm having a party in Cambridge, ON.

I'm having a party in Cambridge, ON. MeFi'ers welcome to attend. [more inside]
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September 23

good post on Bush's UN speech by insomnia_lj

While sometimes I know the Bush Bad threads wear on a number of us (not to mention the problems with Newsfilter), I wanted to single out today's post by insomnia_lj linking to Bush's UN speech as good. [more inside]
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Open comments in a New Window?

why isn't there an option to open comments on a new window? we have the option to open links to a new window, but i always end up having to right click comments.
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September 22

"This is MetaFilter, not NewsFilter, asshat"

"This is MetaFilter, not NewsFilter, asshat": a delightful namecheck from the crucial, irrepressible Misanthropic Bitch, echoing a worthy sentiment and a cause by now well lost. (Received by e-mail, with thanks.)
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September 21

Are we allowing doubles now?

Matt, has the policy on double-posts changed?
[more inside...]
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it worked in preview!

I was trying to put less-than and more-than symbols in a post and used the "& # 62/60;" format. It worked in preview, but in actualité, it left a big blank space where the enclosed [witty] comment was supposed to appear.
What's the situation with character entity references here on MeFi? [The FAQ was silent on this, so I ask.]
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September 20

UK MeFi Meetup needs sidebar shout

6 days to go and counting... Matt, could you drop a sidebar link to the upcoming UK MeFi Meetup. (discussed here). Oh, and can I have a pony too please.
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September 19

Can we bring back the MetaFilter scholarship?

Can we bring back the MetaFilter scholarship?
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Spellcheck Bug in Opera

Spell check deletes comment on exit [Opera 6.05]
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Why is MeFi the way it is?

I should know this, being one of MeFi's last surviving "early adopters" (user #206), but I don't...
MetaFilter's NO multiple-threads, chronological order, NO sigs or avatars, permalinked format for comment pages has become the standard default style for blog comments, used by most blog software out there. (And that format has been, with all its abuses, one of the major reasons why MeFi has been my favorite Web Hangout for most of its 4 years).
So, Matt, why is it so? Did you duplicate some even earlier weblog pioneer I don't remember? Did you just follow a K.I.S.S. methodology? Or was it all/partly about the limitations in the Cold Fusion database or your then-newbie abilities with it? Tell me, for the record, how much credit (or blame) do you think you deserve for "The Way We Do Comments"?
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September 18

Talk Like A Pirate Day logo.

Avast, Cap'n Mathowie! That be a lovely logo you've got there! Arr!
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Non-Mefi Popup

This page gives me a pop-up ad every time. It originally happened when I opened the link, but now the MeFi page itself wants me to get a Verizon cell phone. I know that Matt didn't randonly decide to allow pop-up ads on a single thread, so how this must be my fault. What did I do?
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I posted this thread yesterday and someone hated it....

I posted this thread yesterday, in which every word was a link to a different site, something I find fun to do (I do provide alt text for each link). A user commented, however, that this practice should be banned, initially because it is 'lame' but later clarified her position. Is this linking style collectively annoying enough to be banned or flameworthy or is really just a matter of individual preference?
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September 17

MeFi Film Fest?

If one were to put together a Metafilter film festival, including undistributed short films that have been linked on the blue, which films would make the cut? Off the top of my head I can think of both A Shoggoth on the Roof and 80s Ending. Any others?
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September 16

Tokyo Meetup

vito90 calls for a Tokyo MeFi meetup somewhere between Oct 4-17. I'm happy to organize.
Please leave comments if you can/want to attend and if so, what days/times are good for you. For those who are living outside of Tokyo, Saturday nights may be better. But lets also consider a Wednesday or Friday night. My location recommendation would be Ebisu but we could also go check out the new location for The Pink Cow in Shibuya too.
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Self-linker on Metafilter

The guidelines say: Self-linking also appropriates the use of MetaFilter as your guestbook...

So why is this still here?
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September 15

Salon's feature on Perverted Justices quotes Metafilter comments

Salon's feature on the porn chat-room vigilante site Perverted Justice includes the lazy journalist's best friend: non-attributed man on the street quotes from MetaFilter.
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September 12

How long will we continue to allow him to turn metafilter into his own chat room?

It's bad enough he posts a weak, vapid message about basically nothing... but he's done it twice now, within 6 months, using the same links. How long will we continue to allow him to turn metafilter into his own chat room?
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rss.xml is unhappy

rss.xml is unhappy
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Previous threads being used in a discussion?

