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Why was the god question deleted?

What was wrong with the godly feeling thread that was on Ask Mefi? As an atheist, I thought the discussion, for the most part, was civilized and was more about people trying to come to terms with a certain consciousness. That an innocuous thread asking others to elucidate about an indescribable feeling, rather than inviting obdurate fundamentalism, is a pity. I thought Ask MeFi was about disseminating answers and people inferring their own individual understandings from the results. Explain.
posted by ed on Dec 23, 2003 - 106 comments

This ________ thread is in clear violation of [insert Metafilter policy].

This ________ thread is in clear violation of [insert Metafilter policy]. [insert MeFi user] stepped over the line. Why was __________ permitted? Has MetaTalk served its purpose well or has it become useless? Discuss.
posted by ed on Nov 4, 2003 - 25 comments

I can't stop commenting said Tom threadjackingly

"I couldn't stop posting," said Brad in a one-poster thread. I'm as much for collaborative wordplay as the next guy, but when one person monopolizes a thread like this over the course of several hours, it's the kind of thing that belongs on his own blog.
posted by ed on Aug 7, 2003 - 36 comments

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