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I like to complain.

Is there room for personal preference in the "users close to you box"?
posted by dame on Jul 16, 2007 - 53 comments

Freedom! We're better than Myspace!

I added a new feature: Custom CSS for profile pages. You simply create a .css file on your own server, write whatever CSS you want, and it will load after all the mefi CSS when anyone views your user page. Here's mine (which loads this). Just plop in the URL of your custom CSS file on your server in your user prefs. Be sure to post here when you've got something cool to show. Let the ugliness/coolness begin!
posted by mathowie on Apr 14, 2007 - 185 comments

Hands of Manos' profile page is pretty freaking amazing

While, it'd be nice if you could still see his comments, links, and previous posts, Hands of Manos' profile page is pretty freaking amazing, especially considering the limitations of the space.
posted by mathowie on Feb 9, 2005 - 45 comments

Can I open all links in new tabs?

Is there a way (currently or hypothetically) to customize my account to open exterior links in a new tab, if I'm using that kind of browser? Just curious.
posted by DenOfSizer on Feb 28, 2004 - 6 comments

white on blue, black on white

When viewing Metafilter's home page using Mozilla 1.3 or Netscape 7.1, the background/font colors change from white text on blue, to a white background with black text when I log in. This is very painful for me to view. I've tried deleting cookies, resetting preferences, etc. Or is this is a new "feature"?
posted by MrBaliHai on Feb 12, 2003 - 2 comments

I wanted a themed profile

So, there doesn't seem to be anything in Metafilter policy *banning* it- how does one "theme" one's user page like Danelope ?

BTW it's wacked yo in IE 5 for Mac
posted by jeremias on Oct 2, 2002 - 13 comments

Is it okay to add our own personal style to our profile?

Is it okay to add our own personal style to our profile?
posted by gleemax on Oct 17, 2001 - 26 comments

Profile customization suggestion

I just noticed that the customize page lets you add a blurb....however, once you add the blurb and go to check your updates, you still see all that intro text which I think is unecessary and splits up user info unecessarily. Esp.since it's in bold, which my user info is not. Can this goaway? Other people's thoughts?
posted by jessamyn on Feb 28, 2001 - 4 comments

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