Today I posted a small amount of Johnny Cash music from my personal FTP server in rememberance of Johnny Cash. Since I could find no information about the use of FTP's in a threads discussion, I am trying to understand the context of it being wrong or right. Either way: Please dont delete the post until later today. Please?
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accepting bets on next celebrity death on front page

Allright, place your bets for the next celebrity death on the front page for today. Third try's a charm, Mr. President.
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September 11

Are there any "lyrics sites" that aren't a pop-up nightmare?

User Cyrano just seconded my recent contention that it seems every "lyrics site" is a pop-up nightmare that would shame most pr0n sites (not that I'd know...). Are there any "lyrics sites" that aren't? Come to think of it (really stupid question follows), are "lyrics sites" even half-way legal, or do they just exist because ASCAP and BMI are not as evil as the RIAA?
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Filtering the 'Filter

Now that MeFi Distilled has been dormant throughout September, how are time-challenged and reassurance-seeking users to know what's worth reading on MetaFilter? I wonder how many readers rely on extraneous filters to get a handle on what to follow here. MeFi Distilled is good. Are there any other time-saving devices for those of us too occupied to read every single word?
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Callouts are fine, but leave the personal info offsite, please.

Posting the phone and fax number of an organization for protest seems fair game. Posting the home address of that organization's director, not so much.
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User reports links he posted causing derail

The links I posted in the 9/11 thread seem to have inspired an arguement which is derailing the thread. [More inside.]
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September 10

Thanks to those who helped me prep for Jeopardy!

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank those MeTa-folks who helped me out with advice on preparing for Jeopardy.

No, I didn't win, but I achieved my personal goal of not spazzing out in front of the cameras and also managed to chit-chat with Alex, answered a few tough questions, and even got a (intentional) laugh out of the audience.

You can watch me on September 15th (check your local listings for times).
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U.S. vs. rest-of-the-world grudge match

The ongoing U.S. vs. rest-of-the-world grudge match is unnecessary and annoying, especially when it's off topic.
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Great Dane meetup photos!

Saturday evening's meetup at the Great Dane brewpub in Madison, WI was a success. Fun was had. Beer was consumed. Photos were taken.
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Doubleposting Policy

So I'm guessing that we've adopted a new unwritten policy on doubleposts?
[example, example, example]
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Enough with the flash spam.

We needed another gratuitous product pitch? As the worthless Legs McNeil once said: please kill me.
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Pony request: "reset" link for recent posts/comments count?

It's pony time! Well, maybe less of a pony, and more of a Falabella. Anyway, what about a little link on the front page of MeTa that resets your threads and posts update? I often return every half hour or so (I know...) and the count doesn't reset...
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September 9

Washington Post

Sources for posts Sept. 8: WaPo, WaPo, WaPo, WaPo. Four out of 20 posts yesterday cited the Washington Post. Was it just that good of an issue, or are we relying too heavily on the same old media for our newsfilter posts? [more inside]
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September 8

MeFi: 1, 2, 3 years ago.

MeFi: 1, 2, 3 years ago.
Being a big fan O' the side blog I noticed that 4 years ago now works as well... Also, Mefi & Blog are both not in the spell check.
Is it better to post little things like this here? AIM? Email? What's the preferred method of submitting little bugs?
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September 7

Oxford Meetup

The First MeFi UK Meetup: Oxford, Friday 26th September

Just a reminder for those that expressed an interest in our last thread - let's finalise details if we can: see this page for plans so far.

Oh, and if you know in advance that you can't make it, post here or on the Wiki, and we'll raise a glass to you in your absence (",)
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September 6

is it possible to start a listing of Canadian MeFi members' postal codes?

Following up on Frasermoo's MeTa post from the fourth ("How international are we?"), is it possible to start a listing of Canadian MeFi members' postal codes? [more inside]
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Harsh words about MeFi from other blogs

I notice that MetaFilter has received some strong critisism over the last few days. Now while the manner of some of the critisism (in the comments at ASM and another site I won't mention) to some extent debase the point that is being made due to name calling and (dare I say it) Ad Hominem attacks on this place (what do I win for using that phrase?), in the stream of hatred, are there some underlying points that should be taken on board?
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Unwarranted escalation.

Either my skin isn't thick and warty enough, or this place is merely for those into intellectual masturbation. I thought this comment was uncalled for in response to mine.

