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Ability to post questions in one's profile?

I have an idea that popped into my head while I was reading this.

Sometimes it comes up that people need/want to ask more than one question that warrants the use of AskMefi within the 2 week period. How about something in your profile where you could post semi-smallish questions + tags? These wouldn't be posted to the main page, but if someone had a similar question that they want to ask, these other smallish questions could come up in a tag search. Then, when the second searcher asks their question, maybe have something that pops up in the first person's profile next to their smallish question to alert them that a somewhat related question has been asked.

Note: I have no idea if this is one of those things that seems absolutely stupid or if it is too difficult to code or whatever. (I hope that "feature requests" was a good place to put this, even though it is probably nonexistant on anyone else's radar screen.)
posted by sperose on Jan 6, 2007 - 29 comments

Limit on Best Answers?

Maybe there could be a limit on the number of "Best Answers" that a question gets?
posted by Kirth Gerson on Dec 10, 2005 - 34 comments

Be careful what you wish for

Bug: If you set your prefs to show 99 days of posts, the front page shows 99 days of posts, thereby taking forever and making the server pretty unhappy, I bet. There should be some max built in there.

Suggestion: Set login cookie domains to ".metafilter.com" (note the two periods), so logins will work at metafilter.com, www.metafilter.com, and metatalk.metafilter.com.
posted by endquote on Oct 9, 2002 - 8 comments

SADDENED by the complaints about MeFi

Emboldened as I am by positive reinforcement (thank you Stavros, and Sennoma), and joyous as I may be at the successful migration to the new server ( Happy Birthday, MetaFilter!), I am still saddened by the many "things are not so good at MetaFilter" discussions that seem to have been occurring recently, both here and off-premises. Although you may all count me in the "I love this place, and all who frequent her shores" category, after carefully reviewing the complaints and giving the matter due consideration, I do have two (and only two) suggestions ... (more inside)
posted by yhbc on Jul 15, 2002 - 75 comments

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