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September 27

mutual aid after-party

now that the annual metafilter fundraiser is over, this is your opportunity to support other people and projects that are underfunded. Sort of like an auction or the mefi mall except you don't even have to acquire anything! Share stories, links, etc. [more inside]

September 25

RIP dayan

Some sad news: MeFite dayan passed away last night. He hadn't been on MeFi for quite a while but hung out in a MeFi spinoff group I'm in and was also really involved in the quizzing and Jeopardy communities and I thought people here might want to know. [more inside]

September 20

[MeFi Site Update] September 20th

Welcome to your monthly Site Update for MetaFilter, our beloved community weblog! The last update is here. You’ll find some updates regarding the site below. I’m looking forward to your feedback and questions.

Reminder: I will be the only mod monitoring this thread so please be patient and constructive as I reply to your feedback and questions. [more inside]

September 14

Bluesky Invite Swap Thread

I made an offhand offer of Bluesky invites in a thread and rapidly got more interest than I had invites. So I thought perhaps there was enough interest, and hopefully enough surplus invites, in the community to balance out! [more inside]

Chatty asks are fun. Why not make it permanent?

I see there's a real-time chat, why not one in the style of the site? A sort of miscellaneous, Not Otherwise Specified subsite. I'm imagining basically chatfilter questions & maybe funny or interesting things not chewy enough for a FPP. (This is not really A Suggestion, more a what if & why/why not curiosity.) [more inside]

September 7

positive feedback

this is your opportunity to share what you appreciate about the people who comment at metafilter as well as the people who work at metafilter. [more inside]

September 6

Fundraiser: cortex's Stained Glass MetaFilter Favicon up for auction

Want to own this lovely Stained Glass MetaFilter Favicon created by cortex? [more inside]

September 4

Global BIPOC Board Meeting #18 Minutes

Mefi Global BIPOC Advisory Board Meeting 18 Minutes–Public Jul 25, 2023 7AM PST - 9:00 AM (PST) 120 mins. Roll call: Loup, Aielen, Cendawanita, Porpoise, Hurdy Gurdy Girl, MiraK (for part of meeting) [more inside]

RIP boo_radley

A belated notification to MeFites that Jesse Porter, known to us as boo_radley, passed away in February of this year. [more inside]

August 31

Fundraising Idea: AskMe Update Bounties

An idea for fundraising... What are the AskMe posts you most wanted to see updates on that did not get them? What would you be willing to donate to MetaFilter to get that update? Would you donate $5 to see if they ate the thing? $5 to find out if they went with a product rec from the Ask and whether it worked? $10 to see if they quit that job? $20 to see if they DTMF? Let's bribe our way into some answers. [more inside]

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