I don't feel like getting into the sandbox, and I haven't been to law judgement school. Next time I guess I'll just keep it to myself. /end vent
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This thread appears when I'm logged in, but vanishes when I log out

In both browsers on my machine (IE6 and Firebird), this thread appears when I'm logged in, but vanishes when I log out. I've never noticed this before; is there a reason why this happens? This makes me wonder if I've missed other stuff in the past.
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September 5

No more NYT posts, please!

After the nth post to a new york times ( site that requires a subscription, which was easily circumvented via searching google news for 3 of the words in the quoted article text from the post, I'm wondering if we can do anything programmatically to solve this. Perhaps search through the posted links, and if nytimes comes up without a partner section of the link, put a small note in red on the preview screen. Or at least add this and the comments we've previously made about posting to low bandwidth sites to the posting guidelines.
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False anchors give wrong impression

A minor nit, but it's misleading to use a false anchor tag in a link, because people will wrongly assume it's legitimate. The Christian Science Monitor did not declare neoconservatives to be their enemies.
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The Metafilter drinking game and how to play it.

The spit takes thread made me think: why hasn't anybody devised a MetaFilter Drinking Game? (Well, actually, kottke did, indirectly, long ago, but I'm sure we can haul out every MeFi cliche' imaginable and compile them into an excuse for near-life-threatening blood-alcohol-levels. (Might even increase attendance at MeFi MeetUps)

I'll start with the way-too-obvious:
One drink for every thread by Miguel.
Two drinks for every thread NOT by Miguel that mentions Miguel...
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September 4

Is MetaFilter still a secret?

"One day everyone will rely on Dong Resin's Joint and MetaFilter". Along with other, less interesting sources. This seems to be the gist of this recent Online Journalism Review column by Mark Glaser. And it sounds good to me. So the question is: what danger is there of what we take to be parochial and almost private actually going mainstream? Is MetaFilter still a secret? What is lost and what is gained if it suddenly goes mainstream on us?
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Updated statistics available

Metafilter thread and user growth stats have been updated, along with the top 20 charts. Five consecutive months of no new users means less overall threads and comments, but the Blogstop acronym thread broke the top 3 most commented entries and Tom Swifties broke the top 20.
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September 11th anniversary.

Next Thursday is the second anniversary of Sept 11th. The inundation is already starting both here and in all other media. Mayhap the anniversary will be a good time to talk about anything but (i.e. actively posting non-9/11 material)? Or am I being stone cold and inhuman?
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Formatting question

You'd think that someone with an under 8000 user number would know this, but, to my great shame, I don't.
Is the only way to format text in a post to use html tags, or is there some super-secret, tell no one, y'oughta know this already, other method of formatting (I dunno, some weird macro type syntax or something)?
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Shouldn't PST be PDT during daylight savings time?

posted by foo at xx:xx xM PST

Shouldn't this be PDT during daylight savings time?

Should I change my handle to analnewc2?
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How international is MeFi?

Is there anyway of telling how strong the 'outside-America' contingent is on MeFi?

How international are we?

Hello from London.
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September 3

Posted by x?

I like the idea that everyone’s comments are on an equal playing field on this site. It doesn’t elevate or exclude anyone. However, I would appreciate a way to screen a comment before I attempt to read it. So as a feature, is there a way to let the individual member decide whether they want the “posted by ‘X’” before or after the post itself?
posted by BlueTrain to Feature Requests at 5:47 PM PST - 45 comments

Double post.

Although this thread was used before (and the bad spelling!), it had a little more relevance to the accompanying links. Double post? Yes. Included more than the previous post? Yes. Someone forgot to spell check? Yes.
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Seybold SF Meetup

Seybold SF is next week. Geek-safe venue. Lots of toys. Anyone going to be around specific areas? any conference sessions with mf members as speakers? i'll be the guy with the nametag on.
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"I just spat coffee all over my computer"

"I just spat coffee all over my computer"
Did you? Did you really?
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September 2

Twin Cities Meetup

Reminder: MSP Mefi Meetup, Thursday September 4, 7PM at Joe's Garage!
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Asterisk for Deleted Threads

OK, it's been suggested before in passing, but I can't find an actual feature-request thread, so I'm going ahead and asking: When comments are deleted from a thread, can there be some residue, maybe an asterisk, maybe an icon, indicating that there used to be a comment at that point, so later non-deleted references to said comment aren't so confusing?
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Navigation links to top?

Having the « Older... | ...Newer » links at the top of a thread [to the left of the date] as well as the bottom would be handy..?
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September 1

pppppplllllllease i know it sucks but...!

Three-paragraph post plus pre-emptive plea from author for forgiveness equals a thread filled with crap.
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