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Askme tag/best answer collision

In AskMetafilter, if the tags box extends into a highlighted "best answer" box, the two collide instead of readjusting for each other. This includes a text wrap-around. I demand perfection down to the pixel.
posted by geoff. on Jan 6, 2006 - 3 comments

Homework helperfilter?

I flagged this post as breaking the AskMetafilter guidelines. If I remember correctly similar posts about asking for help on a school paper were deleted. If the consensus that posts asking for research on school papers perhaps is not a good thing, perhaps something can be added on the posting screen so users are aware of it before they post.
posted by geoff. on Nov 1, 2005 - 80 comments

Request for option to unmark "best answer" in Ask Metafilter

An ability to unmark "Best Answer", I have on several instances accidently clicked the link (it's such a big target). Even a confirmation page would stop this from occuring, I'm not alone right?
posted by geoff. on Oct 17, 2005 - 14 comments

AskMe thread update request

AskMetafilter update, I really want to know what happened to anonymous in the thread which involved a weird FBI message taped to their door with something along the lines of "call this person". It's been a while since the thread occurred and I really hope anonymous is reading this as for some reason I can't stop wondering what eventually happened.
posted by geoff. on Aug 15, 2005 - 32 comments

I did not mark this as best answer.

I did not mark this as best answer. I really, really doubt I did it accidently which is why I'm listing it as a bug. No offense, the answer isn't bad, but the best? I wish to wait.
posted by geoff. on Apr 24, 2005 - 3 comments

Bring back anonyme!

Please, bring back anonymous AskMetafilter. kthxbi (1, 2)
posted by geoff. on Apr 16, 2005 - 12 comments

AskMe Standards

Some AskMetafilter standards? Debated posting this because conformity is like, so something the MAN wants you to do. But when I was looking through the AskMetafilter archives I noticed a few things, like "more inside" and [filter][/filter] stuff that breaks the formatting.
posted by geoff. on May 11, 2004 - 19 comments

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