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Server Downtime

Sorry about the downtime -- it turns out that storms and thunder and lightning make the power in Brookline, MA go away for a short bit. Thank goodness for the wonder of uninterruptible power supplies and graceful shutdowns...
posted by delfuego on Aug 3, 2003 - 9 comments

Metafilter Slowdowns

Am I the only one who has been experiencing a good deal of downtime, timeouts, and generally slow surfing lately on MetaFilter?

I remember reading awhile back that signups were turned off the last time because of server strain. Is that the issue here or are we (is Matt) dealing with something else?
posted by The God Complex on Oct 29, 2002 - 32 comments

Server Outage?

MeFi outage last night from about 8 p.m. PDT until 10 when I logged off and went to bed . Just me or anyone else?
posted by Lynsey on Oct 9, 2002 - 9 comments

New Fast Server?

Gee, MetaFilter's fast. Surely, this is the new server? But so soon, just a week after Matt ordered it? That hardly seems possible! Is everyone seeing a huge speed increase?
posted by nicwolff on Apr 13, 2002 - 22 comments

Server Upgrades

Hopefully, this will mean the end to the server time-outs: I'm finally upgrading the server [more inside]
posted by mathowie on Apr 7, 2002 - 31 comments

MeFi/MeTa seem very zippy to me

Has mathowie got some more bandwidth or other upgrade? MeFi/MeTa seem very zippy to me, past couple of days.
posted by luser on Mar 7, 2002 - 21 comments

Nonusers can't even look at mefi?

Will new users ever* be let into** MetaFilter?

*I’m not interested in starting a conversation about the various benefits and liabilities of more users.

**Open MetaFilter.com with cookies off, and you'll see what I mean.
posted by capt.crackpipe on May 31, 2001 - 13 comments

Speedy MeFi

Great job, Jason, MeFi is speedy once more. And I'm within a mile of the box itself.

Somehow being in such close physical proximity to MeFi is soothing.
posted by anildash on May 31, 2001 - 17 comments

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