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A trip down MeFimory lane to Obama's 2004 convention speech

Here's a little trip down memory lane. Obama's 2004 speech at the Democratic convention caught MetaFilter's attention. On July 28th, 2004 there was swift's MeFi post Obama's been lauded (which, in a refreshing change, derailed into a discussion of Canadian politics) and later that same day ronv asked what's more realistic/ which will happen first in the united states: a minority president or a woman president? [more inside]
posted by Kattullus on Aug 25, 2008 - 78 comments

History Category on AskMe

Could "history" be added to the list of ask.me categories? I know that theoretically there could be an endless number of these but "history" seems to be a pretty big omission. I put my recent history question in "society & culture", and so did flexxer, while cuke put his in "grab bag" and my wife put hers in "writing & language".
posted by Kattullus on Jun 12, 2005 - 7 comments

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