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Just The Facts, Ma'am

If you don't know the answer, don't answer the question. It's that simple. [more inside]
posted by fandango_matt on Jan 10, 2008 - 350 comments

Tough Love

"Go see a therapist, get into AA, and grow the hell up." "It's time for you to quit being such a goddamned mealy-mouthed coward." "You are one sorry-ass stinkin' drunk" If you're going to offer advice, please do so without the invective. Insults don't help people find answers.
posted by fandango_matt on Dec 3, 2007 - 233 comments

Meta Answer Syndrome

Please read the question before answering it. [more inside]
posted by fandango_matt on Oct 22, 2007 - 193 comments

Will Work For Work

I'm looking for a post--either on the front page or in Ask MetaFilter--about a website that offered work-for-trade, or work-for-services, or some such. I remember the site could be used, for example, by a bricklayer and a painter, where the painter needed a new patio and the bricklayer needed his house painted--sort of an eBay for trade skills. I can't remember if it was an FPP, or a link posted as part of a comment, or an answer to an AskMetaFilter question. Anyone?
posted by fandango_matt on Aug 3, 2007 - 6 comments

This smells like chatfilter

This smells like chatfilter--the circumcision of Stalin's declawed cats kind of chatfilter.
posted by fandango_matt on Dec 8, 2006 - 27 comments

Concern over escalating tone of answers in alarming AskMe about a child abducted by her mother

"If you don't call the FBI, I'll walk down to the Hoover Building myself with a copy of this thread in hand." 6 more-or-less identical answers in one Ask Metafilter thread is plenty, but threatening to call the FBI is a bit much.
posted by fandango_matt on Nov 2, 2006 - 39 comments

I have a bony elbow.

I have a bony elbow.
posted by fandango_matt on Jan 14, 2005 - 8 comments

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