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Porn bombs

Porn Bombs? I just read through that thread and it looks like "porn bombs" are a mix of regular old-fashion homecooked spam and people signing you up to adult sites and mailing lists. Today someone signed me up to 20 adults lists, both gay and straight - this guy wasn't taking any chances. Someone else I know who is "high-profile" got the same treatment today. (more)
posted by skallas on Mar 24, 2002 - 35 comments

Closing Threads

Maybe a little notice that closed threads are closed. I keep checking to make sure I'm logged in when I run into them.
posted by skallas on Feb 23, 2002 - 9 comments

making fun of handicapped children has no place on Metafilter

I really don't think making fun of handicapped children has any place on Metafilter. Eric's post is simply juvenile and insulting.
posted by skallas on Dec 30, 2001 - 62 comments

Is listing your source really that important?

Why is Miguel picking on Soon when only a small % of posts even say where the link is from? Why is that even important? Its usually an endless chain of I got it from this webpage, they got it from another webpage, that webpage was written by the brother of the webmaster, the webmaster sent a carrier pigeon to his brother about his new site, etc.

Webloggers don't own links, webmasters do.
posted by skallas on Oct 26, 2001 - 71 comments

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