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Dubai Meetup?

Any interest in a Dubai meetup? I'll be there from July 23rd- through Aug3.
posted by filmgeek on Jul 10, 2008 - 9 comments

Philly Meetup. MeatBomb in town.

Meatbomb is coming to town. Part of the Metafilter Meatbomb World tour. (Meatbomb and I had a tiny meetup in Dubai.) Where: Philadelphia, near 95. Location: To be still decided. I'm thinking beer, and some place conducive to us. I'm thinking of Nodding Head Brewery (or possibly Eulogy, or the pool hall next door). When: Friday, the 31st (although Meatbomb might make this become the 30th.)
posted by filmgeek on Aug 26, 2007 - 29 comments

Impromptu NYC meetup. Wends 15th.

Impromptu NYC meetup. Wends the 15th. I'm in NYC for the week, and need a decent distraction. I'm in midtown...I'd like to hangout with some of the fine people of NYC. Somewhere with alcohol, quiet enough to talk, and not so crowed. I'm in midtown but can be anywhere on the island.
posted by filmgeek on Aug 12, 2007 - 20 comments

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