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where do i belong

I posted this to the blue last night, and it was (rightly!) deleted by Taz because of the self link (I should note that she gave me the chance to delete the self-link and I didn't want to). My question is, where is a good place to post it? [more inside]
posted by luriete on Jul 27, 2012 - 95 comments

Shape government (CA) policy on electroincs resources

My employers, one of two bodies of the California State Legislature, are in the process of putting together an acceptable-use policy for the internal and external dissemination of electronic resources - letterhead, outreach materials, seals, etc. We need to address a lot of different issues: the distribution of materials containing copyrighted materials (for example, an events calendar that uses stock photography or clipart images); the distribution of materials that could be used (illegally) to further a member's campaign for (re)election; the violation of FPPC regulations (for example - if a member of this house is prevented by law from sending, via the US postal service, materials that violate the FPPC - either in content or form - do these rules apply to electronically-disseminated materials? why or why not?) ... Etc. It's a big job, and I'd like to know if any MeFiers have comments / suggestions / resources to share regarding this effort, which will hopefully result in making state state legislature even more accessible, but at the same time not relax controls on finance and campaigns. I thought someone had posted a recent link to a weblog related to e-government policy and the distribution of electornic resources, but I coulnd't find it by searching, so I apologize if this could have been better addressed elsewhere.
posted by luriete on Mar 14, 2002 - 27 comments

My post asking for advice on cults was deleted. Is there a good site where I could get advice?

I posted something on Mefi that was apparently inappropriate (OK, thinking back on it, it wasn't a good idea): a request for advice about a family member becoming part of an orthodox religious "cult" like organization. It was killed pretty quickly. Can anyone tell me a good place to ask questions like this, here on this site or somewhere similar? I was hoping for advice from the people here; after hanging around here for a few months, I'm continually impressed by the quality (and quantity) of comment posted here.
posted by luriete on Dec 13, 2001 - 20 comments

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