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Deleted Posts Accessible to the User?

I recently had a MeFi post deleted. I know it will still show up in my Metafilter Recent Activity for a while, but once it goes from there, is there any way to track it and any deleted posts from my past? [more inside]
posted by WCityMike on Jul 18, 2009 - 33 comments

Quick Survey on MeFi Ethical Question

If an admin deleted an Ask MeFi question at the poster's request, what ethical implications are associated with blogging about it, if you saw the thread prior to its deletion and feel you have something to say? And what rationale do you use to form that opinion?
posted by WCityMike on Apr 25, 2007 - 47 comments

Why was X deleted?

OMFGAWWTDMTT: (Oh My F—kin' God Another 'Why Was This Deleted' Metatalk Thread). But, hopefully, a meta-OMFGAWWTDMTT thread. Jess, Matt, I like you guys, I really dig Metafilter, Ask Metafilter, Metatalk; I like the fact that there's good stuff here, healthy dollops of snark and cynicism, but overall what appear to be good people. But I'm having more and more difficulty discerning the criteria and rationales by which you guys delete threads, and I think that's a trend that's gonna bite the site's ass a little further down the road. More inside.
posted by WCityMike on Jan 31, 2007 - 110 comments

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