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Fake tags break CSS. I assume it has to do with automatic tag closure. If it must be done, using [faketag]brackets[/faketag] seems safe.
posted by Dean King to Bugs at 7:28 AM (15 comments total)

Post your browser and system info too. It looks fine to me.
posted by riffola at 7:37 AM on May 29, 2002

This also happens when any unexplained HTML is included, in this case it was a phantom, meaningless tag (view source). I've also seen it happen when people improperly attempt to use blockquotes. This happens on IE 5.1 on Mac OS9, but not on Mozilla (latest build) on the same OS. I know that I've seen similar behaviour in IE 5.5/Win 98.

Many of these problems don't reveal themselves in the preview mode, so I think it's safe to say that we should avoid fake tags, and double check real tags carefully, or we'll futz the site, and look like ninnies.
posted by Dreama at 7:48 AM on May 29, 2002

This thread is about the same thing the thread before this is about, albeit put differently, browser info is there riffola.
posted by bittennails at 7:51 AM on May 29, 2002

What bittennails said (Mac OS9, IE5.1), and my apologies for the double post.
posted by Dean King at 8:07 AM on May 29, 2002

Oops. Sorry. I'll try to rein in the quasi-cleverness.
posted by yhbc at 8:07 AM on May 29, 2002

Sorry didn't see the previous thread. Anyway fake tags mentioned show up in IE6/9x & IE6/XP
posted by riffola at 12:47 PM on May 29, 2002

...and IE6/ME
posted by gummi at 12:48 PM on May 29, 2002

Everything looks fine to me in IE6/Win2000. Incidentally, I'm using a customized font and size in MetaFilter -- perhaps this has something to do with it?
posted by chrismear at 1:10 PM on May 29, 2002

Thread's been fixed in my cited link. And so, until next time... [mathowie theme music plays]
posted by Dean King at 1:54 PM on May 29, 2002

So it appears the only problem was the space before the slash?
posted by timeistight at 2:10 PM on May 29, 2002

Apparently so, timeistight. I had originally done it that way (leaving a space before the slash) to keep the tag-closing program from "fixing" the bad tags, but I didn't realize what I thought was a clever way to type "fake tags" was causing other problems. Again, sorry, mathowie (and everyone else).

::internal voice::

Don't mess around with stuff you don't understand that well, dummy!!
posted by yhbc at 2:24 PM on May 29, 2002

osx 10.1.4 IE 5.1 and looks fine
posted by mkelley at 4:01 PM on May 29, 2002

[mathowie theme music plays]

What would Matt's theme music be? I think "Girl from Ipanema" would be pretty groovy.

posted by jennyb at 6:01 PM on May 29, 2002

I think "Girl from Ipanema" would be pretty groovy.

Don't be silly jennyb, Matt's theme music would be "Secret Agent Man"
posted by jonmc at 6:20 PM on May 29, 2002

i am the operator with my pocket calculator.. beep beep beep
posted by pikachulolita at 6:24 PM on May 29, 2002

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